Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 27 “About life”: Trench team

Assembling trench team. Make sure you have allies for your coalition.

Levels of wealth: Scarcity, Financial independence, Prosperity, Wealth and Impact.

Be aware of cognitive bias (seen as norm but actually not understood) and decay.

Life can be a trench warfare where no ground is won.

Stick it out for a time to win some ground.


Get a trench team. Most desired traits:

1. Loyalty.

Doesn’t matter if they are skilled, talented or hardworking if they leave its a waste of time.

Partner should be extroverted and introverted too.

2. Complimentary.

Try to find people that fill your weakness and won’t compete against you.

foreground and background work and positions. Does he like the spot light/glamour or work in background and quietly dedicated.

Two styles of employing:

A. Charley Monger

forget interviews. Use only references and get their opinion.

B. Black stone

Direct interview. Slow steady interviews using intuition in a blink of an eye.

Takes a year to see all sides of them.

Count and nit pick gestures and social etiquette.

C. Inbetween:

interview and know them for a month-year.

The Heart that Matters; Theoretical View of the Heart.

The Heart that Matters;

images (2)

In every life the potential for life giving attributes is breathed into their hearts. In it the components that will allow them to live, love and show compassion. The heart in itself has neurons in them and thinks as a brain, probably not as articulate but it functions as a vital organ and a memory bank that stores information. It is versatile as it is strong and functional. This is the key to knowing the most important organ in life. The Egyptians also knew that the heart was the most powerful organ in the body and in the mummification of Osiris thought that they could preserve his heart for his return.

There are 3 general ways to view things in life; personally, subjectively and objectively. Chronologically,  the first perspective being personal it may sound selfish but it’s all about what you want. All that is critical to the universe of the man/woman comes from the heart. The center of your universe would be you and the heart. Your planet the center of your living plane. Your solar system/galaxy your personal plane of existence. Lets do some purposeful/active/inventive thinking here. Who is to say that the big black void in the center of the universe called the massive black hole is the center of your universe when everything that happens is here, in your heart. The scientific notion that a super massive black hole is the center of your world is irrelevant and also belittling when you are in charge of your universe, you get to say what needs to happen, what goes and what doesn’t. You determine your destination in life. It is our universe though and from this perspective you are the single entity that makes the rules in what you want to see. This is one way to establish the 1st view of life we see on a daily basis.

The heart of the matter is you must be willing to not be ignorant and see it only one way but two to three ways. You acknowledge that that there is more out there and your galaxy is scientifically revolving around this super massive black hole but you have your own field of gravitation and things around you are under your influence. Except you get to choose what, when and how it happens. Remembering that your not the only field of influence with gravity to change events and things around you. There are those who have more powerful levels of influence and they can do more then tell normal people to do certain things. There are also numerous numbers of influences and this can cause even more distortion, dissonance and chaos in what you see in front of you. Understanding one view of the world from the personal 1st person view, then understanding an subjective view from the 2nd person view is another and understanding a objective view from the 3rd person view is crucial in seeing the whole picture.

The first person view is one personal and one usually being seen from your very own eyes. You control this world it is personal and you are in charge and able to establish a field of influential gravity. The second person view is one where you are a spectator watching as an equal beside/among and talking as if you were aiding a friend with advice and compassion. Third person view is one where you are indifferent and not in the same plane as the person you are watching. As a spectator you know the people and see it all through a lens from the sky. Sometimes seen as a “objectified” state it is highly recommended not to think so forward for the sake of your humanity. But it is also the summation of all views and perspectives in consideration that have gravity on the subject. So this view is a product of every force transpired influenced by the human field of gravity in the event.

The views of the heart are crucial to the study of the things around you. We must use the combination of all three views to get the best results even when only speaking from one of the three chosen perspective spoken tenses. When speaking from the heart you are essentially speaking a truth that is a medium of all three perspectives seeing from all sides incorporating compassion, love and a divine justice in all situations. It is only through the heart that we see the most reasonable, correct and justified state of our life. And we must push for this truth so that man can change and become more than we are currently. More divinely inspired, influential and hungry for truth.

Poetry; Bitter Sweet Lullaby: In love with an idea

Bitter Sweet Lullaby;


In love with an idea,

Secrets, Enigmas and Hidden things.

Only the lost know that they need to be found.

So that forbidden misunderstood things can be privileged.

The secret to the insanity.

Is that it is two face to one coin.

The disease is part of the cure.

The taboo that is death is also found in life.

Who knew the medium to death and life was love.

As much as we bring those we love to experience life.

We also bring them in to allow them to suffer death.

It is not because we hate them that we do this.

It is out of love that brought life and death of a person.

It is love that brought us together on this Earth to experience it as we do.

It is love that will dispell the sickness of the world’s disorder, dysfunction and illness of the soul.

Compassion, Love and tolerance that..

Eradicates extreme sorrow, pain, discrimination, hate, rape and torture.

It is heart breaking to love,

and rewarding as well,

To act as if i knew love well,

is to ask if i was capable of it.

The redundancy to that question is,

why one would keep himself to the point of insanity

for a make belief idea.

Because, i’m in love with an idea.

A fool, idiot and martyr for the flames.

The secret is that they know me well, but i don’t know them.

To be honest is that fair?

I’m waiting for divine intervention and beacon of light.

For a sign that it’s alright,

To be who i am,

To allow my soul to mend,

To know that there is purpose to my existence and a destiny bigger than myself.

Love creates bridges,

It has substance,

It fights harder if it fails,

It creates miracles as it works when nothing else will.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 26 “About life”: Redundancy and 6 Sigma System.

Creating systems are an asset to all that you do it has an automated passive effect.

Engineering principles. Six Sigma perfecting: it is sort of like when 2/3 out of 5 things that fail it still works. Creating redundancy to fill in the gap for sake of failure.

life is short and we have all the time in the world to prepare for failure.

Increase efficiency through simulation. Fail to fail. Don’t make mistakes; learn from other’s actions/records, they don’t have to be your mistakes.

The six sigma defect quality check.

1-7 sigma planning. Belt and suspenders create redundancies. double or make triple, quadruple insurances. no single point of failure. Use: memory tricks, stories, memory or write it down.

simulate and soak all information into ours heads.

Make a perfect system with little effort. Energy is finite.

F22 exercise for stress reduction. Plan for 3 scenarios:

a) absolute best scenario,

what will happen.

build a plan know how to spend money.

b) most likely case.

what will happen.

how will you deal with it.

c) worst case scenario.

what will happen.

how will you deal with it.

Idea, plan and execute.

What do you love? The universal question to life.


What is the meaning to life. Is it really to fulfill your role? is it not to live to your fullest potential? To shine the brightest out of all your alternative realities? To bloom and realize your truest, happiest and ultimate form?

Is life really to have existed; to have been, will be.. and is? To just experience life and see all the bad and good in it and to improve and see it improved mindlessly through a natural process of filtering/distillation what works and what does not? It doesn’t matter who you love who you hate. Who you struggle with or what you do. It’s the trail of mystery, questions and solutions you come up with that makes the universe interesting and invaluable.  There is no greatest answer in the world. There is only the greatest question, what do you love? Attraction brings the greatest pleasures in life. The duality of opposites coming together to create new life.

Some people love art, others love cars, some love people, there is love in animals, books, mathematics.. The question that is raised that brings profit, interest, happiness is the question what is it you love? The world is abundant of things lovable and interesting. My love is in secrets, my love is a secret. It’s riddles, enigmas and  your deepest darkest thoughts. In my life i want to see my greatest potential, i also want to see my deepest secrets and to find love in life. Whatever that love may be-  be it thing, place or person. I need to find out what it is.

I guess if I am to embody this theory that is dream, life, light and self made heroes. I am actually trying to embody the spirit of love in general. And love has two faces, ugly and good. I guess i’m aiming for the middle of it because this has been the trend that has been leading me to believe is best. I don’t need to help you define what this love looks like in life because we can see it openly in the world already. Finding out the meaning of love is a double edged sword, it can end miserably, you can find happiness or be somewhere inbetween the sharpest tipped point. I just hope i find what i love first before i end up old, hardened, wrinkly and unlovable. Oh and i suppose i should mention love hurts, so be prepared to be terribly disappointed or delighted, both or neither to various degrees at the same time.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 25 “About life”: The Seasons of Life

Nature dictates a life cycle of many years.

Take 1 thing and hang on to it.

Natural seasons in a man’s cycle of life.

Don’t get trapped in the winters of life.

Put in the hours.

Planting and catching on to the cycle.

Mother nature is cruelest of teachers.

Winter: Recoup, recover and prepare.

Spring: schedule, organize, invest, sow seeds and find opportunities.

