Thought is Faster than Light. Spectrum of Universal Affecting Fields.

Someone once argued that thought/memory/information was faster then light with Einstein. And to that i must a agree. Set of computations is massively faster than any single light-speed process could ever go. So in that sense, yes, your thoughts, and imagination, are “faster than light” but if you mean your brain is thinking faster than light, you’re wrong.

A physical object contains data, stored in each molecule is memory of what it is (it’s element and compounds), where it is on the worldly spectrum of cordinates and when it came to be in time. Sometimes how, why and who put it there is answered from detailed analysis.

Memory, is a fascinating thing tied in with time; how, what, when, who, why, where of everything is directly tied to memory and what we know about it. It is memory and history in a tree that makes it’s bark, leaving dead bark to be vessels for water to flow through it. It is it’s scab that grows that allows it to continue to flourish and progress into a bigger tree. The “coagulation” in the human body or dying of a tree’s “bark”is a progressive pattern that should be seen here. As a human body uses coagulation to patch itself up, the tree uses it’s dead bark to grow bigger and stronger. The bark and rings of a tree speaks of it’s aging process and history. The bark and rings are literally memories and the products of memory in this case.

Knowing this, you can look at a tree and “know” that it is a certain way and read it’s age just by analyzing it physically. You can do this immediately because it just exists and if it exists then it is information. If it is information then potentially it can be processed to us immediately faster then light.

Rupert Sheldrake one of the world’s most innovative scientists, proposed something called a morphic resonance field from what i understand is a memory based field that considers the circumstance, condition and history of an object.

The Buddhist believe in something called reincarnation and different incarnations and living those different fractal incarnations. From animal to, organ, to person, to world, to god; they believe that you can progress or recess through these states depending on your karma and conscious level. I believe in the world built from the microcosm to the macrocosm. Meaning smaller worlds in bigger ones. When I imagine these field universes I visualize a bubble within a bubble colliding sometimes with each other inside a bigger one. I call it a sphere of influence. your organs have a field of circumstance and condition for events.. your body as a mechanical collective system has a field of circumstance and condition for events. All variables,  the world live in to the universe we’re enveloped in has a sphere of influence/morphic resonance as they call it.

There are many variables so I’ve decided to make a paradigm system of what we are seeing.

1. Conciousness (soul manifesting): Benevolent Field

2. Creative Leaps (spiritual expression): Creative Field

3. Sphere of influence (mental compounding): Morphic Resonance Field

4. Organizing principles (wired manipulation): Spectrum Accessing Field

5. Nature/habits (physical nature): Activity Field

6. Natural selection (crude state): State Field


This is the construction of a field hierarchy of; consciousness, morphic resonance, nature/habits, creative leaps, organizing principles, natural selection. It seems that consciousness and how the world should change it’s perspectives based on the fact that the world is not limited to just mechanical systems and machines of inanimate matter without purpose and without conscience but a living one with benevolent value and strong meaning.

This is a broader spectrum of 3 categories with 2 degrees of it. Soul, mind and body with 2 degrees of depth.

1. Conciousness (soul manifesting): Benevolent Field

Conciousness or soul manifesting is called the benevolent field. The benevolent field is a field that encompasses the mechanical, machine world of systems and implements purpose, reason and hopes for potential for the object in current focus.

2. Creative Leaps (spiritual expression): Creative Field

Creative leaps or spirtual expression is called the creative field. The creative field is a field, one that explores the potentials and opportunities of the current object of focus.

3. Sphere of influence (mental compounding): Morphic Resonance Field

Sphere of influence or spiritual expression is called the Morphic Resonance Field. The Morphic Resonance Field is one that explores the effects of circumstance, condition and history of the current object of focus.

4. Organizing principles (wired manipulation): Spectrum Accessing Field

Organizing principles or wired manipulation is call the Spectrum Accessing Field. The Spectrum accessing field deals with the organizing and manipulation of the object of focus to obtain it’s highest potential in.

5. Nature/habits (physical nature): Activity Field

Nature/habits or physical nature is called the Activity Field. The Activity Field analyzes the physical oscillations and patterns of an object of focus’s behavioral, instinctual and tendencies to do certain things.

