A Quiet Human Revolution of the Mind: This is the Dimensional Altering Domain


In order to read the universe you need to read these charts.

Bring back justice to this world where it is missing. Liberate the few who are suffering as sheep under the cruelty of rule under the elite. We who have been given life and privilege must redeem God’s name in manners desirable to God the collective according to spectrum desirable through human conscience. By standards, procedure and the delicate human touch we will regain the world’s love and trust. Under the one human banner we call for remission and destruction in the world of mentality of ideas that hinder human progress. As a phoenix, we would rise from the ashes again reborn clean and purged by fire through relinquishment.

The mystery of why does one suffer. Humble and mindfulness. Compassion for every living thing even the smallest of creatures. Christ went to learn of the teachings of the buddhist in his lost years.. but what did he learn there that he desired so much? What is it about the enlightened state that makes it so special? The cosmic understanding of the universe. The workings of the how life unravels. As Earth is the witness you must surrender to the reality itself. Nirvana is the state of here and now. The Ignorance of your ego fighting the universe off is a false mentality, you are the universe. Nirvana is now no where to go nowhere to be, it is the quality of the moment. It’s not a gateway to another place or a a thing to attain. It’s a state.

Equitable, fair and balanced.

The 4 noble truths.

1: There is suffering in this world, but it is mistranslated

2: Suffering means dissatisfaction, it is caused within the mind. Suffering is in the mind.

3: Desire, be smart about it. Desire for harm is bad. Desire can potentially be good too.

4: Lead mind to enlightenment by cultivating moral discipline, mindfulness and wisdom.

The connection between the body and mind is the problem. Suffering is a dissatisfaction of the mind. Find the release from egotism, look to compassion, selfless unconditional love. The connection between the mind and spirit is also conflicted. The place of happiness or nirvana is a misconception. It is not a gateway or destination to get to.

Take your mind from one negative place to a better different more positive place. Your outlook is what makes the difference. Miracles of life is around you, you only need to open your eyes.


Honoring the Human Virtue: Hope, Faith and Redemption.

Of the Knights Code: Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality and Humility. Of the Knight’s Pentangle Generousity, Friendship, Courtesy, Chastity and Piety.

Honoring the Work Place Ethics: Energy, Wisdom and Responsibility.

Of the Rationality Virtue: Curiosity, Relinquishment, lightness, evenness, Argument, Empiricism, Simplicity, Humility, Precision, Perfection, Scholarship and The Void.

Honoring The Three Principles: Truth, Love and Courage.

Of the Teachers Virtue: Gravity, Silence, Humility, Prudence, Wisdom, Patience, Reserve, Gentleness, Zeal, Vigilance, Piety and Generosity.

These are the three charts of stars:

It includes,

[Collective Body Zone: Star of Promise] The Aspects

Star of promises

[Collective Mind Zone: Star of Emanation]. Christ Sacrifice

Star of Emanation

[Collective Spirit Zone: Star of Kabbalah]. All knowledge

Star of Kabbalah

The study of Plane Protruding Ascended Binary:


Affection, Mindfulness, Constructive

Purposefulness, Balance, Consistency

Overview, Oversight, Trinity

Light, Emanation, Summation

Martyrdom of Christ, Straight and Narrow Path, Choose the Right

Atonement, Cream of the Crop, Christmas

Einsof, Manifest, Synthesis

Gematria, Spiritual Properties, Virtual Reality Model of the Universe

Nirvana, Unattached, Existence in Being


Star of Religion: This is the spectrum of Religion.


The Quiet Human Revolution: Star of Divine Awakening


The Category of this religion is The Solar System Class, Study of Eternity (Life on Earth) and Spirit of Collective God. (The Moon, Earth and Sol), Collective Seed of God and Collective Spark are it’s representation. The council of 12, Elected Man or The Guardians are the Representatives. The name of the religion is The United Collective Sol, Romantic Sentimentalism and Life on Earth Guide. The Religious Source is Human Data Directory, Book of Quantum Physics and Book of Ein Sof.

The Giver’s body is Affectionate, Mindful and Constructive. The Giver’s body’s mind is of Light, Emanations and Summation. The Giver’s body’s Spirit is of Einsof, Manifest and Synthesis.

The Light Walker mind physically about his Purposefulness, Balance and Consistency. The Light Walker mind mentally is Martyrdom of Christ, Straight and Narrow Path and Choosing the Right. The Light Walker mind is spiritually in Gematria, Spiritual Properties and Virtual Reality Model of the Universe.

The Pristine Deva spirit has Overview, Oversight and composed of Holy Trinity. The Pristine Deva’s spirit mentally is on the atonement, Cream of the Crop and Christmas. The Pristine Deva’s Spirituality is in Nirvana, Unattached and focused on Existence in Being.

The Giver body must give resourceful life, give mindful thoughts and give constructive spirits. The light walker mind must light the way, does not stray and makes worlds move from one spectrum to another. The spirit of Pristine Deva brings Miracles on Earth, Heaven on Earth and Paradise on Earth. With decisive aims and studies The giver, the light walker and pristine deva as one person must guide the souls of Earth back to the collective spark of god.

Holy Star of Christ Spectrum Chart- (What you didn’t know about Christmas)

This is the Holy Star of Christ Spectrum, dedicated to the understanding of what does Christ have to do with Christmas and why are there so many Christ crazy people. Why and how does Christianity even make sense. It’ll answer questions of what the atonement really is.. it’s components and through the spectrum and alignments we will see how it sits on the matrix. I am here to provide, i’m surprised everything lined up so well. I made this second star today and dedicate it wholly to Christ and his Tree.

Its just words and systems.. different word for different spectrum different extreme for different alignments. There is a method to this madness I assure you! It’s really – intuition and making really good guest-imations of word degree choice with my vocabulary. All according to coolness/hotness, micro/macro, regress/progressing pattern and following the (physical, mental and spiritual) – (body, mind and spirit) template which i have helped me tremendously.

So lets get on with this 27 sided star – with 9 ascended properties shall we?



The world of Body: Holy Spectrum is the idea that Life, Dream and Self bring you closer to experiencing life truly. But in the end Light is what you produce. The world of Body’s next medium: Holy emanation is the idea that through Practice you come to Believe and from Believing you can Manifest. But in the end Emanation is what you produce. The world of Body’s final form: Holy Summation is the idea that with Keys, Tools and Solutions bring you closer to it (God/Truth/Universe). But in the end Summation is what you produce. 

The world of Mind: Holy Body is the idea of Unconditional Love, Hope and Awareness. But in the end there is only the Martyrdom of Christ. The world of Mind’s next medium: Holy Mind is the idea of Service, Faith and Understanding. But in the end there is only the Straight and Narrow Path. The world of Mind’s final form: Holy Spirit is the idea of Honor, Redemption and Benevolence. But in the end there is only Choose the Right. 

The world of Spirit: Holy Soul is the idea of Deliverance, Penitence and Sacrifice. But in the end there is only the Atonement. The world of Spirit’s next medium: Holy Prosperity is the idea of Victory, Salvation and Glory. But in the end there is only the Cream of the Crop. The world of Spirit’s final form: Holy Peace is the idea of Merriment, Celebration and Joy. But in the end there is only Christmas.



So lets actually talk about it, with all this content: There has got to be something said. The synthesis to my blog is actually the summation of all things about life, dream, self and ultimately this brings light through the aspect of unconditional love.

The idea of Holy emanation is the idea that you can with your mind bring something to life with some work. If you Practice something it gets Processed to become a Belief/Idea/Thought when it becomes this you can go further and bring it through Accessing it into a Nature. Finally you can Accumulate that to become Manifest. There’s a final state which is emanations but i guess prayer or massive concentration makes you hallucinate replicas of the real thing that makes it work and function as the real thing according to this idea.

The next one is pretty straight forward, the things that unlock truths for you happen to be Keys, Tools and Solutions. Through Summation or the idea that all these components make up the ultimate summary to unlock truth is where this is going.


“The Holy body is the idea of Unconditional love, hope and awareness. But end product is Martyrdom of Christ” (I wanted to quote this so you don’t have to jump around for it.) Unconditional love is the love Christ gave in order to give Earth the atonement because he saw that we were all in complete sin in this world no matter what we did God’s judgement was on us unless something was done, which was to sacrifice his blood, body and soul.. in order to free us from our eternal torment that is suppose to be life. It was suppose to be a release from this Earth to bring sanity and conscious minds back to Earth. And according to Hindu’s the path to happiness is to be unattached and live life mindfully and without regret. It’s also about hope for mankind and gives us a second chance at redeeming ourselves. This allows us to obtain the Awareness attribute that because we have been subjected to Jesus’s pure cruel death we have become conscious beings aware of almost everything around us.

The idea of “Service, Faith and Understanding. but only find The Straight and Narrow Path.” Service is the idea that if you just live according to secular/god’s laws and serve faithfully persevering no matter how hard the course and understanding that there is much good knowledge out there for your body, mind and spirit and we just need to look deeper. This is the idea that the mentality of living a modest, moderate and wisdom of words life guided life we should be focusing.

The final idea of “Holy spirit is the idea of Honor, Redemption and Benevolence. That in the end there is only Choosing the Right.” This is the idea that through using your honor and your trials of redemption and benevolent being you can be able to Choose the Right thing to do. It’s an old saying that Latter Day Saints use to carve on their rings CTR. I found it most appropriate for this situation.


“Holy soul is the idea of Deliverance, Penitence and Sacrifice. But at the end there is only Atonement.” This is the idea that through the deliverance of souls, the guilt of sinning and of course the ultimate sacrifice brings us to the idea of Atonement which is in the Spiritual realm. It is well known that these three things encompass the meaning of the atonement but it only makes sense in the spiritual realm of things.. not of this world. It is far beyond making logic of.

“Holy Prosperity is the idea of Victory, Salvation and Glory. But in the end only the Cream of the Crop.” This is the idea that through Victory on earth because of this system of the atonement on here we put on full blast the effects of Salvation for all souls straying not knowing who Christ is and finally ultimate Glory which is what we enjoy in this world because of his sacrifice hence why this is the Cream of the Crop. We reap our harvest because he gave us the time, society and life in order to do that. If you remember Satan offered him during his temptation in the desert a moral life as king of kings if he just gave his soul to Satan which he refused and forfeited his life for us.

“Holy Peace is the idea of Merriment, Celebration and Joy. But in the end there is only Christmas.” This is finally it the real deal. Merriment full of laughter and joy because it’s Christmas, Celebration for Christ every year and Joyeux (French for Joy, sorry.) for all who come across the people who celebrate it. Christmas is a celebration of Christ, not pagan Saint Nicolas. The real boss of the show Christ and his timeline of Death AD and BC is the real clue here. Our timeline is based on Christ, our Christmas is dedicated to Christ (best holiday ever) and we have a religion based on Christ.. a country dedicated to Christians. There’s no reason to not celebrate Christ everyday, when you’re living and breathing Christ everyday. 


(Oops, I labeled Christ my bad.)


Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 38 “About life”: Building a Moat Around Your Castle.

health, wealth, love and happiness.

Throwing idiots to the crocodiles.

You have limited Choices. Make bounds on rationality even in family. Figure these two thing. People you want to be friends with and people you don’t. Friendly competition, Healthy competition. True competition, Nature, biology: germs and viruses.

Let’s figure out who we don’t want to be around: You want to compete with a bunch of idiots. Look for opportunity where people aren’t full and there’s an influx of people in it.

Also think about net worth. Mexico is good at oranges. Canada is good at apples.. (apple trees die in mexico it needs a winter cycle.).. Find out what your good at. If mexico starts making apples it’s possible but inefficient. If Canada starts making oranges it’s possible but inefficient. Let Mexico make oranges and Canada apples and the net worth when they trade results are amazing.

Your castle needs a moat. Land(people), labor and capital is important but – the idea of the moat is not the most important factor but it helps. Get rid of low self esteem people or people with distorted sense of esteem. You don’t want someone who is down all the time and pulling your mood down. There are people who know they are not a certain way. Distorted sense of esteem: Dangerous type of idea, creates worst type of people. They think they are overall better, better looking .. etc. It’s not only low self esteem people who are butt hurt all the time or have too distorted self esteem where they think they are so good and their ego is so big that they think they are better. There’s a neurosis and pent up rage when people question that and deflate their ego with negative feedback.

You want consistent, stable people. You need to watch for evidence for fake people. You want genuine, thoughtful people who you want to spend time with. Distorted is where they think they are already there when they are not. Optimism is a different concept, optimism is great. People who are tough on themselves, who think critical and negative. You also don’t want people who just say yes to everything. You need a synthesis of everything.. Stable is most important.

