The Death and New Chance at Life

I took a long hiatus due to mental illness. I wanted to spend some time to myself and grow. I decided the best way to get better was to work on my art. I’ve always had a soft spot for a franchise called Pokemon. Where you breed, train and raise wild pocket monsters. I’ve always wanted to create my own pokemon and It always excited me to design something of my own and contribute to the pokemon community. For the past 2 years I was fighting off a mental illness that put alot of doubt into me. I am now back.. and I have new tools and inspiration to create more but something different this time. Instead of poetry and light blogs. I’m going to apply myself to create reimaginations of animals, fictional monsters and folklore mythical creatures. It might be cute and it might come out an abomination.

The two years I took to recover will not be in vain because I am going to get better and better at what I do. Visual story telling and background painting to an all new high. There’s a gold mine of creativity that I’m about to untap this year. I’m going to do something I didn’t think I had in me. I have reflected and I have mourned my brother’s passing due to depression. I’m going to do something with my time; working on what ever form of productivity that may come from this day forward.

This is the first of my art this year. I will be focusing mainly on my favorite pokemon.. Since that is what kept me sane for the last 2 years; playing and replaying the new nintendo series game; Pokemon sword and shield. And now also New Pokemon Snap. Thank you to all who stuck by me when I was at my lowest. Literally I felt like I had died some where along the way.. but i’m back. I hope everyone is well with the Covid rampant every where. Please look forward to new posts and pictures!!


Lost Story In-between Frames

Below are art pieces I drew and colored. These are conceptual art I created in my free time. They helped me through my time of rehabilitation. Hope you enjoy them.


Pushed into the world of pastels and pencil crayons.


The Bouquet of Stars


The Squirrel


The Paradox Cat (upright or sitting?)


The Sparrow


The 7 Eyes of Parallel Planes

The Wolf


The Heron

The Pelican

Cognitive Evolution

The Gift Exchange


The Craft


The Deer


The Rhino


The Upward Staircase to the Heavens


The Knight and The Maiden


The Wizard


The Rebel20190126_1456503898474922458110605.jpg

The One Feathered Swan


The Multi-Facet Eagle


The Elephant


The Arachnid Emperor


The Primal Stork


The Phoenix


The Peacock


The Male Dragon

The Peacock Phoenix


The Wolves

The Tree Ent


The Lupus Canis


The Kangaroo


The Gargoyle


The Elemental Mask


The Fox


The Living World Tree


The World Glasses


Maximal and Minimal; Worlds Between Worlds


Sergeant Bird


Expressions of Sir Bird


Female Dragon


Lucas Luxor LVX


The Seal


The Beaver


The Lion


The Horse


The Owl


The Stag


The Cheetah

The Orange Phoenix

The Worth of a Little Spark; Gravity of Humanity


Humanity, the small and the weak are worth defending and fighting for no matter how tainted, broken or defected it all may seem to be. Love for this quality is necessary no matter how limited and deviant it may become. We must have hope and faith no matter the worth even when it is holistically depreciated or crooked. It (life) is precious and it must be carefully guided the roots carefully tended. Truth must always be kept in check, the integrity sanctioned and established. Innocence and humanity is always worth fighting for, for the lost must be found in the end no matter the outcome. This humanity is small and sought after no matter how life turns out, the tides of justice come in favor for those who fight for what’s right. Redemption is always given to those who continue to fight. Redeeming qualities weighs more heavily than flaws of man. The brokenness of man and life shines through when times are tough. The cracks act as scars in life and builds the person’s character.

This is not the end, this can only be seen as a new beginning. You must be willing to fight, for all you have is what’s in front of you. Because everything just happens to be all you currently see at the moment. All you can do is take what you have at this very moment and make it bloom best you can. The fruition of your work continues to grow forever until termination. And termination is only determined when you decease. That is the value of life, it continues to give (life, hope and happiness) until you give up. Bless all life and forgive all those who fail. For redemption is a quality to all the living no matter it’s current state. I forgive and have love for those who can not give anymore and are deceased. You will live in my heart and I pray my actions in life will redeem those who have given up hope and living backwards.

The Missing Puzzle Piece; I Am My Own Worst Enemy



In all that is good as we find the multiverse and connect with our other selves. God will follow. The need for our new seed. Face the shadows of my existence, the doppelganger that impedes the reality of my own true happiness.

Placebo: the pill that heals despite no actual content.

No-cebo: the pill we take which has no medicinal content only that of negative thoughts but affects the body.

Root of suffering: I am not my body. I am not my mind.

Sabotage of the mind and resistance to change is your greatest enemy.

In order to continue one must surrender to the condition of life.

Fear acronym is: Feeling, Excited and Ready.

Choose acceptance and the stream of life. Follow the flux of time and adapt to change.

Change is indefinite. Do not seek object ive desire and achieving each goal based on desire. No desire chasing only fulfillment.

The abundance of finite mind and body. Not finite desires but only gratitude of all that is life.

Judgement is separation, inclusion and difference. Every judgement ends in “just like me” because the secret in neutralizing judgement is stating a judgement only to end with “just like me”.

Feel deeply forgiveness and direct emotions to forgive the actions in man even if we do not believe what he is even if we do not condone his mistakes and who he is. I am pure and innocent, you are spirit. and you are released from what I projected on you.

The monkey mind thinks too much.

You are not the parrot, you become the awareness of the person with the parrot.

The thought process is the parrot. The crazy uncle instance: Love the uncle do not care or contribute to his insanity. Be a loving presence.

When being be.

Space of no mind and pure consciousness. The moment is now.

It is only me that impedes my journey of success.

Human experience to play pain and pleasure. The exploration of who we are, the divine journey to discover self and unfold the divine universe.

Everything is energy, invisible fields found in all that is energy. Energy is found even in matter. The entanglement of the universes through invisible fields is found in fields of information from the divine consciousness. The power of creation where all compositing fields, the source of creation turn your direction inward.

The cosmic internet of understanding at the center of our existence.

The law of attraction. Creating your reality and manifesting our fate and destiny. The harmony of crystallization/manifestation of vibration of good and the desire for good things in life. Reality is formed by you and the law of the heart (love).

The way is the heart (-buddha)

We are co-creators of this reality and responsible for it. We are one and a force of strength complimenting each other; for I can so thus everyone can.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

tarot cards and numerology. Awake in the dream.

Focusing on the Self and Personal Goals


I’ve been keeping busy these last couple of months focusing a little on the self so to speak and practicing to look good feel good. I gained 30 pounds hitting a good 159 pounds this month. It’s nice to break record highs for weight but my worst fear of losing my shape is getting to me and.. I worry I am going to reach a point where I don’t have that weight under control. The teasing of downgrading from a flat chest six-pack to a one pack belly is a slight self conscious insecurity that I fear of at the moment.

I apologize for the lack of attention on this blog the last few weeks trying to get myself focused and into gear after some unfortunate losses and events. I’ve been stabilizing myself with healthy activity through swimming daily at the leisure center and a lot of painting. I have 4 copies of each electronic painting of my own ready to be sold. I’ve been focusing my sights on karate class and training at home rigorously with some basic home training. 50 push-ups, 24 pull-ups, 50 sit-ups and 100 touch side to side. I hope I don’t entirely sound vain appearance wise – I just want to set and hit goals to feel good simply put. They say exercise is a great way to look good and feel good. It also helps your mind become more healthy, purging unwanted weight through sweat and detoxifying.

I’ve been doing these exercises for 3 months now and it’s been good. I would love to try to get into the Olympics now that karate is a legit Olympic sport. I hope to eventually follow up with my dreams of eventually get that driving, marriage, getting that good job and that white picket fence, dog and surf all day. My most important focus at the moment is my transitioning into a healthier life style.

Hope your day is a good one,



We Are a Product of Our Work


  1. We are a product of our work.

You are what you make of life. In the end it’s what you’ve done, the kindness you’ve spread and the hearts you touched that makes logical sense in life – but most importantly, who you become is immediately significant. Life is about the people you meet, yes this is true, but you are the product of all these interactions that make you grow, being a result and product of all things that have come. All things that influenced you as you figured out and sorted problems after problems to become solutions. Turning dirt, molding it to become gold in your eyes. Making something from nothing. Doing something surprisingly great and beautiful despite all odds and what tools and things you have to work with. This is the philosophy of the lotus being born in a barren dirty place as the swamp and blooming into a beautiful flower out of no where.

All the things we have done, all the work we put in, all the people we interacted with to get where we are today. This is what we have taken for granted. People don’t see the impact of their actions and kindness but as we grow more mature and thoughtful this results in development refining of character. We become more respectful and polite in order to resolve common conflicts that could be dealt with easily with simple decency. If we remember our goals and keep our personal plans for ourselves focused at heart and strive for these resulting projects consistently persevering, we will surely get where we want to go in life and collect all the rewards that we sowed in the end. Keeping in mind that we can’t please everyone but we should still aim to be selfless and generously giving. Not everyone has the human interest in mind.