Summer: Activity, work and go to events.

Fall: Reaping rewards and “fatten” up hope for the best in winter.

Poetry; When Light Dawns and Night Sleeps. We wake.


A poem: Unprepared to Transcend .

When light dawns and night sleeps. We wake.

Life is nor beaming light,

Or shadowy darkness,

It is shades of greys, hints and hues,

Life is solid, practical and comprehensible.

It’s accessories, components, elements are factors.

In it’s persuasion to be tame.

The paint we throw at life is makeshift and substance,

We see life subjective, objective and deductively.

First person watching straight on,

Second person watching beside,

Third person watching from afar.

We took paths that never reveal themselves until realized.

We took life as it came and it spoke.

It granted us reason, wisdom and knowledge.

We read it like a book and it came at us in:

Delusion, Lessons and Memories.

We fought the war against time,

But we continue the fight daily as the trend never ends.

Life is hope, faith and redemption.

What am I but a glimpse of destiny,

In this distorted, untimely and warped time frame.

I do not see, hear and smell evil.. thus do I not do no evil?

No it is that I understand evil that I refrain from it.

consequence, circumstance and condition reminds,

it impedes, it intercedes  and it intervenes.

The value of life is the labor of faith, experience and research.

The value of education, the pinpoint destiny of product for your work,

The value of principles, that deeds write your virtue.

But is life an objective where you go there and fro?

It is many objectives with many stages, checkpoints and levels

It is sentences within chapters within books.

The place you look to go is one of chaos, dissonance and confusion.

Home happens to be; past, present and future.

If summation of past makes present.

Many presents is a compartmentalized future.

Many futures means hope is possible.

Hope is a percentile chance, a statistic and roll of the dice.

Though we aim it right and summon all our strengths we get attributes.

An act of chance becomes a game of skill on a dartboard.

Lets aim for a sustainable, livable and manageable future.

From there we can work on power, control and abundance.

Because we lack the wisdom, balance and intellect.

Practicality, humanism and creativity is put on hold,

Told it’s unimportant when it should be our basis.

The stew of ideas is brewing,

The conjuring of a way to simplify a more predictable and desirable future.

The path is written and the redemption for those suffering in the process is coming,

It’s a reckoning indeed, one to be our summation of all our works put together.

It is never the end though, as long as we breath and fight and bite.

There’s always fuel when we burn on spirit.

Pain, Submission and  Defeat never stopped  us.

Do or die. Birds will fall or they fly.

There’s a feeling that burns, there’s something wrong in our future.

Does no one else feel we are missing something?

And it’s you, a better, stronger, smarter version of us.

Better forget about our luggage because all we can bring is ourselves.

Prepare yourselves. This is all I can say.

Life as a level of correctness; justified, functional to disorderly.

Know the right and be prepared.

Because the key to the fight is where you will be when it starts.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 24 “About life”: The funeral test

Depression is normal, it has a functional purpose. To realize the truth add the sum up of not doing well and what it has manifested.

Consciously to access your life is when you realize how many people are going to be sad at your funeral.

Am i moving up the scale?

Do stuff. Parkinson Economics: don’t go by the paid by hour mentality think about the end goal.

Win the war know the end goal. Checkpoints 20 yrs, 30 yrs, 40 yrs and 50 yrs. Where you are going to be.

Commitment endgame outcome innovation do not make excuses.

Wage war on the health front, financial, love and fulfillment.

Win the funeral test.

You need to be in a group by finding higher purpose beyond self in order to feel fulfillment.

Your end goal is to believe people have understood and found insight through your life.

don’t worry about microwars. Win the real big wars the major fronts.

Are you doing flurries of activity but gain nothing?

Work on your business, not in it.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 23 “About life”: Perspective, innovation, insight; Overcoming the wall

In the middle of a storm how do we land when the winds push you side to side?

Make the plane go where we want it to go.

Geometry: The fastest way to a destination is a line.

Perspective; Look back in history. Some people have a problem putting food on the table. Ask, is this a first world problem?

Innovate our way around if you hit a wall. Only innovation can get through the wall. Mentally if there is a will there is a way.

Do it by force, dig under, run around it, helicopter.

Inhuman environment: like gravity, physics, inertia, earthquake, tsunami, tornado and fire.

Humans can be obstacles too.

Keep in perspective. When there’s evil being done to you, rarely will it be the evil you think it is.

Break it down to baby steps. Linear reductionist. Everything falls in together and in order. Problems that keep you up at night. Take perspective of the situation and innovate.

Life is the grind. Landing a plane in a storm, make it land where you want it to. overcome obstacles; a wall in front of your life. Parkour your way through it. Make it beautiful and a piece of work.

Life is a canvas; have will power, generate faith, generate force of will, have a natural inclination.

You Are an Insect. What is the cost of change.

images (1)

There is a forbidden word that must not be spoken. That if God has to exist then of course there must be evil, an opposite of what he is. There may exist some form of evil out there but not necessarily the one evil we are thinking about. No one in the world is capable of all the worst evils in the world unless he is pressured, fantasizing or suffering through a disorder in making it his goal. We take the idea of Good and work counter productively by producing and creating an opposite image of what we do not want. I mean it could reinforce the image in our head of what is good and bad but the point is we do not know what that may look like. Looks can be deceiving. There is inaccurate and accurate but there is no black and white. No good and bad.

You know how rumors start and how they can get twisted. Synonymous words takes us to related words which brings us to crude comparisons and metaphors. This is what happens in history, things get warped and information gets changed in the process of time. The idea of good and bad have to evolve, maybe from Good and bad to.. Levels of correctness: Justified, Functional and Disorderly. The question is why is some fallen angel suppose to be God’s greatest enemy? God has no equal. It is time to move on. If we think about it the opposite of the most powerful being in the world is the most wretched, primitive and disgraceful insect in the world. Let us redefine what evil is; to be a hording, mindless insect with no positive virtue. This is where we went wrong with the system and became delusional and misguided.

There is nothing attractive or seductive about being an insect, there is nothing good or virtuous about being an insect. There is no positive things that you can say about insects other then they live off the ground and care about nothing around them. This is a key step in dispelling evil. People in general are stupid. I cannot claim to be smart but the level of stupidity that people of our history has amounted to. The righteous crusaders, to the enemies they fought, every human being who had forsaken the subtle and unconditional love their mother showed them is an insect. Those who do not do their research and study only things they were born around with are insects. There is a library of ideas, studies and worlds out there and if you do not seek to improve yourself and somehow disallow yourself from reading any other books about life, you might as well be hordes of mindless insects. The idea of romanticizing a arch-enemy is ridiculous when there is no function other then to challenge one self for change. This is all good and dandy until you become delusional and paranoid.

Not pointing fingers but Christ did not write the bible, it was written by men inspired by God to write the words they did. I believe in the purpose of God and Christ; That they were defined and established as they are for a reason, and i believe there is some degree of truth in words of men inspired by god but i do not believe in men due to his nature, tendencies and objectivity in life. The people in power wrote those words and they wrote them to use and abuse evil as their medium to overcome their trials. There’s is nothing wrong with the act of referencing and i have nothing against these wise biblical men and the act of referencing to the extent of recycling their words and finding new ways to comprehend their quotes and understand their quote is a very good practice. The only thing is your looking for things that may not really be intentionally there and set there for you to see. You are practicing the act of manipulating words and warping them to your cause which is not good.

I believe in God of higher purpose. I apologize though, but i do not believe in the Old God of Christianity we use today and do not care too much for some of their practices this day. Nor do i believe in whether or not Satan is real. I don’t believe in Anti-Christ or being atheist. I believe in building a sustainable, healthy and active life in a modern day age where we are free to produce ideas and not be detained for it. I believe in constructive criticism and cynicism but i do not believe in abuse, bashing or hate. I will not stand for discrimination in my eyes, those who do it will just deal with the consequences of those people with less moral hands than mine. Lack of tolerance will have it’s consequences. The times of change is unraveling and justice is distributed through karma or darwins “every action has an opposite equal reaction rule”. The way you treat each other will determine how you will be treated.

Remember, don’t be an insect.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 22 “About life”: 7 Step Science Methodology

Identify, access and be a truth seeker and embracing it.

Diagnose a solution.

Read the signs. Read what your body is telling you if you are overweight there is work to be done. If your too skinny there is work to be done. Stand naked in the mirror and let the truth tell you what you need by scientific deduction but know your limit and understand what you can control and what you cannot.

Serenity prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,The courage to change the things I can,And the wisdom to know the difference.

The human face is determined by many small factors when in the womb of it’s mother. Levels of stress, nutrition, exercise, activity, emotions and many other factors can form the face.

Look at the source, what is the solution.

