The thesis “Dream, Life and Light”: ties to “Death, Afterlife and Dark”.

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Dream, Life and Light.

In everyone’s daily routine “day life” and “night life” whether your sleeping or awake we experience dreams and life. In the end of it all what we find out of these two is light of it all. The knowledge, wisdom and understanding of it all is really what we truly seek. Meaning, Messages and symbolism of what these dreams mean in life and what life means to our dreams. Our goals are reflected by our dreams which collect all the information you think about throughout the day and take the most crucial information and gives you a message about what you may have just learned that day. Sometimes it’s hazy sometimes it’s clear and sometimes it’s seemly pointless. However random your dreams are there is meaning in your dreams. The same goes with life, life speaks for itself events, circumstance and conditions happen for a reason, sometimes it’s out of your control and sometimes it is in your control. When it’s in your control make sure you know it and that you tackle the problem with all you’ve got.

I would like to answer the riddle of what dream, life and light is and how it all relates to one another. It is my main objective to do this. Life is constructive, positive and good but the thing i don’t understand is how death is involved. Maybe it is there to balance the system so that giant monopolies don’t happen over extended periods of time. Maybe to recycle us spiritually so that we can be reborn and refreshed for eternal life. Maybe it’s just the cosmic cycle of life and it’s reason for being is to loop and repeat itself. What ever our theories are life and dreams comes hand in hand with death and the after life. Maybe the after life is just like a dream except with features of life like pain, emotion and motives. This balances all 4 realms of these types of lives. life, dreams, death and after life. Understanding these concepts is a reach but this is the best we can do with such abstract theorizing.

We know these things only exist in reminisce of the spirit like ghosts, premonitions and people talking about the afterlife from children reborn onto Earth from another life. Stories from old times like the greek about where one goes after one dies. It’s a conflicting topic but most definitely interesting. Spirits and angels driving us and influencing us is another interesting concept that many find hard to believe. Though this is hard to swallow it is tough to dismiss these things and say they are not real at the same time. Those who do dismiss these things are simply ignorant for the fact that there are super natural phenomenon out there that cannot be solved in this life unless they have the intelligence of another being from the realm. Though even that is not enough to be concrete evidence with our science based minds.

Light of it all: What we seek is the light of it all. Answers to our questions. We ask for it to be done, we want a product not pieces and tools needed to make the product. Likewise we build from the bottom up no the other way around. Maybe things can be built from the past to the present but also the future backwards into the present. This logic is the same with this case, miracles are a super phenomenon but not impossible. There is still much we don’t understand about our world and to dismiss these miracles as a fluke is ignorant and losing half the picture. Until proven to be untrue keep an open mind for things we don’t understand. The Dark may just be a misunderstood animal and once tamed can cooperate to be part of the light bringing our answers to the cosmos. For the dark once subjected is nothing but a subject in the library of the light not some sort of army to be fought.

Jumping inter-dimensional vehicles and athletes of the universe

I had a couple of dreams:

(having several metaphoric dreams in one night was a headache to remember but.. )

I was on this train and it was initially on a rail but then they said they were lost and they started asking me for directions. I had no clue where i was so i got on the roof and jumped before it crashed into another train. At the top of this new train there was emergency escape route above but it was only made for exiting not entering. I suppose that’s what inter-dimensional travel is like, You can’t interact with the beings there without bringing your entire body there. And your body is stuck in limbo with no way to get into their reality. Also because it is a actively moving vessel and jumping into another actively moving vessel this could be a life comparison to inter-dimensional jump. The dream continued in that i was surrounded by faceless transparent beings with golden sparks bordering them. I didn’t want them to touch me, i wasn’t sure what they were – a strange form of humanoids is all i could assume. I then went into a state where the microcosm transcended the macrocosm, flying i could break apart the stars and see it’s components and as i move out further i was able to break bigger systems of stars and as i got out further i was able to break family of system of stars. When i touched them they broke down into symbols, solids and components and those solids and components continued to break down into symbols further.

