Concerns for the future generation: imagination, artificial worlds and reality.

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Hypothetically if our reality is evolving and if evolution is the trend that is happening around us or soon to be happening – What would it be like? (Multi-dimensional, Multiverse, time travel, continually looped).. If all the good was able to come to the world why couldn’t the bad also? What i’m thinking is that there maybe a chance we may be transitioning into a world where your current reality may affect your future of “lives”. A world where there may be great good at the cross road being our world.. and great darkness that follows after the good. Sort of like theories about silent hill the video game, where the world is repetitive but evolving sometimes darker and scarier the further the game progresses. Such is life except it depends on your perspective and where you’re going in life.

Things like the fabric of space and time tearing to cause rifts and portals to open giving a way for good/evil to gain entrance into our world. Maybe this dimension is controlled by the medium of games and movies. Maybe the theory is harmless but the transition is there. We are becoming more aware of the many worlds and many ideas and things that are out there and we are collaborating to create and bring them into existence. It would be a novelty of an idea for it to transition into story/game/movie. If our world is becoming more artificial and reality of living is becoming more about playing in an artificial world. What does this future look like? Will our future children grow to explore worlds computer generated behind a T.V. screen safe as they hack and slash monsters? Or is this reality more external and incorporated into our real life experience?

A world wide psychosis is on the way. The magnetic fields are destabilizing and flipping which may affect us in many negative ways. Mentally and physically our world is changing. And our spirituality is in question, will we survive and retain our ambitions and goals even through this future? Are we artificially training ourselves through our violence in games and movies to become animals to hunt and kill? Is it correct for a mother to keep their children from exposure to television, social media and guns? Are we headed in the right direction in life. What can we change?

Defiance; Root of the human spirit.

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Defiance; This is the natural instinct that fuels a human spirit’s motivation. It is the power to resist being assimilated and losing your personal identity. It is the ability to say no to a bigger power that is in the wrong and change the world and make it right. Without this concept there is only apathy. Selflessness is only a virtue if you understand the wisdom of evil in greed and dangers of abundance. And the evil in greed is that it leads to the hoarding trend in life and that it instills a mentality that becomes a nature to continue to hoard. There must be a balance in all things you do and even have. If you are struggling with daily life and everything is a challenge, you are doing it right. Life is about exploring and trying new things. Expressing your true self the way you want to be seen while understanding with action comes consequence. Understanding this consequence allows you to hold back from any unintended desire to do things you shouldn’t. There is always a reason for everything and if it happens, it may just be the way the dice rolls and depending on how you look at it you could count yourself lucky or unlucky.

Hidden from sight for years it is the quality of vigor and consistency. There was always that one quality that i couldn’t understand that i really needed. And it starts when you are a kid where you did everything you wanted without hesitation. Defiance is healthy and if it wasn’t for this attribute we would crumble under everyday challenges. It allows us the building blocks to push forward and speak out loud. Public speaking is all about defiance where you need to raise your voice to be heard and to maybe sometimes speak over another in order to get your opinions out. Apologizing of course for doing so but you are priority in your life and if you don’t speak out you won’t have it the way you wanted it to be.

Commitment, life is about doing things and seeing things through. You stick with it until you get it or until the boat sinks. But all you got to do when that boat sinks figuratively is to get up again and try something different. Consistency, persistence and perseverance;  All these words lead to defiance and even though being defiant against the authorities is dangerous and wrong. Sometimes if you stand for something right and the system is wrong then you need to be defiant. Though again we all live in our own little world so sometimes we can be narrow and misunderstand situations so know that we can’t always be right. If you are the minority in the democracy ask why this is, maybe you’re really on the wrong side but also people may be misinformed on the other side. So be defiant and stick your neck out and hope you can pull through but know the consequence of your actions and opinions. If ever you are found on the wrong side (bad side) know that your actions will backfire and you reap what you sow so to speak. Baddies never get away with their crimes there is always a paper trail.

Broken Hearts; Mending Lost Souls

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Broken hearts; Whether you’ve had your trust tested, emotionally traumatized or just healing from a bad relationship. Broken hearts are a part of our life and we must find a way to deal with it. Heart break heavily weighs on you throughout the day. It is a variable in life that constantly reminds you of your losses and pain. Sometimes it carries even until death depending on how you treat it or if you can let it go. It’s a phenomenon sparked by memories that inflict pain and suffering and we need to find a way to cope with such things. A death in the family, loss of marriage/relationship, loss of monetary and possessions; These examples hurt and sometimes to various degrees.

Material things we may forget but a loss of a family member or failure in a relationship can bring a person down for a long time. This is where the healing process comes in. We know from science that we lose our regeneration powers to grow limbs when we pass the embryonic stage. We cannot heal physically as fast as lizards.. and emotional pain can cause as much negative effects as physical damage. Emotional damage can stay with you for the rest of your life and cause negative effects leading to depression and mental illness. Whereas Physical can be temporary but life threatening if the circumstances are dire. The key is to manage these things and keep them in mind. Identifying them is the first step of the healing process and managing them through good mental practice like positive thinking and proactive active activity (keep busy moving and work more towards a forward direction in life).

Building a new vision of what you want is the final step you would want to work towards. This takes alot of practice and constant reminders throughout the day that help you build upon this imaginary platform up from the ground. It is a learned skill that must be taught and managed through self discipline and active practice. Heart break must not be the circumstance that causes you to be who you are, you are what must be the cause to your life. This meaning you must be the person in charge of your life with a degree of control of it’s direction. Life is not so clear and simple but when you have a system at least you have a way to pave into the light. And what is life but light? all the good memories and accomplishments is what makes you who you are. The bad can be interpreted as random events that influence your direction in life or it can be interpreted as negative terrible things that ruined your life. It is up to you to choose the right.