3 Books In Progress; Stars Plotted For My Life’s Work,

Three books soon to be made: “The Eternal; Book of Life” and “Ethos Syndicate; Book of Star” and “Divinity; The Trilogy of Three worlds” will be released at about the same time.

Up until now i’ve only complete chapters, paragraphs and sentences but I have never completed a “book” before. So basically what i’m trying to do is follow a pattern of what i call humanizing light. The process is to replicate a book of information into a form that is like DNA. I’m trying to abstractly, concretely and philosophically render light into a 3 dimensional world so that it has depth. Each level is represented by a chapter, each chapter has 3 paragraphs, each paragraph has 3 sentences. From left to right is severity, solid and mercy. There’s a piece of my soul that screams to answer “What am i?” Defining the book of life was interesting, There was a lot of things i didn’t know about honor and respect until now. I will expand on this topic in another post but this is the book of life. This has more of an outward growing function sort of pattern rather then a multidimensional one.

Story: Another dream within a dream. Do it until you get it scenario. At the end there are the books Eternity, Ethos Syndicate and Divinity.

Outward Evolving Chapters:

Book: The Eternal; Book of Life

Chapter: Body of Honor

Paragraph: Esteem, Respect, Rank

Sentences: Worth, Value and Opinion, Deference, Authority and History, Ability, Awareness and Records.

Chapter: Body of Love

Paragraph: Love self, Love earth, Love heaven.

Sentences: Caring, Respecting and Knowing Self, People, Places and Things, Honor, Love and Service

Chapter: Body of service

Paragraph: Creator, Teacher and Healer

Sentences: Give, Sustain and Take, Educate, Provide and Correct, Grow, Nurture and Mend


Why 3? What is the importance of pillars? How does microcosm and macrocosm tie in with this?

Philosophically version of the star. Star of Ethos Syndicate.

I think 3 is a reminder that it is the trinity at work; Whatever your preference on core; This is going to be the outline, organization and format of my books and work. These two books are called: Ethos Syndicate; Book of Star and Eternity; Book of Life. Possibly a third emerging Divinity; The Trilogy of Three worlds Which is just 3 books: dark, life and light altogether in one. Importance of pillar severity and mercy is that it is the 2 essential forces that drive life. They are competitive force that are completely equal and opposite (polar). Just like male and female energy. The microcosm and macrocosm is the result of a transition from one world to another. From basic elements, to moon, to planet eventually evolving to star and then God.

Emergence: Star of Ethos Syndicate

Book: Ethos Syndicate; Book of Star

Chapter: Identity, Science, Humanism or Religion.

Paragraph: Courage, Truth and Love. Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom. Hope, Faith and Redemption. Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Sentence: Nothingness, Darkness, Emptiness, Goodness, Beauty, Truth, Will to Change, Emotions, Intellect, Changes, Attributes and Consciousness. Relinquishment, Lightness, Evenness, Argument, Empiricism, Simplicity, Humility, Perfectionism, Precision, Scholarship, Void and Curiosity. Humility, Prudence, Wisdom, Patience, Reserve, Gentleness, Zeal, Vigilance, Piety, Generosity, Gravity and Silence. Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, Humility, Friendship, Generosity, Courtesy, Piety, and Honesty.

You thirst for justice, love and truth. It is what we are all made for.

Evil never satisfies. Life is made so that justice and love rewards. That is why there is authority. Authority is built through law, credit and favor. Evil never pays and even when it does (with money) there’s always a hidden nature, purpose and agenda. You can’t make deals with it. It makes deals with you. It uses you, objectifies and tries to sell you something you don’t need.

I guess these are the books i’ll be starting to work on. Book of Life (Eternity), Book of Knowledge/Ethos Syndicate (Star), Trilogy of Three worlds (Divinity)Dark, Earth and Light.

This final book will be called Divinity; The Trilogy of Three Worlds.

HEAVEN IS: (Book of Light)

Categories: (Stars and space) Cosmos, Eternity and Divinity.

Behavioral: (Angelic conscience, Angelic nature) Joy, Hierarchy and Unity.

Form: (Duality of condensed functions) Frequency, Core and Radiance.

Idealism: (Glorifying and Falling) Honor, Love and Service.

EARTH IS: (Book of Earth)

Categories: (Creation, Evolution) Science, Humanism and Religion

Behavioral: (human conscience, human nature) Chaos, Identity and Order.

Form: (duality of negative and positive functions) Wave, Particle and Oscillation.

Idealism: (Redeeming and faltering) Redemption, Hope and Faith.

HELL IS: (Book of Dark)

Categories: (Devouring and Torment) Abyss, Empty Suffering and Nothingness.

