Monad Atoms, Animal Spirits and A Spiritual Colossal Boar


Notes and discussion on Monad atoms and spiritual creatures.

Monads: There is a system of Monads 7:7 makes a complete Monad.

Molecular and Aspect of Self

The essence of primordial matter: Bose-Eintein Particle. Is Below the first plane of atoms.
1:1,1:2,1:3. These correlate to the states of Solid liquid and Gas respectively.
1:4,1:5,1:6,1:7 These are Etheric. Part of the subatomic particle and dark matter.

protons: 2 units
quarks: 6 units
undetermined: 18 units

1:4 molecules are baryons.
large 1:5 are unstable mesons.
small 1:5 and 1:6 molecules are quarks.
1:7 atoms (1-atoms) are preons.

The Mineral Kingdom, The plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and The Human kingdom.
Of all the kings we had the most unique ability having the causal body within us.


Studying of the legendary 4 Spirits;

Protector, Mastermind, Architect and Healer. I was identified as a Healer Spirit.

The Protectors; Those who mastery lie in strength and honor. Virtuous beings who guard those they love.

Mastermind; Those to contemplate and manipulate situations to turn the tides or work to exploit a weakness no one would think to. Conjuring ideas and thoughts allowing the flow of creativity to create a template for easy manifest.

Architects: Those who build and design the constructs and vehicles that allow people to cross gaps and places people cannot reach without bridges. He who builds to sustain the living condition that we have, who house the people.

Healers: Those who give nurturing and loving guidance to the young and lost. The healing spirit that paves a  way for men and lead them to safety and victory.


Native Americans believe that animals had a certain built spirit inside of them.
Respect: Buffalo
Love: Eagle
Courage: Bear
Honesty: Bigfoot
Wisdom: Beaver
Humility: Wolf
Truth: Turtle

I had a dream of a very strange boar: ( 3:7, 4:7, 5:7 realm?)

The Boar: Symbol of Courage and Fearlessness
The dream of a wild boar indicates success and protection in troubled times. It is also a symbol of personal honor. Some ancient cultures associated the boar with healing as well. This association arises from the boar’s ability to fearlessly face unknown dangers
death, demons that devour humans and danger.

In the dream, I believe it to be the rendition of the second triad the spiritual world. I was recycling and reusing all i could get. Brushing and beating down the deathless resounding echoes of apparitions and manifests of dust and matter that no long can sustain their state. Cleaning it to make way for children to play. I was a healing presence, a nurturing spirit. In my dream i ran into a Gigantic Black Boar of some kind with dense fur of metallic bristles – he was a beast of the “etheric” world of the sub-atomic, dark energy and dark matter 2nd triad plane. He was a revered beast and he is a protective spirit. The boar was a sacred animal with links to demonic elements. as traditionally sacred animals, can take away evil and purify it. At the same time, they are creatures of the underworld themselves and are receptive to evil. He was in the way of my cleansing session i was having.

He had a resonance of a devouring and shaking disturbance. In the Tales of Hermes, these people were faced with omen of destruction and afterlife. They had a heavy loss against a Colossal Boar. Stopped only by the Bronze Arrow representing the Bronze Age. In order to overcome this new obstacle to reach our new age we must over come this idea of brutish, juvenile, reckless and destructive behavior. To understand Religion better, to brave Science and to comprehend the Spiritual. Malekulans in Melanesia, where boars are sacrificed at Megalithic shrines as a payment enabling one to enter the Otherworld at death. The association of pigs, and especially boars, with the underworld, night, and death is almost universal. He is an omen of facing great hardship and opening the doors to the next gate.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 39 “About life”: Messy Message and that 18% Niche.

Alienating the 82% with your messy message. proper use of the niche.
hypnotized by supposed options at our disposal.
It appears this way but we don’t actually have all those options.
Known for this one thing. 18% in anything you do.. if you can have 18% of people you have to engaged in your ideas. You will succeed. Find a small niche. microsoft becomes a 100 billion dollar company. This company allowed him to build the focus and skill.. To take charge of the whole market in the end. understanding that you have 18% that visit your website and want to hear more from you. Think globally act locally. Act on a niche go into the market with global interests.
Most business (tech) they do good at the beginning. start off with biased people but now you have to cross the chasm to sell to people who don’t know you. attacking for the 18%. Find 18% with who you get along with and good with. Don’t try to please the crowd. Scary to cross ideas off the list.. but it’s necessary. Stick to what your good at and have invested time into and are interested in.
after the 18% you get to a point where you dont’ have to worry about it and find a niche you want to pursue. Whats the story of your life. What was the mess of your message.
shy away from your dreams is a terrible thing. So act on fantasy and fiction at the level of a prelude. The next thought is that it’s positive. They don’t fall, they follow through to the idea that they have an inevitable success.
Pick one with the messy message. don’t think about the 82% that are just a mirage. Be the messy message about your life.