I was then at this school where there was a gathering for what looked like a race to climb the entire school building. The athlete i was acting as in this themed race barefoot scaled the walls with ease, being a bit of a showoff at the start and ran across the roof and slid down the ladder rails down to this area i like to call the canoe liners which shot along this huge river. Here the lines for the canoe liners were getting tied up as canoes shot off. There were 4 canoe stations and 3 of them were tied up they continued to shoot as we were in them and trying to untie the knots they shot us off the cliff all three at once into the river. There were emergency floating beds at the bottom but i missed them and landed in the water. In the end the other school decided to give us some of their athletes as contribution to our cause (whatever it was). If this was also about multi-dimensional jumping i guess the liners represent a very delicate and specific direct system that if crossed can cause certain implications with the route. Maybe in this world these athletes see the world as a race/game and assuming they’re almost indestructible just run through life as competitively fast as possible. If each line represented a realm my crossing through the multidimensional realms could implicate their delicate or ill prepared games.

Chapter 2: Squidman the Timetraveler; Love and Time Machines.


Chapter 2: Love and Time Machines

I asked “So did you see the original Squidman’s face?” he responded “yes, and i’m not bent on revenge but i would like to talk to him.” i question him “what’s there to talk about other then how he killed your wife..?” “I don’t know anyways he was a tall Caucasian man around his 40s Mediterranean perhaps he was Greek most definitely. The tools he had at the cave also pointed to the fact he may have lived on the island of Crete. Knossos, Minotaurs and Labrynths was referenced all over his book of Prophecy and along with roman coins. I guess he was a collector of some sort. There are many questions i have for him such as how he came to be the squidman himself, or whether the place we went to even allowed us to age, how long he’s been there and what he plans on doing with his time travel abilities. Was he just a victim to circumstance and condition?. I exclaimed “We’ll never know now, so who cares. He could be anywhere in the world.”

Future me says “I’m going to travel to Crete and see if i can find any clues about this man. How hard is it going to be to find a man from the wrong time era?” 16 hours and $1500 later he was in Crete. And I was in search of a man cited in the Prophecy book by the name of Eric Loren Jeffery who i found out doesn’t exist at least in how far back the Jeffrey tree went back. But looking at genealogy trees today the Surname Jeffrey was one of the richest Houses in the United States. So i decided i’d look into it even though the USA was at the moment a war zone but if i ran into trouble i could just time travel backwards if anything bad happens. I made my way to Boston where it was secured to the teeth. No one could move in or out. I was patted down 3 times and then went through 2 scanners just so i could get in the city. The houses were boarded up or had steel shutters and the entire streets were abandoned. It was like a ghost town. Even so high above there were lights lit in rooms on the upper floors. I buzzed to speak at the mansion. “Hello” i said “Hello! i would like to talk to a resident of Jeffreys please.” “Who may i ask is speaking?” trying to sound genuine and honest “I’ve traveled very far and i’m just someone who is very interested in your history. May we speak?”.

The gate opened and i sigh with relief. The mansion was ginormous and i’m sure the estate worth is in the millions. i made my way up it’s broad walkways to the mansion door. I was greeted by a butler which i’m surprised anyone still had. I guess they were wealthy enough to get through the depression. The first question i asked was “how on earth were you able to afford all these things and survive under these circumstances?” The woman answered perseverance, good planning and stocking is all i’ve done. All around the house were pallets and pallets of costco water and dried/canned foods. The whole room had walls covered in supplements and vitamins. She says “You pay less when you buy in bulk”. I just stared for a while and then i asked “My main reason for being here is to ask about your family history as in, do you know of any one in your family who has known or lived as a time traveler?” She says “It’s a dark history. One i’m forbade from telling but under these circumstances and my age i refuse to take it to my grave. Yes, i had an great great grandfather who apparently came from no where and was obsessed with time travel, spoke of it all the time. Rumors had it he was from the wrong generation as if he got frozen in time and dropped into the modern times. He had many books from our ancestors handed down from many generations before. We’ve lived here for a very long time and we never ever throw anything out. We have all my great great grandfather’s tools, gear and even ugly sweaters