Behavioral: (Demon conscience, Demon nature) RageCast Rank and Discord.

Form: (Duality of deviant functions) Sound, Earth and Darkness.

Idealism: (Carnage and Failing) Destruction, Hate and Legion.

This may be my life’s work organized, plotted and planned here together, right now.

Demons and Geniuses, Words that have been warped by time

Define Evil; Demons and Geniuses. According to translations to English, what do they have in common?

To make a long story short:

Genius and demon mean two different things. Genius gets tied with creativity and intelligence. Demon is associated with hell and evil.

In Greek Daimon means genius or as translated “indwelling spirit or intelligence”. Daemon in Old English means Demon. And as you can see as the Greeks carried over the language to the Romans to the English of today obscuring the meaning of the words. Obviously Daimon as an indwelling spirit does not represent evil or good. The Grey spectrum has been saturated and obscured to be either good and bad by time and mistranslation.

In Arab the word for “indwelling spirit” is genie. A genie is also tied with creativity and intelligence thus equivalent to the word Daimon. Djinn is also what they call a genie. Apparently Genius is also a latin form of the word Djinn. So Now we can see that both just meant genius and that they both sit at indwelling spirit of creativity and intelligence.

We can see that from Greek to Roman to English Daimon = Genius went to become Demon. And backwards from the meaning “indwelling spirit” Genie we get Djinn which becomes Genius. These two words have warped the word from Genius to demon in one big loop. Was this on purpose or is there a connection between Genius and Demons?

Inspire is another word that also means inspirited which means to have spirit. But is having spirit evil as this is leading to say?

They say we have demons inside of us that we create those demons and that we shouldn’t trust our demons ever. But what is life if those demons never spawned? I read once that God made life but made a bit of evil so that it would bring about change. For change cannot happen without opposition. We cannot completely obliterate all evil for it would put the world at a standstill and off balance. Starving it of any momentum, movement and rhythm. Ideally we need to keep it under careful watch and under a leash is what we want to do.

This brings me to wonder what is it truly to be a demon because angel is a indwelling spirit and not evil. Genies are not evil. What is evil but frustration, confusion and the feeling/being lost due to illness, circumstance and condition – motive, nature and ego – hunger, thirst and weariness.

“Neurometaphysics blog” This is the blog i was reading and inspired to write this article. I actually wrote  out the blog so i could remember better all the details of his research. Cheers

Chapter: Progressive Mediums

Paragraph: Vehicle, Clock and Reality

Sentence: Intelligence, Ability and Genius, Speed, Accuracy and Precision, Form, Consistency, Frequency

Chapter:  Human Evils

Paragraph: Trauma, StrugglesNature

Sentences: Frustration, Confusion and Lost, Hunger, Thirst and Weariness, Physical, Mental and Spiritual Dysfunction.


Words: (confusion and the feeling lost, being lost, due to illness, circumstance and condition – motive, nature and ego.)

Meditation Dangers and The Untold About Christ


“Dangers of Meditation”

In this article i will be talking briefly on my findings on Meditation it’s dangers, it’s benefits and alittle on those who have attained enlightenment, where they attained it and Christ his path that was not told.

This website states all the dangers to meditation. It’s crazy how the path to higher consciousness can drive someone insane and there are very real dangers to the path of enlightenment. As a person who is diligently meditating and seeking enlightenment they may come across. 1. Distracting experiences, 2. Developing powers (like tuning into peoples minds and concentrated heat), 3. Absolute absence of god, 4. Kundalini (seeing snakes everywhere.) 5. Seeing lower worlds. (insanity, haunting dreams), 6. Contact from other worlds (whispers, energy, touch), 7. Dreams (clear dreams that may drive a person insane or afraid.)

I pretty much summarized what the site had to say. I’d recommend reading the whole article because it’s really interesting and goes into greater depth and detail. I can’t say my mind or spirit is ready for the state of enlightenment. I think too much and get random thoughts here and there that would probably make me an ideal candidate to be one of those who go crazy. I do like the spontaneity of my thoughts for creativity’s sake but absolute control of the mind sounds like an anal discipline. The benefits to meditation is that you gain awareness, unconditional love and a stronger chakra circulation. Other effects include stronger healthier spiritual mind, heart and body,. Side-effects may include hullucinations, strange ablities, delusions, tuning into thoughts(?) and insanity.

I’ve only heard things about the higher dimensions. Where the mind is able to materialize objects instantaneously. Flight, healing, telepathy, precognition, eternal happiness, time travel and inter-dimensional travel. These are all strange to this world and dimension of living, but we can see traces of their existence through accounts and uses throughout history.

