Dreams are the unsung memories.


Sometimes dreams that are conjured up seem like memories. Recalled in the past and influenced by current conflicts in life becoming a stew of emotion and thoughts that collaborate to produce this product that are your dreams. It is this process that makes me call dreams unsung memories and dreams are as important as life as I have come to understand. It is a smaller world where we can in a way sometimes control the elements, direction and environment if we really apply ourselves. Unlike our bigger world (The real life outside world) where we have less control over things appearance, function and nature. It is the macrocosm versus the microcosm and the macrocosm expands to be bigger where the microcosm contracts to become smaller. The dreams can be within dreams and within dreams whereas the macrocosm real world can expand into City to Province to Country to World to Solar system to Galaxy to Universe.

Dreams play an important role in that it influences you subconsciously throughout the day. It sits in the back of your mind throughout the day and changes your thought patterns and whether to be cautious that day or not. It makes you wonder and ask questions and it also inspires you sometimes to aspire for greater things. Life and dreams are an assortment of many different things and you never know what you are going to get. Different recipes give different results and products and thus so do dreams and life’s products. We do what we desire to do and take what we desire to take this is the result of our desires to produce a world we want to produce. This is why the world around us is the way it is, if we desire bad things then bad things will surround you, they may even control you for example if you marry an abusive/controlling person. Your objective is to be in control of your life and it’s direction not the other way around where the world controls you.

Really, dreams are memories and they influence you as any memory does as experience and should be treated in the same way.. to learn from and improve by. It is everyone’s objective to succeed in life. It is your choice to make a life where you can be happy. Life is your design, savored and not be taken for granted. You only have one life so make it happen. Make happiness happen, think positive, be creative and own your life.

The Outside World, Personal World and Building bonds


In the process of making sense of life and building identity; The outside world, personal world and building bonds comes to be the most important aspects.

A world of many universes put into in one place is an interesting concept. This place is one filled with all heights of creativity and i believe the world exists not only in the imagination of the whole collective but in a world parallel to us where all ideas exist. An ideal world would have variety of things to see and change our mind in our taste of what we like. Staying only to what we know and are familiar with will not allow our vision of an ideal world evolve and change into something bigger and greater.

Even so there must be a diverse variety in the outside world as well as a balance of what we like in this world surrounding us. Surrounding us with what we love and what we aspire to be and have is something we can do to make our experience on Earth better. Collecting and organizing things is a human habit that we do subconsciously and we do it because we enjoy having things that we can identify with around us. It is human nature to have things we love to remind us who we are and in having things this builds identity in a way when you’re growing up. And we are always growing up whether you like/believe it or not we grow with every experience, thing and event that comes up in our life.

Building relationships and connections with people, events, places and things is the name of the game. The more relationships established the easier it is to navigate and figure out what, where, who, why, when and how of what you’ll have to do to get what you seek. The more relatable we are, kind, and virtuous we are the more people gravitate to you for what ever their reason. We are like magnets made of amazing content still needed to be extracted like planets holding a gravitational pull due to it’s mass. We attract ideas for the reason that we need to and want to connect to others. It’s an amazing journey of helping others achieve this as well. All else is trivial or will come with time, work on your relationships and all will come together in the end.

In conclusion; Life is the world around us in the macrocosm and life is in the microcosm of our own personal space. It is in the connections and bonds of everything around us that makes life worth while and interesting. We need to focus on building our relationships that we have and continue to establish new ones as we go. Young or old there is always something to explore and new aspects misunderstood that should be re-explored. Talk to new people, ask them what they do and hand out more cards. You never know who your next employer will be in the future. You’ll never know what you’ll love. You’ll never find out what you haven’t discovered if you stay in your shell. So open up and see the world.

Share a Half Full Bottled Identity of Opportunity. If you know what I mean.


There are moments in life that draws your attention in present day that make you cringe, excited, or happy. These are the stories that make up your personality and identity. These stories are lessons that bring you to do something different the next time you engage a problem just like it. This is called experience and just like any video game experience allows you to grow and develop further to become who you are today. Your life is an amazing journey full of twists and turns but what doesn’t kill you or put you in jail will only make you a stronger and a better person. The topics discussed will be; All actions have consequences, your imagination is the spark of life,  ideas are made to be shared.

