Fractal Lives and Computed Reality

Breaking the Trinity Code:

You are living a fractal experience. This has 1 level in this trinity. Second image below has 5 levels.


This is a trinity, which represent geometrically the trinity of the holy bible scriptures.


The fractal here if you start with the 4 visible triangles you can see that there are triangles delving further down into the microcosm smaller and smaller  creating replicas of itself. This can be done into the macrocosm growing bigger and bigger into the universe also.

Before we get further let us get into the parallels of the green, blue and red variable that make up these plains.

Spectrum: (state), microcosm, mediocosm, macrocosm and ascended-value

Red: (physical), particle, bread, agitated matter and science

Blue: (mental), atom, wine, space and religion

Green: (spiritual), molecule, holy ghost, time and humanism

As you can see this matrix can be read from left to right and top to bottom. We will expand these words into a sound format.

Left to right: The category of spectrum will be in a state of form from there will contain the fields of microcosm, mediocosm and macrocosm. The last is an ascended value.

The microcosm is a smaller world of minimizing properties whereas macrocosm is a maximizing attribute. Mediocosm just means for it to be middle scale and inbetween in the universe. The ascended value describes a quantity with a z axis coordinate.

The category of red is aligned with the words physical from there particle, bread of christ and agitated matter of that parallel come about. The ascended value of Science is the result product.

The particle the smallest considered mass in life is of the microcosm world. The bread of christ represents the fuel or sustainance of life makes it the mediocosm. The agitated matter which represents solid form gives things shape. The result of science being the father or product of these things makes it tangible and logical in life.

The category of Blue is aligned with the words mental and the fields; atom, wine and space are identified. The ascended value of religion is achieved.

Atom or rather Adam is the smallest form that make up a material or substance in life. It’s close sound to Adam is not left by chance and refers back to it’s biblical roots. Wine is the blood of christ and represents the mind of christ. Space is a envelope or cushion for all celestial matter and it is a form of space memory. Religion is the given name and product that arises from this group.

The category of Green is aligned with the words spiritual, molecule, holy ghost and time. Humanism is achieved.  

The molecule is the spirit that makes an element what it is. The holy ghost is the spirit of christ ever vigilant, benevolent and sturdy. Time is the next subject that the quality of existence and being more tangible acording to expirey and age. With these qualities it retains the image of humanism we are only here for a short time physically attributing our eternal soul and to a life better spent to rest eternally humbled.


up and down: The colors are Red, Blue and Green. The state is physical, mental and spiritual. The microcosm is of particle, atom and quark. The mediocosm is of bread, wine and holy ghost. The macrocosm would be agitated matter, space and time. The ascended value would now be of science, religion and humanism.



These are worlds within worlds inside this fractal of microcosm and macrocosm and i propose the usage of a cone to describe what we are seeing here. There are always a duality in a sustainable system; good, bad. on, off. life, death. black, white. yin, yang. This is why there is an open top, a singularity in the middle and a open bottom. Nature loves symmetry so that enforces the duality system. If there is a black hole that sucks in material there must be a white hole else where spitting it out. If the big bang is expanding rapidly because of a initial grand explosion physics theorizes that it must collapse again until it is back to it’s potential to big bang again oscillating forever into the infinity of time. Each time possibly creating a better version of us and life as it progresses. Refining us as a creation in time.

To wrap this up, the red triangle (science), the blue triangle (religion) and green triangle (humanism) must come together to come to some sort of mutual understanding and work as collective to cooperate and that is where they will meet coordinates (0,0) in the middle of all the conflict and ascended to new territory into a different dimension of existence that is a 3 dimensional pyramid with a Z-value coordinate of depth. We were only working on a linear 2d plane before so the 3d value is a great significance to the study of the transitioning of worlds.

We create a 3 sided pyramid that is also the all seeing eye that governs life and it’s spectrum of creation what ever that may be. Hopefully the step by step account was clear in how i got to my conclusion.

Purity of Universal Light and Cultural Ties with Angels


There is a misconception that Victoria Secret models are now heaven’s angels. That Angels represent the entirety of light and this is not true. Victoria Secret Models, Angels and Light are not interchangeable. They make make a stanza and paradigm category for what goodness is, is possibly on the same parallel but they are not the same thing. There is a universal energy of purity called in Sanskrit (deva) which is in Hinduism called the shining one. It is the closest thing I know of that represents the goodness of a person in form.