Humans move towards pleasure and away from extreme discomfort.

Replace the black and white with accurate and inaccurate.

Effective, efficient goal.

The 7 Fold Path or 7 Step Science Methodology

  • 1. Ask question.
  • 2. Research.
  • 3. Sample answer/Hypothesis.
  • 4. Test it.
  • 5. Observe it.
  • 6. Analyze it.
  • 7. peer consulting/review for same results.

Not bound to conventional but only to physics.

Don’t be a slave to your system, it does not own you. You can bend the rules when ever you want.


cognitive bias commitment consistency, beware of it.

Do not pick sides. Always evolve and change. Do what helps you and others. To the beneficence  of man kind.

Use, create tools mentally to experiment and understand life.

What have i done in the 4 pillars where i have not experimented and judged things as black or white.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 21 “About life”: P.A.S.E Energies Be The Cameleon.

PASE Energy, assessing it and improving your social skills.

Your brain is hard wired to socialize.

Understand, persuade, turn people/enemies into friends.

Change people’s mind every where.

Understand and identify your core.

P = Practical

Get things done, secure and scheduled

A = Action

igniter, action energies and not patient

S = Social

Talkative, Hippy, Light talk

E = Emotional

hold things in, intense, sensitive.

Figure out yours and people’s priorities and energies.

Casanova – “play the chameleon.”

Ontology is the study of the nature and relation of being.

Be a chameleon to appeal to others.

like beings are attracted to like beings.

PE get along.  Must be wiling to change. must be adaptable.

SA get along. hard to finish stuff. Great at starting stuff.

Be sociable , be adaptable and bring it out.

Be aware and type people.

Thesis – Thinks every one is different

antithesis – Thinks every one is similar but in different groups

synthesis – Understands everyone is an individual but group them together.

Synthesize people and ideas.

Avoid extreme ideologies, never type or over type but balance them.

People need to not just start listening, or actively listen but accessing ideas.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 20 “About life”: Reinvent your world

Reinvent things in your image.

There are those who watch. There are those who wonder. There are those who make things happen.

Innovate your way out of the situation.

eg: charter your own jet + get people tickets. Is a solution off an island.

“Screw it, lets do it” book

Make what you like into your occupation and re-imagine it.

You get 1 humanity goal and 1 selfish goal.

Be realistic

But not self sacrificing

make it your passion.

but do not be completely delusional.

Be patient.

Be in love with the reimagining process.

make your life look, sound and be good.

Be Specific in how you define it in: Health, Wealth, Happiness and Love.

Write down what you want from those 4 pillars reimagining what you can improve in them.

Introvert/Extrovert; know what you are and incorporate it.

Live life with intentions.

Goals are fixed on social aspect of life. If you have slurpy, twinky eating friend. You may fall to slurpy, twinky peer pressure.

Reimagine big don’t worry about being delusional. Have courage. Screw it lets do it mentality.

My life As Society’s Hobbit. Dispell The Word Evil


Hobbit: Small people shorter then average with the ability to sneak by trouble quiet as a mouse. Let us dispell the delusion of genes. We all know that the genetic change of height is due to the generations of nutrition in mostly dairy and milk products accumulated throughout generations of life and their daily activity throughout life. We also know that the genes of a person for color of hair, or color of eyes is due to a mutation of genes due to a complex variety of variables like environment, or activity and sometimes just error in DNA coding. The amount of melanin in the skin can also cause darkness which helps protect us more from the radiation and harshness of the sun. The evolution to be able to soak more sunlight and soak more Vitamin D is a natural one through generations of living indoors and from more livable conditions. The mind is also a variable that is evolving that we still do not understand completely which controls the rate of these errors in coding but we also know coding can also be fatal in deformities and disorders. They can be a blessing and wonder but can also have a dark side in how many illnesses and disorders it can bring.

I am a Vietnamese guy from a war torn Lower Earth now communist country. Now, not to say communism is bad and that Facism any better. I believe the medium of the two is the child of the English and French two nations who were in great conflict before who have come together creating Canada the product child of some of the greatest nations in the world, a true representation of Democracy. This seems to be the medium or tame of the worlds extremes, i would call this Middle Earth. Where as Higher Earth would be with UK, Israel and Germany. Lower Earth would probably be China, Vietnam and Japan. I determined the Asia to be the Lower Earth and considered all things such as wealth, economics, health, overall appreciation for life and happiness. I also considered these categories because of the amount of conflict in those locations. It wasn’t difficult to say that Jewish have the upper hand on the conflict over the Islam conflict backed up by the worlds most powerful nations. The other countries not mentioned may have a hand in these conflicts but these are just sample sites of the most ideal candidates for living standards.

I have identified the most iconic sample sites to label my factors. Higher does not mean better and lower does not mean worse. They are frequencies. Highest pitched does not mean its better neither does lower. When put together they bring together a frequency that is in harmony and balanced. Only peaking and dipping to a standard amount in “Conflict/Chaos” but consistently moving forward in time changing it’s colors in succession maybe from cold to hot (can be measure of inefficiencies of energy use) or maybe even better brightness/luminescence. Considering that Lower Earth has traits such as intellect, balance, wisdom. Higher Earth would have control, abundance and power. Medium practicality, humanism and creativity and Maybe with this information we can determine a frequency or algorithm that is ideal best suited for life and set this as the standard frequency in which a society should set a standard to. That way we don’t over distribute and under distribute resources in a manner that makes life inefficient. Does it make sense to destroy what we can combine? What we lack we can help each other with. It doesn’t make sense for wisdom to fight and kill off power or creativity.

“Into the fire of Mt. Moridor Sam! We must destroy the ring!” We must destroy the ring of power. That is the ring that rules them all. If we are moving towards a place where we want to some how rule the entire planet. This mentality is wrong. We must work together as a people, as humanity to solve our human problems. We should be coming together for ideas and this is an idea i think people should contemplate on. The movement for “One World to rule the World”. Before the idea of who is best swallows us all and destroys all hope of ever lasting peace on Earth. Last i heard we might be learning Chinese pretty soon. Or run by a corporate rogue owned U.S.A. While Canada is doing it’s thing shy and timid, we are in the right position to press for something like this. We are in the correct political situation, condition and circumstance to tell the world what we want.

So why haven’t we?

Even The Cookie Monster Teaches The Secrets of Life

Purpose, Passion and Resistance.

Can The Cookie Monster a fictional childs puppet describe the meaning of life, purpose and dispell addiction all at once? The Cookie is the objective and reward in the cookie monsters mind. It may be a physically material but life works the same way. If you accomplish the current work, apply the right amount of energy, exercise the right ideas that are required  then you will get the reward or product in your life. Life results are an occurrence of many objects in a stew that makes a product. It’s very simple minded for a cookie monster to objectify a cookie but to understand the process of getting there and learn about another word called “Passion” makes life make more sense.

If you know what you enjoy something in life. You should pursue a career related to it with the mindset and consideration of what outcomes it may bring. The goal should also should be to find a balance or medium on what is practical and a thing you love to do. Something you can possibly do effortlessly in your sleep so to speak but don’t be afraid to work if you’re goal is a really big one like starting a new company. It comes with time, patience and money. Passion is the word that expresses what you are feeling when you love what you do, or what you love doing.

The last Idea is that life is also about resistance. The abuse of substance, material even people can bring about addiction. If you have an addiction your first step is to identify it. If it is an addiction it is causing problems detrimental to your health, life or over all happiness. If you are not satisfied about any of these you need to evaluate life and see if you’re doing anything to hurt these three things. For cookie monster he could have diabetes, or overweight or losing friends/respect because of his cookie addictions. It’s as simple as that, but the hardest part is consistency. If you let up for one day then you’ve destroyed your progress.

The cookie as a life objective or fake cookie; often dressed and appealing to the eyes is often deceptive in it’s ingredients which may bring out a affect of disorder for mind/body, direct personal health problems, life dissatisfaction. It’s like an exotic mistress, fun to talk to and do certain stuff with but purposefully made as a nurturing mother for your children not so much. A book may also be misleading in its advertisement but what is it’s value in content and will it teach you anything about life itself, was the read worth it? Size up your profits/benfits and invest on it if it’s a good idea. Beware the fake cookies, they taste and fill you up with plastic. We call these process brand cookies. Relatively the same contents but companies may not care about the processed sugar they used, how much of it, or added other types of additives like food coloring.

The cookie can also be a product of your labors which is a different concept. It is the real cookie, you know what you put in them and what you want in them. It is the process of gathering all the required materials for an object to be made like a cookie for example. The 4 pillars in life are wealth, health, happiness and love. Maybe not in that particular order but if you stir those up a real cookie appears. Beware an excess of cookies can cause failure also, an abundance that is not controlled can destroy you. So share it among others and share your abundance of cookies with loved ones. Destribute the cookie monster life mentality. Life is in cookies.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 19 “About life”: Spend on appreciating assets.