The decisions you make in life determine who you are. Every decision branches off to new opportunities and every opportunity has events, circumstances and conditions. Action is not without consequence and sometimes the consequence is good. Your attitude is a great influence on your direction in life and your vision of what you want in life determines what you will see and won’t see in life. For example is this full glass half full? or half empty? if it is half full you are an optimist and if it’s half empty you are are skeptic/cynical. Both answers are correct but it’s how you view it that allows you to enjoy life or dread it.

Your imagination is the spark of life; Life may pull curve balls at you but life never has complete control over you. You are in charge of your life and no one else has the right to force you to do anything. Life is about making things work/fixing it to work, building constructively and tearing it down for new and better things, helping and encouraging others to do the same. There’s always something to do, there’s so much work on this world that needs to be done. There is so much to explore and you don’t need to be out on high mountains to find it, it’s in your imagination. Your creative spark of madness allows you to open doors where there was no door before. You are the vehicle that makes these gateways of opportunity happen.

Thoughts are meant to be shared; Every thought that runs through your head is a genuinely unique snow flake achieved through the influence of another person/environment or thing of inspiration. Sometimes they are complete ideas and sometimes they are incomplete and missing parts to the puzzle. No idea is completely concrete and untouchable and you are wrong to patent something that can still be worked on. Ideas should be shared and improved on. The world of information is something we want to work with not against. We should collaborate more and bring into reality many universes overlapped in layers into a linear world where everything can interact as a compiled single entity of genius.

In conclusion; all actions have consequences is shown in that what you do and think effects what becomes of you. Your imagination is the spark of life. You can see this in all the work everyone has done throughout the years. Through cars, computers and architecture there are many ideas that with the right function/nature and behavior incorporated that develop into a thing that envelopes those categories. Ideas are made to be shared means that we should be putting our minds together as a collective and working together as passionately concerned family and friends rather then block head competitors and rivals. Really the metaphor of “Sharing a Half full bottled identity of opportunity” is a good example of what the perspective on life is. Will you take the half bottle of water not knowing where it came from and who drank it if you were dying of thirst? or would you put it aside and wait for a safe bottle of water from else where? It’s all in the trust. Both decisions have negative consequence but the first one is probably the safest idea being at risk of dehydration even if you risk some sort of illness you don’t know where your next sip of water will be. Constructive/Positive and Trusting is what we need to focus on and this is all we can do as humans.

The shroud of generalization


Social ethnic identity;

Superficial images, generalization of a group of like people and stereo typing have been around for a long while. This generalizing usually leads to a very narrow perspective of what or who these people are. These are the the three things that make life more difficult for those trying to break that barrier and for discrimination to thrive. Positive or Negative generalization can be very annoying even for that asian boy who is suppose to be smart or that black guy who isn’t 6 feet tall and doesn’t play basketball. To a degree all stereo types can be correct but a generalization of a whole Muslim population for example as a mafia/terrorist group is not how we were raised to see people. The idea is a gross example of how badly we can define a group of extremists that represent only a minority of the muslim population

Superficial images; ideal images are usually a platform we thrive on. We look at it as a possibility to obtain or work towards but there is a negative side and that is the risk that it may become a superficial vision cliched to the point that it becomes generic. And we dread generic content, been there done that – something about the absence of uniqueness sucks the life out of that paradigm you pictured in your head. It may be the subtle flaws that make realities realistic that we are driven to pursue a more vivid picture of our life. When we allow others to grow with time (the 4th dimension) we allow us to see a whole new perspective of them whether a certain actor for example seemed generic at the time playing different roles will give you depth of what he is capable of becoming.

Generalization of a group of peoples is the only way we can describe the groups of ethnicity that are out there. It is difficult to determine who is Canadian or American just by looking at a person’s physical features for example. There are many Asian ethnic groups and even minority of Asian ethnic groups in a Canadian population and to vaguely categorize them as being just Asians is suggesting they have the same dialect and language. Which is wrong because we do not see the Indian population, Chinese, and Taiwanese all getting together to talk about their power play against white people. In the same way we do not see the Polish, German and English getting together to gang up on the black community. We do not like over generalizing a people so why do we do it anyways? Chinese food is often a generalization for all Asian food in the English population. And Indian’s are apparently Asian. In a way we need to redefine the world and establish our identity if we want to get rid of these stereo types.