I am led through a bunch of corridors to this obscene little door way into the bottom basement. Where i realized there was so much work to be done. I found out that there were people who were time travelers of their time but now very much passed away. It said here he abandoned his wife at age 30 and child of 5, 8 and 13 and never came back. He apparently left a gaping hole of history from 200,012 BC to the 1715s. He wrote journals but they were mostly Greek until 1723 when he started writing in English. His last words were “in my desk hidden under the hidden panel. A list of apologies”. I ripped open the desk drawers and turned it all upside down. The middle drawer had a sliding bottom. There was the apologies letter he apologized for vandalizing Fredrick Anistons Naylor TF 1700 out of anger. Leaving his wife and children. Faking his references for his first job at the Daily News. And for the death of Amelia Stratos bless her soul in the after life. Amelia Stratos was John Stratos’ wife who died of by autopsy a force from inside the neck, the mouth gaping and dislocated jaw. All neck arterioles torn from the inside from pressurized force. Death cause was unknown.

I call Future me quickily and tell him he’s looking of a John Stratos. He answers “Great that you have a lead. i am truly tired of this island, it is enormous! but now with a name i can find him easier. How did you manage to find out who he was?” I say “In one of the book of Prophecy’s citation he mentioned being a prodigy to a man by the name of  Eric Loren Jeffrey’s. The problem was he’s not from his time so he’s not even in the genealogy of the tree as far as it goes back. He convinced the people from his distant family that he was a time traveler meaning he had the device but it malfunction because it was incomplete so he was stuck in the time line. Meaning John Stratos is the one who continued his work and progressed it to it’s abilities today. There are only 5 devices mentioned. Eric Loren Jeffery’s had the prototype and put John Stratos where he was that day you ran into him in the cave. I’m having his very first journal come back translated right now by the woman who lives here in Boston.

His story before was like a fairy tale, a myth or legend. It starts off as: Once upon a time there was a Great ruler of a place called Lemuria. Lemuria was a place of great technological advances. The Ruler of Lemuria was upholding the balance of the world, peace and prosperity. One day one of his subjects who was entrusted with locking up the technology of time travel away from everyone because of the consequence and implications of time travel it was seen dangerous was found testing it out secretively. He also had a wife and children but he secretly had mistresses on the side and this was frowned on. So anyone found tinkering in time and experimenting on it would be exiled. The King of Lemuria found out and he administered a dosage of justice and told him to use his project immediately knowing the complexity of the work which was not yet complete and no one knew where it would take him  for it was also multidimensional. The king cursed him and told him “where ever you go you cannot hide for you will live with this deformity and likeness of a squid. I hear by banish you from this realm and world”. And with that the Man was exiled from the dimensional heavens into a secluded corner of the map of the world. His studies and work have been to get back to that dimension and area of the world where his family resides. The cursed man who will never find love again.

Short story: Squidman the Timetraveler

“Squid eye image source”

“Reconnect our past and conclude our future.”

I dreamt a whole story scenario where the past effected the present effected the future in a continuous loop.

So it started off i was on a boat joking around with my wife talking about the variety of sea monsters out there in the wild deep sea that have never been discovered and how in the past there would be gigantic monstrous leviathans wrecking boats and eating ships whole. A man in a beanie and sunglasses bumps into us and says these illusive words “The squid was a mistake, got to reconnect the past, have to conclude the future. Enter the rock, it’s your destiny. Plan for the future. What ever you do don’t trust the squid man. ” and with that he runs pass me through the door way next to me and before i could ask what the heck he means he disappeared like Batman. We continued our tour of the sea animals and then an announcement that a Giant exotic baby monster sea squid would be joining the family of sea creatures at 6 pm tonight! How exciting. We would come back to see it tonight after dinner.