Invest in things that don’t depreciate.

Invest in assets.

Avoid RDD.  Things that rust, decay and depreciate.

Your budget invest into knowledge and get back much more.

Go thrifty, go to the library, go Wikipedia, use your phone and use Google.

Don’t be a miser when it comes to seminars, information and ideas.

Whats your ratio? paid basics divide pie and invest in 1/3 in fun. $30 in savings. $30 in books.

Get a book keeper. Keep receipts.

go to amazon.com; and order audio, kindle and books.

Be dollar-wise. Spend on appreciating assets.

A System That Validates God as Very Real Whether He Is or Not


A system that includes a higher power and purpose is one that  encompasses life itself and guides us in a direction that is humble, full of humility and altruism. A nurturing life force that encourages, reinforces and balances life. Though this is true we must learn to implement these ideas and also to evolve learning new ways to improve our lives at a humanism level. To figure out our priorities and identify what we lack and should improve on. Thus i put an interest in this idea of bringing in the god concept in life even if it may not be the old biblical god or perhaps it’s an alternative version of him one for the tame improved urban life. Improved through time and adapting to the theme of humanism.

-in my reply to a recent post.

“If god were a concept, this would force people to believe in the idea that there may be a god. If they are forced to ask if there is a god there would be hope in the doubt that there may be a god. In hope that there is a god we may be brought to faith that there is god. The concept god encourages us to build for a better world, It is also a grand tool maybe made by god himself if we believed in god that there’s a world we cannot comprehend and thus why he lives in us forever even if we don’t believe in his existence.  What you breath into life through god makes his presence ever the more valid and real. So as long as we believe a higher power is out there, we are encouraged to live out our days righteous and so the system of God may be a purposeful one.”

The power to identify with a being of higher power is sort of a relationship between mentor and student. The student once ready becomes a mentor himself whereas a being needing to achieve everything that is needed to be god will never achieve it in this lifetime but may encroach certain domains of it’s virtues. It is delusional even pompous to think that we can ever reach the physical, mental and spiritual limits of what god is. Even so we in nature still need to go in that direction even and improve in that direction spiritually and mentally. To be prepared and uphold what we believe is true and right.

You cannot argue this loophole in the validity of god. You cannot disprove god nor can you prove that he does exist. He is both neither nor the other. He is and isn’t. This idea of a binary being both on and off in quantum computing is the idea that maybe god is integrated into everything around us. That maybe him not being real and the argument of not seeing him with the naked eye is false because his essence is in every living thing that reasons. That maybe him existing and the argument of him being real is also falsified because he’s only a concept that he only lives in the actions of a noble being and those who act out of the goodness of heart. It is both and neither. Both extremes of these perspectives are wrong but when put together it makes perfect sense.

A show of integration, a sign of community working together.

Lately the tension between civilian and the mistrust of police officers has gone up. Frisking of suspicious males namely latino and blacks has outraged a lot of people. It’s all psychology, if a person is suspected of doing bad things and frisked it is assumed they are up to no good. This leaves some distaste in the civilians eyes and a small grudge against society; it also wastes people’s time and  makes them feel bad.

This new program where people are rewarded for following the law and promoting positive activity may sound expensive but it sounds like something that would help the community mend trust issues with police officers. Instead of avoiding cops and we try to impress them is a rather valid idea. I know from my experiences even though i haven’t done anything wrong i’d rather avoid police attention knowing i could get a ticket for some reason but to get a gift card for doing what i do best would be a great change.

I believe this sort of effort is a step toward better integration into the community aspect of the system. This is the sort of balances we need to see in the system to help better the world around us. We don’t see 3rd world countries giving out gift cards to reward people for good behavior. This makes us distinct from everyone else and puts a better light on our police service who work very hard to serve and protect. The negative attention they have got with corruption, over-policing like racial profiling and frisking and just police abuse has gone way out of hand and this  is just one thing that will change their appearance to the public in more positive light.

I’m very excited for this program to spread more in the American countries. I hope this is a stepping stone to a change in our policing system.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 18 “About life”: Man on the moon contrast.

If ever your task seems impossible ask if it could be as hard as sending a man to the moon.

Look out for contrast bias and reverse it to your advantage, it’s your mind holding you back.

Control your bias, contribute to your success.

Pick a mentor who does things 10 x what you do.

You only have 4 bursts of glucose a day.

Move to where you work

Get the big things right and don’t focus too hard on the small stuff.

Entrepreneur like making money, make it simple though it doesn’t necessarily have to be easy.

Get what you want is to deserve what you want.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 17 “About life”: More grind is better grind.

Do you know anyone who has put in the hours of work and gained nothing from it? Even your extra efforts can be converted to acts of charity. No one’s extra work is ever in vein.

Altruism is the act of being selfless and devoting time to show that you care. We need more of it.

To be a leader you can’t just outsource life it comes with heroic efforts.

The grind will bring great products to your very life.

Live life, put the hours in the work and you’ll find happiness.

Untrick your mind try to not be bothered by that mentality that makes you think the grind is bad you need to pave a road to the city. You need to make your way to the place where all things meet, the crossroad of much activity. This is the place where you make dreams happen.

Happiness can be found experiential and in the moment. The grind will bring memory happiness. The extremes of what you had to do to get there and the sacrifices you made will help you get to that happiness.

Don’t be excited to do something only 4 hours and hate doing that thing. Make it so that you want to increase the hours. Spend more hours into that thing you like doing best.

Spooky Action Quantum Mechanics: Crazy Physics for the New World


You see it in electronics; resistors, capacitors and microchips all running on the idea that is quantum mechanics. To see it evolve and grow into architecture and more technologies would be so amazing. Can’t wait to see the “Spooky Action” theory in application.


I had a dream. That i could make a save spot at any point in my life. I chose that moment when i moved into my old house on 82nd street. Right next to this church i never did go to, it was one of the only houses on the street. A rowdy neighborhood full of uncertainty and sometimes scary people who regularly broke into our garden store shed and of course stole my collection of lego. I would love to see what variety of versions of myself would have come had i done certain things different and what my life would be like. Maybe in the future if i keep a pin point date and place i could come back and see it when technology allows me to.

Anyways, I ran across this video about quantum mechanics. It’s a great introduction to the things i was looking at earlier about “Spooky Action” quantum mechanics. This thing is a real life law and not just a topic of philosophy. It’s ideas used to create rules that make systems. This to me is my gold nugget for the time being. I love these new ideas about particles acting as waves just like how we couldn’t figure out how light could function as wave and particle. That depending on the quantum amount of energy that came off a system of protons and electrons of light will give off a different line color depending whether it’s upgrading levels or downgrading levels in a prism. Quantum mechanics and Quantum entanglement meeting an understanding through John Clauser Physicist’s experiments later refined by french physicist Alain Aspect creating a experiment that proved that the spooky action of replicating another object through quantum physics was possible. It was now a rule, just like how planets revolve around the sun through gravity. Spooky action is now a thing that maybe a tool that allows us to down the amount of work required to make “perseverance and trying many times consistently” into just a simple equation of question without trial and error solution. This idea of making a binary with both on and off power is also very, very exciting in that it flows with my current line of thought about where this world is going with science and religion.

We’re headed for very exciting times with the new movies, games, technology, vacations, jobs, books and so much more.

Reply to “Take me to church” – Traditional ideas for Church becomes Modern and Secular.


I was just reading some blogs today and came across an interesting one about Church, Christianity, undesirables and being lead to new ideas about the church. I got so involved with my reply that it came out to be as long as a post. So i’ll leave this here:

Ghandi liked the christian ideas of redemption and to spread undiscriminating love among each other. What he did not like was how the christian community treated him when he went to church with them. If we understand what the true body of Christ is and to be part of him that we forgive and understand we are sinners so we can redeem ourselves when we realize it. In this manner we can continue to improve ourselves progressively.

Though this is true, there are those who may be behind from the benefits of the church. People gimped and impaired from seeing the light of Christ but still want to. People outside the church who long to praise Christ and learn of him and this is where the conflict starts. The question is who do we turn away at all? Are we the bunch who turn away the shades of grey? disfigurement, disabled, colors and age? if we do not why do people encourage that we turn away the tints in color? the mentally disabled, physically disabled and deformed? Why do we turn away the hues? Gays, bisexual and transsexual?