Stereo typing is another conflict that is similar to the above but it has to do with making people appear to be who they are not. You cannot categorize a Canadian born Asian among international students and expect him to relate and adapt to his new conditions and circumstance. You can encourage them and find this inspiring that a person could live abroad and put himself into an new learning environment but he is still alien as any other westerner. A person should not be judged by how he looks but how he speaks, acts and functions. After this evaluation then it is safe to assume who this person is and if he is someone you can call a friend. The suggestion of “a big man is strong” and “a woman is weak” can be an excuse for the woman to get out of hard work.. or an dis-opportunity for a man to become a tool of labor when he has a mind of his own too and not just brawn.

Life is not black and white. And if it were we would be ignorant. For life is a spectrum of many colors and shades of grey. There is depth beyond skin and it lies in the heart and head. As soon as we realize that a whole new world of opportunity opens to us and we are able to freely examine and reevaluate our situation. The world is not flat, not a square not even a sphere but an oblate spheroid which just means a sphere but theres a bulge along the equator. Then again if we get over technical things can get complicated but its just better practice and good to identify a certain group with their correct group of people. If we wanted to overgeneralize we would just name people by the color of their skin but we don’t do that out of respect for the ethnicity. I guess the medium of the two worlds is a better suggestion for the box of what we should call people: Asian, Caucasian, Black, Native, S. American, Indian is acceptable but it’s very objective from a very Caucasian perspective but not necessarily wrong but i believe a better alternative such as their geographic location could be a better solution.

The Veil of the Underworld, Time and Multidimsion


The Veil:

I think that based on the dreams i’m having, something is telling me that multi-dimensional travel is undesirable and can only partially succeed and may reach but cannot completely penetrate the veil physically. The form you will mostly likely be able to see and move will be a strange form like a spirit watching from three perspectives one from above third person, your personal conscience as the 2nd person and from first person acting as a character simultaneously. In a dream this is most likely the case where all possibilities are possible. The multiverse while dreaming allows us to live many small miniature lives that in the end make up who we are, influencing us to become who we will become with a mix of reality in life too it becomes a product of your true identity.

I believe that the veil to the underworld is a different sort of veil where it can in some way interact physically with the living. Seeing that death can be on the same plane as life being linear and 5 dimensional. 5 dimensional being time and being able to fold time. All is connected and the deaths of other people and my own that i experience are interconnected with my present life. The fold is only active in my passing for example but i know in another form after i pass away i am able to make that fold happen because of our omniscient state as the dead. My theory being that when we die we are omniscient in all 3 views of 3 sets; 1st perspective, 2nd perspective and 3rd perspective, past, present and future, dark, habitable and light. These are the planes we can see and know of and because as i said our lives can be touched by the dead. We can feel their presence, learn from them and be influenced by them through being inspirited or inspired in a way.

The Veil of time is the only veil i know that we can cross over spontaneously without even knowing. It is the only veil that can be broken and where objects are able to move through unaltered and unchanged. There are time zones in every place that can be crossed and aging that makes time evident and all this leads to the idea that time can be manipulated but limited by our life span as all things. Just as light travels at the speed of light which reduces aging. We must seek to move as light and bring glory of life, light and heaven  to the world forever.Though we lack the technology there are natural phenomenon about time travel on Earth by mother nature. But this sort of time travel is spontaneous and random and therefore you travel at your own risk.

In conclusion there are many forms of perspectives, times and states that a person can exist in and being able to tap into these things and being in tune with yourself you will be able to discover the secret that  is yourself, your identity. Your identity is something you will build forever as long as you live. As  i can speak in third person unconditionally, 2nd person to you and first person as if i were talking about myself and still be intelligible; So will you in this life of dreams, life, death and afterlife. I’ve learned that i’m a healer but i do not know how to channel my work into something constructive and viable to this world. I have only my words, dreams and inspirations. I know I am a healer at heart and maybe some day someone will help me realize that.