6 pm that night we went to see the giant baby squid but something went very wrong. The museum had almost been completely destroyed, we passed a few museum pieces a samurai suit of armor, an Urn that is said to hold the ashes of an ancient unknown era king and a boulder the size of a coffee table that had a plate with engravings on it. “This place no one must see you come in. The way is open. Beware squid man.” I was sure the last time we went across the boulder that it had said something boring about sediments and rock layers but surely i would’ve remembered a passage as ridiculous as this. I stood there wondering “Enter the rock. It’s your destiny.” I had a brilliant idea to jump on the rock, and said “follow and do as i do” to my wife. She says “what are you going to do?” I respond “i don’t know, just going to jump on this rock, it’s my destiny”. She rolls her eyes. I get on a stool and jump on the face of the rock and fall through a endless dark vortex i could feel the wind pass under me and through me indicating i was going downwards at incredible speed.

I ended up on an island outside and had no clue what time it was and where i was. I hear something collapse on the ground behind me and jumped. I hear the funniest moan “Owww, i think i broke something.” The wife came through too so i had someone to confirm my experience with. We entered the closest thing to us and it was a cave, we weren’t really thinking about wild animals because we were on a mission to find out why we were here just like an explorer. We see a man in a hood writing at a make shift table under some candle light. He says “i know why you have come. What it is you seek and how i can help you. I have a gift and and blows some sparkly dust on me and i collapse on the ground, All i hear is my wife screaming in panic. I go into a deep sleep and i see people around me in shadow with pikes and weapons that were sharp and this angered me. All i hear is “LEVIATHAN” repeated again and again. I see tentacles as i swim away there were ships ahead with more angry people with harpoons and all sorts of weaponry. A voice in my head said bend the metal and wood with your mind! And i saw all the ships around me lift up and get crushed by the might of my physic powers and then the voice said you’re first born will allow you to travel back to your time. I thought “great i have a wife, no problem then. Then a thought struck me my wife is in danger!”

Everything was dark i was having trouble breathing i woke up in a sweat and i hear. “Finally i can get out of here and break the curse! I am sorry Evelynn” His face was deformed, no nose, skin was pale almost translucent and there were wrinkles like a pugs face that covered his eyes and mouth. He jammed his face into Evelynn’s face what looked like a kiss. I yelled “get away from her you freak”. He turned at me with a malevolent stare soon you too will feel and do what i have just done. His face reverts to – my own face. And i feel something change around my face it gets heavier i feel the pulsing of fluids to my face and i yell what have you done to us? Evelynn looks at me and cries it hurts! i can see a vein pop up on her neck from all the pressure built up and asked “what did you do to her?” He cries “What has to be done, I must go back and fix this.” A message popped into my head you will wait 2 years alone on this island to fend for yourself and then your opportunity should you take it or not will come.” A squid bursts out of Evelynns face and leaves her mouth gaped and dislocated. Her nose starts to bleed and she collapses. I yell “NOOOO.”. I curse and threaten to kill him but knowing to no prevail because my ropes were too tight. Why would you do this to your wife, “why, why, why” he turns to me and tells me with sad eyes that he regrets what he did too but he had no choice. He starts packing all the items and i see something familiar “Enter the rock. it’s your destiny. “He picks up the squid and yells back to Sept 10th 2020 5:50 pm!”. I think to myself that’s only 10 minutes from the time we entered the rock.. So it’s true. It was truly me. I know i wouldn’t have done anything to hurt Evelynn but maybe the 2 years stuck here really changed me. The room flashes with a powerful sequence of flashes until the room lit up with complete white and he vanished.