From what i read, Buddha when he started he had to go all the way to Burma to learn about enlightenment and Christ in his 13 years missing from age 12 to 30 had to go far east for 13 years to the Himalayas in Lakh, India where he visited a Buddhist monastery. The Buddhist also have an account of Christ in a manuscript called “The life of Saint Issa, the best of the Sons of men”. The missing 13 years of Christ is also backed up on the account that had he stayed in Judea he would have been married at 13 which all boys of the Jewish decent were married at. The Three wise men who also visited him at birth were also of orient also say that the bible excluded alot of important information.

“Reference to Jesus’s lost years”

Here’s a small movie about his journey of 13 years he was missing. “Christ preparing in India”

Parallel Universes and simultaneous existence


Our existence is simultaneous. Where everything is happening at the same time. In the world of spirit when we die we are still connected and still able to communicate with the dead and the living through the use of mediums. Technically in the future we are dead at one point but when that happens we are united with god as a singularity and given the power to see through omnipotent eyes, all the right and wrongs we’ve done is reviewed in a omnipotent spatial view of the world. Our lives from the past and those of the future who come back to Earth come to live in the present. We exist and we die. It’s a paradox that is life. This brings in the idea of reincarnation, but minus the memories which we lose in the process of changing bodies. We exist and are deceased simultaneously meaning there may be a spirit version of yourself flying around trying to help guide you in the right direction. With many dimensions, times and realities you can be sure there are many different versions of your spirit too. And because your children are a branch and extension of yourself they are also different dimensions of yourself. Our spirits are intertwined with the celestial bodies of stars. Somewhere out there is a star that life can identify you with. Your problems, condition and circumstance are all interconnected with the timing, events  and phenomenon of the cosmos. Just as in biblical times Christ was identified by the Star of Bethlehem and depicted as a falling comet which marked his birth. So is our spirit and all that we are, fallen stars making our way back up to the higher dimensions of life.

Chapter: Eternity

Paragraph: Time, Space and Dimension

Sentences: Past, Present and Future, X,Y,Z Cordinates, Hell, Earth and Heaven.

What if everything is interconnected and the reason for these paradoxes is because everything exists and is deceased at the same time? your birth, your life and your death has already resulted in one reality or another and we’re just branching out to find more versions of ourselves in this continuity of (seemingly) eternal life? As they say, “The gods are watching.” In this case ideally, as we want to see life as a collective “God”, he who unites us as a body.

Unexplained number 2; contact with random

When i was sleeping just now.. it felt my whole head vibrate at a strange frequency. Not violently but like when you ring a bell and stick your head to it. I think i just had someone try to get into my head psychically. I tried to send a message but i was speaking in full sentences – they were translating in letters. I could hear him saying out single letters. After not being able to make out the first sentence he told me to download some kind of translator. Download into my head? lol. “click on the bar up ahead” he said. It was defnitely a male voice. Not sure if he was talking to me or someone else. I woke up after that. I Think someone is trying to contact me. It makes no sense for anyone to contact me at the moment i don’t know what i can do for them. I’m not psychic but maybe i’m attuned to pick up signals. There has got to be some kind of technology out there in this time or the future that is telepathic. Maybe that is what i just experienced. I could hear them clearly. I should ask Janon about what psychics feel when they receive a message.

The dream i had before this had many random people in it and they were trying to get connected. I usually am able to recall my dreams, but this one was blurry.

lol. This does not mean anything. It is not life altering. I just hope it’s from the future and not some random dude from this time plain. How cool would it to be able to talk to a person in the same timeline from great distances? It’s been done, it’s called a telephone.

Deciphering Hell Logic

Hell of the tormented; It is a place of sadness and pain where those who die and get lost through the process of life go. It is also home of Demons and other deviant forces. Questions that Arise what are they known for. How do they behave as a society/individuals. What are they made of in this world/dimension? What are their ideals? We will understand them a little more exploring these possible worlds the extremes of all worlds. Heaven, Hell and Earth.



Categories: (Devouring and Torment) Abyss, Empty Suffering and Nothingness.

Behavioral: (Demon conscience, Demon nature) RageCast Rank and Discord.

Form: (Duality of deviant functions) Sound, Earth and Darkness.

Idealism: (Carnage and Failing) Destruction, Hate and Legion.


From what i understand Devouring and torment are the two things they invest in. The actual study of Abyss is about the absence of god where darkness dwells and grows clawing it’s way into existence. Life for them is about eternal empty suffering and just enjoying pain for no reason. Pain, suffering and disturbance of another person is their sustenance and fear is what fuels them. The study of suffering is about prime evil, pure emotional hatred and destructiveness which is what they hold to their empty hearts. They believe living in a misshapen/formless/mutated form is ideal and specialize in spirit and possession. They have no general physical body shape and live in the space of nothingness.