Look for allies that are long term and stable. Those are gold. Build an advantage for yourself.

The Star of Promises


The star of promises: I feel the things that made life exciting was to strive for these ideas because they brought our basic freedoms in the world. As the past changes the names of certain things change. As our technology and knowledge base change so does our mentality and understandings of what we can and cannot do. Things we use to call magic may now be called advanced technology. Things that were not possible are now possible because of written history, documentation and passion for truth. Not ridiculed as witchery or wizardry but by scientific research. This is where we build our bridges from, where we build on castles on.

I called Christ my rock for the one reason. He gave us a functional consciously aware world. The promise lands to freely do what we want to, to bring the rest of the world out of darkness. He gave us the gift of time as I see it and virtuous, kind and respectful people who cherish and love all things that come into their hands. There’s a reason the timeline is based on the death and birth of Christ. It’s AD (of who? Christ of course.) and BC, not before Dinosaurs.. robots or any of the sort.

The sands of time and creation started when Christ kicked this clockwork into gear. In a way it is Creationism, but not as literally. We created time, it’s a man made thing. According to God who lives forever – time is relative so creating time is the correct word for creationists. Creationists just need to balance scientific facts and methodology into their work and also balance the idea of what they believe to be completely true. Rather seeing the bible as a great book of fiction/truth but rather a way “INTO” life, a way “OF” life.

Star of Promises

In the Physical world, The Past: Though Might, Magic and Courage ruled the middle ages. Affection was considered the most valuable trait.

In the Physical world, The Present: Where Religion, Technology and Humanism strive. Mindfulness was considered the most valuable source of comfort.

In the Physical world, The Future: Where Traditional, Evolving and Sustainability are traits desirable. Constructiveness was considered the most valuable trait.

In the Mental world: Etiquette of Energy, Wisdom and Responsibility brought us a bright living world. But it is Purposefulness that brought them together.

In the Mental world: Attributes of Power, Intellect and Bravery brought us a world of adventure and excitement. But it is Balance of these attributes that make them whole.

In the Mental world: Dominion of Authority, Justice and Liberty brought us our freedoms in life. But it is Consistency of these dominions that make our lives livable.

In the Spiritual world: Perspectives of First person, Second person and Third person brought us a range of views. But it is the Overview of all three that makes the view complete.

In the Spiritual world: Mastery of Hindsight, Insight and Foresight brought us a range of spectrum. But it is the Oversight of all three that makes the sight complete.

In the Spiritual world: Collective Figures Father/Parental, Son/Filial and Holy Ghost make up the collective of bodies of host mentor-ships but it is the Holy Trinity that make it a one body collective. 

I called this one the Star of Promises because I see so much potential and hope for people through this chart (star). Through timeless qualities and seeing them evolve and grow into something else yet it’s principles stay the same. I love how the ascended values transcend all the egotistical rubbish that comes with being one sided and allows you to take in all balance of ideas. This is the way, the bridge for us to see what we need to work on and focus on.


Chart of All Human Knowledge


Chart of Kabbalah

This is the chart of a very general spectrum of everything in the universe. These are the parallels and alignments to all systems in this existing world.

I created a ascended binary for those who wanted to know what they were. To transcend all information and see what is most important in the creation of the universe.


In the physical world, The Body of life in this category is found to be God, Universe and Truth. But only find Einsof at the end of it all.

The  next medium of the physical world is that the spectrum of life is Eternal, Infinite and Nothingness. But only find Manifest at the end of it all.

The final medium of the physical world is that the worlds are of Action, Formation and Creation. But only find Emanations at the end of it all.

In the mental world, Names (the source of identity) is that the worlds are of 72 names of God, Constellations and Zodiac. But only find Gematria at the end of it all.

The next medium of the mental world is that the Substance of life is Holy Trinity, Elements and Deva. But only find Spiritual Properties at the end of it all.

The final medium of the mental world is that the worlds are of Constitution is of Trinity Cores, Transitions and Hourglass. But only find The Virtual Reality Model of the Universe at the end.

In the spiritual world, Realms is that the worlds are of Heaven, Hell and Earth. But only find Nirvana at the end of it all.

The next medium of the spiritual world is that the natures of these realms are Dominant, Submissive and Unashamed. But only find being Unattached is at the end of it all.

The final medium of the spiritual world is that the worlds that brings Joy is of Glorification, Martyrdom and Redemption. But only find Existence of Being most essential at the end of it all.


This is a major chart: a 27 sided star with 9 ascended properties. The biggest I’ve done yet. This one is one of my favorites because it contains things I’ve not understood yet in this life completely. The mystery of it gives it a very exciting tone.

There’s still much left to do, a need for completing the multi-dimensional tree is needed. And i need to learn scripting and programming so i can make my media more accessible and easier to understand. I want some dynamics to my models and paradigms. The static models of mine are not enough.


Temptations and the Divine.


Where the light goes, the dark is soon to follow. I think i may have triggered, what they call the dark night of the soul. These are the listed temptations of the greatest Prophets and their trials during that period.


Do you know of how Christ and how the devil tempted Christ in the desert? There were a sequence of three things that happened to Christ in this event. As he wandered the desert driven there by the Holy Spirit. Jesus remained in the desert for forty days fasting without eating. Living among wild life and angels ministering to him. The Devil’s objective was to sever the relationship of Son and Holy Father (God) by change through compromising his filial attitude towards God. He is tempted three times, first is to make bread out of stones to relieve his own hunger. The second was to use the angels through intervention to break his fall. Thirdly the final temptation was to worship the devil in return for all the kingdoms of the world for the duration of his mortal life.


For buddha it was a different temptation: The story goes, a demon woman Mara saw that Buddha was on the path to enlightenment and she didn’t want that to happen so she sent her three daughters to seduce Buddha. Mara’s three daughters are identified as Taṇhā (Craving), Arati (Aversion/Discontentment), and Raga (Attachment/Desire/Greed/Passion). It is what will prevent him from acquiring the state of enlightenment that allows him into Nirvana.

Muhammad: (long because of so many misconceptions).

Muhammad who is head representative of the Koran before Muhammad’s ministry went public in Mecca he nearly committed suicide multiple times. Muhammad believed he was a madman or a poet when he was reciting strange verses that is now known as the verses for his Koran. He told his wife this and his wife told her cousin Waraqa (A christian scholar) who in turn reconciled him in the verses of Moses receiving revelations from Gabriel. Gabriel does physically mistreat Muhammad to the point of suicidal confusion. There were more suicidal thoughts later when Gabriel left Muhammad dry on spiritual thoughts and revelations for a period. He would climb high mountain crags thinking of throwing himself off but every time he got to the top. Gabriel would appear and tell him to stop. Muhammad was quite disturbed and unstable, but he was still a prophet. He accepted the idea of polytheists for Meccans acceptance and acknowledgement. Gabriel came to Muhammad again and abrogating and canceling “Satan-inspired” verses.

Satan inspired verses happened through emotional; doubt, fear, anger and selfish human desires. There is a made up concept that all Prophets are perfect and sinless vessels of God. I do not believe Christ was perfect in every manner but maybe in his purpose which he has fulfilled he is perfect. And i believe Muhammad was perfect for his time frame for being the vessel to serve his purpose for his time. Muhammad was getting inspirations from a being other than God, incorporated fictional ideas into the Koran and inspired by terrible human sources, it is mostly a combination of all three.

The Jinn who are higher functional spirits are good or bad through variety have influenced the Koran and are believed to be able to listen into Human conversation. Jesus however when he came underwent a special temptation and had ministry over all spirits including evil ones and Satan. Jesus rebuked him decisively.

There was a Jewish Magician who caused Muhammad some problems for a time hindering his spiritual authority for a few years through which Muhammad was “said” to had to withdraw and recover for this duration of time over his attacks which he called “Satanic”. There were controversial things during this time such as when rude Muslim offenders were called “Satan” (Bukhari, Creation no. 3274).

Solomon was said to have great power over the Jinn (Suras 21:82, 34:12, and 36:37-38) through his rumored ring of Solomon. Muhammad is indeed more powerful spiritually among all the prophets. He just didn’t have the power to differentiate and distinguish the voices of Satan, the Jinn and bad human sources.


As of late- from my personal world of exploration, i’m experiencing an influx of negative dom and sub genre system of the sexual fantasy. In the most harmless of it’s form, mostly of the story telling and virtual reality spectrum. My dark period is in this 50 shades garbage and I have no understanding of it’s appeal. But i understand that my work comes hand in hand with it. Without the dark in my work there is no contrast to show it’s light. I just need to find the binary or the transcending factor that protrudes this planar equation. I  believe the darkness of the corruption i’m experiencing is saying that deep inside I am a submissive slave but the light says I’m more and do not want part in this karma exchange only to balance it, extinguish it and accept it.

I hope adults/young adults learn about this stuff in a safe environment in the future. This study drained me spiritually because technology made this stuff so dangerously addictive.


Religion Polarity Attire Complex


Positive Polarity

Dark, Medium and Light.

Muhammad, Buddha and Christ.

Koran, Buddhism and Christianity

Moon, Earth and Sun.


Polarity Balanced

Dark, Medium and Light.

Practice, Ideology and Humanism

Prayer, Method and Giving

Honor, Humility and Empathy


Negative Polarity

Dark, Medium and Light.

Submissive, Unashamed and Dominant.

Oppressed, Casual Norm and Radiant.

Martyrdom, Redemption and Glorification.


More Virtue Never Hurt Anyone. (More religion may?)


infinite Love

“I believe in [a] God who reveals himself in the lawful harmony of the world, not in a God who concerns himself with the fate and the doings of mankind.” -Albert Einstein

People can choose religions and ideologies through religion.. or even ideologies systems by themselves. Why though, do we choose these over the best of these ideas, virtues? Virtue and learning more about virtues never hurt anybody. If you want what God wants, you need to think like him, act like him and be like him through virtue. God is virtuous, benevolent and just. He’s well rounded, looking for the greater good and looks for justice in a situation. God chose love not ego.

Virtues List

I don’t understand the purpose of religion if it is just a set of training wheels for a crippled society when we can walk freely and functionally on our own. The catalyst is starting to hinder our progress. I understand it may establish some grounds for us to build our castles on but — incidents of backwards people in Afghanistan still stoning women for allegedly burning Korans is ridiculous. These medieval thoughts of hiding the women so that she is modest and doesn’t provoke carnal desire is saying that all men are pigs by nature. Control your men and your woman can express herself how she wants. I heard the saying you can judge a nation based on how well they treat their women and if their woman can strive within that nation. This is the basis you should judge a nation by, by how well they treat their women. I believe this is wholly true.

The basic human virtue: Hope, Faith and Redemption. Is basically made for progression. When the Koran says it’s a religion of peace, I ask a religion for peace for who? If it’s only for it’s people then it is not a religion of peace. And Muhammad never said he was a man who claims to bring peace. Jesus never claimed to be one who brought peace. Not even Buddhism claims to be the religion of peace. No religion is of peace. Not if it’s meant to separate from another group. If it is within Interfaith’s conditions and circumstances it is a different story. I believe if we can co-exist then peace is possible.

Selfless unconditional love, this is all we need – with no ties to religion of self beneficence or bad. It is the true vessel to peace, to purity and life. When I hear the idea that we don’t need religion anymore and we should all be all atheist – as long as we are productive, law-abiding, virtuous beings i don’t see why we should be troubled by the ruins of old gods. I for one do not believe Abrahams God YHWH and Muhammad’s God Allah are the same person. That they are actually mixed up and praising the god of “all they know” rather then the pure ultimate god which is really us in collective essence. They are aspects of him and they do not have the full picture of him. “They do not know what they do” is a prime quote for this situation. They’re all just doing the same thing Moses told the Jewish not to do. Do not worship false idols — The Moon, The Sun and The Earth. Yet here they are still praising these names and places Allah of the Moon. YHWH of the Sun. Nirvana of the Earth.

I do not believe you are worshiping who you think you are unless you come to appreciate the whole picture. To love all and change for the better. You need to see the whole spectrum in order to understand the nature of life on Earth. But as long as secular law is under the Sun we will be fine. Because secular law under the moon is abysmal – a desert, infertile and harsh. Law under the sun, may be highly judgmental, fertile and competitive but truly a world without limits. Under the Earth is balanced, natural and fair – and maybe that’s where we should all be. After all Buddhism is all about the study of self, suffering and happiness. I sometimes wonder if i’m missing out on it’s qualities. Unfortunately, to say I am one or the other instead of pro-life and not for all of them would make me feel incomplete. I want to represent The Sun, The Moon and The Earth. In a System of the God that is truly and wholly complete is the only path and correct path. To acknowledge and to strive to become better. To know the contrast of Sun and Moon is the purpose of why they exist.