Our language is restricted to words and our cultural ties makes misconceptions of what is truly light. So let us define this purity, using Dr. Kageyama’s Steps in practicing. I like to use methodologies in all i do. So we will use the one from a professor I know of.


1.Define goal

2.Go for it.

3. Evaluate result.

4.Identify problem

5. identify cause.

6.Identify possible solution

7. Test solution

  1. My goal is to redefine light in the english language that best describes the purity of the universal force of light.
  2. I like the words Lux – Luxor –  Lumen – Divine – Deva all describing light
  3. Deva is simplest. mix them together and get Deluxor, Devalumen, Divine Deva, or compound them deluxordevalumen-divinedeva.
  4. The problem is finding a word that best describes all five at once or compound them. Possibly Luxor lumenosity Divine Deva or Luxor lumen Divinity of deva. Or Just Deva the shining one.
  5. The cause of this problem is that there are limitations to the English language unless I make up a word myself i cannot express myself without sounding like i’m doing pseudo science or have the pretentious notion that I am the creator of the language.
  6. Solution: Use the language within the parameters of the English dictionary but at the same time compound them in a understandable manner. Divine-Deva sounds clean and best.
  7. Testing it: The highest form of energy that describes the purity of the highest universal light is Divine-Deva of lux.


Divine-Deva of Luxor is the result of extensive probing of the words light and goodness in life. It could be shortened to Divine-Deva but Divine-Deva of Luxor feels like it ties everything together more correctly if there was a formal way to put it. Maybe we will leave it at Deva for a short form but we make due with what we have i guess. I would love to add celestial to the mix but I felt celestial refer more to stars then it did to a person or being.


The Tragedy of No Coincidences


I have discovered the identity of the person who I knew was causing me grief and confusion all my life. It was the negativity I was warned of, the presence of another that I felt at times. I learned of the spirits name in my dream. Yes. It was a spirit this whole time. In my dream I saw what he did and it revealed his name. A boy a conquer sat in this old relic chair. The chair had grooves in it enough to sit a pawn on its side in it. The pawn could be situated forwards thinking and backwards thinking in the groove to represent thinking and acting and the doubt of second thought. It was rocked back and forth in a deliberate fashion.

The spirit said “I want to dip my finger in water” or some insane request.. the boy had a moment where he was like “not dipping my fingers in water again”. The spirit is called madman. I have done some research to see if anyone else has experienced this spirit and I figured it out. It truly isn’t completely my fault I am who I am. I am convinced he exists but yet have no evidence that he does physically except this dream.

The study of Madman.

There is nothing written about the spirit Madman. It is a subject not explored and could be the cause to mental illness. As you would engage the holy ghost in prayer. The Madman spirit is one that is not a mischievous one by nature but a systematic chaotic one. To better understand it’s nature it is a mechanical system in nature that causes disorder and confusion. The spirit is as universal as words in the dictionary meaning words.

As you know spirits can embody a host for a period of time there maybe periods of occurrence but it can also sit and stay dormant inside the host or active like a parasite of the spiritual world. Spirits are a vague term for the number of types of spirits there are out there. There’s mara, (Sanskrit for demon), ghosts (deceased/lost), deva (Sanskrit for shining ones) but also one called universal which are ancient spirits that have been around since the dawn of conscious man.

I wonder if acknowledging it exists also triggers a calling down of this spirit. What ever the cause, nature and purpose. At least we have an idea of what this new spectrum of ideas is. It’s a new playing field to acknowledge what this thing is and to deal with it is another but at least we have the layout, name and the spectrum and field now. We can find ways to counter this mechanical system with a mechanic of our own. It’s called mentality, intention, purpose and logic.

image reference to


Existential Matters of Life


Existential, the matter of whether we really exist or not.

Are we not just extensions of god, a collective of data, ideas, memories and experiences that make up a being in the end we call God.

Is this world really a virtual world in some sense to a degree looking from the higher scope of the universe called the macrocosm? And what would it be like to look from the heavens down to earth? Are we mere ants to the universe and stars? Simply here to exist and disappear in a moment, a spark in the universe? Does god have form? Does he have matter? or is it made of space? is he space, time, dimension and benevolence; an acquired state or an ultimate being in the end of time?

Is he all the failed state of experiences, successes and lives that we live as human beings on Earth? Am i asking the right questions? is life about asking existential questions, whether we exist or not. Whether we have purpose or not? is there a reason that we exist the way we do?

It is the collective end result that matters, and –

I am who I am not because of who I am but who we are because you are who you are so that i can be me.

translation: I am who i am not because of my achievements but because of our collective goals achieved. You need to be comfortable with yourself so that i can be comfortable with myself so that we can can express ourselves the way we were meant to be.