I finally get the ropes off of me after struggling to get them off for 2 days. My arms were rug burned from struggling so much with the ropes. I decided it wasn’t the end of my life so i went outside and walked around the beach for a while and ran across a boat and started to wave at it. It came in and left as soon as it saw my face. I forgot i looked like that freak because of the curse. “I guess i’m now Squid Man” i sighed. I was bored and thought maybe i wrote a journal or something to keep myself busy. I went back into the cave and started looking. I found the shelf with all the journals, i knew i loved to write so i assumed i had written some. It seems that who ever initially had the curse put it on him and he was left here to die until i came is what i concluded from reading the journals. I lived in isolation for 1 and a half years even started calling a nearby coconut shell “Wilson” to humor myself based on the film Cast away. I thought to myself “My cross roads really was a surprise ending.” I started planning about what i was going to do when the other me reaches me assuming that the future me has done some work to leer some poor me of the past to come here to take my place in the present. I decided i was going to do it. I decided i was going to be this monster and get my wife killed and go back to fix all this to become as if it never happened. I’m sure the future me is one step ahead of me on this, i know i’m not a complete monster no matter how bad i had it here. I will atone for my sins and go to church every day and be a good person i swear it. Probably not to that extent but i’ll redeem myself surely. So i planned all day for the last 1/2 year. All loop holes and all possible variations to events that may happen because of what i change in history. I would have time traveling abilities at a very heavy price but i promised i would use it to the good of man.

I thought about what i needed to do to keep the wife safe and from becoming squid man. So i thought if i just sit here and live my days here and forget about that opportunity and because my past self will be stuck here too with the wife i’ll befriend my past self and live with my wife and him stuck here on this island until we kill each other or go insane. I thought about swimming to the closest piece of land as squid man but being ugly doesn’t automatically make you breathe under water. I finally sat down to some scenarios. Sitting down to this book Prophecy by the past inhabitant of this island. It said that the future world never existed because global war started by 2030 and China waged war over the world. America was no more. Canada allowed Americans to move to their country for a time until they hit the limit for taking American immigrants. USA was a constant war zone and civil wars and rebellions were ignited throughout all the states. Everyone was bunkered. In the end Nuclear warheads were used and the magnetic field disappeared and all life on Earth was lost. I contemplated on this and thought maybe i could fix this. So definitely i need to sacrifice my wife and subdue my past self into going through what i have so that i have the power to time travel. I need to guide myself into getting to where the future me is today.

I started remembering what that man in the beanie and shades said that started all this. “The squid was a mistake, got to recconect the past, have to conclude the future. Enter the rock, it’s your destiny. Plan for the future. What ever you do don’t trust the squid man.” Well looks like i entered the rock, it’s my destiny and don’t trust squid man is complete now i guess i’m planning for the future. So first i thought of all the weird things that happened to me. There was that attack on the museum, i don’t know if i can do anything about a giant squid on the rampage. Maybe i can communicate with it seeing that it is telepathic or psychic and since i’m the father right? maybe it’ll understand and listen to me. In the book of prophecy it spoke of the monster squid’s eye and that it holds the key to time travel but the future time travel capability is only available once the squid has turned to an adult and used with a certain pendant. I found a hidden bookshelf safe and it held the pendant the book spoke of. I read more on the pendant “Beholder of the pendant, know that he who holds this pendant holds the world at balance. This pendant is in your hands, thus it is your responsibility for the world is in your hands” That is all that was written for that chapter. “Boy, way to be cryptic” i thought. So i need to make sure past me is guided to here so that present me will be able to continue if i failed here and make a bad decision. In future me’s journal i read all the things he wanted to attempt to do and I’ve seen all the out comes because of it so before i save my wife from embarking on this journey that leads to her dying this brutal death i need to make sure the world will be okay. The journal mentions having to stay an additonal 2 years because there was another me before this and he tried to kill Squidman and swim away but he and his wife died drowning carried by the tide trying to get away from Squidman after trying to explain to them what he had gone through and what he needed to do.