Theoretical Time Travel Loop-Hole Exploit


The answer is that if the first person pushes the button to get off the elevator at the top floor but the second person pushes the button to go to the mid floor. The second person can take the trip to the top with the first person. And both get off at the top level.

Just for your information, in case of accidental time travel. Which has been recorded throughout history in very random, bizarre and sometimes temporary situations. In order to exploit the loophole and bring information from the future time to the past self this practice must be implemented.

The time loop: The pioneer of the first time traveler must make sure to tell the past time traveler to continue his journey and proceed to enter the veil. The pioneer has to change hats every time he greets a new past time traveler. He has the most important role of the group, for if he fails in his task to greet, (pass the message) and the past travelers fail to do the assigned task of entering the veil, he will disappear and his time line will be gone. He will give a message to each one, to tell the previous time traveler that comes through to signal an entering of the veil. Each time a traveler returns he will give them a colored badge to each of the ascended members. Each member will receive a badge from red to brown to orange to yellow to green to blue to magenta to signify that they have completed the loop. Once the complete cycle has been made. The cycle will continue with a simple act of tribute of waiting for the first time traveler to come and be given another red badge to signify he has entered twice. And the rest will do the same in giving their own colored badges. 7:7 atom sequence.

The first sequence to start the time loops is;ExploitTimeTravel SYSTEMS

It’s a theory anyways. If done correctly the loop hole can be exploited and information from future can be therefore brought to present time and imminent compilation of truth will be unveiled.



Light Universal Scalar and Components for Universal Virtual World. With Ascended Charts.


This is my Light Prototype 1: It’s the Entropy, Order and Identity Paradigm integrated into my Light Prototype parallel structure of relationship between Cosmology/astrophysics and Quantum Physics. It’s used to describe triangle Physical A and Triangle Mental B on the linear plane and Spiritual X as the fields/spectrum/levels of the ascending hemispheres.

I’m making a universal virtual paradigm model of all of visible/invisible life through this chart. I found that the abstract idea (Kensuragi) also tied in with spiritual mending and thus the entirety of the project.. and Kensuragi described spiritual mending almost perfectly. It’s not actually mending but more of self staining and repairing. Life is Energy, Consciousness and Matter.. but it is also Submission, Breaking and Spiritual mending. This is my paradigm model ideas for the two triangles or cooperatives. Their marriage brings Heaven on Earth.

This was pretty complicated to assemble but this model is basically playing with duality’/Yin-Yang essences within. Entropy is Human Conscience and Human Nature in oscillating waves. Within Order is a intersecting pattern of binary activity on and binary inactivity off. Identity is the fusion of the two systems together with essences that give them substance and parallels that give them a sense of communication/connection hence why it is called the Crossway element (Spiritual X).

Where to start.. This chart grid is massive.Lightprototype2


Entropy of Cosmology/Astrophysics; The Mass is the Black Holes, It’s Energy is Stellar Objects and it’s consciousness Quasars and Galaxies. But at the end you will only find the Universe.

Entropy of Quantum Physics; The Mass is the Nucleons, It’s Energy is Atoms and it’s consciousness is Molecules. But at the end you will only find the 7:7 Atom.

Entropy of Divinity’s Realm; The Mass is The Lower Self,  Energy is The Higher Self and Consciousness is The Divine Self. But at the end you will only find The Self.

Entropy of The Living Universe; The Mass is The mineral and plant kingdom, The Energy is found in The Animal Kingdom and The Consciousness  can be found in The Human Kingdom. But at the end you will only find the Monadic Kingdom.



Order of Cosmology/Astrophysics; The Breaking attribute is a Quantum Binary, The Submission is found in the Vesica Pisces and The Spiritual Mending (Kensuragi) is found in Virtual Pain of Experience. But at the end you will only find the Virtual Release and Expansion of Experience.

Order of Quantum Physics; The Breaking attribute is a Core, The Submission is found in the Transitions and The Spiritual Mending (Kensuragi) is found in the Crossways. But at the end you will only find The Protruding Quantum Binary.

Order of Divinity’s Realm; The Breaking attribute is a First Triad, The Submission is a Second Triad and The Spiritual Mending is found in the Third Triad. But at the end you will only find The Monad.