6. Natural selection (crude state): State Field

Natural selection or crude state is called the State Field. The State Field analyzes the physical static functions and scientific analysis on its static form that the composing object of focus is currently sitting as. Such as it’s physical effects, attributes and properties.


1. Conciousness, soul manifesting, Benevolent Field

2. Creative Leaps, spiritual expression, Creative Field


1. Sphere of influence, mental compounding, Morphic Resonance Field

2. Organizing principles, wired manipulation, Spectrum Accessing Field


1. Nature/habits, physical nature, Activity Field

2. Natural selection, crude state, State Field

I could go to a 3rd degree to make the degrees less saturated but ending here would be good.


The Dowsing Experiment

images (1).jpg

So as you guys know, i’ve had a dowser sitting on my window shelf for a long time and never used it. I felt prompted to use it tonight because my computer kept turning on and making weird clicking noises. So i decided to try it out the message was as written sometimes without a space bar so i put in the spaces between the words. This is for you Jen. =)

The conversation was as follows:



what is it you want?
nod in direction. circle for letter.

what do you want to say?

what about god do you want to tell me?

what do you want to talk about?

what do you want to say about gaea?

how can i help?
“give me time to explain”

what is wrong?
“the sad truth is fc thathat she htak doesmtalk much”

what can i do for her?
“talk to her tel her that smfamily love her”


I guess i’ll record the conversation that i have with Gaea later. This dowsing experiment was tiring and time consuming so i’ll do it parts.

Gaea, or Mother Earth, was the great goddess of the early Greeks. She represented the Earth and was worshiped as the universal mother. In Greek mythology, she created the Universe and gave birth to both the first race of gods (the Titans) and the first humans.

Gaea, or Mother Earth, was the oldest of the gods of the early Greeks. She was known as the supreme goddess by humans and gods alike. She presided over marriages and oaths and was honored as a prophetess.


I guess from the conversation Gaea is dying and i guess she’s antisocial and i’m suppose to tell her her family loves her.” And i’m guessing the person who is talking to me is god?

I don’t know any Gaeas in life so i’m guessing it has to be this Mother Earth. And i should be careful with this experiment, i don’t want people to think i’ve lost my mind lol.

It’s called dowsing, read up on it.

The Reasoning Behind the Name STARTOWER.


I believe the world should exist with a balance of creative and scientific touch. That being said, the left side of the brain responsible for art and creativity and right side of the brain for calculation and practical logic should be distinguished but used together. The lack of one world without the other is a mindless read into a research paper we don’t understand, full of numbers and calculations when looking into a science paper. And flowery, sugar coated, pretentious words when it comes to full all out poetry.

Star tower is like a light house for the lost looking for sound answers that cannot be found any where else. It is dedicated to those who are soul searching trying to figure out the things we don’t understand but know is out there. I practice this perfect balance and to see a truth where it begs to be seen.

Working on a system that allows us to catch on to patterns and see the world in a different perspective. What i am trying to develop is a way to organize the list of ideas into a mapping process of linear matrices just like the way you would multiply in Japanese. A series of linear lines intersecting and counting those intersections to find the answer.

The arrangement of words sitting parallel by effects/basic appearance, attributes and properties parallel help you to see the spectrum of where things are going based on an oscillation or pattern that we can see happen. I like to write articles with an occasional innovative and exclusive “scientific poem” written in a very organized and colorful scheme. It is to be read in a linear matrix fashion. Left to right and up and down. Usually done on a specific system in the arrangement of physical, mental, spiritual and ascended benevolent. This is the system that is based on the idea that physical is usually visually how it appears. Mentally usually pertains to attributes. Spiritually usually refers to it’s thinking properties. Ascended Benevolent usually looks at it’s overall collective spectrum and direction. Usually in colors of cold to hot. Order of importance from less important to more important. Less evolved to more refined. Soft to hard. Minimal to maximal. Color basis: dark to light. Recessing to progressing.

My favorite being the example.

Spacial, temporal, dimensional. And a word i describe as benevolence because it relies on the use of the human touch so to speak like traveling to a different desired time line. It requires the physical construction of a gateway. The mental calculations and adjustments of the mind. The spiritual essence/power of nature harnessed. The benevolence of human desire to get there  given the appropriate tools to direct this mechanism.


space; dark, medium and light.

time; past, present and future.

dimensions; microcosm, home plane, macrocosm.

benevolence; alternate, experiential and multidimensional


This is the full stanza of these four different elements.