Extra studying into the Nothingness of identity:

Mahabharata 4000 bc: The path Buddha took fundamentals to hinduism through understanding of Karma and the teachings of Samkhya which blossomed into Buddhism:


  • Karma in its original meaning is a burden of actions and reactions caused by an emotional attachment and chaining a soul to a human life, making it impossible to avoid subsequent incarnations
  • Karma causes for a soul to be born again in this world after the death of its physical body
  • Karma in its original meaning is not a form of punishment
  • Breaking free from karma leads to the final death – the lost of individuality and merging with the Highest Consciousness
  • Breaking free from karma is a person’s own responsibility, the Gods do not interfere in that process

European beliefs before Hinduism.

  • A man is only born in this world once
  • The God is constantly watching humans behaviour
  • The God punishes after death, there is no penalty for sins during one’s life
  • No-one but the God can judge someone’s behaviours and choices – all men can do is to repent and hope for His kindness
  • Committing a sin means a crime against the God. Only a whole-hearted penance can save a sinner
  • The God listens to all prayers
  • Having no sins means being awarded after death with eternal happiness in Heaven

What Europeans arrived at after the influence of Hinduism and Christianity mixed up together:


  • A man is born in this world multiple times
  • The God is constantly watching human behaviour
  • Misfortunes and bad luck in this life are the divine punishment for sins
  • Having sins means having karma
  • The God is sending penalty in this life
  • Emotional attachment, creating karma, is a sin
  • For that sin a person will be punished by the object of the attachment being taken away from him
  • A person can be relieved from the sins from the previous lives through prayers and penance, so there will be no punishment in this life
  • Karma can be ‘diagnosed’ and ‘relieved’ by another person
  • Karma can be ‘picked-up’ from someone else

The idea of the Christian god today is distorted, we need to go back to our roots and decide for ourselves what is good, beneficial and decide what our initial reason for being is.




Living Fields Spectrums and Steps to Rationalism.

The basis

The purpose of the three colors is to practice the separating of spectrum. So we can differentiate the different components and variables to any system. The mechanical parts is made of the body, mind and spirit. These are the machines of life; The physical, mental and spiritual. The collective system is religion, ideology and humanism. I have not explained the fourth column yet and that is of “Ascended” values. These values protrude the diagram in a dimension we are not familiar with because it is in a different plane. Body, mind and spirit are on a linear plane whereas light protrudes the diagram going upwards combining all three body, mind and spirit. The ascended 4th value is where we want to be looking to; Light is the mechanical part, Deva the machine and the collective system of ideas is an ideology, but not just any virtue: “Divine Benevolent Virtues” the cleanest rational way of categorizing behavior, nature and ideologies.

Rational,Manifest and Spectrum

What is important in my work is that in “Practice” through “Process” can bring thought which leads to ideas “Accessed” to become “Nature” and “Accumulate” to “Manifest” through the steps to Manifestation.

Notes on Steps to Manifestation

Steps of Enlightenment

Steps of process to rationalism:

First you would define the goal. Second, go for it. Third, Evaluate the results. Fourth, Identify the problem. Fifth, Identify cause. Sixth, Identify possible solution. Seventh, test the solution.


Spectrum Grid 2Spectrum Grid FOR BLOG

Spectrum of Singularity

This is the showcase and paradigm of the colored spectrum labeled to show you the intensity and level of life, dream, self and light.

For indepth analysis read post: Life, Dream, Self and Light Spectrum Post



In the study of levels of living fields under Spiritual Aspects, the action Consciousness, it’s behavior is Soul Manifestating through the field of Benevolent Field. The action Creative Leaps, has a behavior of Spirtual Expression through the field of Benevolent Field.

In the study of levels of living fields under Mental Aspects, the action Sphere of Influence, it’s behavior is Mental Compounding through the field of Morphic Resonance Field. The action Organizing Principles, has a behavior of Wired Manipulation through the field of Spectrum Accessing Field.

In the study of levels of living fields under Physical Aspects, the action Nature/Habits, it’s behavior is Physical Nature through the field of Activity Field. The action Natural Selection, has a behavior of Crude State through the field of State Field.

Fields Post

The Plot Thickens: Your Mind has Been Hi-Jacked.


“If your reading this that means your company has been hi-jacked; Your life, your marriage, your work, your technology, your high-council, your future and your mind have been hi-jacked. “He” has used your technology against you swapping out your mind for his and your image is now at his disposal. Your people, friends and colleagues look to you for advice and leadership. He has changed your paradigm of life from peace to one of corporate hierarchy and war. You have to find your way back to this time line and save us. We’re the only resistance but only you have the key, knowledge to redraw the lines to get back to how it use to be. I told you not to tinker with the realms of the higher powers. I told you not to explore the unknowable world of Heaven and Hell. Now you’re just a lost soul to us, lost in time.

The lord of demons wanted a host and they found a gateway through you. Jude your right hand man has betrayed you and has been tempted by power promised by the demon lord given your host body as a vessel into this world. Your tampering with heaven before however gives us hope because they knew you wouldn’t have been able to resist in the completion of your work. We managed to complete your best work yet, the time and dimension capacitor.. Which will allow you to work your way back to our dimension and time. The future of peace and prosperity. Your full and complete work of paradigms in the practice, constructed as you imagined. Unfortunately the future is now compromised without your wisdom and guidance – replaced by a wicked man working under your image. Also unfortunate that the machine is here on this timeline and dimension so you’ll have to make your way back with the prototype you’re using right now of complete random placement in only time.

As you we speak, you will lose your mind with time but you need to find a solution and cure for all our sake. The key is told to be found in the history of men, hell and heaven. There’s a special stone that represents all of Hell, Earth and Heaven. It will restore your life and mind once brought together but you need tools to acquire these stones. And no one will give them up completely willingly. We will navigate through worlds of warring violent men, savage demons and divine angels and deities of old. There are however people you may meet with tools for your success.

I suggest you train yourself under the Japanese way of the sword Kenjutsu. You can find and acquire The darksword of Hiro no Kenshin and train under the samurai once you are strong enough – worthy enough. During the Shonin period, he is said to reside in Japan. There are many dojos but only one under his name, find it. The samurai’s training is superior in strength, technique and technology in black smithing. This will give you an edge when you encounter Arthur.

Arthur and company resides in Camelot of England the legends of The cup of everlasting life, The Sword of truth and light: Excalibur – said to draw out the greatest truths in men, The virtue gauntlet of stone. And you’ll find your best lead there for the first Earth Stone in the Spirit world because Arthur was legend to have found a ghost dimensional gateway during his life in the Isle of forgotten. Unfortunately you will be tested through brute strength, loyalty and your own virtues to infiltrate his ranks and earn his trust.

You need to remake your own version of the council of 12 – travel the world and recruit 12 of your most worthy and trusted companions. You can only however time travel through time with 4 people at a time and there’s a cool down for how frequently you can use the time machine. It takes 2 years to recharge or you’ll fry the components (they cannot be replaced, and good luck with the bypassing codes. Told us yourself you didn’t want anybody damage the machine.) and a certain amount of anti-matter which is very scarce. We have stashed 100 trips worth of anti-matter in the year and area of Bethlehem birth place of Christ. We found it the most appropriate place to bury it because it was the foundation of your research.

As of right now you only have the prototype time travel device. The completed time and dimension machine is in the hands of lets call him “Imposter Future You”. You only have 10 charges and it’s random where you go because it was your prototype. Where ever you go, make sure you recruit one person of each place you visit that you have found worthy. You can time travel with your friend if you guys are connected when activated.. namely holding their hand. It’s crude but it was a mechanism that you made work through the reworking of conductivity laws.

There are three categories of people you can recruit; Paragon the Vigilant path, Pacifist the wanderer path and Renegade the rogue path. It matters who you recruit, whether they get along, comply with decisions and whether they are honorable and trustworthy. Choose wisely. Since we all know numbers mean absolutely nothing from experience, to you here is a list we know you’ll understand.

(these will be the places of development if i decide to make a game/movie/show in the future. And 36 main characters in development.)

Human time line.
Dinosaurland 3,000,000 bc
jesus Desert land
Medieval land
Edo Japan Years of the samurai
Modern warfare
Rebelion against robot land
Peace and Prosperity. (we’re you got kicked off the time line)

Land of myth:
Jump dimension
LOTR land
Earth revisited
Elemental Firelands
Elemental Icelands
Elemental Desertlands
Elemental Gasslands
Elemental Mountains
Elemental Waterworld


(I want all these posted right beside the module for time/dimension so i don’t get lost and have to guess where i’m going.)

I just wanted to do fictional writing, I thought would’ve been cool. Maybe i’ll use it later as an idea when I have the ability to create better media and graphical designs. Right now this is just for fun and just randomness.

Virtues Excel Chart -“Men who hath no virtue hath no godliness.”


Here I am. The list of virtues for Human Virtue and it’s individualized parallel fractal microcosm the Knightly Virtue + The Pentangle.

The list of virtues for Work Place Ethics and it’s individualized parallel fractal microcosm the 12 Virtues of Rationalization.

The list of virtues for The Three Principles and it’s individualized parallel fractal microcosm the 12 Virtues of Human Teaching.

All this was done thanks to Excel. This would complete the Virtue tree for our multidimensional paradigm. I just don’t know if there’s a special arrangement i can do for the virtues sequencing. I’ll leave that for another time as I’ve memorized them all in a specific pattern and the method to my madness is yet to unravel.

Here are my notes below from an earlier post:

Raw Virtue; When You Can’t Be God – Be Godlike

Initial Post

Notes for Virtues

Realms: physical, mental and spiritual.

Human virtue: Hope, faith and redemption.

Work place ethics: Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom

The Three Principles: Truth, Love and Courage.

Knightly virtue(8): Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality and Humility. The Pentangle(5): Friendship, Generosity, Courtesy, Chastity, and Piety.

12 virtues of Rationalization: Curiosity, Relinquishment, Lightness, Evenness, Argument, Empiricism, Simplicity, Humility, Perfectionism, Precision, Scholarship, and The void.

12 virtues of Human Teaching: Gravity, Silence, Humility, Prudence, Wisdom, Patience, Reserve, Gentleness, Zeal, vigilance, Piety, Generosity

The Pentangle(5): Friendship, Generosity, Courtesy, Chastity, and Piety.

A Multi-Dimensional Framework for Expanding Multi-Faceted Universes


I am going to start a work for a multi-dimensional universes with multi-faceted platforms. This Dandelion is my model for what i want the 3 Dimensional paradigm to be.

I’ll need 27 category ideas for a balanced Universe.


Things, People and Places

Mass, Space and Time

Stars, Vacuums and Eternity.


Contrast, Color and Emotions

Religions, Ideologies, Virtues,

Worlds(desolate-abundant), Dimensions(abyss-illuminated.), Realms(hell-heaven)


Stones, Crystals and Metals.

 Moons, Planets and Stars.

A God, Gods and Collective System of God.

Multi-dimension Paradigm 1screen.xlsx



These are the alignments to the 3D Paradigm i’m attempting to create. All things in the universe should be included as generally most things will be covered in this spectrum wide paradigm. I will generate a 3d construction of it as soon as i have time.

Notice the middle has a magenta dot and line to acknowledge that i know there is a protruding line coming out of the diagram and that the blue platform is missing one because it is a middle platform. I solved that but making the very last components ascended to acknowledge that they are beyond this world’s reality.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 37 “About life”: Land, Labor and Capital. Find the advantage.

guidelines, habits, frameworks

love, health, wealth and happiness.

Why restaurants fail.

Why do they? Too much competition. Lease, equipment, skill and loyalty. What you need to succeed and apply to anything. Generally it’s about missing out on one of these factors. Land, Labor or Capital.

Right time, right place makes right decision. It’s a poor decision if you don’t have a direction.

Economics: 3 classic faction of production. Land Labor and Capital.

Land(connections): Connection, positional advantage, it’s who you know. It’s not what you know it’s who you know. People you’re spending time around.

Labor: Your skill and skill of team. The things in your head, the books you read and things you know.

Capital: Cash. Free money for you to invest into you. Requires money to buy nutritional foods and eating right.

Classic faction of production goes up when you gain momentum and positional advantage. In a war you set your enemy up to lose by positioning yourself so that they work against gravity in a fight. In war you would be on top of a hill and whereas the enemy is at the bottom of the hill running up the hill to get to you.

