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The Author lives in Canada. Born and raised in Edmonton, he has traveled a lot in the last 2 years of 2014 and 2015 to the USA. Namely Boston, California, Los Angeles, Sandiego Hawaii and Texas and wishes to see more of the country. He studied at NAIT for architecture for several years but due to an illness he was not able to complete it. He loves to play guitar and wants to learn the violin. He has dreams of becoming a stronger artist, he sketches and makes drawings every day to harness his skills in drawing and concept art. He enjoys reading literature and writing very much and wants to continue to write and draw in the future. He finished his schooling at digital school with the drafting engineering program and got a certificate for a specialization in oil and gas pipelines.

He enjoys graphic design, story telling, philosophy, photography, film, digital painting, art in general, poetry and especially acoustic type and composed and orchestrated music. He in particular fond of the Church Choirs and Hymns. He is also a casual gamer, especially the older retro games. In his day he finds time to read his books on spirituality, blogging daily and writing articles about; Life, Dream, Self and Light. He is very happy with his work, and a very sincere and humble being. He practices mediation from time to time and practices martial arts with his father. Karate is part of the daily routine.

He wishes to travel more and find like minds in order to connect and establish some long term partnerships to bring his dream of heaven on Earth into realization. He is very ambitious in his ideals and virtuous practices but never imposes. He practices positive thinking, mindful action and virtuous integration on a daily basis. It is essential for the world to keep harnessing and cultivating the state of mind to become kinder, compassionate and understanding. His virtuous paradigms and Universal Model Paradigms are a show of his inner knowledge and contemplative practice of the world beyond the physical. Avoiding to see the world objectively as well as subjectively but somewhere in between unattached, mindful and at peace.

To some degree Nam Nguyen is a very complex in what he is trying to achieve yet he tries to be simple for the sake of connection and communication with the people. For he understands that his concepts are difficult to comprehend but hopes one day they will be useful to the people of the present world. He is always open to ideas, the idea of exploration and fun. He understands that there’s a bigger picture in the world. The body is not the end. The spirit is not all there is. We are components to a machine and also a part of a system of machines with parts. There is higher purpose in life and great reason to be ethical in life. The vices of your life do not define you but the behavior/practices and ideas you implement into your life define your attitude and nature. Ultimately your direction in life will bring you to some hard decisions and that is where your stones fall into place. Life is how you act in the face of encounters of hardship, if you are not prepared for what is to come then you were not prepared. Life is about pro-action, precautionary and nurturing beliefs and action of the now. Though it is a contemplative, mindful and thoughtful assessment of the moment too. The kindness, understanding and compassion of the heart plays a great role in all this too. There are many paths in life, you will twist and you will turn but as long as you make it in the end to your destination, this is what matters.

Nam Nguyen, is a man of practicality. A realist yet an idealist in trying to make the bridge in spiritualism. He is not associated with any form of religion at the moment but a big innovator of having ideas of his own weaving and integrating ideas he believes are suitable for building on. He is not a fan of organized religion and not a fan of religious hierarchy. But he knows the importance and role of organized religion and respects it. He strongly believes in the freedom of information and that good ideas should be distributed among the people. That the truth that people believe is not what it always seems to be. That time, people, circumstance and conditions can twist ideas to become strange forms of misinterpreted idolatry. He believes in going to the root of the problem and it’s causation. He believes in the progression and constructive nature of human beings and He believes in finding and mapping it’s identity and the transformation of a being through conscious assessment and behavior.

He endorses pursuits in the Church of God. He wishes you best of luck in your personal pursuits and prays for some form of protection from the world’s harm in your life.

This is my portfolio: http://quocnamnguyen.wix.com/synamex

Linkedin page: ca.linkedin.com/pub/nam-nguyen/8a/531/279/

Visit my portfolio and modeling page. ^ right above


2 thoughts on “About author

  1. Hello Nam. Finding your blog was no coincidence, of course 🙂 So grateful to read this fascinating and stimulating material. This is just fantastic. Very unusual to encounter another with such an expanded perspective. Its lonely out here! I am looking forward to purchasing your book when i am able. Goodbye for now, beautiful soul.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello. Thank you for coming by. Please note the book is just a better compilation organized for viewing. And the Heaven on Earth book is free to download. I hope you enjoy your stay and continue to follow and read my posts. Love, Peace, Justice and Happiness to you where ever you go.



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