The day finally comes and i decided i was going to sit at the desk like i was suppose to but realized being civil about this would just make past me run away and drown himself. There was no other way i needed the baby squid to travel back in the past and to break the curse i needed to kiss the wife in cursed form.  I needed to get the grown squids eye which i’ll give it a year to grow by going one year earlier i guess thats September 10th 2013, i’ll tell it to come back to that same place in a year and i will take the eye on September 10th 2014 6:00 pm at the museum. While i was busy writing a man comes in from the side and i say to him “I’m sorry. This must be done, i need to reconnect our past and conclude our future.” I blow dust on him and made sure to leave another copy of my journal for him to read just in case i screw up. “It’s all a dream within a dream i have created a loop that will allow me to continue until i prevail and achieve what i came out here to do.” I continued my preparation until he woke up. The wife lays on the floor bound. “i have prepared everything you need to do for our future. I will be civil and straightforward with you, your wife will die but through it the world will be saved. I have set many journals and resources for you to research on your own time here but in 2 years you will have the chance to decide what you want to do when the decision to do what i have done should be done. There was no other way i assure you and i rely on you to fix what i have done wrong and continue this quest to save the world. I will leave this pendant on the lake floor under the stairs of the docks by the church, you will know what it is in time.” The man yells “What are you talking about? What is going on? Where am i? Don’t touch my wife!” I kiss her and tell him as my face reverts to human “she’s mine too.” The squid bursts out of her face and i grab it and say “September 10th 2019” and the room flashes in a sequence and a white light blinds the room.

“I was back. The city lights, the nice paved roads and skyscrapers. It was good to be in civil society again.” I think to myself “okay there’s a lot to do right now. “Baby squid” i say. Words come up in my head. The Squid responds “I know what i have to do, in 1 years time i will grow and come back. You will have my eye. Father.” I was a little freaked out about a squid calling me father but i think to myself “I’ll get over it.” I live a year in the city writing books and blogging all day freelance and i kept hearing about conflicts about the world going to war with other countries. Picking out all the countries that went against the United Nations. Canada, Britain, Germany and France were usually in the heat of it. Canada usually being the emergency relief unit bringing in the rations and water for countries they were defending. Also bringing in their military forces to join the other countries in the defense of America. America being in the center of it all attacked from all sides while in its depression by rebels, renegades and looters and also by other forces around the world such as Russia and China being the superior powers at the moment. They were fighting over pieces of American soil trying to claim it for their own. China holding the west coast and Russia the east coast.

One year had passed. I go back to the exact spot near the museum i told Squid to go to. I wait and then a giant shadow under me came up and he says i am here. I decided i needed to scare the people of the museum away so i asked the squid can you rip up the south part of the museum with your psychic abilities as a last request before i take your eye? Just as i said that a figure ran pass me and dives into the water and i see another Squid not my squid but another wrecking the museum. “Two squids? What have i done?” i ran around the corner to find the squid waiting for me to approach but when i approached it was already dead with one eye missing. I guess the trauma of losing an eye was enough to kill it. I pry the last eye out and place it in the pendant, it glowed a dim blue. I told my giant squid “Son. Go live a happy life in the ocean free and happy.” and he swam far away leaving a message “Call me and i will hear you. If you ever need me.” “Wait i beg. What should i call you?” “Chronos i exclaimed. You will be named Chronos after the God of Time.” I enter the museum and pried the plate with the new one i wrote. “Jump in here. Beware of man in cave, fight him to live a happy life with your wife. He will try to sedate you.” I can see a man hiding behind us waiting for us to finish. “I know you’re there.” “Come out and talk to me.” It was the man in the Beanie and sunglasses aka future me.

“Speak your mind, what have you done so far and what are your plans. Now that we have 2 time travel devices, we can work together. But don’t think i’ll ever forgive you for killing Evelynn”. He responds i waited 4 years to do what you did and warned you that if you didn’t do it you’d wait 2 more years am i right? I cut half the wait time down for you to do what you had to do. i thought about cutting off the line after you came so that no more of us would come out of that tragedy. 2 time travelers is enough. I thought about approaching you and telling you to not embark on this journey to the museum at 6 pm but then i realized had you not come through i wouldn’t have been where i am now. I tell him “There might not be a third time traveler if i tell the one here to kill the squid man on this plate”. Future me exclaimed” You did what?” You will destroy the flow of attempts we can have at fixing the world if you did that. All the past you would be stuck on that island because squidman is dead and he cannot reveal the key to time travel. Not to mention there’s an evil original squidman time traveler about with prophecies and who is also insane from his isolation until you came. “Have you met him?” i asked. “No not yet, i’ve only affected our timeline from what i see. Use this.” he says “This place no one must see you come in. The way is open. Beware squid man”.