Order of The Living Universe; The Breaking attribute is (Physical Core and Emotional Transition), Submission is found in the (Mental Core and Unity Transitions) and Spiritual Mending (Kensuragi) is found in the (Spiritual Core and Divine Transition). But in the end you will only find the Monadic Core.



Identity of Cosmology/Astrophysics; The Eternal is the Kabbalah, The Infinite is the Ain Soph Aur and The Nothingness is “Not even Nothing” Ain. But in the end there is God.

Identity of Quantum Physics; The Eternal is Matter, The Infinite is Time and The Nothingness is Dimension. But in the end there is only The God Realm.

Identity of Divinity’s Realm; The Eternal is Nirvana, The Infinite is being Unattached and The Nothingness is the Existence of Being. But in the end there is only The Divine Quadriad (Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnibenevolent).

Identity of The Living Universe; The Eternal is (Mulkuth, Yesod and Hod), The Infinite is (Netzache, Tipareth and Geburah) and The Nothingness is the (Chesed, Daath and Binah). But at the end there is only (Chokmah and Kether).


  • The Protruding Ascended Light Prototype Values

The Entropy of Union under Cosmology/Astrophysics is the Universe, Order of It’s Entity the Virtual Release and Expansion of Experience and It’s Identity Substance God.

The Entropy of Entity under Quantum Physics is the 7:7 Atomic structure, Order of The Entity of Protuding Quantum Binary and It’s Identity God Realm.

The Entropy of Union under Divinity’s Realm is The Self, Order of the Entity of Monad and Identity of Divine Quadriad (Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnibenevolent).

The Entropy of Union under The Living Universe is The Monadic Kingdom, Order of the Monadic Core and Identity of (Chokmah and Kether).




Esoteric God Transcendence, Mind Omega:

Ladder of Human God

Aspect and Ratio of Self Empowerment, Spirit Crossway:

Molecular and Aspect of Self

Above chart is used to define this diagram.

TheUniverseVirtualDiagramSTARKabblistic Cosmology and Esoteric

These are all the resources i used, go to Click here to read up on graphics and charts.

Sadly, The World is Actually Busy Worshipping False Idols


OH. The market of Christ never ceases to amaze. Full of hippy commercial, advertising and organized ideology and concepts. The Epitome of everything he has never taught. Take a look at yourself Christianity. You have fallen (but there’s fight in you yet).

PRAISE JESUS EVERYBODY. Everyone gets a rosary, an autograph of Jesus (Not actually him) with a fake portrait (it’s not even accurately depicted) and a mislead but a genuine smile from me! The commercialized and organized religion  of today’s society has lost it’s human touch for me. Whether your praising The Catholic Jesus, Bronze Skin politically correct Jesus. The hippy white as paste Latter day Saints renditions of Jesus.. Strict Morality Bent Chastity Police Catholic Jesus.. or The Desert Roaming Camel Riding Prophet of Islamic Traditions. You’ve got it wrong, when all you need is his message of love, unity and will of collective consciousness.

You aren’t even praying to God any more who is the cosmic collective of all essence and should be the center of your life. Jesus did say he was the way but God is the focus. God – through us as a collective experience. He wants us to take care of ourselves! His spirit lives in Personal name: Ehyah Asher Ehyah, Informal name: Elohim and Most Exalted Formal name: YHVW (Yahweh). You call him God, and when you call for God – who you’re getting is probably his hands, eyes and heart. The 2nd hand resource called guardian angels, archangels. If you’re going to Address him do it right.  He often likes to be called Heavenly Father, as his role is a fatherly one.

I’m just tired of the idolatry worship and almost everyone is doing it. Whether it’s just a concept of him your practicing.. The trinity. Or through the different denominations a conflict in how the bible  is read, which version of the bible.. The word of god is the whole bible in it’s collective message. I know he said all those who seek the father you need to go through Christ. But Christ is not Jesus of Nazareth. He is a different person Jesus was just an incarnation of Christ. Jesus of Nazareth were two people. Jeshu who died by getting stoned to death (Did not die at the actual cross) he was unable to teach his disciples who identified themselves as fishermen further under the vesica pisces symbol. And Barabbis is the Christ we know that was the political activist in his day that got crucified in his etheric body. But we know that Christ didn’t even die at the cross according to these certain evidences and enigmatic suspicions (suspicious for the right reason) and actually lived a full and happy life with Mary Magdalene according to the Zacharias Rhetor under secret changed names.

