#1 Alpha The God

This is a very complex topic as god is a spirit, a collective entity and also a spark in each of us. He is in essence the hands, mind and heart of the human conscience. Without us he is nothing and vice versa without him we are not complete. Life is complex in that he offers us purpose and reason to follow the path of hope, faith and redemption. We are Gods in the making and when we realize the gift that life has bestowed on us the sooner we are on the path to becoming among the Gods.

The entities of God

  1. Chart of All Knowledges
  2. Ein Soph Aur
  3. Nothingness Beyond God
  4. Truth Tree; Names
  5. Human Identity Occupations Tree

God is:

  1. If God Existed Then..
  2. Arguments About God
  3. Symbolism of Life in the Microcosm and Macrocosm
  4. Religion Danger or Tool?
  5. Vacuums and Space. Something in Nothingness
  6. Ascending Human Hierarchy
  7. Logic In Multiverse
  8. Nothingness Beyond God
  9. Nothingness Beyond God 2
  10. Nothingness Beyond God 3
  11. The 10+ Dimensions
  12. Situational House
  13. Heaven Logic
  14. Earth Logic
  15. Hell Logic
  16. Parallel Universe and Simultaneous Existence
  17. Words Warped by Time. Demons and Geniuses
  18. The Pope Authority
  19. Jewish and Arab Relations
  20. Fictional Characters and Rape Culture
  21. Metamorphosis into New Times
  22. Nuclear Missiles Shutdown Around World
  23. Empowerment and emulating God, Freedom Units.
  24. Godlike Characters Vs. Super Human
  25. No Home for the Dark, Abusive and Lowly
  26. Traditional ideas for Church becomes Modern and Secular
  27. A System That Validate God as Real Whether He is or Not
  28. The Cost of Change
  29. Actions of Love Speaks Louder than God’s Words
  30. Love, Compassion and Understanding Higher Truths
  31. Madness of God
  32. Bound to be a Moth to Light Legacy
  33. Benevolence is Key to Consciousness
  34. Beyond the Veil of Life’s Fabric
  35. Hope, Opportunity and Chance
  36. We need more “Dreamers”. Distinguishing religious types into categories; The tree of God.
  37. Blood Money; The System
  38. Influencial Societies of the Past and Now
  39. Dreams That Foreshadow
  40. Time Travels Backwards in Quantum Mechanics
  41. Life Built Around The Ideas of Spectrum
  42. Domesticating God and Practicality
  43. God, A Matter Of Communication
  44. Distinguishing, Practice and Policy
  45. Truth, Morality and Nature. Test of Time is Patience
  46. The Grand Metaphor, Necessary Co-existence.
  47. Poem: Need Stronger Candles
  48. More-Man, Blurred Line
  49. The Soul is Important
  50. Stars and Religion. Twin Swords from Heaven
  51. Faster-Than-Light Spectrum of Universal Affecting Fields
  52. Existential Matters of Life
  53. Why Heaven Won’t Slam The Door On Your Face Based on What Type of Christian You Are
  54. The Bride of God
  55. The Thesis to Take to The Grave
  56. Science of Religion Through Humanism.
  57. ISIS Oil Sucking Cowardice Bullies
  58. Muslim Name in Need of Reform?
  59. What Makes Us Human?
  60. Secrets of the Diciples and Christ
  61. Bottom Line, Weight of Life
  62. Raw Virtue; When You Can’t Be God – Be Godlike
  63. A Spark of Deva; Unifying Collective System Working Towards Human Cause.
  64. Original Sin, The Purpose of Life
  65. A Multi-Dimensional Framework for Expanding Multi-Faceted Universes
  66. Virtue Chart
  67. More Virtue Never Hurt Any One
  68. Temptations and The Divine
  69. Star of Promises
  70. Holy Star of Christ
  71. Quiet Revolution of the Mind. Dimensional Altering Domain
  72. Chakra Charts
  73. Esoteric Concepts of Ascendance.
  74. Giza Pyramid and Harmonics. Christ Awakening
  75. Hypothetical God Formula
  76. Ain Soph Aur, The Kabbalah and Heavenly Father
  77. Sadly, The World is Actually Busy Worshiping False Idols
  78. Esoteric; Light Universal Virtual World and Chart

Paradigms work:

  1. A Psychological Scientific Synthesis of the Spiritual Frontier Pt. 2
  2. Quantum Gravity Mapping
  3. Ethos synthesis; Stars Plotted For Life’s Work
  4. Eternity: Book of Life; Honor
  5. Eternity: Book of Life; Love
  6. Eternity: Book of Life; Service
  7. Ambiguity: Book of the Star
  8. Divinity Trilogy of Three Worlds
  9. Infinity; Book of Metamorphosis