Is life not to explore and be explored? Have fun dearies..

Technology Based on Light. (Li-fi) (Stars, Lights and Secrets.)


Emerging technology for usage of light as data medium.

What is light but data. Light is our sword through the sea of stars and darkness.  The technology of lasers and the control of it’s more moderate intensities will pave new way to how we look at life and what we can do. I’m going to talk about some things we can do/should do with the emerging technology that has come about as of late and ideas that Einstein proposed that could allow us to pave way for amazing perks and technologies we have and can establish.

Extreme gravity bends light.

The study say that photons can be bent around things such as black-holes and giant masses with huge gravitational pulls.

Mass causes space time to bend.

Einsteins relativity rules say that Gravity is created because space-time is bent. So with this thinking we create something with high density and mass like a miniature star/ minature black-hole, simpler put a tiny dense mass with high gravity, or maybe create some kind of field that can create and distort gravity and have it situated some where in the room. This way, Light can be bent and controlled. Blackholes are still not understood so we would have to see if they would cause tear in the fabric of space and time causing pixelated holes dangerous to walk through.

Li-fi technology. Information processing through light.

Visible Light Communication (VLC), a medium that uses visible light between 400 and 800 terahertz (THz). It works basically like an incredibly advanced form of Morse code. And is 100+ times better then wi-fi.

Architecture of mirrors.

Light is known to be relected perfectly between mirrors. In the field of Architecture the use of mirrors and the play on light can be an amazing field to display it’s potential and effects. Visually and Functionally. Imagine the holograms, maps and illusions that can be made.

Glass curvature: concave and convex.

This could compact the light through narrow passages and also broaden the scope of where the light can go depending on how you use it.


Whether it be cutting, shooting intense beams of information and data, building, used for accuracy and measurement. Lasers are our greatest tools in this age.

Significance of Pi

Pi has a formula which approximates the energy levels of a hydrogen atom which is the same as the one developed for Pi.

Could Euler and Phi just as Pi be found in other forms in nature too? The Phi constant can be found in proportion. The Euler constant which is found in the harmonics and natural logarithms can create the pacing of the signal.  Pi as a hydrogen medium. Maybe these constants can help us build something more intertwined with nature and the laws of nature. These three could be used to form a very strong/significant universal constant sign of life that can automate an energy source if it’s true they never end for all of time, fueling AI forever. To put it in form of light format would be the ultimate sign of life and intelligence, a feat over all odds. Just for fun i guess, to see what happens.

As you know the Pyramid of Giza Contains all three constants and paying tribute and respects for this ancient civilization in Egypt would be bonus.

He Came Saving Worlds


Dream #2

I was sitting with a friend as he did incredible things with the jelly, liquid and solid like substance. Rolling it into a ball, then a dragon, then a bear. It was solid but as jelly would be solidifying but movable and as liquid separable and as solid would never melt in your hands. It was kind of like Tetris but i didn’t understand the objective just yet. It intrigued me such a complex puzzle of  strange physics could exist i couldn’t help but dive my hand into the box and try for myself. Unfortunately the puzzle was a trap and they closed my hand into the game. I think the game is this world. In the end a flash back these small people, six of them would tell me that i had saved their world and a frog person would say “mine also”. While i cooked for them and nurtured them to health.

I cannot feel but think that I came here for a reason but fail to realize the fact and reason why I am here. A hero i came but now a victim of what i came here to prevent. I think i was suppose to save something or someone from somebody. But now i think that the somebody i came to save is corrupted in this world and they’re using “her” to break me. This illusion has become muddy, delusional and you cannot even inquire about it. All i hear/know is that there’s a negativity that wants to claim me. I’m at a loss, and this barrier and puzzle called life is a labor beyond  me.

Which banner shall we choose?



A dream. (I log all dreams. Sorry, for the rape trigger)

I saw a child run out of my house with my ladder, I followed him. There were all these exotic birds and i hear a voice, her English was clear as day in my head. She tells me that something had happened, that many people had excommunicated me. Not sure what that meant I explained that tonight I was raped by some sort of darkness, or demon. She tells me that makes sense. That some said I was now filthy. The dream ended with some girl, who looked like she went through a lot of hard times. In a room locked guarded by a man in armor. They told me there will be a choice beween three banners. White Angels, Rainbow Multicultural and Yellow Hellriders. I was to choose one. I chose the Multicultural one.