If we want to spread the love and word of Christ. Why do we act like we’re separating from society when we are trying to integrate into it? Truthfully we are doing both. Separating and Integrating at the same time. Separating from nonbelievers that repel anything that has to do with religion and integrating into the system that is our society. Christ is a message of understanding, compassion and love. When God’s message is more unity, comprehension and spirit which is something less understood but along the same lines. God goes to the heart of things but Christ is the heart. Christ is the way.

There needs to be big changes in the church structure and views in order for the traditional idea of church to evolve in order to integrate into new society and secular laws of man.


The church may be in trouble with these ideas if they are working backwards and unchanging. As i said conservative traditional church and liberal evolving sciences need to work to find a balance. These are the two branches of ideas and power houses that drive our society today and they need to find a nice equilibrium. A medium that says balance between both of these ideas. Both speak out we are a community, we build things and nurture society with different strengths to various degrees. There are other trees of ideas out there like business, industry, art, health and technology. Those will grow in time but not as exponentially as Religion and Science.  I guess Humanism/secularism would be the most latter medium of both worlds. So let us focus on this topic Humanism/secularism ideas as the base above all else before we get into higher purpose of god’s religion and fancy cars and luxurious gimmicks of science.

Let us create a system and exercise this by making a protocol. Humanism/Secularism of human needs as the base of all as highest priority. Science in improving the world and human life as the second priority. Religion in improving purpose and direction in life as third in priority. These are the human protocol priorities and functional identities.

The reason we do this is to map out what the extremes are on a single linear map and to figure out what comes next. We need to identify what Christ stands for and what he absolutely despises. His concepts maybe revised a little, maybe what he truly in the heart wants but cannot express and immediately manifest. (Maybe someone more qualified may fill this part out then I?). We all know what Religion should stand for and what we ideally want is complete acceptance of all race, color and creed. We all want everyone to get along and challenge one another to change for the better. We need a congregation of members who just get things done so that they can have another successful week of so called “church”. I mean stuff like bringing the bread and water makes no sense now adays, they call it a sacrement but it serves no function today when everyone in the city is usually full and ready to go. Lets bring snack crackers, healthy salads and a keg of water. Maybe some vitamin and supplements. Milk, bread and honey. Favorite books to share and talk about. There are more life lessons learned in real life from some of the greatest investors, entrepreneurs and real estate owners. Lets secretly call them book clubs to make it sound less religious and learn about life and the world around us.

We need science and their laws and principals: starting with

The mind; physical: (functional brain) neurology, mental: (illness and disorder) psychology, spiritual: (cause and purpose.) philosophical.

The body; physical: understands organs and functional.(surgeon), mental: understands disease and illness. (family doctor), spiritual: understands necessities and malnutrition (nutritionist)

The spirit; physical: understands emotional and physical experience. (yoga, fitness instructors), mental: understands decay of motivation (Motivational speakers and positive inspirations.) spiritual: understands the steps to reproduce functional life (Life guidance guide and balance reinforcement)

I guess from my findings we still have yet to develop what i think is a new category in this new age. The guidance guide and balance reinforcement. There are no occupations with the spirit of purpose and guidance in this world as of yet. Maybe we’ll find it here soon enough. I guess i’m just here to map out we’re missing.

A Hero Out of Place: in the urban modern world.


What are the implications and conflicts that would come up bringing in battle born heroes into a world of tame urban and civilized? This would happen. John Snow a soldier of the great wall in the Game of Thrones series would be placed in a dinning room in New York and we’ll see how that plays out.

A Hero out of place:

A heroes mentality is to strive for being number one. Competitive and hardened by years of hardships and challenges. A person of the past could not thrive  in a world created for the civilized in the modern world. One would go crazy without the physical stimuli and lack of hard work unless he sought it out. The age of development and the past is the place where influence would echo through time beyond death thus great leaders back then would be remembered as iconic leaders and prophets rather than just a simple teacher in rags or a rambling fool of influence.

It’s important to keep the heroes spirit in tact and strong for when challenges come they can be met equally. With stubbornness, perseverance and wit, bickering would not become a waste of breath in a debate and may be drawn out to become resolutions and understandings. Random small talk can become thoughtful conversation. Ideas can become thought provoking questioning of the universe. So forth, the soul of the matter is that if we train as heroes we think as heroes.

The mentality of strength is not just in the testosterone, it’s in wit, cleverness and understanding. It is almost feminine, you cannot have one without the other. Here you must use the power of both worlds and wield it so that you can have the best projected outcome. Balance is one tool you must understand but the truth is, we’re not prepared for the truth. How to harness it to understand it. We must be prepare and understand balance. To unlock the power of traditional conservative religion and rapidly evolving liberal science. These are the worlds two extremes and if we can map them and scale them we will understand a worlds farther beyond this.

The world of determining what certain things are may be completely wrong because divided we are nothing, together we can be more. The idea of separating people into categories is wrong because potential of man is based on how he grows up, his experiences, and how he goes about his way. Mongoloids, Caucasian, Negroid; these words are used to the purpose of identifying a certain category but never a means to divide the human race. Understand the balance of this grave situation which caused a separation and later determining race by class. This is dangerous to us, those who were born from hardship seem to live and do better in the modern day world. Great investors and minds seek out those who do not fear hard work and go to immigrants to find cheap and good labor.

Heroes are born everyday. And i’m not talking sword wielding hack and slash barbaric heroes. I mean brave, noble souls with great aptitude for greatness. Greatness does come from the light and nor the dark. It comes from genuine interest, noble causes and driving force.. the ingenuity of it all comes with time but greatness comes from wielding both worlds and aspects of things. Having a good balance of both without falling prey to being a subject of either side. You just become a easy target for others if you label yourself a certain thing. Know what you are capable of, but don’t let the world know what you have coming for them. Place your heart in the right place is all the world asks, as you are a model built for supporting and encouraging life as a guardian you should excel at this task as a nurturer, healer and teacher. This is a personal goal no matter what course you pursue.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 16 “About life”: Edge effect and broad minded.

You are in a jet of life, you don’t want to learn from trial and error because the chances of getting killed and maimed is high. Learn from other’s, learn from books,  learn in general and emulate these ideas to simulate a future that is weaved from the understanding of everything you know summed to become the event that is your future.

You need be the people running the show and gain the renaissance mentality. You need to learn to be eclectic (know many things), either investing or being the man that has all the strings at his disposal. Being in control means you have options and more opportunities.

Download new mindsets into your library of knowledge and ideas.

Successful writers read 200 books before writing their own. Have an inventory.

Be the person behind the scenes running the show, know more than one language, learn history, learn art: history, music, architecture.

Nuances, know your shades of colors and grey. Be that one person you can pick up as interesting.

Reef + ponds and cities. Are places of high activity your brain should be the place of high activity.

Edge effect, know the other sides perspective. Broad minded, know many small things and general ideas/concepts. You have no right to argue another side unless you know more about that idea/concept than they do.

Iron sharpens iron. People and ideas rub off on each other and be sharper.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 15 “About life”: Quantification and Calculating life.

Remove all doubt in the world. If you get rid of everything even with the smallest percentage of doubt what are you left with? politics you can doubt but math you cannot!

Top rich people are: Investors, real estate.

Retain a mindset to quantify.

You don’t necessarily have to be a linear reductionist.

Enter life into the calculator. Overcome, make peace with math and statistics.

Figure out: Margin of error, rate of going insane, projected income, percent of failure.

Quantify real life with satisfaction, odds of success, regret and fun.

Don’t abdicate about living wise.

Don’t fixate about living wise.

Find a balance of both and work with the medium of those two. Instead of being hard on your self fixating or writing it off abdicating find a way to get the “lets make it better” mentality.

You can have anything but not everything.

Give up the reason for being a certain way for something good. Do not be a victim to the tyranny of your history.

Many things you are wrong about in life but 1+1 will always equal to two.

Use a calculator for/of life.

When asked how or what i should pursue ask and think like an investor: “let me quantify my success chances, margin of error, projected income – the value of my projected value is..”

Your body is your temple:

Generate your calories intake with this link:


Calories: 1750-2450 calories per day

Carbs: 100-159 grams per day

Salt: 3.75-6 grams 3/4 teaspoon to a table spoon.

seasalt=good, table salt=bad.

Sugar: 0 grams if possible

Fat: 20-30% of total calorie intake divided by 9 grams = the amount of fat you you should eat.

transfat=bad , saturated fat= not so bad, mono sat/poly sat = good, omega 3 fatty acid = very good.

Water: 2 litres a day

Think math quantifying a real life math equation:

I could go with this architecture job instructing drafting or i could stay with my current teaching job which i tutor 2 days a week making 350-500 bucks but is inconsistent 50% of time making 150-250 value. The new job if pays 30 dollars an hour for maybe 5 hours a day i would make 750 bucks a week if working 5 days x success rate of 80% x chance of getting better job 200% due to experience x happiness +30%. $780 – $1560 depending on chance  of getting a better job, projected week income value is much better than current job thus i should go for this opportunity of getting my hands on this job asap. Happiness would increase immensely.

