The Published book: 3 years writing.


Well, this is the finished product. The journey for making the book was awesome. I loved every second of it. I’m sure there are some interesting concepts to be had from this book if not relevance to your life at least something to discuss about.

The Integration; of God, Universe and Truth

A synthesis on dream, life, light and self-made heroes. Or the core meaning of love. (Home of Universal Paradigms, Virtuous Practice, Multi-dimensional Diagrams and Esoteric Knowledge). Where Philosophy explains Religion, Science and Spirituality.

It has some interesting things on the side like; Fields, Spectrums, Compartimentalizing Reality through Cores, Transitons and Crossways, Working with Micro-Macrosm Worlds, Dividing the world into Components, machines and systems, Accessing life-style, behavior and thought pattern methods and many things involving time travel and multidimensions.

There may be other things you may not like or have conflicting views about which i will try to resolve such as; A almighty permanent God, Christ Resurrection, Reincarnation, Chakra, Auras, Esoterics, Kabbalistic ideas and other strange phenomenon but out of all this my paradigms will probably drive you insane partially because it’s very opinion based.

The logic i do is with concepts and deep reason, comprehension and contemplative integration of a wide variety of things such as; science, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and Religion.

I apologize again for releasing the book and then not.. then changing my mind and throwing it out there all of a sudden. I like to keep you on your toes. =) The book is now available to download and buy as a hardcover! Please enjoy the book. There are many ways to read the book. You may read it just the first part which will be God.. or you may read about the Universe which will be on the 2nd part.. or the 3rd part is Truth and If you want to test your intelligence with Paradigms it’s near the end. You can read them in any order or reading what ever combination you want together or separate. I have made a path for those who are just mainly athiest or if your more conservative christian you may only stick to God. But You lose out on so much of the world if you limit yourself to only on category.. So open up your eyes and heart and read the entirety as it was meant to be.

It is a blog for the most part but the articles tell a story and it comes together with purpose, reason and function when you get to the end. Everything adds up in the end. Here is the link again for those who want to Buy the book. I revised it a couple times and the first time i published it i forgot some pretty important things like page number. lol

There are two books you should be aware of:


The Book is Published. (For real this time)

Okay so sorry for last time. I may have been in a rush to get everything out and may have not been thinking straight. I also know i said i’d release it on Feb 5-10 but i wanted to order some myself. So here you guys go the link to go buy the book. Its all ready to go. Tell me what you guys think and leave comments if you liked it or not. It’s all open to discussion. And relax it’s a blog.. with purpose.. story telling and answers and what more would ask for. For private messages message me at:

Tai Lopez Notes For Chp: 41 “About Life”: The Modality of Watching instead of Wondering.

Tai lopez. Wealth, Health, Love and Happiness.

The difference between inactively wondering and actively watching with curiosity, observing and learning.
Living like The Omnish. Money can’t buy life. 3 types of people. 1st makes things happen. 2nd watches. 3rd wonders what happened. Moving to different modality in life, move like Casanova’s Chameleon. Default state of people those who wonder what happened. Best test to see if you’re a wonderer is if you look at your keyboard.. do you know what f5, f8, f12 is? Becomes a person who know’s stuff. People who wonder don’t look into the overall pay of employees, don’t have a clue what the overview general ideas of the spectrum is. Curiosity as an instigation of the unknown. Older people are often outsourced by the new people because information almost doubles every time you look at it. Memorizing is not important though, data is becoming more abundant. The wonderers don’t earn/get anything.. and pass through time and don’t live. Simlarity attracts in social circles.. even if opposites attract there has to be some meshing planes.

A dog doesn’t ask why.. knows not to put paw in fire but not how to make it. Chemical process of the fire is a useless piece of information to you now, but as a chemist, biologist and philosopher is invaluable. Watching, Observing and Learning as curious person, aggressively seeking out knowledge. Don’t go blank behind the eyes. Take your shot live right now, live the here and now. No invention of rules – breaking the rule is the rule. It’s no longer a rule if you’re breaking it. Click everything, try everything, Learn. You need to rewire your brain, keep your curiosity on about everything. Don’t be too focused on one thing and not about other things. Some Wikipedia pages are inaccurate but Generally Wikipedia is great for knowing a wide variety of things in a general range. Social interactions, ask why people fall in love? Why do people get pot bellies? High or Low testosterone does this. Invest 10 minutes a week into knowledge read how to books. Hellene Keller. Be interested in Music. once you become curious you open the world to yourself.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 40 “About life”: Balancing Pessimism and Optimism. Have Faith.

guidelines rules and success. Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness . We are mostly dealing with pessimisms and balancing it today.
Outlook, default mode – negative. Rethink how you think believe in a positive outlook. Also think critically. New concept practical pessimism. Conrad hilton: Point in his life, turning point. picked up book on optimism. So struck by optimism . All about end game. The great depression, Hotels were thriving and then when depression happened lost his chain of hotels except for one and asked people to stick around promised to pay them back double for doing so. They stuck through he became one of the biggest chains in the USA and payed them back.
Optimism+Pessimism = Practical Constructive Critical Thinking.
The take away is the necessity for faith. Keep shooting. Rise above the crowd and have more faith and optimism more then anyone else. But stay away from disillusionment. Identify your goals. What gets you towards your goal is one tool with another. Use pessimism with optimism. Pessism alone can’t bring you to your goal. Optimism cannot either. Use both. Use your pessimism to inspire your next actions.. think “If i don’t have milk today.. i’m going to be more assertive tomorrow!” Think of ways to spur your inspiration.
The fighter pilot mentality. Try not to crash your f-13. Plan for the worst, prepare for the rainy day. Plan different plans; a, b and c. Cultivate more skills, be more self taught, read more random wikipedia and watch more youtube go for knowledge. Brave but not be foolhardy. You must find your balance. Find your niche. Make mother nature your ally plan ahead find the advantage in all situations.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 39 “About life”: Messy Message and that 18% Niche.

