Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 30 “About life”: Cluttered attic and invention of rules.

Management is crucial.

Donald Rumsfeld said:

Known knowns. Things we know that we know.

Known unknowns. Things we think we know we don’t know.

unknown unknown. Things we don’t know that we don’t know.

Disabling ignorance. Ignorance that disable you from enjoying what it is you like doing.

Rules you make up: Making up a rule that you don’t want to be a multimillionaire and you don’t want to learn from a millionaire even though there is so much you can learn from this person.

Convictions can be greater evils than lies.

The mind is like an attic, it gets full.

invented rules need to disappear.

The clutter must be cleared.

No physical place is holy, you make it holy.

Philosophies and disabling rules; Rules like you know everything, that you’re wearing out. You need to break those rules.

Ask: Why is this wrong?

Know the opposite side better than opponent once learnt we come to a true efficient conviction. A synthesis rather than a thesis and antithesis.

Rules about critique. Ask 3 questions about your strong ideas and challenge it.

Don’t be a inheriting believer. Don’t believe just because your parents did.

Be a believer that explored your opposition’s understanding. Challenge your ideas.

Spectrums; A way to weed out terrible ideas from good ones. Domesticating God for practicality.


Is it wrong to humanize, tame and domesticate the idea of God in a way where it is suitable for consumption and inheritance of what Godliness means? When I think of God I want to think of it as a nurturing force, as we homogenize milk made fit for our consumption of human beings. The question I ask is how can we make God beneficial to humanity? Should the idea of God be made secular (abiding to government), ethically and done with practicality? We do it everyday without considering this fact, so lets go all out on this idea. A tool, a friend and a overseeing father who has three possible functions in maintaining a meaningful perspective in life. As much as I want to have a beautiful exotic lion in the house, how practical would it be to keep this lion (I’ll call God for now) rather than a pet cat or dog. At the peril of getting eaten by one, mauled or injured I may not put up with the Lion. Where as a household pet with the potential and capabilities of God would be ideal. Just as you would prefer to surf the net or listen to music on your phone rather than on that clunky yet powerful, immobile, computer of yours, practicality is key.

I would rather have a pocket sized informative encyclopedia of ideal models of ideas of what makes up life rather then a primitive recollection of all the random events that lead up to modern day for example. This also depends on the situation or function which you require this form of information (book in this case) to be used. If you are looking for the roots of some religion about god. There are stories describing the roots of Christianity/The Bible, Islam/Quran and Jewish/Torah. If we can make a collective effort to map out the collection of ideas completely with alternatives included that would give oversight and weed out terrible ideas. The comparison of what is “to be” in the end and what was initially at the start is an unfair comparison but that is what is happening with this situation right now. People cannot be looking to a religious books for an expansion of knowledge but more so for insight. For example looking into a timeline where a person is tending goats, farming, punishing those for blasphemy, worrying about their next meal and where to fetch clean water more so than living in a city and dealing with laws of man, you cannot use these books based on their targeted timeline in a modern age.

This day and age, the idea of slavery is changed humanized to know it is wrong to own another human, discrimination is changed domesticated to know that we should be understanding of our differences yet step up when someone is intolerant of a person based on their racial identity, sexuality is changed civilized to understand that people are just born a certain way and to accept them. In this day and age a black, gay, Muslim man can exist in Britain, Canada or USA (many other countries) whereas the life expectancy of one in any other country in the middle east drastically goes down, why is this? If life was a popularity contest and popularity is based on agreement of what is fair and not Islam being the center of religious conflict divided even among its people would be losing and we need not any brains to identify why. It has a problem with intolerance, anti-gay and possibly even anti-woman.

I will admit i am intolerant of intolerance. I will not stand by to see a person be hateful and destructive towards another person’s life based on their intolerance. If ever i were to identify as a bigot i would identify as a bigot for bigotry. Which in my opinion we should all be, no one should sit by while someone is slut shaming, bullying or displaying great hate towards a special minority. In this case I may be pointing out that Islam has a problem and by me putting it on a spectrum where it is at the wrong i may be contradicting my ideas of being intolerant of intolerance. But there is a difference of being intolerant of intolerant action, and just being intolerant of intolerant thought. Just because I draw out a spectrum, identify which system i prefer, God I follow, and then come to the conclusion which is undesirable does not make me a hand of intolerance. I am simply an independent realization helping those see their options and opportunities. I have no radical interest or hand in where this intolerance goes, I am simply one who gives oversight of the situation, rerouting and inspiring.