Behavioral: Demon conscience and Demon nature are the 2 natures they oscillate between in a force called Rage. They live in a cast rank of evolution, the strongest, biggest and most vicious alpha male at the top. They hold deviancy in evolution most high. And they are devoted to Discord and disorder so that there may never be form and unity with anything. They are the adversary force in life always going against someone’s will.

Their forms are very basic and ancient. They live in a world of sound where anything living attracts them. The closer you are the more likely they will attach to you. The Earth is their identity and basis of their form they are made of Earth; i think it also involves some form of biological building element like sulfur, carbon or crystal (combination?). Soulless and wandering without a home. Lost and always angry. They are made of darkness and exist where light is absent. They also live in the world of ideas to manifest as a body, their gateway is through voluntary invitation.

Carnage and failing is the oscillation between their ideal of Destruction. Carnage brings them into a frenzy of dilated instinctive behavior. Hatred is is their ideal state of being in that the more they hate the stronger and more fierce they become. Legion is what they call their form of collective or unity, they are strategic, contemplating and brooding force that just seek to overwhelm through numbers and forces.

Deciphering Earth Logic

Earth of the brave; The place where we are thrown into, in this strange world we struggle to define ourselves, relieve suffering and to make ends meet all at once. It is the cross path to other realities, the medium of all worlds. And a trial to see what we learn and a test of the heart’s strength. Questions that Arise what are we known for. How do we behave as a society/individuals. What are we made of in this world/dimension? What are our ideals? We will understand us a little more exploring these possible worlds the extremes of all worlds. Heaven, Hell and Earth.



Categories: (Creation, Evolution) Science, Humanism and Religion

Behavioral: (human conscience, human nature) Chaos, Identity and Order.

Form: (duality of negative and positive functions) Wave, Particle and Oscillation.

Idealism: (Redeeming and faltering) Redemption, Hope and Faith.

On Earth there is 2 dominant forms of science; One built on Creationism (that we were made) and one about Evolution (that we grew). Both Biblical and Science say that it was the big bang that was beginning of life and were told in different manners. That it was created by hand of god and through a giant explosion called the big bang. The three topics in life that describe the history, progress and ideas Earth has is through Science, Humanism and Religion. Humanism is based on our human condition and what is required to sustain, nurture and grow as a people. Religion is based on our driven history, where we came from and where we want to go based on ethics, virtue and code.

Our behavioral structure is based on human conscience and human nature, oscillating between the two worlds to create what is called chaos. Chaos is defined as: a state of things where chance is supreme and that is the world we are living, a lottery pot chance of hitting jack pot all the way down to low down poverty. Our objective on Earth is to define our identity and searching until the end of our life to determine who we are as a people and as a person. Our purpose, our function and our legacy. Our world is built around order in that everything has a place, time and means. In saying this we are built around a system of service and love just like the angelic world except that is just the idea we are gravitating towards. Down here we are just trying to work towards redeeming ourselves by what ever means means preserving our hope and sustaining our faith (god?).

On earth our purest elementary form is that of a double helix and particle held together in place by oscillation. This is the human DNA but it is also a mimic of the Humanized Light. This is significant in that this structure is the most universal form of what all organic matter related to light is made of. The Wave of male energy and female energy working together to achieve balance. Ideally this is what humanized light would look like. The particle is that which is photons which is the essence of light; it’s identity and body. And the oscillation the order that holds the justice in the this micro world. It is the thing that holds the planets and stars in orbit. The moon around the earth and the Earth around the Sun. It is this perfect balance that allows life to be sustained.

Our idealism on Earth is that: We are a redeeming species where we make mistakes in order to learn from them, growing stronger, smarter and better than before. Faltering and redeeming ourselves is the oscillation that we work between in order to grow. Hope is another component of life in that we depend on sources that give us the ability to do certain things in order to grow and become strong in life. Hope is in the essence in which all life and ideas springs from; without hope we are lost and unmotivated. Hope is like having a father giving you sustenance, home and water in order to get through life. Hope is the ability to find opportunity in life. Faith is the ability to hold true to an idea to know that your parent is the one who will give you faith about your future, all it’s opportunities and challenges. With combination of opportunity, function and mindset we are able to accomplish anything on this Earth, we just need the place, time and means to get there.

for a clearer understanding its like:

“My son would be my compensation of life in order for me to prolong my legacy. He will have complete faith in me as a father, his hopes will be only restricted by how well i perform, and his redemption will further his education about his world around him and grow.”

Taken from my post “Deciphering the Old Trinity”.