Religions ties and conflicts; The integration to a better world.


Imagine Religion as a silly hat contest where the feature of having the best hat is being the most pleasant to the eyes and a winning variable to this hat contest. Christianity is the hat club that cooks the best cookies and Islam is the hat club that swims the best. The most pleasant hat appeals to a variety of people but it’s trivial to what is essential to life. They’re saying my hat is better than yours and they start a war over it. The products of their clubs cannot even be compared to one another because they are so different. One bakes cookies and the other just swims really well. In this case this is what Christianity and Islam and many other religions are doing. They offer a certain flavor of human knowledge and they try to fight their way to claim their idea is the best. The Quran is in one direction jumps back and forth between being moral and immoral with their stoning women for adultery, punishing those for blaspheming the Quran and penalty of death for sodomy. While they are more picky about what books they are allowed to read and what place their women can eat at and what place a woman can pray at. Contradictions engulf the ideas of this religion from one part they are extreme and crude in judgement and the other spectrum they care deeply for their practices. The moderate tend to think they are completely different from the extremes when they act as enablers for these injustices of life to happen. They sit by passively or quietly endorsing these motives and actions saying if they are doing it by the book it must be okay. Because the book says it’s okay does not mean it is okay. God’s word isn’t an enabling tool for terrorists to commit crimes and it should never be used to subject a woman to being any lower than men in hierarchy level.

Christianity, still homophobic and prejudice against women, transsexuals and sometimes even dark skinned people. The dark skinned discrimination may be seen to be a tide the Christians have gotten over but the wound still heals from the suffering of the black people’s days ¬†of cotton farming. Endorsing slavery was an idea brought over from the East and it was incorporated into the once old christian idea of promoting slavery – contributing indirectly to the idea of white supremacy in that era. Which is very unchristian like because Jesus wasn’t even white. The Mormon church still believes that women are lesser beings and that the man must be head of the family and lead the family as a leader type role model. The Catholics, Lutherans and Protestants — liberal or conservative also swing in this direction in believing that transsexuals, gays and bisexuals are defective and women are born second to man according to how life came to be. That women come from the rib of Adam as the doctrine goes. Does nothing notion that there is an imminent danger to these ideas that have surfaced? If they were true that still shouldn’t determine women’s roles in society. But they are not true and women can do things many times better than men if they were refined, trained and tried. It is basic psychology that says a person is said to become a certain person depending on what his peers or the body himself tells himself. For example a woman is if told enough times and treated as a doll to become a doll.. she will become dependent and needy like a doll.

There are dark consequences to every choice we make. The happiness that comes with religion and it’s associations will likely bring a person to the consequences of making these choices. You are enabling and endorsing these religions and their thoughts and lack of values by siding in this war of ideas.If the tree yields fruit than it is good, but heed me when I say when the fruit is bad and it yields poisonous fruit then the tree is not fit for consumption. We need to start new tree from the bottom up build an integration program to bring in all the unaligned branches. Blood, skin and bones.. and insight. The might of the human species as a whole.