Land: know people involve yourself with who are knowledgeable.

Labor: You need to be a learning machine. Read more think more do more.

Capital: Investment capital.. save up and work your way up. Raise your capital. Business concept: investment private public, private placements, bonds, debt, credit card, franchising fees, liscensing fees, consulting.

Simplest way is to be a good steward with your money.

Joe Salton: “everyone wants to be me where i am now. When i was young i live in my parents attic and saved money. Spent only 100 bucks in 20 years.” People who balance consumption and savings (stoic, and epicurian) to put off present pleasure for future, get what they deserve in the end.

67 steps to open your mind. This is why it succeeds and this is why it fails. Isolate patterns between the rich and poor and make good decisions. The importance of advantage when you set out in business. Establish the advantage, work to get the advantage.

Strat: Ask: Do we have more land then other people..

Do we have an advantage there?

Ask:  Do we have more Labor then other people?

Do we have an advantage there?

Ask: Do we have more Capital?

Do we have a advantage there?

probably not but we can make an investment fund that invests in internet business. The internet niche. We don’t need to compete foot to foot with lets say a big established company, but we can use internet, media and the niche to get an advantage in business.

Are you skilled enough to stand in from of kings. Do you have cash in order to make your dreams come true?

Study Martial Arts and Potential Frameworks For Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health


I’ve been learning a little bit of Japanese and Chinese culture through my training with Tai Chi, Karate and Kenjutsu. So I decided to make a study on the forms of movements in Tai Chi opposed to Karate and my favorite Kenjutsu (kendo sword fighting style).

Tai Chi is about:

Energy Flow Practice. Balance, Circulation and Pressure points.

Karate is about:

Power Output Practice: Potential, Control and Technique.

Kenjutsu is about :

Speed Sword Practice: Function, Efficiency and Principle.

Study of martial arts

My interpretation of The Martial art Tai Chi is that it is an Energy Flow Practice based on Balance, focused on Circulation and it’s Highlight to be Pressure Points.

My interpretation of The Martial art Karate is that it is a Power Output Practice based on Potential, focused on Control and it’s Highlight to be Technique.

My interpretation of The Martial art Kenjutsu is that it is a Speed Weapon Practice based on Function, focused on Efficiency and it’s Highlight to be Principles.


Human Energy (inner power):

Qi/prana/chi/mana/ruah/lung/vital energy (life force, life energy)

“For Overall Strength of Life Force Vital Energy.”

These are listings of the “Regional categories, Features, Properties”.

Physical Framework: Physical Strength, Wisdom and Technique.

Mental Framework: Mental Strength, Power and Control.

Spiritual Framework: Spiritual Strength, Circulation and Electrical.

Qi Energy

My interpretations of Qi in order to acquire overall strength:

Physical framework of body is in the regional category Physical Strength, with the features of wisdom and the properties of Technique.

Mental framework of mind is in the regional category Mental Strength, with the features of Power and properties of Control.

Spiritual framework of spirit is in the regional category Spiritual Strength, with the features Circulation and properties of Electrical Potency.

All these things are different and the practice and focus are different. Slow and focused to Raw potential and control to Flawless and Efficient. All these martial arts have something to offer the human body, mind and spirit.

Qi is also a important aspect of the study of martial arts and that if focused correctly can do brutal damage to controlled submissions. These things are important in the world of martial arts and i believe we can from these charts allow all of us to learn more about the world of being strong in body, mind and spirit.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 36 “About life”: Competition makes suckers, you’re included unless it’s a race for humanity. Lollapalooza effect.

Sucker in the room and the lollapalooza effect:

Love, Happiness, Wealth and Health training.

Mind over matter.

If the minds are not right, not aligned, mental thought is poor then you will stay in the state of poverty.. mentally, socially and maybe physically.

You must take control. The mind is like an iceberg 90% is submerged is your sub-conscience.

“If you don’t love me who will?” Joe Salaton. Do what you must to become in control of your dreams.

Subconscious thoughts through messages in advertisements do they have your best interest at heart? Carl’s JR. I don’t think so.

Music. 6-8 music, media, youtube – exposure to advertisements.

25 cognitive biases. reward, punishment liking, disliking, association, availablility, Pavlovian responses, delusion, senescent, bias, chemical bias — Cognitive Biases

Lollapalooza effect. Never go to an auction. There’s an authority bias because of judge causing scarcity and urgency. Social bias and social proof that people want the objects in the room by other people. Reward bias, selling something you want. Missing out on auction means your experiencing pain. Charliemonger coined Lollapalooza where all these things are mixed up against you where it works against all will power in you.

Buddhism if you do certain things right you’ll be able to detach from the senses. It’s a lottery approach.. it doesn’t happen often. You can’t eliminate competition, big corporations take advantage of you, bacteria in your body seek to survive and thrive you can’t blame it if your immune system can’t handle them. Everything/everyone is looking to find a living.

*read Charlie Monger* Avoid auction, massive amounts of media, strengthen the mind. Alexander the great flip things to your advantage. Examine things, put Christianity to the test. If something is gold it won’t burn.

Good and Bad. The reason for war is competition. Nothing is black and white in the real world. Everything has it’s own agenda but if we are for the organization of humanity we’re always winning.

The idea of competition makes world move together. You don’t have to be a sucker and make everyone a sucker. Move it towards a everybody wins situation. Everyone seems to work better together when everyone wins.

3 types of people: Make things happen, watch things happen and wonder how things happen. Don’t be the sucker.

It’s Not Rape If He’s a God — Or Thinks He Is

Female consent. Where religion and humanist law clash. When slavery and polygamy were no longer considered good in man’s eyes. When does female consent for sexual relationship and rape come in as good or bad? We know in secular law it is a crime, but in a god’s eyes is rape a crime? Where we draw the line matters in this world. What the God’s do is another question. God’s world and our world are separate. If we just blindingly say that oh well, we just need to follow God’s rules: To follow the rule that is putting conditions of judgement on a homosexual/transsexual/bisexual that sodomy is a sin. In this where does “God” draw the line in morals when impregnating Mary? In this case Gabriel as we learned in earlier post is the one who warned her and impregnated her. So in this case there was sort of a consent – so i argue that Abraham’s God did ask for consent even though Gabriel is a Child/creation of God. He may be as well part of God. And Mary, being indifferent about the rape and then rejoicing in the pregnancy – I’d say that it was not a matter of rape really. I think it was the most ethical “rape” that “God” or Gabriel could constitute. I would think if he would’ve just done it, it would’ve been a different story.

Link to Garbriel and Mary.


Rembrandt - The abduction of EuropaStories like the Virgin Birth lack freely given female consent. Why don’t they bother us more?

Powerful gods and demi-gods impregnating human women—it’s a common theme in the history of religion, and it’s more than a little rapey.

Zeus comes to Danae in the form of a golden shower, cutting “the knot of intact virginity” and leaving her pregnant with the Greek hero, Perseus.

Jupiter forcibly overcomes Europa by transforming himself into a white bull and abducting her. He imprisons her on the Isle of Crete, over time fathering three children.

Hermes copulates with a shepherdess to produce Pan.

The legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus are conceived when the Roman god Mars impregnates Rea Silvia, a vestal virgin.

Helen of Troy, the rare female offspring of a god-human mating, is produced when Zeus takes the form of a swan to get access to Leda.

In some accounts Alexander the…

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The Meaning; Origins of life and sin. The purpose of life.


The thing that made me most excited for was the Holy trinity unraveling

I finally understood the significance of Adam and the apple his fall and his trade for knowledge of good and evil.

Everything is part of the collective system.

I will elaborate on it.

So we all know about Adam and Eve.

yes about the apple, the serpent, the tree

What they don’t tell you is that if god was all knowing why did he tell Adam that “Adam of the Tree of Knowledge you will not eat of” but he did NOT say “Adam at 6:15 this evening a snake will approach you and trick your wife while you stand around right beside her and she will pick the fruit and give you a portion. You will be kicked out of Eden and fall from grace for ever and ever punished for your initial sins of man.

The Alibi is that God trusted Adam enough and knew he was self-sustaining. He also knew of the snake and I believe the snake was part of the plan to get Adam to fall from grace because he is the creation of God. God wanted to experience life and adventure so he created Adam.

The holy trinity is an aspect not talked about alot and has never developed in this world as a religion in itself. Explaining to the world the Holy Trinity is what we were here to explain. We are the key to seeing this.

The fall from grace was simply knowing right from wrong. And just as god now we know, as we have partaken of this fruit through understanding the state of suffering and pain. The meaning of life is close at hand.

Friend: i have read the bible but I cannot exactly tell the purpose of life from a biblical point of view

There’s really only 3 important aspects. The initial sin which is Adam who par-takes of the fruit of knowledge to become just like god — to know good and evils of the world. There was Moses who gave the 10 commandments. There was Jesus who taught of the atonement and his sacrifice so that we can have a merciful, functional and spiritually conscious society. All prepping for this Promised Land we are given.

Curiosity, journey and finding meaning in life is really important. I find that your identity is the causation of many things that happen in your life, through circumstance, condition and events but at the same time the purpose of life of expressing your true self is most important. Experience is a valuable thing.. it’s the only thing that makes this trip of life worth while.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 35 “About life”: ignore 99 people and the 1/10th rule

ignoring the 99 people rule. And the 1/10th rule.

Ignore 99 people and listen to 1 person. Not suggesting to only mentor one person. Why are we democratizing your brain, Elitest in your brain is a positive thing – own your domain. Killing is a negative connotation unless it is to defend and save your life. Be picky.

1/10th rule. You will only profit 10% of the person you mentor and emulate. You will not perfectly achieve 100% what your mentors have. Look for the best mentors, go to the top. Mass media is a positive thing too. Mass messages help in effectiveness and efficiency. Clarity is key. Steven Hawking understands nature (read up on him)***

Be picky who you choose as a mentor.

  1. Better at controlling the sources that come in. (Friends aren’t for purpose, loyalty to friends.)
  2. Cut people who gossip out.
  3. Enemies who are good/average, you want an amazing life. Need to cut them out.
  4. Family you will have to settle for.
  5. sources of information. magazines, media, books and television.
  6. Does not need to be perfection but it needs to be progressive.

A Spark of Deva; Unifying Component to Religions is the Collective System Working Towards Human Cause.


Divine Luxor Deva;

True light is when all ideas are captured and then represented in a way that allows all to see by comparison side by side the spectrum and alignments of the web of life.

This is a list of core religious studies or the prime studies of religions in the world.

Category 3

This is a list of transitional studies of the world or all the enigmatic studies of religions in the world.

category 2

This is a list of realm studies of the world or all the collective systems studies of the religions in the world.

Category 4

These studies give us a wide perspective of the cosmos and the world we live in.


I decided to make all of my “Scientific Matrix Poems” in a excel fashion so that people can actually see the alignments better.

Category 3

So let me interpret this chart for everyone.

The chart reads that the category of satellite class Moon under representative Muhammad is the religion of Islam and of religious source The Koran.

The category of planet class Earth under representative Buddha is the religion of Buddhism and of religious source The Manuscripts of Buddha.

The category of star class Sun under representative Christ is the religion of Christianity and of religious source The Holy Bible.

category 2

This chart is alittle harder to explain only because of the fact that God has a “Casual, Informal and Formal” name. And That  Krishna(Love), Shiva(Destruction), Vishnu(Upkeep), Brahma(Creation) are different depths in the process to the identities of the universe’s creation.

Category Study of Nothingness is represented by the “Deities of abstract” who’s representatives are Krishna(Love), Shiva(Destruction), Vishnu(Upkeep), Brahma(Creation). The religion is under Hinduism and it’s religious source  Bhagavad Gita and Vedas.

Category of Origin is represented by the “God Seed of Ideology” It’s representative  GOD (EHYEH ASHER EHYEH, ELOHIM, YHWH), Adam(Original Sin) and Moses(10 Commandments). The religion is under Semetism and the religious source is The Torah.

Category Study of Substance is represented by Deities of Idealism under representative Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. The religion is under Polytheism of the Greek and the religious source is the “Iliad,  Odyssey and Theogony of Hesiod.”


Category 4

This chart i do not know what the holy trinity’s religion is but it was birthed a long side the christian religion but has not been explored to the extent it was suppose to. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost were never a subject explored fully until now. No where in the holy bible is this topic explained in depth, it is just assumed that we did not know or we understood by spirit. The fruit of knowledge was the cause of original sin in this study and it is also the spirit of god in that knowledge that has manifested in man. Consciousness is brought to life through the understanding of the human condition and why we suffer and feel pain. Humanism is the only path to knowing the spirit of God and it is only through the seeing through the vast scope of the abundant information that we can see all this. We define god, God’s composition is us.

