Some Fun Doodles. In loving memory of my brother’s hobbies and anime fixation.


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My gate is always open. A link to my secret prayers page.

Above is just a fun exploration of 3 dimensional space to keep my mind sharp.

So here’s the story short. I got ill from a psychosis and suffered severely from delusions for a awhile and thus got hospitalized. As soon as I got discharged and got better my brother passed away due to depression.. and more to the story but I’m hushed to keep it low key.

On a lighter note.. we distributed some of his prized belongings. His guitar and PS4 were first to go. I got his cintiq tablet hd 22, some clothes and his lonely room and possessions became mine. I doodled a little today on his monstrous cintiq tablet and decided to honor my brother’s favored Japanese art style Anime and drew some fun characters.

Below are some comic ideas I had in mind that I would like to explore in the future possibly. Alphonse the first, Omegan the end, Ethos the Crosswey, Amberguity of ambiguous virtue.

More to come in the future hopefully.

*edit: added 8 more characters. The Synthesis Core Equator, Terra the Amazon Earth Guardian, Abundance of Heaven’s Grace, Obsidian the Grand Teacher, Lost Worlds the Grand Archivist, The Epiphany Prelude and Spatial Planar Protruding Binary.


The Twelve Theories Proxy Character Maps. Pin point Mapping of Character Sphere of influence. Below are character maps and it’s primordial natures and behaviors.


2 thoughts on “Some Fun Doodles. In loving memory of my brother’s hobbies and anime fixation.

  1. This doesn’t feel like the right place to say this, but I don’t have another. Many years ago i lost someone. A week or two later I went to meet some friends and they were all talking until I entered the room. Then they went silent. Not because they were mean, but because they didn’t know what to say. At the time it really hurt, and I decided then and there that although nobody ever knows what to say, it’s better to say something than nothing, so I always do. I’m sorry for your loss. I have a brother and he suffers with depression too, so I know how precious a gift you’ve lost.
    Also your drawings are great, and the concept behind them is greater still. I don’t pretend to understand it all but there’s enough of a glimmer of comprehension in my mind (which doesn’t work at all the way yours does) to inspire me.
    Thank you for sharing all of that.


    • Thanks Janon. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. I try to leave bread crumbs on my journey to describe what I’m seeing and feeling. It’s great to just share and enjoy each other’s comments and company. I hope only that this work I do inspires. I am very sad about the loss of my younger brother and for you to reach means a lot to me too. We will do what ever we can to cope with our losses. Thanks again.

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