—To be continued—-

Concern’s for the USA’s inevitable collapse into depression

Picture source

“United states and a 25 year depression” <link to video

The United states is under real danger of a collapse just like the fall of Roman empire or an event equivalent to the Britain’s post WW2 state. They have trillions of dollars in debt. The Federals of the USA have no clue what they are doing. The Chinese are stealthily trying to crush the US dollar by smuggling gold into China preparing for a surprise reveal when the time is right. The States have made many enemies Iran, Russia and China. Their rivals through the IMF are scheming to destroy the Dollar currency. The USA is said to soon experience a 25 year extended depression which will devastate the country.This is all told by Jim Rickards The CIA’s Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor.

I live in Canada but i’m interested in this development of a potential fall of the USA dollar. The bottom line is USA is in a lot of trouble and a potential collapse is likely to occur. Reckless monetary policies by the federals are propagating and promoting money spending which is bringing the USA to the brink of collapse. The velocity for spending is going down and headed for a crash. USA cannot grow debt without causing the economy to aggressively slow down. “it’s worst today then the great depression”. Federals have 56.2 billion capital and 4.3 trillion liabilities.

The problem with all this is that without the USA, Canada might lose a partner of military strength. What happens to the states affects the whole world’s currency. With Russia claiming Canada’s land wasn’t distributed fairly is also troubling. What happens to the great west when Russia, Iran and China take over? But then again China being the master of Censorship, USA is the master of propaganda. The problems and circumstance the USA has run into was inevitable. There is no balance in both these systems who claim to be super powers. China’s shadow banking won’t hold up for too long buying empty inflated assets is economic suicide.

I’m not sure what the world is trying to do in terms of helping the good hard working people. What are their intentions increasing the world’s suffering? Why are they acting so selfishly instead of working together to support the USA in it’s time of great suffering? With all the work the USA is trying to keep the world safe from corruption, we need to give them some relief from their collapse. Canada needs to put in some relief efforts for it’s fallen brother. And the USA needs to rebuild a new system based on community and not just capitalism. Corporations running rampant doing as they please is not ideal. Their lust for money is just as corrupt as the communists agenda in keeping their people mindless and ignorant.

The system needs to change but i don’t think it needs to go through the process of a collapse in order to change. If only people had some control over their earthly desires, if only corporations weren’t so greedy and if only the country didn’t have so many hidden agendas abusing the people through propagation, things like this wouldn’t have happen. Life is precious and no one deserves to die of hunger, thirst and lack of shelter. Especially in a first world country which hasn’t experienced what a third world is like. This may be the process of life but the good people don’t deserve to suffer because the country’s puppeteers made bad decisions. Maybe we can learn something about the fall of the States and do something to avoid the consequence of poor choices based on the fact we are also democratic.

The Float System of Networking and Community

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Threre are three main sources of power in a country; you have your economic, social and political power. Even if this is so, there is one power that exceeds these in flexibility and it’s versatility called Community power. The difference between social power and community power is that social power is the power to climb the ladder, deal with needy factions and influence a person/group of people. Community is a network of people working together providing services for each other reaching for standards so that goals can be met. It’s a combination of all three and it can be substituted in each column back and forth. If you have a Economical, Social or political Problem it can be sorted out through the Community and addressed as a Community problem.

