We need more “Dreamers”. Distinguishing religious types into categories; The tree of God.


In this life we need more dreamers, the only way we truly fail is by giving up. The course is still undefined until we realize the reality that is fate. Fate is only defined as a product of all our work and contributions. We need to feed our positive ambitions, dreams and world instead of feeding our ego, pride and vanity. There are worlds out there and they are afraid of us because we are ignorant, xenophobic, homophobic, that we act out of fear to preserve ourselves that our animal selves will overcome us. We are barbaric with medieval fear instilled in us never to grow, never to experience what freedom is. Listening to these robots who have no authority over us that it’s tradition that it’s the way that’s it’s always been. We make the rules now, the only way we are going to grow to become more is if the old structure falls and the new one rises. And we don’t need the apocalypse to tell us the direction is wrong, we just need time for people to realize that maybe what they believe in isn’t completely true. That they are missing a piece of the puzzle.

When we start feeling the vibes of truth, god and the universe – the dimension of fate is open for us to control. Our salvation to getting out of this hell hole we were never meant to sit in. This frequency has been wrong from the start we were made for much more then this but have fallen so very far from what we are suppose to be. We can only build up brick by brick to bring our state of consciousness back to optimum values beyond this reality. If we destroy ourselves in the process we will be back to step one which is laying the first brick again. If we decide to build then one day we can have our castle – our island – our paradise and our world. We need to claim this world our own home once again.

The monotheists, christian’s will most likely kill their Christ again. They will not know the difference between the devil and the return of Christ in the end. But i believe if they have heart they will first ridicule him, then violently reject him and than embrace him. This all depends on how far the rejection process goes and if no man actually goes to take matters into his own hands. As for Atheists they will recognize a miracle when it happens before their eyes they are just longing for a touch of divinity in their life as much as any normal person. And for the Polytheist already know that the only way to a better world is to follow the best model paradigm of living for their life style. They will follow if it is required for them to follow and the ideal promises them a world more then what they have.


Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. Omnibenevolent.

Omnipotent: Human, Angel and Demigod. Personal God.


Human beings o/o/o/o:

Monotheist, Atheist and Polytheist. Deists

Monotheist; Islamic, Judaism and Christian. Spirituality and prophets.

Traditional, Changing or Extremists, Moralists.

Atheist; Gnostic, Implicit  and Agnostic. Enhanced beings

Aggressive, Lacking or Passive. Statistical Consensus

Polytheist; Roman, Greek and Hinduism. Budhism

Imposing, Conformists and Neutral. “New age methodology and psychics”

Deists; Conservative, Liberal or Rebellious. Strategic

Economic, Religious and Political. Prophecy of Heart and logic.

(Picture reference: Deviant art by Jcbarquet)

3D rendering of Eternity; Life and Death. (more refined, rendered but still unhappy about legibility)


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