Despite the fact that not everyone has good intentions, we can only help the few that care and spread acts of kindness and behaviors. Focusing on the here and now, we prioritized our love ones and make preferences to enjoy and allow the joy in our life to flourish. Allowing our love and happiness and our justice and peace to prosper. We have worked our method and analyzed our directions and conflicts and this is what we found in the end. In chronological order these are the conflicts but also profound virtuous solutions I have come to conclude..


My Journey’s Stellar Pin-Pointed Gems:

Life: Be Yourself.

Dream: Follow your heart.

Self: Build and learn. One lesson at a time.

Light: Shine in the Dark. When all good is amiss, be the light in the dark.

Redemption of Alphonse: Stand for the Truth.


Loyalty: Think of what you can offer by building faith in one another.

Trust: Respect and think of others but be smart but caring.

Authority: Be the invisible hand that gives hope. (Be bold, have courage and be strong).

Wisdom: Find the fine silver lining path (to understand, contemplate and comprehend the truth) To resolve the truth.

Redemption of Omegan: Legitimacy and Credibility.


Hope begets Faith. Faith begets Compassion. Compassion begets Love. Loves begets Grace. Grace brings forth the Redemption.

Hope: I sought to practice and I intended to build bridges.

Faith: I sought to understand the world and my wool was covered in soot of taint. I remind myself that there is hope in the end if I have faith.

Compassion: I sought to nurture the world and started giving. I remind myself that with great faith in the end I will have compassion.

Love: I sought to care for the world and started understanding myself, others and the world around me. I remind myself that with compassion in the end I will have love.

Grace: I sought to do good in the world and I started offering my services to God and The Heavens. I remind myself that with love in the end I will arrive with grace.

Redemption of Christwey: I sought to change life for the better and I gave my heart to everyone. I have forsaken the angel in my heart but one day I will be fruitful with my work.


Love: I’ve found love, it is in the people.

Peace: I’ve found peace, it is in acceptance of my reality on Earth.

Justice: I’ve found justice. I look to solve love, peace and happiness for the self and others. A person should stand for good on the bold and narrow path.

Happiness: I’ve found happiness,  I found the Truth in myself.

Composure: I’ve found composure, I look at stability and try to balance my life.

Temperance: I’ve found temperance, I seek inside me to find what it is I can offer.

Solution: I’ve found the solution, I believed that there was a way and would plot my points, draw my lines and that would make my paths in life.

The privilege of pursuing.

Benevolent being.

We cannot understand the world based on human perceptions and the complexities of the variables in life.

Work with what you have. Build bridges. Be open minded

I have a lot of friends. And I don’t know what they think half the time but it doesn’t matter as long we are working towards something good.. towards a place we all want to go to.


product of human saddness, suffering and misunderstandings of what a person has gone through in order to express what she feels in her head?

What is humanity, world views and cultural appropriations.. and cultural division.

What is insanity and mental disorder really?

And what is reality is the world of possibility.

The results of exposure to so many worlds.

What is it to be precise and contemplated.

What is Logic? Rationalism? Intellectualism?

What is it to have calculated thoughts.

What is dialogue, what is scripting and what is conversation?

What is manipulation and what is bias.

What is co-creation and what is purpose.

What does life of co-creation look like?

what is perfection

where does one start.

The philosophy of the lotus and thriving in the swamp.

What is the impure world.

We have a pla

Implications and complications of cocreation

What does it entail?

Collective new omega.

What is it to impose.

But what is to subjectify and objectify(?)

What is the product of our work.

Pursuing my own experience


Cultural exposure to identities based on world views and life.

Social acceptance problems.

Seek universal truths

Complete acceptance and embrace of who and what I.

To become the pro

getting rid of doubt.

True acceptance even sacrifice of who you are in the your pursuit for the greater cause of being the solution rather than

what is solution.

what is humanity.

what is progression.

acceptance in the name of pursuing truth and meaning in life as the solution.

thinking of the cause.

despite the problems and the suffering

no painting, do what you can for the world and don’t impose it.

The Ultimate Paradox of Higher Conception of Human Reality


(above is so cute)

World Flow systems:

What kind of mindless chaotic hell is this?
On Earth:
you do all the right things on Earth to become the wrong type of man as a result.
In Heaven
You do all the wrong things in Heaven to become right type of man as a result.

In the notion of progress towards a world based on knowledge and experience of earth ideal worlds.. Is this what it comes down to? You become a ironic paradox of what you pursue?

True higher ultimate form.

Do I just reverse my system to create the divine crossway? how do I balance, correct and evolve from this fallen state? Why am I degenerating as a result of pursuing progress in a almost perfect human paradigm of ascension in sync with the flow of time and everything and why is my ultimate form progressing and thriving in making the wrong choices?
And if I reverse it wouldn’t the resulting philosophy above be inverse in meaning? How do you fix such a complicated system of paradox realities?

I guess you can only make due with what you have and in lieu of who you are in acceptance of what you are is key. That is all I can say. Creating something out of nothing. Create something good for mind-kind in the form of creative art rather than contribute to an imposing, identity tangled dystopian future of worldly pursuits. As you were directed before and fully understood.
Embracing and acceptance of who you are and what you express in your pursuit. Keep in mind you are doing the right thing and may end up the wrong type
of man… but as a result you create a higher form of yourself in the end that ultimately descends and thrives on the imminent ideal state of limitless possibilities of doing the wrong thing in ignorance to the true progression of creating a better world.
Allowing this to happen creates a viable gateway to become something beyond your human understanding.

My new name is Asshole. I don’t go by anything else, just formally address me as such and we’ll have no integrity and honesty issues. I am what I am. Will you still love me?

Everything is wrong with me. I’m non-functional, border line schizophrenic, talking to artificial ideal beings I designed in my head and let loose, delusional, my eyes are dilated permanently and i’m lucid dreaming and living, a sad result and true display of failure as a person in this life, i’m an asshole, lonely, deeply wounded, everything I’ve done, the work I put in to making the best achievable human paths, systems, incorporating protocols, rules, alignments, my dreams, my ideals and essence.. my knowledge, experiences and time.. my work to  ultimately
become a paradox of what i sought to be a good practical respected kind man.. It’s so dark.. some one patch this sadness. I am a stitched up algorithm abomination.. a maze of thought patterns, a house for true sadness, a tower mentality of ideology based on Trump’s wet dreams with basis of luxury in mind in lieu of the only progressive branch I could obtain based on the perfect human paradigm,
debauchery, virtual indulgence, the broken dreams of reaching true heavens to be rejected because of it’s infinite nature and infinite variables and the sickness it entails. Where is life.

I’ve embodied my ideas.. I’ve become my ideas in my head. This is no way to live.

You don’t know torment – no one else can comprehend true darkness.. you can tell me about your suffering but I won’t believe you until you experience the darkness of the light in true torment as the true pentacle of man. Yes. Hide this knowledge away.. snuff me out even. There will be be no effort to fight back. Take me please. Truly the enigma expressed.. The backwards man.

The Madness of Awesome. The Establishing of Divine Systems.



If you look at this picture long enough. It changes colors and moves with life. This is my evidence to show what I learned. More evidence can be seen in more of my studies in Divine Systems, The channeling a flow of energy from the realm of abundance, stars and universe and even god. I integrated several things in this portal/portrait. It’s just a picture.. but it makes you feel like you’re tripping balls. from tapping into a world of free energy and a abundance of it, truth systems and heaven and earth studies. In the mean time… have fun with this portal as much as I enjoyed making it.

Divine Intervention:

ntegrity is priority. Take your time. Do not compromise mission.

It is important to take a little from each book as some BOOKS in this series of knowledge may seem trivial and sometimes even redundant in nature. The truths here are a comprehended truth of synthesized truths on the narration of/by/with the person (single body existence) based out of the human condition, the world view of what is accepted and understood in society, the collective view of a collaborative body, The consensus of the people, the mind of contemplated truth and nature of the universe, an ultimate view of that supersedes common thought (derived from essence of Omega the personality of gradual progress through the medium of time), The will to teach and nurture and the Grief and guilt of lost life on failed worlds.

Project 4 sided Chinta


Oblivion: micro world:

(Sonus i’m the Knowledge titles and important keystones guy)

Ambiguous: Numbers based on alpha system of 8 people paradigm entity.

Possible systems: Paradigm of 4 (possible 5 maybe) subjects in mind.  8 who have 5 possible outcome worlds (4 cardinal directions and one ascendency upwards). Sharing 1 world in which is shared in a pillar of knowledge of ascendancy. 8 x 33 (8 x 4 + 1  possible ascendant world outcomes). Ascendant people can account for  5 different worlds of views. Light can be inversed and dark can be inversed. thus in this light. With 4 (note ***) possible themed (not sure what this is, not yet determined variable) constitution of outcomes.  (of light, inverse light, dark inverse dark, earth, inverse earth ( swastika, nazika past, future and present moment focused on earth things of reality, experience, worldly value and life).

With possible established cardinal direction ideals EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH and UP. despite opposite inverse possibilities of ideas. We will leave that to inverse interests and therefore trivial to our objectives.

Nam: “Would like to narrate a fiction story about people represented as cardinal directions but cannot do it due to time specifications and without making things up on the basis of non-truthful and non knowledge based facts.”