In Jesus’s complete life we find that his love life may have been complicated because of the Roman rule and Jewish control. Though it is said he may have lived and visited Mary Magdelene after he was crucified, claimed dead and put in a tomb but said to have raised from the dead. Hints to his survival was the cloth that made him instantly die when stuck in his mouth (suspected he may have been sedated) and also when they went to his tomb they carried aloe and healing materials instead of funeral flowers which is suspicious if he is dead. In the lost gospel Ecclesiastical History of Zacharias Rhetor under the pseudonyms of “Joseph” and “Aseneth”. According to the text, the two were married and had two children. The encrypted tale is suggested to have been based on a lost gospel that escaped being destroyed during the time of the first Christian Emperor, Constantine. Not to be confused but Jesus is just a prophet just as Buddha, Mohammed, Zoroaster, Krishna who attained enlightenment. Christ is the one of interest who is the perfect being of light.. He is the product of all the multiple enlightened lives he’s lived. Christ is by definition the ideal truth that comes as a divine manifestation of God to destroy incarnate error.

What is this non-sense of him rising from the dead and ascending to heaven? That’ll keep the Romans scratching their head for a while is my thinking. They needed to stop the Romans from searching for Christ. If they started believing Christ was taken from this world ascending to heaven just maybe the two; Christ and Mary Magdalene can start a normal life. Even then Mary still had problems with the Christians, Constantine’s book burning and so forth. Rewriting a lot of the bible based on political agenda. The bible is warped, distorted history of Jesus and his gifts. His message is there but it is heavily damaged. We need to remember that he was a message of love, unity and collective humanity. If Christians can’t even depict Christ correctly how do you expect them to depict god and communicate with god. The sheer pride and incompetence of their nature is enough to make one shake withholding wrath..

But remember– practice patience, forgiveness and mercy. The practice of them believing going to heaven and hell is suitable. A childish plot made for adults who think they’re so smart in indoctrinating their children to do good or there will be great consequence. The world doesn’t really care what you do in life. It’s actually indifferent of the horrors you put yourself through. Karma is a very real thing though.. If you do good things, you will receive good things. If you do bad things all your life – your going to attract all the bad things that may lead to a tragic life of accidence, dispute and argument.

Stay true. Curiosity and Prosperity.


The Dream of Heaven on Earth


The more of these dreams I have, the more I’m convinced I’ve been endowed with the knowledge of very wise people or even ascended masters of the past or future. This dream was about the famine of Body, Mind and Spirit.

The case was about the famine of body the man in the dream is a homeless man he is approached by a woman and asked to come be fed and eat to regain his health.

The mind of the man was poisoned or corrupted because he had been smoking to forget about his hunger, the jar he held showed how much tar and nicotine he had accumulated.

The spirit of the man is lead to a concert like stage  to feed his spirits and it was full of music, cheer and praise. This spiritual hunger was probably remedied by the atonement of Jesus Christ.

The story ended as 3 Feathers fell from the sky. Heaven on Earth was the idea that the famine for Body, Mind and Spirit of the world would be remedied.

The geography of my emblem consists of 2 trinity (Fractal) triangles a square and a circle and 4 ovals to represent 8 crescents. The emblem is the Alpha Body and Omega Mind in union and the crescents in the middle are actually Vesica Pisces representing rebirth from 4 different angles symbolizing the balance, cooperation and coexistence of human beings to a high degree. The crescents also mean  “receive”, “submission”, “adaptation”, “forming a vessel”. The Vesica Pisces and the Flower of Life form crescents and petals ad infinitum in the law of life. Alpha and Omega are represented by binaries 1 and 0 and the triangles, square and circle represent a heavenly union between Earth and heaven.. Heaven on Earth essentially is my wish in creating this emblem. I also have a cross in my emblem but it is the vertical rendering of my emblem into 3D that makes it into a double cone making  the cross. The sacred architecture built on the vesica pisces is a constant in all cultures; it reflects the higher human soul. With that my Virtual diagram of the life is rendered as a emblem in a linear 2 dimension.and 3d dimension if viewed from top to bottom, bottom to top. The protruding (quantum) binary that ascends through the double cone structure that is my emblem in 3D is described as a thread in the tapestry which i find quite interesting. It protrudes the “tapestry” in a non-linear fashion going out towards you. This is my model of the Universe from up above.

The gift I believe I’m suppose to bring is the message that heaven on earth is the charity that remedies hunger for body, mind and spirit. Below is a 3D framework of the Virtual World of Heaven on Earth. They had to line up in a certain way to sync each line and corner. The process should be the same with ideas.. they should parallel or line up to agree and coherently establish communication that they are parallel.