The building of paradigms gives the ability for oversight which is the over seeing and assessing of all information as a collective, taking into consideration all aspects of life and putting it into a spectrum to be evaluated for yourself what comes first and last so we can weed out terrible ideas from decent ones. I plan to do this in my upcoming project. I have a neutral stance and completely open to ideas, I have no real agenda other then to help those have options, opinions and opportunities in the matter that is life. This is all just a healing process, I may just appear to be the scab (undesirable and ugly) but the end result will be better.

Smile! Because…

A sweet quote. Something i struggle with sometimes is self acceptance and finding a reason to smile. Life is tough.

{ j'adore, j'aime }

“You are loved, you are valuable, you are crafted with beauty and purpose. I treasure you and this world needs you. There is no one like you. You don’t need to look like the rest, or talk like the rest, or be like the best. The world needs you as you are, you were put here for a reason. There is no truth in the lie that you don’t matter. You are loved. You are not an accident. You are not a mistake”.

– Curt Mega.


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Essentials to Mentality in Life Built Around the Idea of Spectrums.


It’s not the mentality of the glass is (optimism) half full that makes it any more superior than the glass is (pessimism) half empty. It also doesn’t matter that you care that it is half full and half empty because you’re thirsty, you’d prefer there was water in it. Agnosticism says your neutral about it, cannot prove or disprove but also not motivated to. The idea isn’t that it is filled or not filled, but that it can be refilled with effort to restore purposeful function is what really matters in the end.

The believing in something and not believing may be fundamentals to there being a bridge and not being a bridge. That building a bridge begins with the idea that there is a need to build that bridge. That if there is no need for a bridge or a negative notion of building a bridge, that lack of wanting to build a bridge becomes the reality that there will be no bridge. But the process of the present action of building the bridge, of incorporating ingenuity and applying yourself is more important than just what the current temporary status is, you have to think what can you do about it. Pretty much, benevolence is the topic we are discussing.

There are 5 radical spectrum stances about belief to be had in this topic.

a) Conviction in believing in God may be wrong in that you cannot fully prove his existence and it builds walls of ignorance from growing and being open minded. It also causes bias and quiet agendas that obstruct and deconstruct the construction of idea paradigms. Idea paradigms are essentially just a defined spectrum with depth and dimension. Believing it has more in it than it does, does not  increase it’s content’s value but it sure feels good doesn’t it?

b) Ignorance (Atheism) of God existing may be wrong in that you cannot disprove his existence is another belief that also causes obstruction and deconstruction of any progressive constructive thinking. This also causes bias and quiet agendas that work against the constructive effort of building bridges and construction of ideas.

(in three dimension a new stance in the spectrum develops in the progression of seeing the linear spectrum, Deism. Creating the triangle of spectrum extremes. Though still lacking oversight, it is a necessary component in acquiring a balanced perspective.)

c) Aimless Virtue (Deism) of God existing may be wrong in that you put moral encompass over a direction and a end goal purpose. Excessive virtue obsession may hinder the constructive process of bringing about new bridges, though admirable to not over look the small things there is a lack of balance for this perspective of belief. Sacrifice of time, ideologies and self may conflict with collective interests. A person who practices Deism may be troubled and disturbed easily and unsettled by what they have to do and what others do.

d) Agnosticism of God existing is the correct direction being what Aristotle called the golden means approach in that we cannot prove and disprove thus we live in between the two extremes. Acceptance of this allows you to work in a different direction on the axis  of the linear parallel platform into a 3rd dimension of space. We are all agnostic to a degree even when claiming to have conviction of god and not believing in god. It is also agnostic to stay away from beliefs of there being a god living secular and focusing only on humans/nature and being morally focused. It’s a belief system that we are both unable to prove or disprove him fully with our local truths and parameters of truth. I embrace this idea of agnosticism but we can progress further with this idea.

e) Benevolence of God is what we look for in life the idea that you can with oversight of the 4 previous belief stances, pull together your collective efforts and produce in a constructive way a mentality that allows your creativity to flow freely and build constructively. It’s called rebirth or refilling the glass. The idea is best expressed through the manifestation of a phoenix’s attribute to recover from a high expression of life to a low one and back again in a cycle. Your efforts, motivation and intentions matter in the building of dreams and bridges. I desire to embody this idea, benevolence is a simple matter of taking the cup and refilling it with water by means of purposeful assessment of the situation in life.