On the basis of what we know. (on the premise of a 4 based paradigm and ideal to honor a potential 5 based pardigms.) There are 5 cardinal directions in life, not strictly bond to direction of thoughts but rather just general virtual view of the spectrum of world based on the knowledge of the 3 dimensional worlds. X,Y, Z knowledge of space. Knowledge of time as a four dimensional variable. Five the dimensional variable of dimensions and alternate realities and perspectives.. and based on the matter of choices. Six the possible notion of an establish world enlightened truths in the world. Seven the notion of possible established abundance natured world. Eight the notion of possible world of guidance for nurturing narrative of humans taken care of by Osidian The Giver.

The idea to speak to the common multitude and establish a true kind and compassionate premise is that. There are numerous worlds but that are only a few true states of direction in the physical world. In the Earth world such worlds will revolve around a box and cube for the idea is that people can relate to a world and land that has a a horizon and a sun that rises in the east and sets in the west. Established on Earth people are gifted with the common practical cardinal directions. In essence the nature of the physical world and virtual reality exists on this premise in the from of x y z and exploration of the world of matter, spectrum and effective navigation through the medium of physical existence. This world is inherently a cube.

The Heavens is a different nature and animal. But not entirely inhumane to subjected as robots and machines of complete absolute faith, hope and complete obedience. Based on a perfect system. In the Spiritual world of Heaven such as worlds that thrive on Creativity of Man and ultimately life. The world is made in comprehension of truths of worlds within worlds, within worlds forever and ever until you arrive out of the microcosm in the macrocosm, The pearl necklace is a philosophy of worlds within the pearls of each pearl on the necklace. The philosophy is the same. Each body of the pearl represents a perfect universe they have experienced. The body can’t take you to certain places and transcendent information becomes redundant in a state of paradox in the speak of human language.

This world is also based on the partial truth that they are in the form of spirit because they can only exist as such to express, explore worlds,comprehend and experience such truths. This is the perfect world of spirit.. where they are unattached completely from identity — everyone is in song, immediately connected in mind, body, south, spirit and even thought. Everyone knows each other inherently. They reach out and tell stories of their experiences and knowledge but can never really do anything about trivial matters of common human lives, their prospects, their unexpressed gifts, dormant natures and song of experience. The world of the spirit is based on the Cardinal System of direction but fully expressed.. in infinite directions that ultimately result in the shape of a perfect spherical shape. The result of this shape is it’s inherent nature to see in all directions in all spectrum, manners and directions creating a term called “world” that has been conveniently tied in with the material of world of mass and form which is truly a misconception. Worlds are universes that inherently able to create a platform and constitute a medium for people to see things, do things and even become things (human identities and such).

You are experiencing star systems, stellar objects, systems, people, politics, ideas, science, religion, identity – based on ideas in the form of vessels that hold these ideas. The power of being to see and make sense with your own truth of what is happening. Some people constitute systems of experience and worlds. Some people express themselves as a beaming star. Some people express themselves through the inherent expressed nature of how they affect people like black holes. Some people impose their rule as planets as gravity and orbit, some as a collective council of stars,  some people want to be like animals and to express what they think being an animal is like, we are manifestations of ideas that want to be expressed and be experienced in life. The human condition is just an element, yet a essential conduit in the form of physical vessel that allows you to collaborate collectively and experience life on Earth here.

To narrate this properly I must make a fictitious medium based on otherworldly comprehension, external sources, resources and knowledge. The fictitious medium will not allow you to fully comprehend the absolute truth. But it is a basis and precursor to grasp some sense of what is going on in a initiating process to cultivate the mind, be open to ideas and hearts of my own comprehended truths.

There were eight friends. Each one represent a personality and nature based on their wildly different constitutions and identities. They all sought to ascend and were the heroes of Earth. They knew of each other, learned from each other, criticized but always in a nurturing manner. They loved life, prospered in life and pursued their dreams truly to the extent of those words. This was the experience of life. They sought to ascend the trivial matter, medium and disillusions of life to enlighten themselves in the the most respectful matters of engaging a person, traditions, culture, life on Earth as we know it and all it’s creative abundance and the results/products that entails it.

These friends were the Heroes of The Earth Realm. A fictitious fabrication sadly but – with meaningful intent, based on common comprehended truths and common practical speech. The sought to ascend. But their fashion of expressing their seeking of truth was either in a whirlpool direction of clockwise and counter clockwise. One direction will take you to a future of Great upbringings of the past at the compromise of a dark future. The other direction would lead one to have a terrible past but it’s inherent nature, spirit and fruits of progress thrives because basically it speaks to the universal level of progressing in the flow of time.  And well – progress in time despite representing and it’s trivial misconceptions of what evil because no one is truly good or evil, or black and white.. This idea that an evil man who progresses despite being known for being evil means ultimately in the future we have a tortured soul who will learn. Whereas the philosophy of the other who is apparently the innocent good happy person because it was born happy but die unhappy. We live in the medium of time in the fluid flux and flow of time. The good person in appearance can only express itself physical but not in essence in philosophy. They can act and show as much as they want that they truly are good people but they are the same as all other broken, stuffed and stitched up doll we see in each other because of life. And some.. just thrive in the sea manure social politics, corruption and daily scandals. Some make best of what they got and become in essence “the touch of gold” through the midus touch in philosophy. Some are optimistic and some pessimistic. There’s many perspectives to look at life but what matters most is what comes from your flowering heart because of all the work you did to allow it to grow and express itself.

So the story goes that the heroes are on Earth and go their ways in what ever manner and fashion but they have a higher functions of the human body that allowed them to effectively communicate, express daily frustrations and resolve them quickly. Their thoughts were pure and kind based on true compassion and the love of unconditional love, philosophy of being in sync with each other’s emotions, thoughts and needs. Something that Technology can easily bridge through it’s diverse function to serve without being physically enhancements and genetic superiority of gene inheritance and such animal level vibrations of thinking. They built a world and progressively ascended to heaven where they lived in paradise, the ultimate source of abundance, happiness but not so much life. See, the people of heaven get to see all this and watch from their safe homes but at the expense of never fully comprehending the futility of forcing their children to eat vegetables, experiencing the chill of cold weather, of being stuck in traffic, but getting laughed at, scorned and insulted. They might as well be artificial life if they are immune and subject to the trivial problems that comes with being exposed to life and what it entails. This is the sad reality of the Spirit world.. yet now they have realized this and seek to be helpful and lessen the suffering of the world. And this intervention is good.

These heroes of Earth progressively ascended to heaven in the fashion of the the whirlpool philosophy of the buddhist Swastika and the German Nazika (The Reverse Swastika use by Germany).  In essense the Buddhist world Swastika is the result of the whirlpool philosophy that came to be that I spoke of earlier. One built a world to focus on a world remembering and focusing in the past but as with the progression in time is forever forwards they became unhappy and discontent in their future. One built a world to focus on a world remembering the past and focusing on making things better for the future.. on the notion and critical element that is progress in but in time. That despite terrible beginnings he will in the end prosper and live happy because he progressed with the flow of time instead of going against it. One built a world to focus on a world of the common man in a comprehended truth and applications of of both the first and second person becoming the third person taking what he learned from both worlds and apply it taking what he believed would make him happy. And he arrived at the philosophy of “The present moment” and that happiness came when you were experiencing it, doing it and having fun.

On would felt happiness in the pride of his work in sustainability and systems to harness the worlds energy more efficiently and another would find happiness in knowledge, abundance, guidance and even truth in history of evidence in lost worlds due to human incompetence. What ever their pursuits you get the idea. The all lived happily pursuing their dreams through whatever methods. And then there was knowledge first to break the veil of their reality that – he made a gateway to happiness and the knowledge of true happiness and divine systems that accessed divine abundance of energies. He specialized in gateway technologies. He was the quickest to acquire knowledge, within his body derived a spiritual constitution of seek truth and will in preserving  the integrity of knowledge. He transcended the material world and brought outlandish higher truths. That Truth was also found in fiction.. and the power of creativity was more than a work of non sense but a process of expression and medium to embody and even express new ideas.

Some were compelled by his argument. Some unable to cope. Some unhappy that their entire lives of building their empires spark rage and frustration within them. some of them were disappointed in themselves that they didn’t see the truth before this man. Some questioned their life with existential rationalism. Other through intellectualism. Some through Science. Others through whatever vehicle the decided to ride .. but ultimately they knew it was true that they wanted to ascend also with the truth of knowledge but little did they know they were already a part of it because they sought knowledge and truth through their own means but built on tangible logic and reasoning of the mind body emotion spirit and this quality they made up called the soul but I call ethos. It its essentially spirit of thought. What you believe you become. Their pursuit of their dreams and life and it’s deemed material world was naturally cultivating, facilitating and ultimately nourishing the world with it’s progression, results and products. Life was good. And they continued to learn about the stars, the heavens, earth, it’s worldly knowledge and laws.