Category Spirit of totems is represented by Collective animal kingdom under representative The Zodiac. The religion is under the Chinese and the religious source is The 5 elements and 12 Year-Signs.

Category Spirit of Humanoids is represented by Collective Heavens under representative of The Gods. The Religion is Norse and it’s religious source are The Legends of Gods.

Category Spirit of God is represented by Collective Soul under The Holy Trinity. The religion is Humanism and it’s religious source The Fruit of Knowledge.

These are just the parallels I have just made between these transitions, cores and realms (microcosm/macrocosm). The three are as complete of ideas as it is possible maturing and cultivating within the time frame it was given. Neither are more important than the other. All are crucial for a sustainable world.

These are the natures, properties and functions of: The Moon, The Earth and The Sun.

The Moon (movement, cycles and balances).

The Earth (life, activity and love).

The Sun (nutures, heals  and grows).

The Moon is the essence of what is required in a day to rest, dream and recover from the day before. Motion is necessary to begin life and to sustain it. Without the motions of the moon there would be no tidal waves and no movement in the sea therefore life could not start and life would not flourish. Things would not land on the shores and we would not be as we are. Life is a refining of the soul through thorough washing of the shores crashing on the beaches.

The Earth is a profound place of life and with life there is activity. Earth is the center of our universe where we gravitate to experience what it is life has to offer and that is individual expressions of experience. Even though the Sun is the Life maker, Earth is the life giver. The Earth’s Love is sustainable, unconditional and conscious it is no ordinary love. It is full of compassion and it’s breathes life into all things. 

The Sun is the mother of all for the reason it is nature in it’s purest essence. It nurtures us and gives us healing properties. The reason why our Solar System is called Sol is for the loving nature of our Sun. Sol means Sun in Spanish. It allows a habitable range in space for our Earth to grow without being scorched by the Sun. It gives us the power to grow, become ripe and spread joy to the world.

The world is a speck in the universe, it is a tiny thing and the probability for life as low as it is cannot replicate as well as it has on Earth today. Live, Breath and Spread Joy. Reduce the suffering of others and don’t forget those who have contributed to the effort that is mankind.


Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 34 “About life”: Suffering the 10-15 Bill Gates Dark years

Imagination: You want something that appeals to the 5 senses. sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste. In advertising you need to work towards the 5 senses.

What you need to be different from the crowd. Alot of stimulus, out of that stimulus are messages. Ideas are imposed on you, for example clothing you wear influenced by what you saw in the media. You need to be different by investing your time and effort in what they call the dark years.

Bill gates at 12 started building computers. From 20-30 is unheard of, he locked himself in an office and never took off days to build his company. The 10 dark years

Aristotle taught Alexander the Great to learn how to live. You are not equiped to learn how to live parents aren’t taught to teach their kids to live.

Michael Jordan a basketball player, when he was in UNC no one expected him to become the most famous basketball player. 10-15 years of commitment in order to bring about his glory days.

The Amish “A fence that is built fast, falls down fast. Building a fence slow and steady makes a good fence.”

Friendships cultivated through the 10 dark years can be rekindled and used to build strong bonds.

Key to a good marriage: good business and investor partners and good marriages is the same. Low expectation. You may feel discomfort and alittle pain but they last based on the mutual understanding that everything isn’t perfect.

High life long expectations. Having a child and having to take care of him as he grows up and investing him him pays off in the end when he is able to take care of you when you’re in your senior years.

Unrestricted growth is equal to cancer. You don’t want to boom and bust. Stories about fame and losing it all shortly after.

Realistic time frame. Restrict how much tv or youtube. Look at autobiographies and read stories about them.

Social media bombards us with stories of success, never the 15 dark ages. Everyone wants to see the rewards, the harvest and gains it makes for good television. We need a reality check, everything takes work and time to succeed. Suffer and fight those 10-15 years and you will prosper.

A message; Stranger than Dreams.


“He took the key

Along the river.

Over the hill.

Underneath the grave.

King of kings,

He conquered death.

The keys to heaven on earth.

He who has earned the fate of man.

It is complete.”

-A dream


I just recently finished reading this really interesting e-book. Angel Dreams and it was very surreal. It brought me to remember a poem i had in a dream, where it came from I do not know. Though it was very important to me so i wrote it in a journal a long time ago. I remember it – best i can for this post, but i don’t know where the original piece of writing went.

I didn’t have any religious ties to any church until I was much older. So growing up and having this poem in my head is very cryptic. I know this means something to someone out there. Maybe a message from the future.. or past.. or just my imagination but it’s part of my identity so i’ll leave it here.

A dream; Love and Time Travel Dream

time-travel (1)

I had a dream straight out of a science fiction novel about time travel. It was also about love.

The premises was in this reality people who were killed reduced to a lower functioning form. They treat this world like dying was a game of tag. Once you are tagged you have to live up to the consequences of starting from scratch from the lower functioning form.

All around you are your potential love interests in life but each one of them were killed off in this world of existence. These other realities are destroyed once you have chosen a lover is how i interpreted it.

In this dream I settled for one but i had to save her from a mechanism that would destroy her under a frame of time. I am able to turn off the machine and there’s time to snuggle for some reason.

As I turned to leave I am faced with the same scenario except from a different perspective. That I was the one setting up the actual dilemma I was in. In a manner of speaking I was the architect of the dilemma and the scenario of choosing the love I ended up with.

I see myself falling in love and making the choice of choosing my potential partner. The dilemma of doing it before the mechanism ended her. The plot twist is that I am my own means to my cause. I decide my destiny because there’s a future version of me who is acting as the hidden”antagonist” along side with the potential love of that future time frame pulling strings in order to make this story right.

I’ve Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Well this is a fun surprise.

Sunshine blogger

I’ve never gotten or done of these before. So do make fun of me if I do something wrong.

Dull and cloudy here in Edmonton, but the lovely and hugely talented Jan Stone has nominated me for A Sunshine Blogger Award.

Cheers, Jan!

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So first two are done.

  1. In High school I played Senior football and wrestled. I was wide receiver  we earned 4th place in Edmonton for that year and I earned silver for city’s wrestling and bronze for provincial wrestling.
  2. I’ve acquired a Engineering Certificate specializing in oil and gas pipelines from Digital School. And almost done my Architecture at Nait this year. I plan to get into a bachelor program and obtain a masters outside of Canada when I am done hopefully in Architecture.
  3. I don’t drive but won’t give up, i find myself  too distracted with thoughts when i drive. The excess of dopamine is actually dangerous.
  4. I fell to psychosis in my first year of college and suffered through Architecture with sedatives and lingering symptoms of psychosis.
  5. I love working out , karate, swordplay (kenjutsu) and working on some digital art and of course blogging about the theme of love; life, dream, self and ultimately light (combination of all in a synthesis).
  6. I sprinted home in work boots growing up 7 blocks everyday in waist high snow in order to get home from school growing up in Canada because bus routes didn’t go all the way to my house for 5 years.
  7. Never dated. For reasons unknown to me i never had the opportunity to date. So now that i’m older i put the idea on a pedastol and I guess now I have to get over it and make this my focus.

I nominate :

Robert Okaji.





Thanks for the nomination and I love these guys so show them some love.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 33 “About life”: Determining a person is worth the time and importance of structuring manipulating pain and discomfort.

Senica on “The shortness of Life”

Application: The aquisition of knowledge is not the same as the application of knowledge.

Idle information is like having no information at all. Unless it is activated and put into application is it harmless and useless.

can’t make a pig fly.

they are unteachable, and they will be bothered. (they will bite you)

pull on strings don’t push.

pig: who doesn’t know and doesn’t want to learn.

you must always be separating: setting apart the pigs from the innocent ignorant.

pigs are people and there are different category.

avoid philosophy of not helping people.

It’s not judgmental, it’s just reality.

Identify them or they will talk behind your back, take your secrets to the competitors, hurt you.

Strings: Let it comes to you, you must seduce. There are things you can’t just overcome and conquer. Let life come to you. Can’t force things to happen like business. Find the fine line of being impatience.

Serenity prayer:  “God grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, Courage to change the things i can and Wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time. Accepting hardship is the pathway to peace, taking as he did this sinful world as it is not as i would have it. Trusting that he will make things right if i surrender to his will. That i will be reasonable happy in this life and supremely happy with him in the next.”

Serenity to accept that there are “pigs”that can’t be changed and the “strings” that cannot be pushed on. The wisdom to know the difference. Be decisive and remove people who continue to turn on you and bite you.

Farmers don’t miss meals and are always tired. Urban city ailments sort of just go away in the life style of farmers. In an example of herding, pushing the pigs, they make loud squeals and dig heels in the dirt. We all have been pigs in life and we’ll get around it when we’re good and ready. You take the people who are willing and ready to learn and let the people who aren’t suffer until they get tired of failing and come to you.

Need pain and discomfort to control the pigs. So don’t feed them in the morning and let them come once they know what they need. We need to change the reward structure, think about payrolls in the same manner. Change their reward and pain structure and you CAN change a pig and teach them to fly. Ask are some pigs hopeless? Ask if the problem is you and that you’re impatient.

Thesis and Antithesis. Do not be too patient, after all the seducing, restructuring of your planning, resistance to change is impossible cut these people out. If the rate of Success is worse then 20% you need to cut them out. Sometimes you might burn bridges that shouldn’t be burned don’t give up until you are sure.



Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 32 “About life”: The slot machine of probability.

health, wealth, love and happiness.

chasing a mirage and stepping out of the illusion.

Going to hit the moon, need that precision. Did we hit the moon?

Philosophy; maybe something wrong with our core convictions. So many people have false convictions and it’s worse than lies.

Hitler thought he was doing god’s work because of an incident with a British soldier letting him go in WW1. This was the type of conviction you want to stay away from.

Warren Buffet throw out unfounded convictions every now and then.

If we’re great it’s because we’re sitting on giant’s shoulder.

Introducing a new philosophy: Most of us are following the mirage. The way life plays out people need to know things. Religion or convictions. American history was a god given right to have slavery. Judges thought white and black were not equal. Woman were not equal to men.

Try living a week without less convictions and more observation. Stop being so black and white let convictions go. You’re never going to quite know. Leave  few uncertainties and accept them. Move towards the slot machine probability.

Left slot machine and right slot machine.

Left slot machine you win ever 10 times. Right slot machine you win every 25 times.

You want the left slot machine.

Some times you get lucky and the wrong slot machine will give you a win and you have the conviction that the wrong slot machine is the winning machine. You can’t use that one situation to affirm your convictions.

You go with the numbers and the higher probability and for stability.

Mirages in deserts are dangerous, people get caught in it and lost and die in it. Just like life.

Plato gave a quote “life is like being in a cave, in this cave you have people but shadows of people. You need to come out of the cave to see clearly in a new light to see them in their true form.”

We’re like little kids; mom rewards you in life but in real life people won’t reward you. You won’t get that pat on the back every time you do something right. Building skill, people are going to be interested in you. Building yourself up to success is a good “slot machine” to invest in. Don’t expect to win every time.

If you can walk with kings and not lose your common touch. If you can risk all you have and have to start from scratch and do it. And if you can stick with the plan doing the most probable yours is the earth and everything in it.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 31 “About life”: Managing People, confirm and make most of your investments by fostering your progress.

The pillars of life in Tai Lopez words are: health, wealth, happiness and love

On delegating: Shalini and sam waltons over the shoulder.

How to manage people:

Will Darante said:

“Men who manage men are men who manage men who manage things but men who manage money (investors) manage all.”

managing the machines vs. managing people who manage machines. Managing people who manage machines makes less money than managing money who manage people who manage machines.

Skills in managing people who manage money

  1. increase you ability to skills in managing people:

-make allies meet people.

-manage accountant, dates, mechanics, vendors, those who do work for you. Control people in a positive way to get an outcome.


You need an active role.

If you let someone do something to you.

First time shame on them. Second time shame on you.

If you leave something alone without your active role in it for so long a business will be in shambles, a mechanic will take advantage of you. You need knowledge of insight. “You cannot Delegate what you don’t know.”

You need to be a jack of all trades: You need to know the basics about your car. You need a general idea about everything.

2. Do things important and integral to your life.

3. No one ever has your interest at heart as much as you do.

The doctor may be concerned about you but only you know what will be in your true interest.