Notes on better writing.


Things to work on, writing notes:

1. Starting too slowly.

hook em. one good scene, nice sentence. start from the middle.

2. Unplanned characters and obvious self portraits.

Use imagination and detail. know biographies. ask: what would he she do?

create credible, well-researched and meticulously planned life. write excess and cut out what you don’t need.

3. Bad dialogue and too much of it.

Good dialogue talks to you. Bad dialogue all sound the same. cut superficial stuff. describe cadence, idiolect and individual  strangeness of voice. do not replicate these features phonetically.

4. Minimal scene setting or purple prose.

overuse of dialogue. practice describing essence of people, places and things. be aware of genre. avoid cliche hackneyed expressions. easy on ajectives. Vivid don’t over do. be practical and think is this necessary.

5. Failure to understand dramatic pacing.

two gears. mimetic narration is slow telling. “real time”.

diegetic narration is rapid, panoramic, summary and communication. no illusion of reality.

Prose. narratives use both modes of telling. Aim for balance ebb and flow.

6. Too long or too short.

chronological non-linear and selective.. do not go over 100,000 words publishing.

no atmosphere or suspense, underdeveloped characters and narrative confusion.

7. Deja Vu.

watch for plagiarism. quote!

8. Delusions of literature

avoid big words or devices that confuse the reader. don’t be pompous, pretentious and dull.

9. Bad sex.

Avoid at all cost.

10. Lack of editorial revision.

rewrite everything! build the house and decorate.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 14 “About life”: Preparation and balanced perspective.

“It’s all your own fault”. Is the mentality you want to get into when you are defeated. Can you really predict the future? No one can tell what calamities or accidents can happen in life. It just happens.

The things you are not prepared for is your fault.

Be prepared for the dark day.

Do not be egocentric do not make the world revolve around you.

Mistakes are made to learn from but better alternative is to learn more from others experiences and prepare for mistakes to come.

You can only be massively positive if you are massively prepared.

prepare when it’s easy and prepared when its hard.

You can’t blame the blind for leading the blind. It’s your responsibility to take charge of your own life.

There is no one asset in the world. not gold, houses, silver or wood. Assets move around and life is unpredictable.

Expect for change, be prepared for it.

You cannot be one of the two extremes completely; optimist and pessimist.

You need to be both presevering and hard on yourself at the same time simultaneously.

Alternatively you can be pessimistic throughout the duration and end game optimistically.

There’s a time and place for being positive and pessimistic for preparation.

Have a balance of both, find the medium.

Prepare for calamity or to meet an expectation.

It’s always safe to assume your missing something.

Biological rewiring you reproduce so genes don’t die.

Approach life without intoxicant, delusions or diversions.

Don’t put off what you can tomorrow when you can today.

Don’t rely on other people’s charity. You need a foundation and a backbone basis.

Don’t abdicate and don’t fixate. Meaning don’t push off and don’t be aggressively hard on yourself. Have a balance of both, find the medium.

Don’t be trapped. We are simulation machines, simulating ideas and people of the past or future to make things happen.

Determine your assets and sort out your liabilities.

No home for those who thrive on the dark and abuse the lowly.


We had great religious prophets/leaders in the world including; Muhammad of the Islams, Moses of the Jewish and Christ of the Christians. They have gifted us with a world we see today and wisdom that influence the world we live in today. Though this is true we must remember that we live in a secular world now and are bound by rules of man. We should be more worried about going to jail for dating minors, drinking and driving, modern people rules, public intoxication, representation and taking care of our bodies. This is modern society for the urban. We’re civilized smart and tame, contemplating and intelligent capable of many things. I’m sure all these people were capable of being able to use all the technology and things we are today. Their nutrition may be different but their minds are not. They do not think better than we do.

The only difference is that they had different rules they had to abide by which influenced the rules they implemented on themselves, be it through the roman’s rule or even no rules and from scratch. The rule of Muhammad may be to pray everyday before you wake up before you sleep and before you eat. Stay a virgin or die by fire for shaming your family. Don’t blaspheme the holy Koran or you’ll get stoned by rocks, heaven knows there’s probably no rocks around in the city. Those are archaic ideas instilled in a person for that time frame, place and mentality. It may be Gods rule for the time, but even God wouldn’t want these ideas to work against his people or himself in the future. These ideas must be left behind because they are hindering the potential of man. We need to adapt and survive the new world. New imbalances in the human body from nutritional intake, fat intake, sugar intake and salt intake must be monitored. Exercise must be monitored, blood pressure and mental functions must be monitored. There are more things to worry about than the control of what other people think because that on it’s own is impossible. It should be more about what people feel from their hearts is right without the absence of the mind through consequence, circumstances and conditions.

Going to Moses who actually wrote rules on tablets to guide his people. This was a step up from those dark desert ages Muhammad lived. Know that our brains yet have not changed dramatically since than and it is just rules that have been implemented on us. God was told to be with this man and he led his people out of the Egypt out of slavery. Taught them rules to abide by, not as extreme of rules as been set by Muhammad back then. Though Muhammad lived a harsher and more dangerous world which reflected in the rules he instilled in his people. This was all good and now we have the modern Jewish people who are bankers, lawyers and business people leading the modern American world. The Islamic people are left behind while Israel the jewish have moved on to better things. They cling to a medieval world that exists today only to be extinct soon as the world will purge the undesirable societal parasites who live sadly maybe in poverty, theft, crime, prostitution, terrorism and thrive in such. Those who thrive in the sickness of the dark will be nothing more than a memory holding on by a thread of life in this modern society. Justice and Order don’t exist for those who aren’t willing to live under partial surveillance and willingness to change. Why do you deserve to roam freely if you have dark desires that you cannot control in the real world and ashamed to show it in life?

Christ was a stepping stone for preaching, teaching and creating a starting point for redemption. He gave us a second chance through his atonement rule. This is just another game rule implemented into a world that needed a new start. Now more than ever do we need this new sort of atonement into life in the modern world. Will we ever get another prophet identified by the heavens under God? This i believe is not necessary because the kingdom of heaven is already established on Earth as you can see. The modern world is what it is and it just needs refinement and workers because instilled in us we all know what work needs to be done, what ideas need to be emphasized and what wisdom needs to be instilled in people. We are going in the right direction all the prophets made sure of this. They have done their jobs of the past but we need new mentors in this world more current and latter leaders we can look up to. This is the new world, it’s not made up. Not run by anyone older than 100 years it’s run by young people who believe in freedom of thought and justice. Those who lack it are in the wrong side of the world and on the wrong team. In this world we’re all capable of being shepherds and self made heroes.

This is the modern world. The new prophets heroes are you. You are the only ones who can change the world around us through your efforts by work, ideas and wisdom. Those who want a free life and fresh start even now are attached to those who do not care for the free life. Separation is necessary for some and integration for new ideas and people are even more necessary. This world is not run by tyrants and to a degree we are headed in the right direction. Let’s just work with what we have and build on it and be mindful of the many things that are out there. There’s people doing their own thing believing they are doing gods will for their people and such things. Whether it’s a medical mental disorder or spiritual disorder we do not know. We just need to be mindful, intelligent and contemplating when acting here on out above the rest of the world.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 13 “About life”: Be excited: Work is Vacation. The Delusions of life’s paths.

The Amish: German farmers who traditionally live off the Earth through mostly farming coming to America. They sometimes come together as a community for church activities once in a while.

Picasso said: “never permit a dichotomy to rule your life – a dichotomy that you hate what you do. Look for work that brings you happiness.”

The integrated life reminds us that we need some down time but we don’t need a vacation that we look more forward to then the work itself.

Friends, family, career, higher purpose. The Amish farmer had it all and he didn’t have vacation time since he got married.

Don’t do a job looking forward to vacation.

Go after a person you like as a person who you can live and act normal and still have fun with. Someone you like as a human being not what you lust/love. It all goes away after a while and you end up with just a human you have to genuinely like to do stuff with.

Vacation becomes a small part in the end game.

I like sculpting and crafting things from 3d virtual drafts into solid real life objects. Maybe something to pursue?

Find fulfillment in a job beyond the 2 months vacation idea that a European gets. You get vacation time because they feel bad for you so you can blow off steam and not get burned out. This is pity which is pathetic, and to brag about having more vacation time than an average Amercan is even more pathetic.

It’s not all luck. You make your own luck. It’s who you meet and what you perceive from the encounter.

You want spring off the bed, come off tap dancing. That twinkle in the eye. I know something you don`t mischief.