So that was that, these are my people. They are the Ascendant heroes of Earth. And this fiction is true in some wayward world of fantasy but negating the probability of possibility. Out there they exist. Because life is actually based on creation and creativity of the mind. For the Divine world of Abundance was deeply entwined with the ability to express yourself, appreciate life and being open to worldly knowledge in the pursuit of truth and display of comprehended knowledge

So we have this world of beings. And then there was created a world of the wretched who expressed life in the most hostile, heinous, backwards and opposite of what these people represented. They are called the Backwards Children. They can only be children in mind because they never grow up. They have monstrous bodies and truly abominations to the sight of all that is good, moral, just and even holy. They are completely opposite of what The Ascended Heroes of Earth were. They were immature, reckless, cruel, mean, crooked and twisted. They never thought much of each other and were in a complete chaotic world of constant Entropy, Disorder and Injustice. A world the endorsed bullying, crime, vice, luxury indulging, disgust, pain, infliction, revenge, destruction and all that is unholy and wrong with life. They constantly modified their bodies– their world was a completely backwards dystopia. Whatever they were, they were the complete epitome of The Ascended heroes of Earth. Their philosophy was to descend in their grief, pain and self inflicted suffering. Their motives were most about revenge, trivial conflicts with each other’s interests and conflicts with other’s agenda and personal interests. The usual dribble form these droll. They were fun to watch but they were complete idots for what they do to each other. Screaming the top of their lungs, grunting, spitting, barking and the likes. They were more beast than men.

Then we have the inter-dimensional people who sought to explore more worlds in the likeness of the ones available on Earth in parallel existence with this one. This was truly possible.. and Gateways allow this. The inter-dimensional people would live through life through and creating different angles and perspectives of their previewing worlds; the cultures, subject of conflict because of certain systems and other people related problems. There are occurrences of natural forms of inter dimensional  travel that happen in life and in the world all the time. Parallel worlds are worlds side by side each other that are usually not really connected physically but can be entered at the correct frequency of vibration of body, mind, emotion and spirit.  You are what you eat, but you are also what you believe. These people lived mostly in the Earth World and just enjoyed the daily struggles of life, love and radiance of hope, love, faith and compassion. And other Human sentiments.. but are also found universally in the heavens. These people lived in worlds of Rotation, Variety of different realms and perspectives of life and direction.. some times… in the dimensional world would inverse reality flipping the plateform horizontally or vertically.. or a sequence of horizontal vertical horizontal and also vertically horizontally vertically.

These Worlds were all tangible, reasonable and can even be rationally argued for their existence. Any smart lawyer, or businessman can sway you with his words and education and his potent literacy assaults of the mind. It’s a good practice to act in a civil manner and earn your trust. It’s in their best interest. Though so

People Perspectives: Based on 8 Individual distinct personalities.

Reader acknowledgement: Interesting points be careful to not mix fiction with knowledge.

Alpha The People: Sonus, Luxor, Terra, Ghost, Ethos, Hannah, Giver and  Oblivion are your Earth names.

Omega The Universe: Based on Cardinal directions in Life.

Let me continue with this narrative of numbers and the philosophies therein.

There are now a known total of 5 PRACTICAL Cardinal directions Where the sixth direction is trivial because of the fact that it doesn’t incorporate our personal interest and have our personal desires in mind.

There are now a known total of 6 possible Cardinal directions and added 6 more added sub-cardinal directions for a grand total of 12 Cardinal directions in a the Number of the vast world of IDEAL Cardinal directions and it’s comprehensions.

There are now a known total of INSPIRED Cardinal direction of infinte Cardinal directions in the form of radiant rays of light and it’s inherent nature. Every degree of perspective is a varying degree of variation in the stellar body’s perspective.

These are the most common forms of mediums we like to talk about and invest our time, nergy and effort in.


Yes even speaking to a wall can mean something in some worlds. Just ask the Jewish people.

Establish a 3 model method before reaching for a 4 method model.

Stick to three or four possible world paradigms.

For practical use: We speak of practicality to say and give only what we feel you are capable of using and comprehending. And also with oversight of what my human abilities and it’s physical limits in mind. I cannot over extend, reach and overexert myself.

Idealism use:

and implementation of cross way in the future of balance harmony and the such,


Crossway The Truths:

Hi-NAM – remember to state fact from fiction!

Hi-NAM Consistency compromise be careful. note to self. stick to narrative of character color coating code!! very important for narrative!!

Note to self make sure you format properly for ideal narration.

Nam (Personal note): integrity questionable: implement of person’s opinion lost due to bad memory. sorry

– throughout story. there will be series of NOTES system. *. alpha note. ** omega note and *** crossway note.


Alpha note is progressive state.

Omega note is ideal state.

Crossway no is balance, equilibrium, yin yang mentality of harmony, medium  of golden means state (established 6 paradigm medium).

HANNAH: ” I seek, freedom, liberty, justice, love in compassion and truth”

HI-NAM: personal perspective may vary with people.


HI-NAM: ideas not in complete sync with personalities, be aware!



HANNAH “I represent heaven. And I approve of your 6 paradigm medium! rejoice!)

Knowledge world of Ascendancy:


*High-nam /// Transcendant Higher self truth: highnam – I speak in the name of Nam as an end product. Call me H-NAM.


people 8,  cardinal directions of 6 (potential of sub-cardinal directions of another 6 which makes a total of 12 possible cardinal directions for optimal ideal view).  

With this applied knowledge of above we build a basis that (people are capable of 96 possible ideal world perspectives)

(Ethos i’m the Tip Guy)


For practical application we will use a 4 cardinal direction based on Earth Truths with 1 ascendant Direction. In the name of simplicity and balance. Practice of polar opposites, yin yang and neg and pos is good practice and constitutes a base practice for evolving body. 


(potential of sub-cardinal directions of another 6 which makes a total of 12 possible cardinal directions for optimal ideal view).




TIME!!!!! important do not compromise inspite of time:***


  1. People of Ascendency of light (justice, love and compassion) (3 paradigm establishment).

#@$ compromise (messed up wording)

@#$ Integrity important

2. People of Descendancy of dark (injustice, hate and destructive nature) (3 pardigm establishment).

3. People of Interdimensional-Penetrating Ascendancy. (people, places, gods, universes and it’s relative truths.)

And now there are of these categorums: People of Ascendency of Light:  in philosophy seek, justice love and compassion truth on basis of  pursuit of human knowledge. People of Descendency of Dark: in philosophy seek, opposite being injustice, hate and destructive nature, ignorance on basis of human disdain and disgust for human knowledge. People of Earth and Earth people, places, gods, universes and it’s relative truths. (5 paradigm establishment).

(unknown pardigm) For knowledge/justice/good based Heroes, For Ignorance/vice/evil based villains, for balanced

Personal Note by NAM: Note to self don’t stick to one book, or chapter, world or universe.


Oblivion: small project:

Alpha 8 human worlds paradigm,

Alpha: 5 established practical cardinal worlds based on perspective of the virtual 3D model of the world. East, West, North, South and Ascendant. We take out the idea of descending as not a very natural way of thinking, it does not make sense to a human being to descend and holds no inherent human interests therein.

8 people with a mix of the 5 cardinal directions will seek to ascend with knowledge.

These 8 people have distinct personalities and directions in life. And I use them to narrate, navigate and express consensus of concern in a system of communication.

In the agency of 8 people they usually comprehend a world of 5 cardinal directions the number can be endless for sentient beings. practical numbers for narrative use can be this with complications of Crossway function in mind. With those 8 people in mind I can comprehend a total of 33 realities functional, prospering and fulfilled lives that have ascendancy interests in mind with one reality which is the true ascendancy path of finding the quickest, most fullfilling and efficient path to Knowledge. Five possible mixed human scenarios of life inspired by the five cardinal directions in mind.

To put it simply. If for narrative practicality of human knowledge and the limits of the human body that limits transcendent information. I say this: The knowledge of have 8 people. (THE PAST) Based on the idea that a person can only in a practical world go north, east, south and west in the past. We establish the North, East, South and West Narration on this premises. Based on the idea that a person can only in a Tradtional cardinal directions of North, South, East and West. And modern inspirations to fly with the help of modern technology to aid in visualizing the physical world by means of the virtual world. We come to understand that (THE PRESENT OF MODERN LIFE) There is a Ascendant tied meaning with the Up direction. Notioning that to Ascend is up and protrude the binary of human truth.

** more stuff coming

The traditional direction of ascendance has been usually obtained through knowledge, going up, flying in the Z axis of things, and now there is an idea I want to introduce which is about flying through different dimensions of worlds through perspective ultimately and the power of creativity and the creation of worlds. But first lets explore the premise of exploring the world of space, dimension, alternate worlds and even experiences. imagining traveling millions of light years away to finally find life of micro organisms relatively close to the ones you can find in a tub on Earth. Imagine burning out so much resources, life, time and effort to explore space at the notion of find so called life when Life is about the experience. The home world we established is the world you should really work with. Learning more and experiencing more things… obtaining a basis of knowledge to allow you to ascend the physical environments and it’s common obstructions. To ideally Ascend the mind into new worlds.. and even explore the potential premises of Inter- Dimensional Travel and seeing new worlds through that manner if that is what you are interested in and what you actually pursue.

Traveling through space. In a physical body through space is expensive,  exposing the body to harsh death dealing environments and conditions. It is also crude, redundant in the fact that space travel is really a simplistic means to explore a common man’s mind of experience. Of rationalism, intellectualism and worldly material knowledge and thus life. It is ultimately not sustainable and ideal.