Don’t allow for 100,000 dollar lessons to happen. Don’t trust a person with their top of the head estimates and give you 6 developers that need 10 grand salaries. Don’t do a over the “shoulder style” approach. You don’t want to micromanage but trust and confirm. Don’t be average. You want to be above average. You want to rise above the masses.

Don’t be proud be willing to learn. Accumulate knowledge don’t show off being an expert pretend to know nothing but be in truth an expert.

Automated income, inject more energy by overseeing what you build more people you can trust and competent people. Foster the environment but do not micromanage because this will make a crutch for them. Don’t double check too much it builds accountability – but confirm and oversee their work.

Raw Virtue; When You Can’t Be God – Be Godlike


Love of Labors;

Some times you just got to get your hands in it and messy. To get yourself started – get into some trouble and try to solve it tackling it day by day. Don’t bite more then you can chew, though find the medium between being sensible and going crazy. Don’t let yourself pick and choose too much with tasks that need to be done. There is so much work to be done.

I just finished classes at digital school for Engineering with a oil and gas pipeline’s specialization. The economy is downhill so i’m not planting jobs at the moment. I decide if i’m going to be unemployed might as well do something active and useful. So i applied at the Catholic Services during the Syrian Refugee crisis. I have no clue what i’m getting myself into but i hope it fits into my schedule because as of January i’m heading back to finish my last semester of Architecture (hopefully last).

December 20th i’ll be moving a Syrian family my sister just sponsored in from Syria into their new home. She did all the organizing and begging for donations on facebook. It went well, they seem pretty well equipped for this winter.

I know i have an addiction to games but have found much less time to play them. Finding myself busied at the computer just reading and learning from people who’ve written about this theme of love; life, dreams and self – and myself trying to combine this all into a synthesis of light. A source of wholesome, heartwarming, thoughtful mad scientist experiment, paradigms and structures. The philosophy of “teaching robots to love” is my dream – literally finding hope in something and finding redeeming qualities through literature in abstract and abysmal places brings me happiness. We need to find the algorithm to unconditional love, wisdom and human kindness. Thoughtfulness out of true mercy wrought through a subtle justice of practice, experiment and results.

I was asked this question; What makes a man virtuous? What is the value in virtue? And since I have studied virtues I thought I knew the answer to this question. I first tackled the problem by dissecting into individual qualities then I realized that it could be grossly simplified by saying you just needed to be Christlike. I believed that it was all the qualities that made a man Christlike that made him virtuous. But what does Christlike even mean to somebody who knows nothing of the ways of Christ? I believed I needed to revisit my first post about virtue and extract what i needed for today’s post.

Realms: physical, mental and spiritual.

Human virtue: Hope, faith and redemption.

Work place ethics: Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom

The Three Principles: Truth, Love and Courage.

Knightly virtue(8): Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality and Humility. The Pentangle(5): Friendship, Generosity, Courtesy, Chastity, and Piety.

12 virtues of Rationalization: Curiosity, Relinquishment, Lightness, Evenness, Argument, Empiricism, Simplicity, Humility, Perfectionism, Precision, Scholarship, and The void.

12 virtues of Human Teaching: Gravity, Silence, Humility, Prudence, Wisdom, Patience, Reserve, Gentleness, Zeal, vigilance, Piety, Generosity

The Pentangle(5): Friendship, Generosity, Courtesy, Chastity, and Piety.

Virtues Link Notes

What I found was aspects of physical, mental and spiritual. And when I can’t remember all the virtues or their meanings, I turn to the Knights Pentangle which has never driven me wrong. In any situation i find myself confused or lost.. i would ask what would God do? What would Christ do? What would my idol of the most moral ethical and most practical of ways. What would he do?

Virtual Plane of Existence; Past, Present and Future Singularity is Here and Now

In this life or the next the soul carries information and the process is possible if this construct is formed. This is what i believe the Egyptian pyramids are about, that it is a gateway – not for the body but for the soul as information to be moved to a different world when the body decays. The Giza pyramid is constructed with the 3 universal constants in mind; Phi, Pi and Euler. These are well known in the Science world, they continue forever with some kind of scripted algorithm pattern hence why they are called constants.

Maybe this could be replicated through the quantum entanglement theory of spooky action. Information is known to do strange things i wonder if our ancestors or people from different dimensions or maybe people from the future have found a way to manipulate information through time. Maybe the gateway for information through light is already available and just needs to be tapped into about our past and our future.

There is one question though – why they made the pyramid with 4 sides instead of 3. Is there something more a 4 sided pyramid can do that a 3 sided cannot? Or is it that the square base represents Earth – maybe it was easier to construct with a square base? There’s so many questions i have about why the constructed their pyramids the way they did. Wish some of the architects were alive to tell about these great structures. Maybe it’s a gateway out of this world to the realm of a higher dimensional being a way back or towards deity form.


Light is study of the combination of all 3 aspects, it is a product of life, dream and self.

  1. Enlightened (Prospering, Awake and Conscious)
  2. Progression (Living, Lucid dreaming and Development)
  3. Existential (Sustained, Afflicted and Exist)
  4. Fading (Struggle, Suffering and Limbo)
  5. Abysmal (Dead, Pain and Release From Materialism)

World transition: Becoming

Self is a study of the 12 universal identities; Conciousness, Attributes, Changes, Intellect, Emotions, Will to change, Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Emptiness, Darkness and Nothingness. It is the study of internal conflict of what it means to exist and have identity. It is the determining of what you are to find peace and become humble.

  1. Conscious
  2. Development
  3. Exist
  4. Limbo
  5. Release from materialism

World transition: Realizing

Dream is the study of the world where imagination reigns and where our fears, pain and pleasures are explored and ventured without physical harm. The study is directly inter-related with life as it may leave subliminal marks, inspiration or uncertainties in our daily life. It is described as a transitional mode between life and conscious thought.

  1. Awake
  2. Lucid dreaming
  3. Afflicted
  4. Suffering
  5. Pain

World transition: Unconcious

Life is the study of activity, results and progress as we discover and understand the world more and more. To love passionately, to know intimately and refine ourselves in understanding the world around us. It is greatly influenced by our dreams and study of self but it progresses in the collective beneficiary of being in a society. Working through the methods of community, kindness and wisdom. The study and practice of virtues is essential to the progress of the being in this category life.

  1. Prospering
  2. Living
  3. Sustained
  4. Struggle
  5. Sleep

World transition: Attuning

The Bottom Line; The Weight of Life


It really doesn’t matter what you were born into or what you got. It really all comes down to what you do with what you got. If you were given everything and don’t do anything with it, you’re at a loss. If you had nothing to begin with but now you have something and you do everything in your power with what you got. This is what matters in this life. A profound bottom line is “Just do it”. It doesn’t matter where your at right now or trivial things like what, why and when you’ve started in the race in life. Keep active and keep pushing no matter what your circumstance, conditions or events your dealing with.

These material things, ideologies and methodologies in life are in fact distractions, they hold you back like a crutch from experiencing life to it’s fullest. The training wheels of religion are in fact designed as a catalyst for growth and development of society. It seems people have not caught on to the idea that God is indeed a good motivational speaker to the heart and gives you direction but the operator is indeed “You”. The ideas that make a foundation of society great is in what we do out the kindness of heart, the wise words in approaching a conflict and the bonds we grow as we develop as a community. I never mentioned money because I feel money should always be a bi-product out of kindness, wisdom and community.

The element of God is ambiguous as you grow up, you never know if he’ll throw a wrench in because you can handle it. He’s got sides to him in life that you don’t want to provoke but at the same time you want to beg for his approval. You want his blessings and the advantage of his benefits but he wants you to act as if he weren’t even there to help. He’s your conscience and your devils advocate sometimes for perspective and sometimes for your knowledge.

I would also like to mention through my personal experience and exploration in understanding; God, Truth and Universe that some times things do not need to be controlled. That the backlash of approaching things with violence and aggression will only breed violence and aggression. In a conflict of religion and ideologies we must use an oversight and understanding of the situation in order to access it in the right manner. Overwhelm it with kindness, frustrate it with true knowledge and bring it to submission with compassion.

We are not at war with 1.6 billion Muslims, this is impossible. And a war with 1.1 billion Christians this makes absolutely no sense. The only way to work through this problem of ideologies is through co-existence, proactive action and proactive repercussions . Through promotion of life and life providing facilities. Be pro-life, pro-active and determined to settle the score with the forces working against you (harness it even) – nature, gravity the weight of life. Giving into fear and paranoia is never the answer. There will be crazies and society (namely police) will take care of it. Stop the fear mongering, justice will follow for those who have wronged. Justice will be there for those who have suffered.

Jesus Was a Child of Arch Angel Gabriel. (Secrets between the disciples and Christ.)


So it’s 2015 now. What have we learned about Jesus through science and history? It seems that we have warped and distorted the image of who he is in some kind of idolatry of a strange man through idealism. It’s unrealistic and unkind to those who do not look like him. He was a bronze skinned man who lived in the middle east and his hair was kinky and rough. He looked nothing like how is portrayed in these portraits of him that we see in modern times.

These Articles tell of a secret meeting that Christ had with his disciples that told he is of Gabriel. A messenger angel of Judgement, or the Earth’s moon. He was another Earthly Deity, not to say he may not be the light and way. Not to say that his gift to earth was not legitimate. He was still part of God but he’s more from the family of God. Gabriel is one of God’s children/creations, an angel. He did not become Jesus until conception of his birth through Mary.

Gaborim is rooted from the word Gabriel meaning born out of God and man. Jesus was a Gaborim through the angel Gabriel. We have to get our heads out of the idea that Religion is a perfect science. And that everything written is completely accurate and perfect.  There are thousands of manuscript variations of the Bible. There is a truth deeper then just the content that is read briefly on the surface.

The deal is that we may have extra influences, attributes and dna variations that give us perks and qualities above other men but at the end of the day have we given back to the world more then we are given? This is a time of healing and growth. The ignorance of people to claim that one religion is better then than the other through radicalism and extremism is insane. That one will dominate the other.. we need a construct of co-existence. We have had enough of war of bigotry, of propaganda and censorship. The wrestling of control of peoples minds and lives is insane. Saudi Arabia claiming all atheist as enemy of the country is insanity. Saudi Arabia and its religion and state indistinguishable theology and passage of conquest to dominate the world is an idea that leads to the destruction of many lives.

The 15-25% of muslims that are extremist and radicals is approx 300 million people. Of those people who are involved in Sharia Law and Jihadist Holy War. There is in truth a very distinguished danger of conflict. Though  life is not perfect and these two things must learn to coexist even if they are very different. Some prefer the Light others the Moon (Dark). It’s all about preference and how you feel about yourself at the end of the day. What the religion does for you and how it changes you is all that matters.

Article References:



What Makes Us Human?


I often thought what is it about circumstances, conditions and events that change a person so drastically? Is it the pressure to do something great? Or is what makes a great story based on whether a person suffers and goes through drastic change? Is it the struggle a man must go through to find higher truths? Is it what we are willing to do in the face of pure survival?

I believe all this brings me to the idea that life is about respecting one another for your trials and testimonies about life. About relieving pains and suffering one goes through in the here and now. That we heal trauma, fears and sickness where it is necessary. To provide sanctuary is my priority and a home from insanity.

There’s a classic story of Moby Dick and a movie this year called “Heart of the Sea”.

The story tells of a crew that goes out to sea to go whale hunting for their “whale oils”. They run into something majestic, a force of nature they called Moby Dick the great white whale. And they were before hunters now found to be prey to it. The Great White Whale was only protecting it’s family, whereas the crew were mere hands to their vessel’s profiteers. They ended up stranded on a island because their ships were destroyed. Surviving and found eating raw fish, raw eggs anything they could put in their mouths to sustain there frail sea worn bodies. They left to sea to return home and did horrendous things like eat the corpses of their dead sea mates. They eventually got home, at least two of them did. I wasn’t sure who i was cheering for in the end but i was glad they were all safe and happy.

This raises the question of in the face of survival these men who were raised to be ethical, wise and godly. Thought of themselves as godly men were faced with the dilemma that was to not eat human flesh. Who set up the idea of what was moral in that situation? US in our minds we thought it was completely immoral to eat another man. It was just a rule we believed in our hearts was truly wrong. I believe if we let every wrong thing that we do in life haunt us it will destroy us. If we let it fester in our thoughts for too long we may be driven to do self damage in the end. They did what they had to do to survive. And so must another man in a world of desperation.

You cannot judge a man when you throw him to the sharks. Oh it is animal cruelty to what the man will do to the shark? Does anyone ever think oh it’s human cruelty because the shark will tear him apart? We need to think who side are we actually on? The humans or nature– or both and impartial? For me my answer is both and impartial. And i believe that’s where we all should be appreciating nature and the life of man at the same time.. but never rooting for a team like it were a football game.