Bridges allow you to explore new branches of ideas, to understand new uncharted territory. It’s what gives us hope for a better future when we are stuck in a bad in place in life. It’s the transition between a bad life to a better or good life.

Canada is infected by the USA capitalist corporate corruption.

A solution to corruption and instability in the USA and Canada,

link to some ideas i concluded to. ^


What is going on in Canada? Bill C-51 is pushed without debate. CBC is a propaganda machine, pushed around by conservative politics some great voices being replaced by robots who only care about the money not the news coverage. It’s becoming more about entertaining it’s clients than being reliable source of media. Big Corporations like Enbridge with it’s political schemes to build vast pipelines despite human health concerns. SNC Lavalin engineering taking bribes to no end black listed by The World Bank. There is no transparency in how the Government of Canada is working. The only source that give away that these big corporations own and control the federal government and the news coverage is Wikileaks. When big companies like the Bank of America, Mastercard, Paypal and Visa are trying to shut that down (The truth, the only source of transparency in politics) is a big concern. Is the Government telling us to take the wheel blind folded and just run with it?

The capitalist system is not working. The poor are living off of pocket money. The middle class make just enough to get by or in debt. The rich more than they can spend. The elite is like one man with stacks of wealth more than what he knows to do with. It’s just sitting there inactively. This distribution of wealth is impossible in the USA. The USA and it’s abusive habits like going over seas fighting wars to acquire some oil here and there, fighting a threat that originated from under them ISIS, advancing it’s power through military and technology despite it’s economic state. People are worried for their job security so they think twice about turning their backs on big corporations and take bribes such as incidents with prime minister Harper and bribing MP Chuck Bradman. Where Harper and the conservatives bribe Chuck and Chuck takes the money and takes the blow getting dropped as MP takes 1 million dollars in life insurance probably for his family because he dies of Cancer.2 months after the vote.

I’m not into politics, I have no clue why i care at all about all this stuff happening. It seems our freedom and health are at risk is probably why i’m starting to be concerned. When Canada starts looking like USA in politics and corruption we are in trouble.

Photosynthesis the ultimate Quantum Mechanics secret; Time travels backwards.

Seed of the stars

Our greatest science is in plants, the interactions of light and plants in quantum mechanics gives us an answer to how life can run backwards in time.

Gravity the weakest force in the world but it encompasses, becomes insightful and most importantly it’s life giving essense is of love. Entropy is the greatest evil. Murphy’s law is that all ends in chaos, we are the pioneers of life we create our fate. Vitamin D a product of sunlight’s photosynthesis is the greatest gift to life. When past, present and future finally collapse as a singularity we will return “home” to the higher dimensions of self we were initially made to live when we were put down here. The quantum superposition of light acting on a plant during photosynthesis is the show case of our potential, our defiant nature to reverse even time and work backwards. The split experiment in quantum mechanics says that a particle becomes schizophrenic when torn by the choice of 2 slits. When a second screen is put behind it, it has to find a way to work backwards in order to correct itself for it to pass the second screen. Meaning that particles can work backwards in time some how, possibly by entering a frequency state of being or dimension or both in order to do this work that it does in photosynthesis and it’s quantum superposition.

Abundance; Earth, Gravity and Light. Singularity.

Earth; Ionic molten core, Lunar tides and magnetic field. Foundational Life

Ionic Molten Core; Pressure, Tectonic Plate Movements, Volcanoes. Fertilization of life.

Lunar Tides; Cleansing, Circulation, Spiritual Energy (or lunacy.). Purification of life.

Magnetic Field; Protection, Climate and Plasma tubes of the magnetosphere (Spiritual catalyst). Spiritual elevation.

Foundational Life; Physical cube, Mental dodecahedron and Spiritual sphere. Soul of Nature.

Gravity; plasma, folding and (breaking) barriers. Unification.

Plasma; Ionized Formation body, Electromagnetism. Nuclear fusion. Fusion Power

Folding; Bending of Space, Fold in time, inter-dimensional gateway. Quantum super-position.

Barriers; Through particle, Through sound and Through space. Through light.

Unification; matter/dark matter, energy/dark energy and nature/purpose or dark nature/purpose. Fate through Love.

Light: Subatomic particles, electromagnetic waves and  photons. Vitamin D.