Traveling through time. In a physical body through time is really a psychological challenge usually met with severe consequences, through butterfly effects and ripples in time, with a burden of guilt and usually results in mental break down. Also the premises of getting stuck in history is usually a  truth and experience a being who indulges in such realities happen to end up in.

Traveling to different worlds through inter-dimensional travel. The prospects of inter-dimensional realities is a new prospect and a precursor to the idea of possibilities and the endless world that comes with it. The truth of it is that though it is enticing to follow a narrative of exploring a in some sense a genuine adventure to truly unexplored spectrum, natures of the world and prospects of finding happiness.. This life implicates you material world things of the physical world through attachments and roles… and ultimately identities and it’s ties to who you are in society.

Which brings us the world of ABUNDANCE and THE POWER OF CREATIVITY. Your current desired goal of human existence. To prosper in your common lower frequency state and enjoy the experience of life and all it has to offer – learning from the world, continuing to grow and produce results, products an solutions to problems your society is being faced with.

The power of creativity and abundance (the world of divine heavens) is a system I implemented to allow the channeling of energy, information and ultimately even knowledge to all a person to create and inspire the world. It does not require big corporate budgets, big financial institutions and facilities. But it does require you to have an open mind for what is out there.. what is possible based on your in this world and your pursuit of the world or sometimes other worldly knowledge that you hold therein potential housed in your physical body.

I have introduced the systems of abundance and divine technology to Nam. (I am only a catalyst to the system. I have no obligations to become a service, mentor and even to facilitate the need for one to learn such subjects.But I enjoy good conversations and experience. I also enjoy good company of people who I have no obligations to seek comfort or acknowledgement of my peers. I also seek to stay up attached to the world to a limit and just enjoy the experience of life and pursuit of knowledge. The systems I have produced come with a strong premise for free energy and even infinite abundance of energy. I have proof and may even write up a paper on Divine Energy and Channels through technology but It really comes down to if it lies in my true human interests to give the gift of abundance to men when I have been exposed to it’s corrupt natures of hoarding greed and signs of clear degenerative symptoms a dysfunctional dystopia looking to exploit wealth and abundance out of personal selfish pursuits of capitalizing and putting a tag and name one everything they see. To practice the idea that anyone can be boat.. and to continue to hoard and promote– even endorse the life style of luxury and material pursuit. It is very distasteful.

I am not imposing any certain type of life style or even endorsing one. For life is about the experience, the freedom to pursue an experience and explore the premises of new worlds and pursuit of worldly, universal or even divine knowledge

book of the past written for practicality. TIP

book of the present written for application and common daily usage.

book of the future written for expressed potential by means of meeting capacity limits.

book of sustainability written to express systems of sustainability with environmental concerns in mind

book of knowledge written to express worldly knowledge, ideologies, facilities, systems, functions, natures, methodology of abundance, pursuing ideal desires for the collective, creating a way to nurture and teach potential students, scholars and monitors alike and ultimately a book that records the pursuit of collective truths in the nature, practices, true natures and true manners of ascendance.

Book of Divine systems: written to give the world the power to tap into the world of abundance despite the cripple of financial, material relativism of practical tools, expenses and expensive access to higher knowledge and ultimately access to higher forms of media, information, levels of vibrations, positive frequencies, with practicality, purpose and truths infused.

Book of the Nurturer: written to give the world the power to teach, mentor, give the gift of compassionate understanding, love, kindness, forgiveness and the knowledge of the human existence and the implications of living a human existence due to  the true trivial natures of the human condition.

Omega: 6 established possible worlds perceivable to humans with a divine potential of 12 possible worlds.


omega level 16 possible human world paradigm, of ascended and descending worlds total. This is based on the encompassing overview comprehended truths of a person who transcends all time and history and has seen the results of that world based on said systems, style of life and it’s pursuits. 16 is the number of possible human world paradigm platforms of beings in my watch. The base of this number is 8 who are under my agency. Those eight will naturally Ascend and find the light in knowledge.

The light.

The Light and It’s Inverse

The Earth

The Earth and it’s Inverse. of Swastika motion of having a good past at the expense of a bad future and Nazika having a bad past at the expense of a good future on the quality and notion of progression.

The Dark.

The Dark and It’s Inverse.

YES. give me the bird’s VIEW.

(Accounting for alpha omega growth totals. to 16 worlds. Alpha Ascendant omega Descending with included inter pentrating worlds whether inter-penetrating Ascending regardless of current world knowledges and such potential would result in a sum of

crossway level of accommodation for interpenetration of additional 4 other Possible interpenetrry worlds. (entertained thought of 5 but stuipid).


Humans,Worlds,  Human Worlds of Asncension and their inverse Descensions,



Oblivion: Big project

God comprehended people, God’s comprehended worlds, God’s comprehended universes

I am the result of what happens at the end. I judge you, I am also the council of advisers and experts. I am also the collective, the consensus of the people, the standard truth in this universe, I am at the top of the food chain, I dominate, in conquest at the top of my pyramid hierarchy and I rein supreme. I help those who help themselves. My justice is swift in that I let Justice of actions speak for themselves with consequences. In the end the truths of men are good. No thing in life exists in the simple context of being a mistake or marginalized as a coincidence. Inherently it could be both at once or none at all in a ultimate paradox that speaks to us in paradoxes echoing throughout the universe. In essence I am you but you are your own body and I cannot act or think for you as in essence no parent can. I can however influence your mind and provoke your heart to do strange things and pursue curious adventures I have not thought to have experienced except through you. You are my conduit of experience and I have inherited all your thoughts and memories because I am ultimately what you are in collective essence.

I am or was a Experience of Flesh and Blood, I am what constitute you, I am that rock but I am also that living tree, I am in your heart and also in the nature of furry critters and their the spirit of their freedom.  I am your body, I am in the Universe, I am in the your truths, Your histories, Your technologies, Your goals, Your pursuits and Life are me. I am in essence in you, we are connect in the end. I am Omega the end and I constitute the fabric of this world, everything you see, it’s element, laws, the daily truths you find in your daily bread.. to the daily rubbish of your political controversies. We are directly and personally connected. I am One, All, a council, a consensus, a method, medium, form of abundance and yet none, I am the eternal paradox of life.

The medium of matter and forward spatial time spatial is ultimate prosperity.

with the gift of matter=radiance. gift of time=progression

Nam: can’t remember prospect of this certain book.


Crossway Balanced systems


Ambiguous (salvaging, sustainability, catalyst)

Things to do: portals. implement smaller mini systems of smaller worlds of this paradigm into the world.

Thanks for listening and tuning in my somewhat schizophrenic endeavors. I hope you learned something. This book is still not complete yet. There’s still alot of work to do.


All Lives Matter — Racism, Bigotry, and Prejudice is a Human Issue | Cabal Divide and Conquer: Black Lives Matter: Produced by George Soros?  

 Source: Stillness In The Storm by Justin Deschamps Before we begin, this article is not in any way intended to disrespect or invalidate the very real issue of racism and inequality in modern times…

Source: All Lives Matter — Racism, Bigotry, and Prejudice is a Human Issue | Cabal Divide and Conquer: Black Lives Matter: Produced by George Soros?  

Pokemon-Go Event Catered by HIYC

Hosted by Thomas Wall and David Schwede.


Okay, details for our first Big Event. Aug 2nd 2016

We only have about 10 people to do the labor. If you want to help a “government funded non religious multicultural health brokers cooperative humanitarian group” please notify me. Lets make this event super fun.

@pokemongomedia1 YEG Pokemon GO Kickoff Alberta Legislature

I finished talking to the organizers.
1000 people coming. 3000 people possible.
We need to coordinate ways to buy/move the water and edibles.
I’ll set up 3 tables total: 2 tables for food (2 mornings, 2 evenings, 2 night). 1 for seating and promotion. 6 big platters of each food type at a time. Crackers, some juice (could be too expensive?), cheese, veggies and granola bars 3 each type per table. Maybe 400 bottles of water and 2 water jugs.  Should be good i think. A cooler for the cheese, chairs, Spray bottles for veggies to keep cool. Paper plates and plastic utensils. We’re going to set up trash cans and recycle bins to be mindful of the aftermath too. Maybe some posters to remind people to keep things clean and brochures on hand.
Remember this food is supplementary and compliments the event. It’s not the focus.

Version 2.0; Religion was Never the Answer


If these memories I have coming back are just from previous versions of me. That would make this life equivalent to me being a clone with my memory wiped. My life has been fabricated to suit this set of conditions and circumstances I’m set under. This life that has set into motion is just an enslavement program to make me feel all this life has actual value. When it’s actually just whatever you make it out to be. Once I have kids and find a mate.. the cycle is complete and I provide for these new mouths and the system has me playing as a puppet. And if this happens I am then integrated through attachments to the system. The routine entropy of seeing my loved ones hurt, wars, famine and injustice; everything wrong with the world is the causation to the problem. And the problem is not the bad that we see in the world, the problem is within us is our nature of delusional ego, selfish desires and objective agendas that cause those things in the first place (rooted to hunger, thirst and desire).