Ain Soph Aur, The Kabbalah and Heavenly Father


“What did you learn from the infinity and The Father?” I was asked this strange question in my dream last night. I guess this is the question i’m suppose to answer. What is Ain Soph Aur, the tree of life, who is Heavenly Father? The dreams last night were all scrambled though, i guess i wasn’t sleeping too well last night it was like a VHS with sound but all the pictures were fried. So i guess i’m going to have to answer what is Ain Soph Aur, what is the Tree of Life and who is The Father in this post.

After Keter the Crown of the Kabbalah, there are three abstract but very real veils of creation. These are three Veils from entering to the higher realms; Ain Soph Aur, Ain Soph and Ain.

The Ain Soph Aur idea is when you look beyond what the tree is, you see that even before the tree there is only light. Light metaphorically and abstractly through nurturing essence of Life, Grace, Hope, Faith, Redemption, Truth, Universe, God and Love (The list is pretty endless because according to this idea anything that likens or is nurtured by light is part of the light body). It’s an inner communion with the eternal light that can heal and transform you, it’s not as simple as light itself from our relative perspective. If you think of Einstein and the state of relativity if you are traveling at the speed of light you would be everywhere in all time and space. When the world was created and the first light came into being the whole entirety of space and time were created and the experience was held simultaneously with that creation.

Ain Soph meaning Boundless Light or “No Limit” This is the idea that if there is nothing here then you have reached the place of no limit. It is divinity, infinity, eternity in it’s purest state.

Ain Soph means The Infinite or translated to “No Limit”. Ain Soph also means Boundless Light. It seems as we go higher into the spiritual realms of The Monadic World everything becomes more abstract and less concrete. It becomes more reliant on the defined expression of what it is more so than what it actually is according to our basic senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste, smell and more of a knowing rather than anything else.

Ain means No or Nothing. Ain is best related as a metaphor or parallel to outer space but to a further extreme. It is Absolute nothing, it means nothing or no place. In this place is an absence of anything, no light has touched this place – not even god has manifested there.


The “Tree of Life” also known as the Kabbalah.

Keter: In the matter of Cause and Effect of all beginnings of life. Keter is the Effect. Metatron is in this seat. Malkuth (The Physical World) Is likened to that of burning coal. The coal creates fire but fire is the cause of coal, the fire cannot exist without the coal and neither can the coal without the fire. The relation is mutual and dependent on one another. Kether is represented as Pure energy and the Physical World is passive earth of matter. In according to the Einsteins E=Mc^2 math, Light can have two meanings pure being and pure awareness. Malkuth is the state of being for light but not with pure awareness. In order for it to know it would need a subject to do the knowing.

Chokmah/Hochmah =Wisdom, The Word of God/Radiant Consciousness

Binah = Understanding/ Sanctifying Intelligence

Daath/Daat (The hidden one because you see the sun, but you cannot touch it) = Knowledge

Chesed/Hesed = Mercy, Majesty/ Cohesive Intelligence

Geburah/Gevura = Severity, Strength, Justice, Radical Intelligence and Rooted Consciousness

Tipareth/Tifereth = Beauty, The Holy Child, Intelligence of the Mediating Influence / Transcendental Influx Consciousness

Netzache/Nezach = Victory, The Beauty of Nature, Hidden Intelligence, Occult

Hod = Splendour of Science and Craft. Perfect Consciousness, Absolute Intelligence.

Yesod = The Foundations, Clear Intelligence

Malkuth/Malcuth = The Bride, The Kingdom, The Virgin, The Gate, The resplendent Intelligence.

This is the Original Tree of Life: The Kabbalah

2016-01-11 07.37.26

This is the Ladder of Jacob an extended and expanded one.

2016-01-11 07.23.26


(Started this project called Jacobs Ladder an extension to the Kabbalah [Tree of Life]. Done on Adobe Photoshop Custom also thanks to this site for the layout.


The Heavenly Father is a fatherly figure who as the body of light through the angels he speaks and does his work. But through his pure essence he is in us and all around us in every person, place or thing. Subjectively, Objectively and Benevolently. In all Spaces, Times and Dimensions. He is with us at all times in our essence, if you are conscious, he is conscious essentially. We are as a collective a part of him, God who has given all of us the creative spark of life, love and light. This is who heavenly Father is. The Universe in one respect in all living/static/dead matter, but he is also Truth in all things good and bad, The equity and fairness of life. Nature who is not always conscientious of it’s abilities. And finally he has a form but it is through us as the collective we are extensions of his hand, heart and mind.