Subatomic particles: consistent, orbiting and governing.  Density.

Electromagnetic waves: repeating, oscillating and synchronizing. Stimulation

Photons: Electromagnetic, Wavepacket and Harmonized. Photosynthesis.

Vitamin D: Happiness, Protection and Pro-hormone. Pro-Life Beneficiary.

Singularity: Collapse of reality, Collapse of time, Collapse of being/presence. Collapse with God.

Collapse of Reality; Quantum scale merger of the Body, Quantum scale merger of mind and  Quantum merger of spirit. Quantum merger with soul

Collapse of Time; Unification of past, Unification of present and Unification of future. Unification of determined fate.

Collapse of Being/Presence; Fusion of higher frequency space, Fusion of higher frequency time and Fusion of  higher frequency alternate dimensions. Fusion of higher frequency of benevolence.

I have no clue how to do singularity, it is uncharted territory. I did my best to elaborate this is my best articulation and interpretation of it.

A really cool video, loving the vibe. It explains most of what i’m talking about.

And of course articles if you are interested.



USA emergency police state; What they should do.


Need for drastic measures and cooperation of the people.

I have been doing some research, there is one who i have been looking for. A name for the enforcer organization Rabbis Jonathan Cahn leader of Jeruselem worship center Beth Israel. International outreach, President of Hope of the World Ministries. The ideas of Christians and Americans are being compared to Old Israel and the Jewish; Bringing back God into the picture, George Washington who was christian built his foundation of America at ground zero in New York vowing, praying and prophesying that God will withdraw his gifts from the USA if they turn away from God. The protection of the heavens and blessings will be turned away from them if they don’t change their distorted way of life, restore balance of the prejudice in social system and justice.

Redemption is required. A need for prayer, repentance and to ask for forgiveness. They need to become more humble. Know that there are only a few places out there where you are respected, given free will and speech and given the chance at life. Your choices are your own but know that the burden of not having a home is worse or even dealing with those who do not. Drastic measures to ensure your survival variability since you are nearing a policed state where you are no longer safe from yourselves.

7 heads to administrate, 7 days rest, and 7 years reset. End of old world, start new world.

What to do about your current situation.

  1. I think civilians should implement a world cap for their capital accumulation.
  2. I think a manditory donation or charity should be in line for those who can generate more then what they need.
  3. I think there’s a need for 7 government heads is necessary instead of 1 president representative. Each head should be in charge of his/her elected category. Economic, Military, Security, Medical, Health, Political and Relations.
  4. I think the idea of a modern Sabbath (every 7th day) should be a non-religious day of rest, contemplation and meditation should be established.
  5. I think the idea of a modern Shmita (every 7th year) should be a day of a certain amount of debt paid off or a day when debt is wiped to establish stability in a system. This is so that the people only accumulate what they need to survive, take only what they need and give what they don’t need. The distribution of the excess will go to the most needy. Job positions will still encourage people to attend work. If people want to retire early they can, but it makes no sense to do nothing with your life.
  6. Establish a limit to luxury and balance of practicality so to distribute the wealth to those who need basic needs. Water, food and shelter and the lack of it will be the undoing of the American Political System.
  7. Funding should be decided by the people through Donation projects that can be done online. If the funding is crucial the people will be notified and the funding process can start.
  8. Balance of women and any social prejudice in women should be abolished.
  9. Equality of all forms of people should be exercised and establishing benefits and concerns. Acceptance of same sex, mental state, physical state, color, general gender and sexuality in marriage especially should be encouraged. If the church or facility fights back funding and support for the facility should be revoked.

This is a solution to a capitalist end state where the accumulation of money will be the separation between the rich and poor. It will be democratic, with a mix of social government interactions. The balance of your system is necessary, as you are a rogue state of pyramid capitalists. Handing your trust to giant multi-million dollar corporations inevitably to become corrupted down the road puts the risk of your entire system becoming corrupt.

If you have the cooperation of your entire people to start clean, drop your egos and save your country. Then this is the route the world should go in.

I’m just suggesting what you should do to allow your survival in the next few years. There will be much chaos accumulated in you Country because of the effects of your LHC’s production of antimatter. A substance though powerful, influence the psyche’s stability heavily. That on top of the discontent of your citizens and distrust will lead you to your demise. Your positions and information of your workers are also compromised you have nothing to lose.

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh. You will become who you were meant to be.