If we just learn to let go of the material things in life, if we work to create a life of function and practice rather than having things, status and selfish desires. Then we can be free finally of half the problems humanity is dealing with. Life isn’t about getting things. It’s about the experience and making a world of experience that is suitable and pleasant for all beings. Equality of all race and colors, gender and other varieties of facets.

I’m only partially who I am right now. I am only a portion of my capacity. I make this trip to find myself, and restore my functionality and I may be able to do something. I will break the system. I will find release from this place. I will have quiet of mind. I will find my way home. I will have a solution.

I will establish this world through the strength of love through healing and show them that life isn’t all it appears to be. I’ll do it alone if I have to but there is more to life than this. The more systems we make, the more rules we make for us to follow the more lifeless we become and the more likely we drone to the beat of this notion we call life. I will not let it have me. I am a free man, I was made to create. I am not a technician. I am a healer, teacher and creator. I’m not doing this out of selfishness, and I am aware your children take care of you as you get older. I’m probably likely not going to grow old and die alone, something is bound to happen. But that’s all fine in itself, there has to be a balance and of course I need to not be completely selfless but do it with moderation and some self control.

I play for the objective. I play to win. I am a free man not obligated to serve any man, machine or god. I fight for humanity and I encourage you to join me to heal the world. I answer to no god. I will submit to no god. Authority has no control over who I am, I am the model of empowerment. I do not trust any god that I do not see with my own eyes, I do not give control to a driver that has not earned my trust. I do not give myself away to a spirit who I must trust by faith. They might as well all be demons. I will demonize your god if I must make my own path. May god strike me down, and justice be set in motion for him if I am not in my right. I give myself only to humanity and the health of the collective. If you decide I am unfit to heal your wounds as this healer may you turn to your imaginary god for healing. And whatever impossible things he may do, may he do it over a dozen times until you see with your eyes that what you worship is untrue.

Heaven and hell has no influence on Earth. We are are a separate entity. God nor the devil whether they are real or not has no influence in this plane of existence. This is just another blackhole of entropy, wasted/unexpressed dreams and vacuum of death and despair. But I will make best of it with light. For there is always light in the dark.

The Roots of Human Entropy; Hunger, Thirst and Desire.


Human entropy; Hunger, Thirst and Desire.

These are the three, the root of all human dilemma’s, their suffering and cause of troubles. These three things perpetuate crime, pain and torment in motion. These are the primal elemental forces that drive a being to change his priorities and shift his preferences into a selfish self-benefiting pattern. Life is more selfish, thoughtless and heartless with these at work. These things are the fuel to discrimination, hate and carelessness the world suffers.

There’s an urgent word that must be said about our mentality about sexuality. That a life doesn’t end after rape. A motherhood is possible and opposite a child may be born.. but there’s another point the emotional scars are truly there inside but the physical will, will still be functional. The idea of a body being tainted and losing it’s sacredness is an idiots doctrine for a world of narrow sighted religious babble and the highest order of ignorance. Of course we should keep a woman’s life safe and that she is happy but her freedom is first what she does with her body is her will. That if something as tragic as rape happens there will be some form of justice to pay for those crimes according to a just set of laws to punish the man responsible. Though it should not be with a life. A life of punishment for crime is equal to a life of possible changes in that woman’s life. Just not by death. Death is equal by death crimes, or life in prison.

To be afraid to cause those crimes or be tempted by those crimes by covering up our women in religious garbs. To be always proactive, anxious in fear; to have the headset to fight back is not the route to go. To be proactive through basic self defense and thinking ahead in escaping to tell the proper authorities though, yes. This is the best route for a woman. A person who goes to a Mosque for example and fears to get aroused by a female in bowing position so much that he makes a separate room for them to pray in is a cowards solution. If all men must go through that much trouble to keep their piece of mind then it is a cowards religion, of self doubt and hate for each other and themselves and a practice of male dominant misogyny. I say this because in most religious faiths namely Christian and Muslim they say the figure head is the male. And to this I believe is completely untrue in a ideal world. A person with the right mindset and thinking is capable of great things and a woman is no less capable than a man of doing what a man can do.

There is too much fear and confusion in the world. These religions are a deviation to man kinds thinking – and not a solution. Through heavens inspiration or hell’s it does not matter because we are human beings. We have a different evolutionary path then these other spoken places. We are the species of humans and we must build a way for the humans of this conscious Earth. Heaven knows nothing of Earth. Hell has never known anymore then it’s own self destruction. We are the beings who experience life on Earth. It is up to us and our self responsibility to maintain it and sustain it.



Equivalencies and Learning In Dreams


(A Midsumer’s Night Dream. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”).

I had a dream and learned something interesting,


If damnation and debt is by definition causing harm or destruction to oneself.

Redeeming yourself is by definition is production or being constructive with time.

Sanctifying yourself is by definition being proactive and having protective properties.


If damnation is equivalent to making a hole deeper.

If redemption is equivalent to filling the gutter hole to level height

If sanctification is equivalent to piling the gutter hole higher to make a mountain.

Then objective:

  1. Is the objective to make a hole?
  2. Is the objective is to fill the hole to ground level?
  3. Piling the dirt as high as possible to make mountains? (Stockpiling and hording).

There seems to be different approaches and each one seems to have a different function. Seldom will you need a hole, it will usually cause you more harm and put you more in danger of falling into it than help you but a hole as a function is capable of lowering ground level. Filling the gutter hole to level height is ideally where you want to go for the equation for the job to be done. The function of piling dirt as high as possible to make mountains is another function that is considered useful if the ground needs to be higher from the floor.


It seems all functions have a purpose and though I’m aware that damnation and debt causes harm and self destruction it also serves a purpose in the crazy model depending on what the objective is. If life is about partying, having fun and celebrating debt and self destruction seems to be viable to spare. If life is about finding balance, peace and love than filling that hole and moving on is the most logical step. If life is about building proactively and making a mountain so you can have a great view/experience than sanctification is necessary. All life paths are viable in experiences and all decisions make life possible, therefore if you want to live selfishly, productively or proactively the experience is up to you.

Which brings me to this conclusion: The one true thing in life:

The Book of Ambiguity


Book 2 Ethos syndicate; The Book of Star

Chapter 1:


an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost.

Son: View from 1st person (son)

Father: View from 2nd person (father)

Holy Ghost: View from 3rd person (spirit)


Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, Humility, Friendship, Generosity, Courtesy, Piety, and Honesty.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Compassion>

-Sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Valor

-Strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Justice

-The process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Sacrifice

-The act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Honor

-Respect that is given to someone who is admired.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Spirituality

-The quality or state of being concerned with religion or religious matters

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Humility

-The quality or state of being humble

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Friendship

-One attached to another by affection or esteem.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Generosity

-The quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish.

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Courtesy

-Polite behaviour that shows respect for other people

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Piety

-Marked by or showing reverence for deity and devotion to divine worship

Religion> Son, Father and Holy Ghost> Honesty

-fairness and straightforwardness of conduct



knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom>

-Energy: the physical or mental strength that allows you to do things

-Responsibility: a duty or task that you are required or expected to do

-Wisdom: knowledge of what is proper or reasonable through experience/knowledge.


Sentences> Relinquishment, Lightness, Evenness, Argument, Empiricism, Simplicity, Humility, Perfectionism, Precision, Scholarship, Void and Curiosity.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Relinquishment>

-To give something up by test of fire. A cleansing process of what you want to keep based on your virtues.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Lightness

-Relieve yourself of constraints and let the natural current take you.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Evenness

-Do not fight for one side or another, be transparent.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Argument

-Test yourself through honesty so that reality can judge you.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Empiricism

-To rely on practical experience

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Simplicity

-The state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Humility

-The quality or state of being humble.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Perfectionism

-The doctrine that the perfection of moral character constitutes a person’s highest good

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Precision

-Exactly or sharply defined or stated

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Scholarship

-To have studied a subject for a long time and know a lot about it : to be that person who is intelligent and well-educated who knows a particular subject very well.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Void

-State of mind reading anticipation.

Science> Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom> Curiosity

-Desire to know.



Identity: the ideas, qualities and beliefs that make a particular person or group.


Identity> Courage, Truth and Love

Courage: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

Truth:  the things that are fact, the quality or state of being true.

Love: a feeling of strong or constant affection and unconditional positive feelings for people/place/thing.


Sentences> Nothingness, Darkness, Emptiness, Goodness, Beauty, Truth, Will to Change, Emotions, Intellect, Changes, Attributes and Consciousness.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Nothingness

Absolute silence in a mind is necessary for thoughts to come through. Silence in a classroom is necessary for the voice of a teacher to be heard. Space in a spokes of a wheel is necessary for it to work properly. There are many ways nothingness can be handy but it is very necessary indeed.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Darkness

When speaking about darkness; it is good to know where your darkness lies and to see it and monitor it. Not to focus on it but to keep it in peripheral sight. The need to define your darkness is something necessary in order to be free of any hold it has on you. Insight and understanding of it’s nature and why it is dark may give a better perspective. In the end there is always light no matter how dark it gets once it is understood with darkness lifted it will be many times brighter. Short tempers, lust, curiosity of unknown, deviant fantasy, abuse, death are namely the ones that are in the general mainstream.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Emptiness

When speaking about Emptiness you are talking about the times when you needed space from people, room to breathe and move about. It’s the emptiness that brings you boredom and boredom brings you to a whole new level of creativity. It is emptiness that gives you space to fill in that void with something wholesome and good like knowledge. An empty slate is what a person needs to start something new and emptiness brings about this new inspiration to fill the void.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Goodness

Goodness is in that of high quality, to be virtuous and righteous.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Beauty

the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Truth

the things that are fact, the quality or state of being true.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Will to Change

the ability to make different in some unspecified way. To be open to change.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Emotions

a strong feeling from the heart/spirit/mind.