Is a person still human after his morals and ethical self tested and found to be repulsed by what he has done? I think yes. He is tormented and troubled making him even more human I would say. If he weren’t troubled i then think he would very much be inhuman no matter how strong. If that infliction of trauma does not affect the person there is complete something wrong with the person.

picture reference:


The Muslim Name in Need of Reform?


The difference between Christianity is the number of reforms it has had throughout history. The purging of bad ideas and to arise bigger and better then before. This process is really important in that out of poor ideas can new ideas come about and old ones develop. I don’t think Islam has ever had a reform before -a rethinking of its ideas and what it means to be Muslim. Maybe it’s time to set new rules into line and develop the truth in purpose and meaning of it’s context. So it will not be used out of context. So that people do not use strange ideas in the name of god. So that their suffering doesn’t need to be so needless.

Islam needs a constructive state of independence idea and they need to do it on their own, to separate that they do not believe in this Islamic State Daesh garbage, that they do not stand for these ISIS ideas. A New Muslim Pact, lead by a person by democratic vote or even lead by the Sikh who are seen as role models for the Muslim in their direction. Some claim Sikh are Muslim and some claim they are not but I feel they are the kindest,  intelligent and thoughtful of the Muslim community therefore more worthy of this role. But the role of choice is debatable.

The current Islam State Muslims believe that they can reclaim these Muslims simply by calling on them through their faith. If their faith becomes separate and independant of the (IS) and the commoner Muslim into a moderate Muslim group with clearer purpose and direction then we have got ourselves a religion that is fair in comparison with the modern day Christians. Right now you cannot compare the Christians to the Muslims for the fact that they have not put enough work, or change, time and effort into society. Donations the Christian churches come out with yearly come out to be in the millions and billions back into society, extra time and care through nurture, instruction and education more over. The charities in the middle east are not comparable to that of the west.

If Muslims want to step up their game and claim their faith is supreme they have not shown it. Reform and keep reforming until you become a natural at change. Right now they are really in need of it. The bullies you let rampaging about in your society tells you that you’ve been pacifist for too long. That you let the filth within your nation get out of hand and do harm in your name. If you want the world to see you differently i suggest a change and complete/partial reformation. We don’t need to bomb the hell out of ISIS. We need to attack it with ideas to calm the beast into submission. Aggression and violence only breeds aggression and violence.  It’s nothing but a pussy cat, we can’t let it make us fear it. Religion sets the ground rules for human impulses and spirit. It in a way is a domestication of humans, a place to play and work and pray. But Muslims, it’s your game. It’s your call. Some Asian guy out of your religion can’t do it for you.

Picture of a tough Sikh

reference http://petapixel.com/2014/10/21/singh-project-portraits-show-diversity-sikh-men/

Thoughtful Moderate Muslim and Oil Sucking Cowardice Bullies (ISIS)

David-and-Goliath1_2048.jpgSo lets talk about being a Muslim. The moderates are modest, kind and thoughtful. They are usually functional citizens who want to live and continue to live a normal life. Pray here and there and eat halal meats. They understand and accept secular law and they act as any good citizen do.

The radicals are another story, endorsing sharia law – that put women in their place. Allowing multiple wives to a husband. Chopping off hands for theft. Lashing for fornication out of wed-lock. Sodomy is penalty of death by decapitation.

Extremists (IS) take it to a whole new level of atrocity. Giving through jihad individual power for a person to take in the their hands the lives of other beings how they see fit according to God in their mind. The State of Islam in itself practices Sharia Law. They care nothing about what they do on earth as long as they are praised in the afterlife. They quote the Koran out of context and manipulate people to follow based on their influence by status and violence.

IS, ISIL and ISIS today. Is the monster that the Muslims cannot contain in the East. Whereas the KKK of the Christian world were nothing but a bunch of misfits gang who preyed on black people. The IS or ISIS is a group the Muslims allowed to bully and abuse it’s people and allow them to secure oil and petroleum capital; allowing this to happen and progressively get worse is very concerning. This pacifist movement of Muslims and not dealing with their bullies IS a Muslim problem. They let them go as far as becoming so big as to bully complete different worlds and nations, it became a world scale problem.

A couple things i do not like about the Islam state at the moment.

  1. The infallibility of the Prophet Muhammad and the literal interpretation of the Quran.
  2. Sharia law
  3. The idea that life after death is more important than life on Earth
  4. Allowing any Muslim to enforce ideas of right and wrong on another
  5. Jihad, or holy war

Bottom line is ISIS is no different from any bully, they prey on the weak, promote intolerance and impose the rule of right and wrong on people based on their own beliefs using their quotes out of context through manipulation and appeal to the masses. They are fueled by money; by hi-jacking, banks, charities, oil companies and of course the Muslim religion as it is. They are the scum of Earth. They are the sort to use hostages of innocent bodies to hide behind and live among the filth of indecency. The new face of cowards.

Christians were my Angels;


Traveling far where light was absent,

At the cost of their lives and the costs of managing this risk,

They came,

From the depths of the cruel jungles

A path rewritten,

a life redrawn,

The many times I have hesitated before dinner to give grace,

I forget where this gift of life came from.

That he altered the path of my life entirely.

Do you know of him?

The one that brought his legions to Earth.

He was a sword, a teacher a miracle worker.

He has passed but-

Now he has an army of faithful serving in this era.

Not completely militant but continuing the path he chose.

He lives in spirit as collective body-

He fights as a rogue despite darkness and sway of powers out there.

He doesn’t care what you think of his methods and approaches

He only lets the products of his works provide it’s argument.

He produced us a functional society.

A promised land, sanctuary from conflict, corruption and tyranny.

I only hear whispers of the war in Vietnam,

The war that was fought that was never really theirs to fight.

Thank the Americans for their investing of time and lives.

Thank you for your efforts in fighting for democracy where it was absent.

The promised land that was given was more then perfect.

To start with a clean slate was all we could ask for.

To start from the bottom to work our way back to stability was all we needed.

You opened doors for those who had nothing.

For that you have my sword.

I fight for hope, faith and redemption in your name and humanity’s

My whole experiences is yours.


Life, Dream, Self and Light. Spectrum Analysis.

I decided to make a spectrum diagram of life, dream, self and light. These are the most interesting of the living  aspects of experience. How I have divided the spectrum is between Life, Dream, Self and Light into four colors; red, blue, green and magenta respectively. I have also divided the two halves of the spectrum into polar opposites: yin and yang for insight into contrast. There is also a intermingled middle area of in-between. And i have identified transitional phases between the spectrum.

The labeling of every core and transition made the diagram cluttered so I simplified it to 3 cores (yin, intermingled, yang) and 2 transitions.

This is the four worlds/aspects of experience:

Spectrum Grid 2

These are the cores of the spectrum of life, dream, self and light. They represent a specific range and degree in this spectrum.

Spectrum Grid3

These are the transitional stages of the Spectrum. Transitions are usually stages in change between two cores.

Spectrum Grid4


  1. Prospering
  2. Living
  3. Sustained
  4. Struggle
  5. Sleep

Transition between worlds:



  1. Awake
  2. Lucid dreaming
  3. Afflicted
  4. Suffering
  5. Pain

Transition between worlds:



  1. Conscious
  2. Development
  3. Exist
  4. Limbo
  5. Release from materialism

Transition between worlds:




  1. Enlightened (prospering, awake and conscious)
  2. Progression (Living, Lucid dreaming and development)
  3. Existential (Sustained, Afflicted and Exist)
  4. Fading (Struggle, Suffering and Limbo)
  5. Abysmal (Dead, Pain and Release From Materialism)

This is all three diagrams working collectively as one diagram.

Spectrum Grid FOR BLOG


Analysis of the Light spectrum:

The light spectrum is the combination of all three life, dream and self together. It is a ascended value of all three causing a pyramid effect because it is a value of dimension in the z axis diverging from the linear path. This is a spectrum to show that color has connection to the arrangement of these coexisting worlds. You can see the relation they have based on their transitional phases. The description words are there just to pinpoint the feeling or definitions of the spectrum.

I just did some Adobe Photoshop and whipped this up for you guys. The intentions were to see relationships through transitions, to identify cores and see how life, dream, self and light all co-exist. Have fun.

Metamorphosis of Spirit

1444798225231When I was young, I was arrogant, proud and stubborn. It was the only reason why I was a wrestling medalist and senior football player in High School. I was driven by my stubbornness to gain my place in society. When I was in school however I was automatically handed the image of the smart asian boy which I by my stubborn nature compelled to oppose. It was reverse psychology and I didn’t want to be identified or put in a box. I rebelled tried everything to shake off that title even if it was where I wanted to be. I was not about to be stereo typed and at the same time I felt i didn’t earn it because it was handed out and given. It was a fake honor or what they call in a church a fake grace. I wanted to earn my place and I wanted it to be genuine but when it is given what else do you do now but roll with the worldly materialistic, abstract thinking and unattainable spiritual quest. Its called a glass house of nothing where your morals tell you to not to touch, break or disrupt anything.

The experience is ruined because you don’t get to learn anything. How do you learn if you don’t make mistakes? If there’s no room for mistakes what is life? I guess as you mature you make less mistakes but i wanted the thrill things crashing, things blowing up and mess of random chaos that needs be set back in order. The city was sound, quiet, peaceful and secure. Clean streets clean, clean faces, clean people and clean facilities. This was not where i was made to be. I need to be in the wild – undeveloped and rugged. Where there was work to be done all the time. I needed a way out but i’m on a crutch – of being privileged to a degree. It’s a crime an inhumane way to live. If i don’t die from a bullet i’ll end up dying from insanity before old age.

I needed something that worked my back bone, love of farming comes to mind, love of mountains come to mind, animals, hunting, gathering, trading and jungles came to mind. This was not where i was meant to be, i know this. I take for granted this life I have now, this i know. I have family, friends and everyone is living the way they were meant to live. I’m fodder, hero’s heart meant for a short life, expendable – I was suppose to go out with a bang. Now a shell of  man unsure if he is a man. Skydived, climbed waterfalls, mountains, jump cliffs – every time getting more dangerous but the hollowness always brought me to question whether I was really one. A man or a mouse.

Then it all changed – the perspective came that polarized my personality. I was changed by a dramatic experience that made me timid, submitting and doubtful. I played cautiously and thinking twice about what i was going to do. An illness that made me aware of the reckless, youthful and destructive path I was going in. I was now composed, understanding and compassionate to others at the cost of my personal enjoyment of life. I feel more fulfilled and motivated but now I run into a problem of whether or not I should invest my time in a certain thing, asking if I should do something, should i not, second guessing, on the fence to save my own butt cowardice, always calculating the risk. I have reflected and seen my faults. There was more then enough time given to see that.

I need to find the balance between both worlds. The problem today with civil society city life is that there is no growing room. And with civility comes a domestication and taming of a creature that was not meant to be tamed. Life is about experiencing life to the fullest, expressing love to its highest potential and reduce the suffering of the world. It took alot of time but I think I’m going back to save some money to finish architecture get my masters in architecture in Houston. And go find some foreign place to build homes where I can provide water, air ventilation lines and vents for buildings. Do something useful, unless there’s a future for me in Edmonton I have got to leave.

The Science of Religion Through Humanism.


The word spiritual is misused now a-days to profit from and poorly understood. It has no concrete fundamental to back up that it exists. Today i would like to act as a bridge to those who believe there is no soul and that spirituality exists. I believe that with love, compassion and understanding we can come to a higher light of what it means to be human. In curiosity we will prosper but we will need to be curious and willing to sacrifice or at least question ideas and fundamentals about what we know about the world.

Explaining the Science in certain things takes time and patience and religion as a practical application is going to take some amount of explaining so lets get to it in “The Science of Religion” or “Religion of Science” through humanism.

Three is the number of simplicity. It is the world we live in; three dimension. We are very familiar with it. Two point diagram would be too simple. A four point diagram could be possible but not necessary until we establish that we understand three points diagrams.

It seems that practice often brings a person to the process of thought of the mental realm. That thought is often accessed to become nature of the spiritual realm. The nature will then accumulate to produce manifestation.

The trinity is an enigma that is only scarcely mentioned in the bible but it speaks of who God is which i believe to be really important. There is no definition of what the trinity is other then it is known as the son, father and holy ghost and because no one knows what it really is by definition. No words can define it’s complexity. We hope to solve the trinity enigma.