We shouldn’t take for granted what community is and networking is such a fantastic tool. Forums are a means to connect as a community to resolve conflicts that may arise when making global decisions . The majority is us and don’t forget that, if we have something we have to say and don’t like. We go on strike, sign a petition and voice our cause/concerns. We are a democracy and it is the people that make up the system, not the government. The government is just a supplement while we are the core center that holds everything together. The glue that holds us all together is our connection to one another our roles and obligations to one another. We are the substance, a body is nothing without it’s functions.

In every system we should have a float system alternative to what that power is in charge of. This emphasizes the importance of inner circle of important figures that are esteemed and up voted to be on a council. As well as a Union that protects the normal working individuals too. There is much importance in structure of a system and we our system isn’t just a 2 dimension tree but more of a torus shape 3 dimensional bringing back power, info and contributions to the middle where the money, energy and services can be distributed throughout the whole of our existential reality.


column 1            column 2       column 3             Float

Economical        Social             Political              Community

Nuclear missiles around world disarmed by higher power. Resurrection and Blog obscured direction.


“Nuclear Missiles Around World Disarmed video 1”

“Nuclear missiles CNN America’s disabled missiles video 2”

“Nuclear Missiles Disarmed by UFO Article”

I read from a government report that all around the world nuclear missiles have been disarmed by unidentified flying objects as early as March 16, 1967. It seems a higher power is at work in solving the nuclear arms race, something out of our control – or specifically even the USA military’s. All 10 missiles have been disabled and accounts of unidentified flying objects were encountered throughout the incident that was covered up until recently leaked and now confirmed on CNN. Retired Government officers and several accounts of military personnel testified about the incidents. I’m surprised this was not blown into proportion by the internet.

It looks like our world’s fate is in the hands of higher powers. That the importance of our evolution and world’s survival has an important role in the future. There are forces beyond what we know and it could be human and it could be not but what ever it is it’s saving the world from ourselves. It’s basically saying Nuclear War is definitely something we do not want to see and the ease into a transition into a new era will be lead by divine hands. Rest easy and continue your journey, all is good.

I had a strange dream. In it there was a being who was discussing a fail safe built into the system in case this certain person of importance died that he could be resurrected if there were the right 7 chosen people there they could bring back to life a God Head. They would only make up the inferior bottom half from the jaw line down and the god head would make up the rest of it up. I think they were talking about the god conscience and it exists on Earth but we don’t know by whom and if he even realizes he has the god conscience. Or maybe it’s not just one person but all of us who have the god conscience. If the Christ conscience is indeed us and we are growing into something beyond human, that would be amazing. In the dream i also met an angry spirit who was looking at a diagram branching out into different realities and one of the realities is that the being was God. This is where my theory that there may be a now living benevolent being with omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient abilities. Maybe even a group of them. The tree i saw had the roots Mage, Healer and Creator. Which leads me to believe this is in human form what a God Head is; a Mage, Healer and Creator.

“Life on Mars traces of life”

I had recently read an article on Mars and how there may have been life on Mars at one time. This is interesting in that if it is true that we had beings living on our neighboring planet, how much of their culture and things did we borrow from them? And maybe some of us are truly part martian and don’t even know it. All i know is if there is truly intelligent beings out there in the world who live among us in the multidimensional plains then it is more a reason to push for a an intelligible, understanding and wise life.

My thesis has gotten to the point where its becoming very other worldly and that makes this thesis a little more complicated to decipher,  rationalize. make sense in a comprehensible manner. I know there is a meaning in all this in the end but the more we dig into string theory the more fantasy like this blog becomes. Think positive, picture your paradigm and get into practice of affirmation are all tools that are highly recognized by the psychological community as being positive influences in your life. To keep in tune with life and find a way to navigate through the chaos, dissonance and negativity is the only way to realize your paradigm vision. The place you ultimately long to go to. It is not only a place you long to go to but a feeling, atmosphere and ideas that make the identity of this “place” you gravitate towards. Again all these things are for the most part good but cleaning up all these theories and ideas will soon be something that may become quite a difficult task to complete.