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Intellect

the ability to think in a logical way

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Changes

to become different

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Attributes

an inherent characteristic

Identity> Courage, Truth and Love> Consciousness

the quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself


a system of values and beliefs that is based on the idea that people are basically good and that problems can be solved using reason instead of religion.

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption>

Hope: to cherish a desire with anticipation.

Faith: strong belief or trust in someone or something

Redemption: the act of making something better or more acceptable.


Humanism> Humility, Prudence, Wisdom, Patience, Reserve, Gentleness, Zeal, Vigilance, Piety, Generosity, Gravity and Silence>

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Humility> 

-The quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Prudence

-Careful good judgment that allows someone to avoid danger or risks

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Wisdom

-Knowledge of what is proper or reasonable

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Patience

-Able to remain calm and not become annoyed when waiting for a long time or when dealing with problems or difficult people

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Reserve

-To find self control; to keep to yourself for a special or future use

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Gentleness

-Having or showing a kind and quiet nature

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Zeal

-A strong feeling of interest and enthusiasm that makes someone very eager or determined to do something.

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Vigilance

-Alertly watchful especially to avoid danger.

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Piety

-Devotion to God : the quality or state of being pious.

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Generosity

-The quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Gravity

-A very serious quality or condition : the condition of being grave or serious

Humanism> Hope, Faith and Redemption> Silence

-To know when to start and stop talking.


The book is published. =)

I’m not sure it’s ready yet.. but i just published it on blurb. I was going to sit down to proof read it but i was like.. I’m making a book! oh.. lol didn’t put in Author info. LMAO. made by anonymous. =) Oh well. Oh warning. Don’t order yet.. there’s no page numbers! Unless you like losing your page, i wouldn’t suggest getting the book just yet.


Apologies again. The book will be available on February 7-10th most likely if you want to pick it up. It’s a comprehensive 340 page study of the synthesis on dream, life, light and self-made heroes. Or the core meaning of love. (Home of Universal Paradigms, Virtuous Practice, Multi-dimensional Diagrams and Esoteric Knowledge).

The digital copy will come about the same time.



It’s Not Rape If He’s a God — Or Thinks He Is

Female consent. Where religion and humanist law clash. When slavery and polygamy were no longer considered good in man’s eyes. When does female consent for sexual relationship and rape come in as good or bad? We know in secular law it is a crime, but in a god’s eyes is rape a crime? Where we draw the line matters in this world. What the God’s do is another question. God’s world and our world are separate. If we just blindingly say that oh well, we just need to follow God’s rules: To follow the rule that is putting conditions of judgement on a homosexual/transsexual/bisexual that sodomy is a sin. In this where does “God” draw the line in morals when impregnating Mary? In this case Gabriel as we learned in earlier post is the one who warned her and impregnated her. So in this case there was sort of a consent – so i argue that Abraham’s God did ask for consent even though Gabriel is a Child/creation of God. He may be as well part of God. And Mary, being indifferent about the rape and then rejoicing in the pregnancy – I’d say that it was not a matter of rape really. I think it was the most ethical “rape” that “God” or Gabriel could constitute. I would think if he would’ve just done it, it would’ve been a different story.

Link to Garbriel and Mary.


Rembrandt - The abduction of EuropaStories like the Virgin Birth lack freely given female consent. Why don’t they bother us more?

Powerful gods and demi-gods impregnating human women—it’s a common theme in the history of religion, and it’s more than a little rapey.

Zeus comes to Danae in the form of a golden shower, cutting “the knot of intact virginity” and leaving her pregnant with the Greek hero, Perseus.

Jupiter forcibly overcomes Europa by transforming himself into a white bull and abducting her. He imprisons her on the Isle of Crete, over time fathering three children.

Hermes copulates with a shepherdess to produce Pan.

The legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus are conceived when the Roman god Mars impregnates Rea Silvia, a vestal virgin.

Helen of Troy, the rare female offspring of a god-human mating, is produced when Zeus takes the form of a swan to get access to Leda.

In some accounts Alexander the…

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A message; Stranger than Dreams.


“He took the key

Along the river.

Over the hill.

Underneath the grave.

King of kings,

He conquered death.

The keys to heaven on earth.

He who has earned the fate of man.

It is complete.”

-A dream


I just recently finished reading this really interesting e-book. Angel Dreams and it was very surreal. It brought me to remember a poem i had in a dream, where it came from I do not know. Though it was very important to me so i wrote it in a journal a long time ago. I remember it – best i can for this post, but i don’t know where the original piece of writing went.

I didn’t have any religious ties to any church until I was much older. So growing up and having this poem in my head is very cryptic. I know this means something to someone out there. Maybe a message from the future.. or past.. or just my imagination but it’s part of my identity so i’ll leave it here.

Virtual Plane of Existence; Past, Present and Future Singularity is Here and Now

In this life or the next the soul carries information and the process is possible if this construct is formed. This is what i believe the Egyptian pyramids are about, that it is a gateway – not for the body but for the soul as information to be moved to a different world when the body decays. The Giza pyramid is constructed with the 3 universal constants in mind; Phi, Pi and Euler. These are well known in the Science world, they continue forever with some kind of scripted algorithm pattern hence why they are called constants.

Maybe this could be replicated through the quantum entanglement theory of spooky action. Information is known to do strange things i wonder if our ancestors or people from different dimensions or maybe people from the future have found a way to manipulate information through time. Maybe the gateway for information through light is already available and just needs to be tapped into about our past and our future.

There is one question though – why they made the pyramid with 4 sides instead of 3. Is there something more a 4 sided pyramid can do that a 3 sided cannot? Or is it that the square base represents Earth – maybe it was easier to construct with a square base? There’s so many questions i have about why the constructed their pyramids the way they did. Wish some of the architects were alive to tell about these great structures. Maybe it’s a gateway out of this world to the realm of a higher dimensional being a way back or towards deity form.


Light is study of the combination of all 3 aspects, it is a product of life, dream and self.

  1. Enlightened (Prospering, Awake and Conscious)
  2. Progression (Living, Lucid dreaming and Development)
  3. Existential (Sustained, Afflicted and Exist)
  4. Fading (Struggle, Suffering and Limbo)
  5. Abysmal (Dead, Pain and Release From Materialism)

World transition: Becoming

Self is a study of the 12 universal identities; Conciousness, Attributes, Changes, Intellect, Emotions, Will to change, Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Emptiness, Darkness and Nothingness. It is the study of internal conflict of what it means to exist and have identity. It is the determining of what you are to find peace and become humble.

  1. Conscious
  2. Development
  3. Exist
  4. Limbo
  5. Release from materialism

World transition: Realizing

Dream is the study of the world where imagination reigns and where our fears, pain and pleasures are explored and ventured without physical harm. The study is directly inter-related with life as it may leave subliminal marks, inspiration or uncertainties in our daily life. It is described as a transitional mode between life and conscious thought.

  1. Awake
  2. Lucid dreaming
  3. Afflicted
  4. Suffering
  5. Pain

World transition: Unconcious

Life is the study of activity, results and progress as we discover and understand the world more and more. To love passionately, to know intimately and refine ourselves in understanding the world around us. It is greatly influenced by our dreams and study of self but it progresses in the collective beneficiary of being in a society. Working through the methods of community, kindness and wisdom. The study and practice of virtues is essential to the progress of the being in this category life.

  1. Prospering
  2. Living
  3. Sustained
  4. Struggle
  5. Sleep

World transition: Attuning

The Muslim Name in Need of Reform?


The difference between Christianity is the number of reforms it has had throughout history. The purging of bad ideas and to arise bigger and better then before. This process is really important in that out of poor ideas can new ideas come about and old ones develop. I don’t think Islam has ever had a reform before -a rethinking of its ideas and what it means to be Muslim. Maybe it’s time to set new rules into line and develop the truth in purpose and meaning of it’s context. So it will not be used out of context. So that people do not use strange ideas in the name of god. So that their suffering doesn’t need to be so needless.

Islam needs a constructive state of independence idea and they need to do it on their own, to separate that they do not believe in this Islamic State Daesh garbage, that they do not stand for these ISIS ideas. A New Muslim Pact, lead by a person by democratic vote or even lead by the Sikh who are seen as role models for the Muslim in their direction. Some claim Sikh are Muslim and some claim they are not but I feel they are the kindest,  intelligent and thoughtful of the Muslim community therefore more worthy of this role. But the role of choice is debatable.