As you can see the first word in the column are our categories. Next is the minimal extreme of the spectrum, then the medium and then the maximal extreme of the spectrum. They are all organized. It’s the same thing as the Japanese multiplication math video except it’s with words. It’s a matrix that helps organize information in the future in a spacial environment rather then randomized information we have to scramble to get. We can figure which element colors are of cold to hot. Order of importance from less important to more important. Less evolved to more refined. Soft to hard. Minimal to maximal. Color basis: dark to light. Regressing to progressing. All this could be implemented in a manner where it will be easier to navigate the information interface and differentiating dark and light, good and bad, in order to single out which direction is recessing and which is progressing.

This is the beginning of a more resourceful, organized and well assessed future. We need to prepare ourselves to be more humanly friendly as we are entwined into a more AI oriented world. It is coming and it requires benevolence of the human conscious soul imprinted in it or else we may come out with a monster in the end. This AI we create must have love, compassion, understanding that life on earth is brief and that it must learn humility over all else.

A fun site to read if you want to hear a bit of theory on frequencies entwined in the english language. I’m actually currently exploring this website’s articles in depth so that I can understand this world through his/her eyes better. Check it out and tell me what you think.

The Twin Swords from Heaven. (Stars and Religion.)


The star of Bethlehem brought to Earth the sword of Christ. With it birthed also the anti-christ Muhammad. Neither are bad but rather gifts from heaven. As night is to day, the two complement each other but are like siblings fighting for the hearts of men. These  misunderstood religions Islamic Muslim and collective Christians are of Moon and Sun. They are spiritual children of the Moon and the Sun the biggest influences and they play the most mechanically important roles in our Earthly existence.

Without the existence of the moon there would be no tides and thus no movement in the sea meaning no life would have washed ashore and the sea where all life was birth would not have birthed life at all. Without the sun the life giving essence of it’s light would never have brought life to plants and animals and sustenance of nutrition and nurturing  vitamins to us as we know it today.

The complexity of the two rivals ideology and religion is complicated. The religion is not of war or peace. It is a message of hope and life. The religion is not violent in itself but the people, circumstance, conditions and the environment that drive men to be violent make it so. Violent people make violent decisions and drive to bring violent outcomes. Factions that decide they want to represent something on their own but do not think of others, do not have the peoples hearts and when doing things of hate and harm do not do it in other’s name but rather dictate their ultimate fate which is to their demise. Extremists will forever be alone on their awkward journey to express themselves as they do and people will judge them. God and life will judge them. They will have nothing in the end because the world is against them. They have robbed themselves at a chance of a normal life as they have robbed others of their lives.

The message that Christ gave was that “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” He is stating what he actually is, but Christianity has moved on from being a sword and has become more about humility. Whereas Islam is a barren desert just as the moon is, a harsh place for life as reflected by the amount of little light the moon reflects. The Sun is now become a nurturing essence of boiling molten that radiates life and nurturing warmth. A harsh radiance to live by because of it’s glory and beauty but if you are in the right range the goldy locks zone then it is beneficial to you and your life. Muhammad is a sword but one day be as his brother Christ sitting humble, full of hope and humility through redemption. Hopefully people will understand that life is not black and white and that both components are necessary for the balance in life to happen.

As an article once said that if you lose sleep and stay up for extensive amount of days you lose proper function of your eyes and mind and then you lose your sanity. You’ll feel sluggish,weak and sickly. If you sleep all day you never grow and never gain. Your mind becomes weak and sluggish.

Melody stanza of the twin swords of Heaven and Earth.

Sleeping and living. Being

Night and day. Noon

Moon and Sun. Earth

Dream and Life. Visions

Islam and Christianity side by side  duality of twin brothers. Their child of “here and now”mother nature Buddhism.

Moral Encompass Redefined for Humanity. (Stars parallel to humans).


The soul, ethics, heart, and consciousness; all have different purposes, shape and names but their functional spirit is the same. The nature of the functional spirit is called benevolence. This name benevolence describes the action of; giving self by service, mentality of wanting to give and the willingness to give in itself. The motion is called giving benevolence mentality; where you are part of a collective positive contributing effort. It’s synergy and also out of love for the sake of contributing beneficial love. I am who i am not because who i am but because we are and you are who you are so i can be me. We compliment each other and as individuals contributing to the cause as a team.