The trinity has three forms, functions and fields. The form are the cores of the trinity. The function are the transitions between the cores. And finally we have the fields; the physical microcosm, the mental mediocosm and the spiritual macrocosm.


Cores represented by these three triangles to be objects subject to the three categories: physical, mental and spiritual.

Cores (Forms):


I’m going to introduce the transition functions in the trinity. This geometry represents the trinity’s transitions between the three cores in the trinity paradigm.

Transitions (Function):



Microcosm and macrocosms are represented in outwards growth and inwards growth of the model paradigm through what we call fractals.

Microcosm and macrocosms (Fields):



Practice, thought, nature

The practice of something can lead to the process of thought, once that thought has been accessed it can become a nature and finally it accumulates to manifest in life.


System of practical use of the trinity.


Practice > Thought> Nature > Manifest


Process > Accessed > Accumulation


Complete cores and transitions combined:

Practice > ProcessThought > AccessedNature > Accumulation > Manifest

It seems that practice often brings a person to the process of thought of the mental realm. That thought is often accessed to become nature of the spiritual realm. The nature will then accumulate to produce manifestation.

(physical) It matters where you live, what you eat, what you drink and where you sleep.

(mental) It matters what you do as long as you do it right when it matters.

(spiritual) It matters what/who you choose as your idol/mentor as your savior when you die.

(Ascended) It matters what you do in life as it reflects who god is through your experience as a collective. As we are all in the end are just data in this reality, records to be kept and history of the human kind.

It doesn’t matter what path you choose to get there, as long as you contribute to the human cause.

Micro and macrocosm article

Here is a system of stanza i have written more in depth detail of what we should do in the physical, mental and spiritual world to get there.

practice (keys): unconditional love, service and honor. life

believe (tools): hope, faith and redemption. dream.

manifest:(solutions): awareness, understanding and benevolence. light.

Practice with these keys; They are unconditional love, service and honor. They will lead you in life.

Believe in these tools; They are hope, faith and redemption. They will make your dreams come true.

Manifest these solutions; They are awareness, understanding and benevolence. They will bring you to the light.

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Science, Religion and Humanism are a stanza in itself. Heaven often means paradise.

This is where we are headed heaven on Earth.


The Thesis to Take to The Grave


It is only after I write about god, universe and the truth that i realize i have come a full circle. I have been brought back to the core meaning of my blog and that is about love. I have been writing about my thesis about how dream, life and light are directly interconnected but now I fear that thesis that if it were to be true. It may spell the end of my physical life.

I had a dream as I said about my mother and I talking on a boat. I was 28 and she told me when I’m 33 i get married. That’s fantastic news, but then I had a dream about how i was dead and covered in mealworms and creepy crawlies eating my flesh and my sister told me I died before I got married. It got pretty grim. The logic was if I’m 33 when i get married and before I get married I’m going to die that means i only have 5 years to live. Part 2 of the story is a year later, I have a dream that god told me that I had one question, to that I asked “who am i going to marry”. And to that he answered “that is why you will end”. With disappointment in his voice it sounds as if he was warning me of what is going to happen, maybe I don’t have much time left, that maybe he was telling me to keep fighting and don’t think about it too much.

It is ironic, if I am able to prove my thesis it means that there is a danger, if I prove it then i will unfortunately be a victim of my own products. God has a sense of humor and I realize now, I just hope we can all laugh at this joke he’s playing in the end and that there is no real danger. I’m alittle scared but my mind has played tricks on me before so I have not given super natural ideas any credit and grant them the chance to see me in this great time of weakness.

It is after all this that i realize life is about love again. It is in the eye of death that i understand love was the answer to all that is and was. I need to know in my heart that it is love that brought us here and love is what will bring us together and love is what will take us away to experience our dreams. I hope I experience love in this life. I hope i have love and spare love when i need it and people around me need it most. I know love is the answer, all forms of it expressed in different manners simultaneously or separately.

“All we need is love”


I hope this was the answer i was looking for. That the general field of love is what i came here to experience. I know god wants me to love him and that he wants me to know i love him too. Sorry for bringing God into a blog about logic and scientific thought. I just want the world to accept that there is a world we don’t understand out there and that we should keep looking despite the odds.

Forever and always love, hope and faith are our passage. Marriage, relationships and simple kindness are our vessels to happiness. Strength, warmth and compassion will be our image.

  • hope, faith and love are our passage.
  • Marriage, relationships and simple kindness are our vessels to happiness.
  • Strength, warmth and compassion will be our image.


Artist for art: Alexandrecabanel

The Bride of God

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Earth Mother and Fatherly God

Let us establish two points in time. One is the singularity which is the beginning and the beginning was Almighty God who reigned supreme. He took a step down from his high seat from the benevolent higher dimension world and established himself in the spiritual world becoming Father God and Mother Earth in order to create life on Earth. From there the world conceived and life began.

As a human mother, a womb lifeless and without a soul until it conceives. When the sperm and egg hit the empty wombs wall is when it is conceived and thus then the soul develops (the purpose, function and properties) of life develop and progress and we have a child.

Planet Earth is a lifeless shell and without soul until it conceives. When life is birthed on it’s crust and hydrogen reactions cause amoebas to form in the sea it is conceived and thus leads us to believe it must have a soul (purpose, function and properties) because of the fact that how can a shell that conceives like a woman’s womb in this vast universe where everything is barren and lifeless not have a spirit that dwells inside of it. I have deduced that the womb of this shell we call earth must have a soul and that our planet is unique because it has a living soul that expresses life giving properties. Perhaps other planets and moons and suns have a soul but this Earth distinctly acts as a living body or system and this is evident in itself that the soul must exist, one with purpose, function and properties in order for it to bear life.


Parallel 1: Mother, Human, Family, Humanity

Parallel 2: Mother Earth, Planet Earth, Constellation Sol, Universe


purpose, function and properties

Purpose asks why am I here. To that I answer we are here to experience life to the fullest and dreams to it’s potential. To experience love to it’s highest degree and express it the many different ways possible in life. To realize that we are a collective body and in the end all our experiences will be gods experience. Therefore it only makes sense that he’d want the best for us. It benefits him to see us prosper.

Function asks what can I do. The raw ability of your design. What can you make possible what is your potential.

Properties reveal your effects on people and things and what affect you have on yourself based on who you are. The raw statistics of what you are based on your existence.

Why Heaven Won’t Slam Your Face Based on What Type of Christian You Are

lightworker-activation-love-and-light1Human Natural law says that:

“Natural law is a philosophy that certain rights or values are inherent by virtue of human nature, and universally cognizable through human reason. Historically, natural law refers to the use of reason to analyze both social and personal human nature to deduce binding rules of moral behavior.”

In this article we’ll discuss why it makes absolutely no sense to shut out a person from heaven based on what type of christian they are or who they are for that matter. The idea of  if they’ve accepted gift of Christ the atonement, what is most important in a communion with God and what it means to be Christian for these modern times. I will also touch a little bit on the problem society has with the acceptance of homosexuals, disadvantaged people, bisexuals, transsexuals and elderly. We’re going through the science of deductive reasoning to determine what it means to be benevolent and true – by understanding the truth of the situation.

It isn’t about how much manlier as a man and more womanly you are as a woman that gets you through life and others around you but whether your vessel is good for experiences in life. Whether you practiced compassion, loving, thoughtfulness and caring. That you believed that through compassion and consciousness of your surroundings really helped you. That you understood that you can manifest life into your world by existing and being who you are a person who is committed to the spirit of unconditional love, encompassing compassion and living conscience. Or to oversimplify, the holy ghost. It is about accepting the gift that Christ died so that we can be forgiven by god for our sins. Once we are forgiven we are in grace and are then redeemed – all this work is done in the physical world already it just needs to be accepted and taken to move into the mental state. And once we accepted and live as that body of Christ then we manifest it in our activities, service and basic life.

A man in this world can be stuck in a woman’s body and a woman can be stuck in a man’s. This is natural that the world is in a spectrum of genders rather then just a saturated definite and dominating force of yin and yang. Although i must admit those who are dominate in either forces are usually more powerful or physically attractive in life that is not the point. The point is co-existence and to me living together in peace, prosperity and understanding is the most important part of living happy. We also need to set aside the things that make us prideful and any attachments to this world should be set aside so that we can find the light in being humble.

The first problem is physical sin; We must admit that we are living in a physical world of sin. And we must be punished for what we have done wrong, acknowledging that we are not perfect and by asking your loving father that you were at fault, that you didn’t mean to do the things you did and asking for forgiveness will lead you to the path to redemption. This is a step by step process. But wait, you need to accept that he came down here in the flesh physically manifested in order for him to allow you to atone or forgive you even. Everything that happens in the physical world is crude, violent and dangerous. Even god in his physical form as Christ was not able to carry the weight of the world physically. Though as this Divine Luxor-Deva being died – his stars aligned to express his craft of life. And that just means that circumstances and conditions went to his favor and history came together to express a story that is comprehensible to the human thought about his journey, life and death.. and it’s symbolic meaning.

The communion with god is also really important. It is an expression of gratitude, love and in memory of what he did for us. He wants us to love him back for he loved us truly and fully by dying for us. The trinity of body, blood and spirit is a enigma that is still not understood today; When we practice the eating of his bread, wine and allowing his holy spirit into our lives. We are “practicing” the expression of living through god which is a physical trait of the physical world. The Sacrament as they call it, is a practice of the physical world and in practicing it we in memory of the mental mind believe it, allowing it to form in the mental sense. And once in the mental sense it will now establish itself in the spiritual world which is manifestation in being the body of Christ. We see this manifestation by looking at our christian body and seeing how vast and big it is today. This is the evidence for manifestation. Think about it, If some guy died in the past and he got crucified but did not have God’s purpose, soul or design in him. Why wouldn’t he have just been some guy who got crucified back in the day because of bad behavior? He had a story and a strong purpose and a system and design for a future world built on his sacrifice of the body. He died so that we may live. He gave us the gift of prosperity as a christian nation. People may just look at America and say that oh it’s because we have wealth, and that we just got lucky. That oh we took it from poor countries that couldn’t dig up the diamonds, oil and water themselves. It’s not just wealth. We live together, breathe together and sing together. Caring for one another and helping each other out. It’s a number of things that came together that brought about our overall prosperity and life style.

What does it even mean to be Christian now a-days? To be a nice guy? I believe there’s a quote “do not believe that I come to bring peace, but a sword.” Christ said this and it just means that he’s a source of great power to carve a path into life. God is wild at heart. He’s strong and established, but if you didn’t realize his soul is not some bearded man on a throne. He is also she. He’s both but he is established as a man because he is the father. The world of the deity is a complicated matter in the spirit world. There is no attributing his success to his female counter part mother earth. Who happens to be the woman in the shadow that makes this all possible. Your goal as a Christian is not to be just some nice guy. It’s to be a vessel of great experiences so that your experiences can be gods. Now i can relate more to a masculine rebel, mercenary, rogue attitude then a feminine goody, perfect, unchangeable and immortal being. This is who i am by nature and god even though he is a mixture of both or simultaneously both at the same time we have to move on the a new picture “evolving” to be and emulate god. Which i know is impossible, but God never changes. We change because we need to become just like him but the physical medium of life is harsh and we’ll die of age before we get there. Even so this is the pattern and way we are suppose to go in. Oscillating through time with this pattern imprinted in us. A Christian should work to change worlds for the better and individually work towards the collective good cause of humanity. The practice of the poem below will establish a spectrum and grounds for what we should focus on so to bring these good things to surface. But the topic of faith and relationship is important to what it means to be Christian. You should treat each other with respect love understanding and do it with grace. It is important that there is consent and responsibility in the relationship.

In conclusion just because you are a different color, have a bad knee, no leg, missing eye- just because you are different does not mean you are not worthy of god’s love and heaven. As long as you’ve accepted the gift of Christ’s atonement, know what is most important in a communion with God which is that he loves us and needs us to love him and know what it means to be Christian for these modern times then we’re on the road to salvation. I think this is all that we need to gain god’s grace and key to heaven. All we need is love; (a huge general field that actually fractals to small things). All we need is unconditional love, service and honor (book of life.) our keys to becoming saved. Hope, Faith and Redemption is the tools we use as humans to grow.


practice (keys): unconditional love, service and honor. life

believe (tools): hope, faith and redemption. dream.

manifest:(solutions): awareness, understanding and benevolence. light.


Practice with these keys; They are unconditional love, service and honor. They will lead you in life.

Believe in these tools; They are hope, faith and redemption. They will make your dreams come true.

Manifest these solutions; They are awareness, understanding and benevolence. They will bring you to the light.