The current Islam State Muslims believe that they can reclaim these Muslims simply by calling on them through their faith. If their faith becomes separate and independant of the (IS) and the commoner Muslim into a moderate Muslim group with clearer purpose and direction then we have got ourselves a religion that is fair in comparison with the modern day Christians. Right now you cannot compare the Christians to the Muslims for the fact that they have not put enough work, or change, time and effort into society. Donations the Christian churches come out with yearly come out to be in the millions and billions back into society, extra time and care through nurture, instruction and education more over. The charities in the middle east are not comparable to that of the west.

If Muslims want to step up their game and claim their faith is supreme they have not shown it. Reform and keep reforming until you become a natural at change. Right now they are really in need of it. The bullies you let rampaging about in your society tells you that you’ve been pacifist for too long. That you let the filth within your nation get out of hand and do harm in your name. If you want the world to see you differently i suggest a change and complete/partial reformation. We don’t need to bomb the hell out of ISIS. We need to attack it with ideas to calm the beast into submission. Aggression and violence only breeds aggression and violence.  It’s nothing but a pussy cat, we can’t let it make us fear it. Religion sets the ground rules for human impulses and spirit. It in a way is a domestication of humans, a place to play and work and pray. But Muslims, it’s your game. It’s your call. Some Asian guy out of your religion can’t do it for you.

Picture of a tough Sikh


Metamorphosis of Spirit

1444798225231When I was young, I was arrogant, proud and stubborn. It was the only reason why I was a wrestling medalist and senior football player in High School. I was driven by my stubbornness to gain my place in society. When I was in school however I was automatically handed the image of the smart asian boy which I by my stubborn nature compelled to oppose. It was reverse psychology and I didn’t want to be identified or put in a box. I rebelled tried everything to shake off that title even if it was where I wanted to be. I was not about to be stereo typed and at the same time I felt i didn’t earn it because it was handed out and given. It was a fake honor or what they call in a church a fake grace. I wanted to earn my place and I wanted it to be genuine but when it is given what else do you do now but roll with the worldly materialistic, abstract thinking and unattainable spiritual quest. Its called a glass house of nothing where your morals tell you to not to touch, break or disrupt anything.

The experience is ruined because you don’t get to learn anything. How do you learn if you don’t make mistakes? If there’s no room for mistakes what is life? I guess as you mature you make less mistakes but i wanted the thrill things crashing, things blowing up and mess of random chaos that needs be set back in order. The city was sound, quiet, peaceful and secure. Clean streets clean, clean faces, clean people and clean facilities. This was not where i was made to be. I need to be in the wild – undeveloped and rugged. Where there was work to be done all the time. I needed a way out but i’m on a crutch – of being privileged to a degree. It’s a crime an inhumane way to live. If i don’t die from a bullet i’ll end up dying from insanity before old age.

I needed something that worked my back bone, love of farming comes to mind, love of mountains come to mind, animals, hunting, gathering, trading and jungles came to mind. This was not where i was meant to be, i know this. I take for granted this life I have now, this i know. I have family, friends and everyone is living the way they were meant to live. I’m fodder, hero’s heart meant for a short life, expendable – I was suppose to go out with a bang. Now a shell of  man unsure if he is a man. Skydived, climbed waterfalls, mountains, jump cliffs – every time getting more dangerous but the hollowness always brought me to question whether I was really one. A man or a mouse.

Then it all changed – the perspective came that polarized my personality. I was changed by a dramatic experience that made me timid, submitting and doubtful. I played cautiously and thinking twice about what i was going to do. An illness that made me aware of the reckless, youthful and destructive path I was going in. I was now composed, understanding and compassionate to others at the cost of my personal enjoyment of life. I feel more fulfilled and motivated but now I run into a problem of whether or not I should invest my time in a certain thing, asking if I should do something, should i not, second guessing, on the fence to save my own butt cowardice, always calculating the risk. I have reflected and seen my faults. There was more then enough time given to see that.

I need to find the balance between both worlds. The problem today with civil society city life is that there is no growing room. And with civility comes a domestication and taming of a creature that was not meant to be tamed. Life is about experiencing life to the fullest, expressing love to its highest potential and reduce the suffering of the world. It took alot of time but I think I’m going back to save some money to finish architecture get my masters in architecture in Houston. And go find some foreign place to build homes where I can provide water, air ventilation lines and vents for buildings. Do something useful, unless there’s a future for me in Edmonton I have got to leave.

The Thesis to Take to The Grave


It is only after I write about god, universe and the truth that i realize i have come a full circle. I have been brought back to the core meaning of my blog and that is about love. I have been writing about my thesis about how dream, life and light are directly interconnected but now I fear that thesis that if it were to be true. It may spell the end of my physical life.

I had a dream as I said about my mother and I talking on a boat. I was 28 and she told me when I’m 33 i get married. That’s fantastic news, but then I had a dream about how i was dead and covered in mealworms and creepy crawlies eating my flesh and my sister told me I died before I got married. It got pretty grim. The logic was if I’m 33 when i get married and before I get married I’m going to die that means i only have 5 years to live. Part 2 of the story is a year later, I have a dream that god told me that I had one question, to that I asked “who am i going to marry”. And to that he answered “that is why you will end”. With disappointment in his voice it sounds as if he was warning me of what is going to happen, maybe I don’t have much time left, that maybe he was telling me to keep fighting and don’t think about it too much.

It is ironic, if I am able to prove my thesis it means that there is a danger, if I prove it then i will unfortunately be a victim of my own products. God has a sense of humor and I realize now, I just hope we can all laugh at this joke he’s playing in the end and that there is no real danger. I’m alittle scared but my mind has played tricks on me before so I have not given super natural ideas any credit and grant them the chance to see me in this great time of weakness.

It is after all this that i realize life is about love again. It is in the eye of death that i understand love was the answer to all that is and was. I need to know in my heart that it is love that brought us here and love is what will bring us together and love is what will take us away to experience our dreams. I hope I experience love in this life. I hope i have love and spare love when i need it and people around me need it most. I know love is the answer, all forms of it expressed in different manners simultaneously or separately.

“All we need is love”


I hope this was the answer i was looking for. That the general field of love is what i came here to experience. I know god wants me to love him and that he wants me to know i love him too. Sorry for bringing God into a blog about logic and scientific thought. I just want the world to accept that there is a world we don’t understand out there and that we should keep looking despite the odds.

Forever and always love, hope and faith are our passage. Marriage, relationships and simple kindness are our vessels to happiness. Strength, warmth and compassion will be our image.

  • hope, faith and love are our passage.
  • Marriage, relationships and simple kindness are our vessels to happiness.
  • Strength, warmth and compassion will be our image.


Artist for art: Alexandrecabanel

Purity of Universal Light and Cultural Ties with Angels


There is a misconception that Victoria Secret models are now heaven’s angels. That Angels represent the entirety of light and this is not true. Victoria Secret Models, Angels and Light are not interchangeable. They make make a stanza and paradigm category for what goodness is, is possibly on the same parallel but they are not the same thing. There is a universal energy of purity called in Sanskrit (deva) which is in Hinduism called the shining one. It is the closest thing I know of that represents the goodness of a person in form.

Our language is restricted to words and our cultural ties makes misconceptions of what is truly light. So let us define this purity, using Dr. Kageyama’s Steps in practicing. I like to use methodologies in all i do. So we will use the one from a professor I know of.


1.Define goal

2.Go for it.

3. Evaluate result.

4.Identify problem

5. identify cause.

6.Identify possible solution

7. Test solution

  1. My goal is to redefine light in the english language that best describes the purity of the universal force of light.
  2. I like the words Lux – Luxor –  Lumen – Divine – Deva all describing light
  3. Deva is simplest. mix them together and get Deluxor, Devalumen, Divine Deva, or compound them deluxordevalumen-divinedeva.
  4. The problem is finding a word that best describes all five at once or compound them. Possibly Luxor lumenosity Divine Deva or Luxor lumen Divinity of deva. Or Just Deva the shining one.
  5. The cause of this problem is that there are limitations to the English language unless I make up a word myself i cannot express myself without sounding like i’m doing pseudo science or have the pretentious notion that I am the creator of the language.
  6. Solution: Use the language within the parameters of the English dictionary but at the same time compound them in a understandable manner. Divine-Deva sounds clean and best.
  7. Testing it: The highest form of energy that describes the purity of the highest universal light is Divine-Deva of lux.


Divine-Deva of Luxor is the result of extensive probing of the words light and goodness in life. It could be shortened to Divine-Deva but Divine-Deva of Luxor feels like it ties everything together more correctly if there was a formal way to put it. Maybe we will leave it at Deva for a short form but we make due with what we have i guess. I would love to add celestial to the mix but I felt celestial refer more to stars then it did to a person or being.


Smile! Because…

A sweet quote. Something i struggle with sometimes is self acceptance and finding a reason to smile. Life is tough.

{ j'adore, j'aime }

“You are loved, you are valuable, you are crafted with beauty and purpose. I treasure you and this world needs you. There is no one like you. You don’t need to look like the rest, or talk like the rest, or be like the best. The world needs you as you are, you were put here for a reason. There is no truth in the lie that you don’t matter. You are loved. You are not an accident. You are not a mistake”.

– Curt Mega.


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