When your not having fun, it`s time for a change.

Money that seperates you decreases your happiness.

Money you use to make connection will bring you happiness.

No great tragedy in missing opportunities. Life moves on and you`ll get other options.

Just love to explore and get past fear.

Be practical and pursue something practical and something you can live with and be happy.

“Thank god Michael Jordan pursued basketball over his love for baseball.”

Meaning: Mike always had a love for baseball it was his passion to pursue this. Even so he got into basketball and has the framework and size for being a great basketball player was perfect for him and he liked doing it. Where as his baseball career he was not so good and thus was not made for. We are just happy he didn’t go after something he had a lust/love for over something that made him iconic and great.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 12 “About life”: Your 1 sentence mission grandma can understand.

My eulerian destiny.

A living model and philosopher of life, dream, light and self made heroes.

I want to promote good ideas through mass media also.

Not many options really in a competitive world if you want to be number 1.

What is your eulerian destiny? A one sentence description of what you want to do in life and what you represent.

make 4 slightly overlapping circles. Find that one thing that’s been with you all along and that makes you strong. The 4 things could be: who you are growing up with (educators, poor people, creative people). stranger feedback. dark period (what you spend your time doing alone). what you can do effortlessly.

My strength is writing and expressing myself.

Know thyself. Know the world around you. Don’t live another person’s dream.

introverted need to become more extroverted.

Humans have unique constitutions so find your place in the world and thrive on your strengths.

The Thesis. You aren’t a slave yet.


The Thesis:

I know i spoke a lot about making a thesis. It’s turning out that there are many thesis’ inside this thesis that making a single statement thesis is difficult.

The thesis of what i am compiling is what i believe is the core organization and possibly steps to creating a standard life by dreams, life and light context. I want this information accessible to my children and future generations so that they don’t fall too far from the “light” or the straight and narrow path that is this complicated equation to the product that is balanced life. We are aiming for the medium and desired standard of all things in most of life. I would like to create something for the modern searching soul for wisdom, knowledge and empowerment.

Understanding life, dream and the nature of light is a life compilation of content about virtue, the planes of this life, the colors of emotion, the stars that make up divinity, humanism, religion and technology. It’s components and makeup are a vital piecing together of what makes this archaeic knowledge become a flowing pieced together picture puzzle.

In life there are dreams that are a product of your daily living. They act subconsciously and also from time (if they are in your memory still) consciously if you’re thinking about them. This influences your life because they are a compilation of everything you learned the day before or a time in your past.

Life is a chaotic mess of discord yet it is entropy that keeps the information together. Life is about many algorithms in the mind working together or against one another. It’s about natural and unnatural forces causing devastation or great nurturing and prospering influences in the world going about. It’s about balance most importantly and learning from past mistakes, improving and finding foresight, insight and hindsight sometimes. Learning to cope with disaster and to grow and persevere more importantly. To move on to a new chapter of a new beginning.

Light is the most complex, controversial and misunderstood element in all of this that i have found and must be part of the system for it gives life; purpose, intuition and empowerment through purity. These things must be instilled in all things. Hope, faith and redemption is the method that all men must go through to become a reckoned force in this world. This is called strength of man through trial through distillation. Science, religion, humanism and identity is what makes the species of humans what they are. They are the center of this drama and the so to speak heart of the storm. No one understands the nature of it’s politics what drives them to do what they do and why they do it. It’s madness, love and insanity all mixed. Very much like our advertising approach to manipulating people a disgusting brown painted mess of photoshop, porn and makeup. Our politics is equivilent to a 3 year old child’s finger painting picture (most likely uglier). Though at the end of the day the light because standard success is found through mostly mimicking a stature of success it becomes much like a puppet. And all puppets move to how you want it to if you take away their wealth, freedom and happiness.

Frankly, i mimic happiness because i want to be happy. I want to be successful so i want to be just like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. I don’t mind people sticking their hands up my backend so they can make me say what they want me to say once in a while. Though does being a puppet (a suit and briefcase) really that bad when you get a monthly salary, some work and some time to spend to yourself? You have to ask could it be worse then living without a job in India in the 70’s starving without even a celery (jokes aside). I believe if you put aside your cliches and pessimism being a puppet to the light isn’t such a bad thing at the end of the day. You still have your freedom, your choices and your own thoughts, until that is abolished you aren’t a slave yet.

Does this sound wrong in being pacifist and submitting? If yes then why do we not all just own businesses and corporations that allow us to strive and  reap the good life? Because in order to have a decent life you no longer need to slave away at a sweat shop rate job. You have flexible work hours and wages and you have vacation time. You won’t have the freedom to that of Bill gates level but he worked his way up for all the time he contributed and invested into his life he earned it. We need to learn to earn our way to the top if that is where we want to be. Self made millionaires have good ideas, market good ideas and implement them. That’s where we need to be headed. The dark is full of fools, and the light are full of puppets. Look past that and you’ve got self made modern heroes and millionaires. Taking the first steps toward the light is going in the right direction even if it isn’t to the correct degree. You will never get there if you don’t take the first steps towards the light. The dark never has answers leaving you blind and possibly in jail or lead you to a swift death. The dark never had answers, it’s all an illusion full of betrayal, mistrust and spontaneous danger.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 11 “About life”: Silent Whispers and Old Connections.

It’s called evolutionary mismatch. You’re put in a world where you weren’t program to live the way you are. We weren’t meant to be sitting in a chair in front of a computer all day. Drive to work in a vehicle all day. Sit at a table to eat all day. We weren’t made to sit around all day period. We were meant to move and exercise and jump and get stimulated by action and reaction.

You need to follow your gut. Feelings of breaking loose and finding your inner fire.

Understand that your body is programmed with the 10 thousand year old whispers that food is scarce. Sugar, salt and fat was rarely found years ago. You could die within the week from lack of food.

Crisis of lack of to too much. People are dying from modern diseases now adays like obesity, diabetes and arteries clogging up from fat and such from excess and imbalance of nutrition.

As a consumer we want to move into becoming an investor and then to start saving money.

Unintended consequences of technology tend to make us move away from family, from love and maybe from life itself. Its a double edged sword but it has gives us the power to research and improve from other people’s words and experiences if you use it right. It helps advance our learning of the world around us and the sacrifice of responsibility you make is to learn how to control it and use it in moderation.

Adversary and find old friends is one of the things that make a person really happy in life. To rediscover people you’ve forgotten and grew up with. This act of finding old friends is pure awesome.

Pillars may be built in a certain order for happiness.

Health, Wealth, Happiness and then Love?

“God give me the power to change what i can and know what i cannot. God give me the wisdom to know the difference between them. Amen”

New friends are good, old friends are better. This mentality is that old friends have history, not saying that new friends can’t potentially be just as good but you have adversary and trials you’ve gone through life and overcome. It’s good to know people who come from the same pool you did and survived. Ultimately old people you can trust more so then random strangers that may not care for who you are or where you come from.

Get the power under control if not it’ll be the death or downfall of your life.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 10 “About life”: Cold showers and stoics. Be a spartan.

Be a stoic rather than a epicurean.

Too much pleasure weakens us and ultimately kills us. Cold showers as a baby will rewire a child to be brave and broaden it’s range of discomfort. Grow some thick skin so that your range of comfort is not always to strive for the pleasant, warm and pleasurable.

Epicureans are living in excess, for the moment and without thought about the future.

Stoic sow to reap rewards of the future.

Being an epicurean and living for immediate pleasures weakens our will to create and survive.

Epicureans are for suckers. Those who live as epicureans are those babied in luxury and immediate pleasures unprepared for the unforgiving and sometimes dangerous world.

Take a cold shower to remind yourself that life isn’t all sunshine and candy. You can die from diabetes and cancer from too much excess. Try to find a balance but sometimes you need to force on you a little change in order to adapt to your living condition.

adopt, forego and toughen up.

Bravery is encouraged in a world where it is lacked. We lack the toughness that life brings and forget that the product comes at a price. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. -Issac Newton

Those who live with nothing seem to be much happier then those with abundance. Why? because we forget that life is about the grind and the fun is in doing things rather then just enjoying the product.

Take a cold shower.

Your will is weak because of all the conveniences and luxury of your current life. Just like your bones your osteopaths need to be used or you lose it. Otherwise the strength that you ask for won’t be there when you need it.

Don’t rely on your (luxury, technology and conveniences) crutches.

Want to be under control of your life.

When things happen to you embrace that conflict and ponder.

Seek the bravery inside and face your fears.