Alienating the 82% with your messy message. proper use of the niche.
hypnotized by supposed options at our disposal.
It appears this way but we don’t actually have all those options.
Known for this one thing. 18% in anything you do.. if you can have 18% of people you have to engaged in your ideas. You will succeed. Find a small niche. microsoft becomes a 100 billion dollar company. This company allowed him to build the focus and skill.. To take charge of the whole market in the end. understanding that you have 18% that visit your website and want to hear more from you. Think globally act locally. Act on a niche go into the market with global interests.
Most business (tech) they do good at the beginning. start off with biased people but now you have to cross the chasm to sell to people who don’t know you. attacking for the 18%. Find 18% with who you get along with and good with. Don’t try to please the crowd. Scary to cross ideas off the list.. but it’s necessary. Stick to what your good at and have invested time into and are interested in.
after the 18% you get to a point where you dont’ have to worry about it and find a niche you want to pursue. Whats the story of your life. What was the mess of your message.
shy away from your dreams is a terrible thing. So act on fantasy and fiction at the level of a prelude. The next thought is that it’s positive. They don’t fall, they follow through to the idea that they have an inevitable success.
Pick one with the messy message. don’t think about the 82% that are just a mirage. Be the messy message about your life.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 38 “About life”: Building a Moat Around Your Castle.

health, wealth, love and happiness.

Throwing idiots to the crocodiles.

You have limited Choices. Make bounds on rationality even in family. Figure these two thing. People you want to be friends with and people you don’t. Friendly competition, Healthy competition. True competition, Nature, biology: germs and viruses.

Let’s figure out who we don’t want to be around: You want to compete with a bunch of idiots. Look for opportunity where people aren’t full and there’s an influx of people in it.

Also think about net worth. Mexico is good at oranges. Canada is good at apples.. (apple trees die in mexico it needs a winter cycle.).. Find out what your good at. If mexico starts making apples it’s possible but inefficient. If Canada starts making oranges it’s possible but inefficient. Let Mexico make oranges and Canada apples and the net worth when they trade results are amazing.

Your castle needs a moat. Land(people), labor and capital is important but – the idea of the moat is not the most important factor but it helps. Get rid of low self esteem people or people with distorted sense of esteem. You don’t want someone who is down all the time and pulling your mood down. There are people who know they are not a certain way. Distorted sense of esteem: Dangerous type of idea, creates worst type of people. They think they are overall better, better looking .. etc. It’s not only low self esteem people who are butt hurt all the time or have too distorted self esteem where they think they are so good and their ego is so big that they think they are better. There’s a neurosis and pent up rage when people question that and deflate their ego with negative feedback.

You want consistent, stable people. You need to watch for evidence for fake people. You want genuine, thoughtful people who you want to spend time with. Distorted is where they think they are already there when they are not. Optimism is a different concept, optimism is great. People who are tough on themselves, who think critical and negative. You also don’t want people who just say yes to everything. You need a synthesis of everything.. Stable is most important.

Look for allies that are long term and stable. Those are gold. Build an advantage for yourself.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 37 “About life”: Land, Labor and Capital. Find the advantage.

guidelines, habits, frameworks

love, health, wealth and happiness.

Why restaurants fail.

Why do they? Too much competition. Lease, equipment, skill and loyalty. What you need to succeed and apply to anything. Generally it’s about missing out on one of these factors. Land, Labor or Capital.

Right time, right place makes right decision. It’s a poor decision if you don’t have a direction.

Economics: 3 classic faction of production. Land Labor and Capital.

Land(connections): Connection, positional advantage, it’s who you know. It’s not what you know it’s who you know. People you’re spending time around.

Labor: Your skill and skill of team. The things in your head, the books you read and things you know.

Capital: Cash. Free money for you to invest into you. Requires money to buy nutritional foods and eating right.

Classic faction of production goes up when you gain momentum and positional advantage. In a war you set your enemy up to lose by positioning yourself so that they work against gravity in a fight. In war you would be on top of a hill and whereas the enemy is at the bottom of the hill running up the hill to get to you.

Land: know people involve yourself with who are knowledgeable.

Labor: You need to be a learning machine. Read more think more do more.

Capital: Investment capital.. save up and work your way up. Raise your capital. Business concept: investment private public, private placements, bonds, debt, credit card, franchising fees, liscensing fees, consulting.

Simplest way is to be a good steward with your money.

Joe Salton: “everyone wants to be me where i am now. When i was young i live in my parents attic and saved money. Spent only 100 bucks in 20 years.” People who balance consumption and savings (stoic, and epicurian) to put off present pleasure for future, get what they deserve in the end.

67 steps to open your mind. This is why it succeeds and this is why it fails. Isolate patterns between the rich and poor and make good decisions. The importance of advantage when you set out in business. Establish the advantage, work to get the advantage.

Strat: Ask: Do we have more land then other people..

Do we have an advantage there?

Ask:  Do we have more Labor then other people?

Do we have an advantage there?

Ask: Do we have more Capital?

Do we have a advantage there?

probably not but we can make an investment fund that invests in internet business. The internet niche. We don’t need to compete foot to foot with lets say a big established company, but we can use internet, media and the niche to get an advantage in business.

Are you skilled enough to stand in from of kings. Do you have cash in order to make your dreams come true?