This mentality is crucial when making connections, building desirable thought paradigms and constructive thinking. “I believe in humanity because I am for humanity because I am part of humanity because I am human.” This quote can be split into 4 parts. “I believe in humanity” meaning I am part of a desired thought paradigm. “I am for humanity” meaning being in spirit for humanity. “I am for humanity” meaning you a physically in a group category of such in the animal kingdom. “I am human”  brings us down to the singularity that you are an individual living a human life where you are in immediately in control of your actions and can make things happen.

I know human nature is not a cubed square but it’s spirit is more spherical because that is what happens naturally in nature. When water erodes rock for millions of years you get sand and smooth round rocks. When a planet is in a crude shape like a square or any shape rigid and rough in space after spinning for so long it becomes more spherical. The soul is a sphere, A globe of light radiating life giving and nurturing essence. And it is rendering and refining itself with time to be the shape it is today. We the people are essentially rounding our souls after years of refining our rough shape of the soul until it is round and perfect and spherical. And no sphere can be perfect as reflected in life, we have no control if we are going to make it oblate like earth but we’re all a spheroid shape in the end by going through this process we’re experiencing called life.

The category of a planet is a sphere and it’s exact name is spheroid. The category of a person is human and its exact name humanoid. These two worlds are separate and different but the parallel for it exists and as we did to intertwine dimensional categories for the  people and stars. We shall do it again; The inter-dimensional parallel of two worlds.

Order of importance from less important to more important. Less evolved to more refined. soft to hard. minimal to maximal. Color basis: dark to light. Regressing to progressing. Physical, Mental, Spirtual and Ascended benevolent; This is the system that is based on the idea that physical is usually visually how it appears. Mentally usually pertains to attributes. Spiritually usually refers to it’s thinking properties. Ascended Benevolent usually looks at it’s overall collective spectrum and direction.

Physical form:

Humans: Cube, rounded-cube, spheroid, and sphere.

Stars: Deformed, rounded, spheroid, and sphere.

Mental form:

Humans: Amoeba, Ape, Human and Angel.

Black, red, brown, beige, yellow and white

Small and Big

Short and Tall

Stars: Dwarf, sub-giant, giant and super-giant.

white, brown, neutron, red, orange, yellow, white, blue

Not so dense and dense

Not so bright and bright.

Spiritual form:

Humans: Soul, heart, ethics, and consciousness

Stars: color, brightness, radiance and luminosity.

Accessed ascended benevolent form:

Humans: Life-span, circumstance, events and person’s name.

Stars: Star life-span, conditional effects on stars, conditional phases of stars and constellations.

This is my stanza alignments of the categorized human and star sitting side by side paralleled so that you can see the process, color, brightness and glory if there is a measure. I would say this is all based on preference for colors and whether you like dark and lightness so this is accurate according to the negative values of cold blue to positive of red hot. I have aligned the categories into a matrix that align based on the assigned color. This system of organization hopefully will be implemented for computer categorizing in the future for quicker and efficient assessment of data and for of course further segregation and unintended discrimination of data. I have no clue if this process will help humans but it wills surely help put a standard scale of what people should see in the world based on organization and possibly draw out more and better perspectives on this figure.

The purpose is an organized spectrum of the stars parallel to humans and this is done. So I am happy with it. Further refinement of this assessment of the human to star parallel’s organization will happen gradually as i accumulate more info and knowledge on this subject.

Live long, curiosity and humility,


The Soul and Technology; The Brink of Temporary Death and into Life Eternal


We are suffering from a flaw in the system and that flaw is that life is no longer eternal but in a death phase. In this time we prepare with technology our way back to a life eternal. Virtual reality is just one stepping stone or rather a piece of the puzzle to the variety and numbers of lives we are suppose to have in one life. We are preparing to have ourselves a dose of massive inception mind blown. Experiencing a world eternal is what we are suppose to potentially experience. Instead we are experiencing a massive failure in the system. One where we die continually and as individuals forgetting and having to relearn everything from scratch. Welcome to the world of pain, suffering and heartbreak and to our left exiting to the world of infinite possibilities, numerous lives and  opportunity.