Spartans get whipped just because. spartans eat only for enough energy, never too much that they become sluggish. Spartans don’t live with wives until 30. Spartans are warriors of life. We need to adopt some mentalities and implement some spartan practices.. Maybe not to the extreme of random whippings but to implement the encouragement of bravery and to stay away from things that make us sluggish like high in fats processed sugar and salts. To sharpen us up, strengthen us and make us tough.

Quiet life of desperation is no life at all. Earn some scars as a badge of honor.

Find a farm, camp or lift weights.

We need more real life Spartans then these people living in luxury.

Depression traps you, makes you a victim.

Technology begins the slave and then makes you the slave.

Superhuman Vs. Godlike Characters:

Just a silly video for those who don’t know who these two geeks are.

Spirituality, wisdom and virtue of idealism ; to fictitious imagination of perfection.

Lets go into a world of fantasy and delve into creativity of the man’s imagination. Two fictional characters a superhuman power named Goku who continually evolves to become a destructive force with everything it touches to stop the evil of the universe. Usually he powers up to peak checkpoint levels to save his friends and family or home planet. He is the epitome of being super-human (he is alien though so super-saiyan rather) and outstanding husband/man. He Through his brute action also makes him godlike but at a different level. Even processing at a ethical level he only kills sometimes because he has to.

Superman aims to be Godlike living a civilian life and holding back his powers but his true potential is shooting laser out of his eyes at Planck heat, pounding meteors to a pulp, traveling at faster then 32 x 10^12 or so. Saving the world from villains and enemies of planet Earth. Protecting citizens and friends alike. He is also an outstanding man and married to *blank* (inconsistency depending on comic. not that it matters.) Ethically he kills also sometimes because he has to.

Neither choices were wrong. Both were good candidates pursuing life and existence and ultimately purpose and life product in a justified way. These are the two ideas that human kind have come up with that symbolize what man in a skewed and stretched exaggerated way can potentially become.

This is power-wise.. which is not really related to our recent topic on what makes a man his worth  but this is to exaggerate and paint a picture more concretely what it is we look for. Whether it is through changing and evolving adapting to the environment until we hit peak.. or to stay the traditional man, with schedules and compartmental thinking. church on sundays and changing into uniform when on the job unleashing when needed.

The point is it doesn’t matter which of these characters you may like or idolize. It doesn’t matter who you choose it’s where you go with these ideas. If You like batman better go for it.. but you need a surreal hero to look up to from a distance. Just like the spend 33% of time with those below you, 33% same life situation as you and 33% 10-20 years ahead of you. You need that 1% acknowledgement that you can be more then the 100% margin.

Self empowerment emulating God (The selfless omnipotent benevolent being.) through freedom units.


Back then, it was think direction “Be like Christ”. Take a step further and go to the roots of all this.

Be like God. I dislike using the word God but you must grow to become this impossible theoretically benevolent timeless being not just of judgement, smiting and power but of wisdom, virtue and spirituality.

Self empowerment. We know our limitations but in what direction are we headed? who are our mentors? Humans have to grow to evolve the idea of what god is. To evolve themselves to understand what the ideal perfect human is like and to gravitate towards it. Some ideal features for being god may not even be ideal in the real world. Such as getting negative attention from physical attraction, acts of redeeming self without balance, letting go of pride, lust and hate and moving on being humble. Humility is what this life is teaching us through hope, faith and redemption. We need to adapt, adopt and emulate.

Teach the qualities that we would like to see in ourselves if we were the epitome of perfection to those around us. Share life, humility and work. Understand there is a balance and try to understand how the brain works; acting through purely statistics and emotion is irrational and may get you in a deeper hole then you are currently in. Act through your heart rather then your brain. The brain thinks consequences, action reaction and revenge when something bad happens to you. When the heart thinks it begins to process the origination of where this all came about, why it’s happening and the solution of what you should do to stop/fix it.

Be a guardian:

Be that parent you were meant to become, be that parent that was never there for you, be a guardian rather then just a parent. If your a person become like your mentor. If you’re a child be like your parent. Take the transition and move to the new stage of the game. Ask what would God do if he were in my place. World peace? End world violence?  Maybe out of our league i suppose.. but donate to charity, help soup kitchens, maybe even just contribute to society with your talents basically will do it. Show us your gifts, show that you care and don’t hold back. To be honest if i were God on this planet right now as a mortal and I were alone and helpless i’d be afraid for my life of what people can do to me. This is no world for baby Jesus is all i’m saying. The question is what can we do to make this a world where people would transcend space just to come visit? All this war, hate and anger in this world does not make it safe or appealing.

Do what you love and allow it to reward you throughout life. We are all teachers in one way or another. The best teachers are the ones that learn as much from themselves and the students then the ones they are teaching. Keep growing, implementing and adjusting your formula in expressing yourself and your teaching methods. Be a learning machine.

Money is not god but it is a currency for your freedom to do things what you want when you want through credentials. We live in a world where you don’t need to make all your daily necessities you rely on others to make it for you through other’s goods and services.

Freedom credits; Money is not important alone. It is a bunch of factors that include money that brings success. Freedom units is not equal to money but they are inter-correlated. Freedom allows you to do what you want when you want. In life you earn credentials from the people around you to show that’d you’ve earned your way up to where you are currently in life. The better your credentials the better your chances for opportunity for work. Money is a currency that marks what your credential worth is. Money is a credit that allows you to do whatever you want when you want. And you only get there through proving to your peers that you can work hard, fair and consistently. If you have a good product people will look to you and you’ll be rewarded what you deserve. If you stole that money, that reality will come bite you on the butt some day.

Success is = credential+happiness+freedom+money.

If you lack one of these your success rate goes down which does not mean you won’t succeed but the chances go down. Despite this you can succeed to various degrees it isn’t just a pass or fail. You make out life what it is.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 9 “About life”: A book a day, approach life with many advisors.

“Read a book a day. Wage war with councilors” -Tai Lopez

Successful rich homes are filled with libraries of good books usually. This is the trend, emulate it.

When reading you are pretty much downloading information from smartest people in the world.

“Survival machines that simulate the future are ahead of those who are using overt trial and error time and energy approach which is some times fatal. Energy is finite.”

Books are the easiest way to simulate experiences.

Emulate good and simulate the bad to figure out the good.

Simulate the future in your mind.

They don’t operate alone. Have coaches, teachers, mentors at your side to help with your decisions.

Read a book a day about health, wealth, love and fulfillment. Do not fall victim to consumer advertisement. Some books only have a few good concepts and the rest are fillers to be sold. Look for quality in a book. Read up on the author. Find the credibility in who he is and what he does. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and look for books that have fought the challenge of time.

The good life is a straight and narrow path.

Rewire your brain to make learning pleasurable.

Tips when reading:

  • read several books at a time.
  • buy stickers, highlight quotes.
  • jump books when bored.
  • read going to bed.
  • read books for it’s credibility and content.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 8 “About life”: Integration and outlook.

Integration of ideas and life pillars:

Linear reductionist is what we’ve been taught that separating everything is the way to go. If your life was a 10 and separated into 10 categories.. not every one of those categories would equal to 1. Some would be 2.. or multiplied by a different category, or less then 1 and so forth. Some would make it so that your life is beyond 10 in measurement.

Integrated life. Try to make everything work and compliment each other. Take it as it comes and integrate your lunches with social time with a friend.

Stop the thank god it’s friday mentality. You want to forget what day it is and live life. If you’re living a life where you’re only excited waiting for your next vacation maybe that job isn’t for you.

Life is work and work is life.

You can listen to people but you don’t have to agree with everything they say.

It’s better to have good days of a rating of 8-9 points everyday rather then having perfect 10s once in a while and running into really bad days because your expections are so high. You forget what normal is.

Tap dance to work. Find something worth being excited about going to work.

Fulfillment, love, finance and health. The great pillar of Eudaimonia. These are the things you have to work on and try to integrate together rather then compartmentalize when executing them in life.

Levels of success: Pleasure, authentication, social cause and being in a community or group.

So many opportunities in life, how do you sleep attitude.

Let things bump into each other. let love happen during work or during working out. let happiness happen when you work out. Let things happen when you do other stuff.

Can’t sacrifice a day doing nothing excited for tomorrow.

Integration increases Dopamine in head.

Videos about quantum mechanics. Is there information faster then light?

I was just watching some Quantum mechanics videos and this new theory suggests Einstein may be wrong about one of his theories. Here are 2 videos about a complicated theory that is life.


Quantum entanglement and spooky action at a distance.

Information is = Entropy:

We are the products of chaos and quantum mechanics in our brains.

Is it possible to send information faster then light by simply existing? Can something happen to a person through the affect of another person in a different parallel universe getting effected? Is telepathy or knowing/seeing things “faster then light” transfer of information possible? Existence is faster then light and it can go beyond paper and the scene.

Things to note and question in time.