Philosophy of: Priorities and Preferences System


I had a dream,

I learned something fascinating.

a. Treat people like numbers

b. Priorities

c. Preferences

d. Decision making

a: If you treat people like numbers where

life = 0.123456789

0. Survival

Where reading the numbers from left to right. The numbers before a decimal being priorities and 0 being survival. The rest being just preferences like, for a student

  1. is Health and medication,
  2. Sleep.
  3. Homework.
  4. Finance.
  5. Work
  6. Social/Love
  7. Politics
  8. Family
  9. Community

There may be better categories out there but i think these are ideal in a students life.

b: Priorities

If you figure out a priority of a situation you determine a person’s protocol and fulfill their needs faster. Such as, if there’s a test in class as a student today you would bump it to protocol 03.12456789. So that before the decimal it’s 0 being survival and 3 being homework, and the rest being preferences.

c. Preferences

If you like a thing a certain way in a certain fashion and style; You need preferences. The way i have it set up for students is health and medication, sleep, homework, finance, work, social/love, politics, family and community. Though this is true, some people may put family first so family comes before all else. A protocol for this would be bumping family to number 1 and everything else down.

d. Decision making

Everything happens a certain way in a certain order. If we would be to mimic machines for it’s efficiency component the best system would be a number system. “Treat people like numbers” is system that allows decision making to be much simpler. Decisions are based on priorities and preferences and therefore almost automated to fulfill and find a persons personal needs in time.


Consistency and conclusion

If you want to add more than 9 preferences add numbers from 1-9 but with doubles. For example:

eg. straight numbers. 00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99

so it’ll look like 0.12345678900112233445566778899

alternatives could be (below) if you want to have a long variety of options.

eg. 0a, 1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, 5a, 6a, 7a, 8a, 9a.

I believe this system is a solution in religion. If a religion puts ethics and personal morality lower on it’s priority list; and they put politics, money and business before it’s people’s needs then it is not a good religion. Philosophy¬†should be practiced in a correct pattern and form and only if that philosophy is a good practice to keep a person active and healthy will it be worth incorporating into life. Thus, it should be practiced religiously but without religion.



Dabbled in Dead

A dream,


The story goes that he may have been forced into a extra-marital relationship and a death in that process. His wife wanted to uncover the truth and knew he only loved her, so why this information on extra-marital activities was unknown. His wife went through much suffering and work to get him back. She went to the counsel of many but in the end she had only one solution. It was to consort with the dead where she would get her husband back, this life or the next.

On The Same River, Separated at Sea.

A dream.

Two love birds set out on a boat together but the rapids were too strong. They tried with all their might to stay together but to no avail. The family separated, the two weren’t meant to stay together and the boat split into two separate small boats. Out to sea where they may never see each other again.

The Division; It’s Dark Spite

A darkness in the sky starts to spread like a swarm of locust. Covering everything overhead with blackness of misfortune and spite. This dream was about the coming division in the air between what is right and what is wrong. I pray I may make the right decision in the wake of this realization.


I realize that the dream as a foresight is a silly notion. But my brain may have picked up on some vibes and patterns I have not realized at present. I believe the decisions that i make up ahead will determine greatly who I may become. The sky may represent more than myself and conflicts within myself. It may affect life and the world also.


I am programming this semester and hoping to make a program that generates triangular ¬†paradigm models. Busy atm studying up on ruby (programming language), and php for web design. I hope to build a search engine that allows me to have people rate paradigms and models and help me scale words from 1-12 so that i can map out words and it’s extremities.