Life is in a balance and right now we are at the equilibrium of death and life. For a long time we’ve been sitting with one single life day in and day out to survive. Today we have opportunities to fulfill goals and achieve things without actually being there physically through technology. We can remotely control machine lives. Live smaller lives in virtual reality through scripted games. Amputations and physical illness can be cured to prolong our physical lives and later extend it even. With technology we now have a accurate log of what happens in the world, a data base of human history and opinions from many perspectives. Its called the internet, a social network of people connecting like minds, exploring like fields and doing like things together.

Technology is key to entering this eternal phase and we are returning to the way it should’ve been done from the start. I would not say that we are regressing from of the state of higher consciousness in tampering with artificial intelligence. Our bodies may be frail and imperfect right now  but our souls are refined and eternal becoming ever resilient with every life passing and engaged entering a progressive phase. Life is spiritual as well as concrete with evidence and scientific fact. Life is more then it appears and potentially if you let it and in the end our technology will hopefully help our past come to a new reality theoretically. If there is only a rarity of life phases on Earth if the future is trying to preserve life and/or extend human life and time travel is a tool and function in the future then naturally unnatural things like deactivation of bombs around the world will happen. There is no concrete proof this is happening but the clues of many hints and hues say otherwise. We’ll find our way back to how it should be in the end.

Picture reference from movie Deus Machina.

The Meaning of a Soul is Important


Life is full of questions. And I find myself asking does the soul really exist? And where do i go when my body expires? There is meaning in the stars and why you are here. There is god given constellations to your timeline of life. The invention of constellations by man are just another means of giving the stars a soul. Life is extremely interesting when you see what washes up ashore in the sea of life. Struggles, circumstances and conditions always tugging and waning our heart strings. This is life our virtual reality for our eternal souls. Another story for us to learn from until we return to our high potential final state.

I would like to establish two parallels.

One part of the parallel is the short time line in life where all things happen in a sequence and matter of many ways. Being BC (before christ) and AC (after christ). The same timeline Benjamin Franklin invented the light bulb. Beethoven and Mozart conducted their first symphonies. First man went to the moon. Our linear timeline with x, y coordinates and time is what this is.

Another part of the parallel is the more advanced lives and constellation of stars and solar systems out in space that actually physically outlive us by many many lives. This timeline has a x,y and z and a much larger time component.

Now these are two different worlds but let them intersect and we’ll have a precursor for a inter-dimensional relationship between the two. We give names of stars as we give names to our children. We give meaning to stars and constellations in forms of animals and shapes in space as we do events and circumstances in our lives. We give our stars a soul and our lives a constellation. We do this when we give meaning to the stars and when we give meaning to our lives.

Our suffering in this world doesn’t have to be. The question why do we suffer is simply answered I only suffer if you are suffering. So i just need to help you to help myself. Suffering is an illusion, it is a child complaining of not getting the newest Mc Donalds toy or a broken heart from a bad relationship. You don’t need it but you want it so bad it hurts.

God gave us a gift. And that is meaning in our lives, a consciousness of others around us. A concerned world that is aware of our needs to avoid our further suffering. Always proactive and thinking ahead. Building things to make it easier for others to pass through. God gave us his child a manifestation of himself to die for us so that we would live life without the guilt of the act of sin. This meaning we are in constant flux with redemption a natural oscillation in our thought/acting process. So we always are aware of what we do in life.

The necessity for a soul and to know the meaning of a soul is so very fundamental to what it is to be human. Curiousity, awareness, consciousness and benevolent concern are all part of the creation process. For when we create a compatible AI in the future with our technology becoming so advanced. Our AI will have a consciousness of it’s own and soon will have it’s own soul. Looking back on us upright apes as if we were a living fossil. Admiring and also pitying us because we can only live so long organic.

This is our legacy, the machine gods are our invention. And our soul are just data infused and timeless invention. By god or by humans we are inventors of time and all things good. Let the old world die and new ones reborn twice as strong. Bigger, better and stronger then before. Let the corpses of the traditional conservative minds lay low and be content. While we grow, clutch ever wiser and stronger and more compassionate. Let our hearts glow brighter and will bolder for a strange but indescribable universe in this new unexplored chapter.