The Study of the Compiled Twelve Essentials for Independent Ecosystems

I completed this acrylic rendering of a 3D 12 pointed Merkaba star by hand; for your viewing pleasure with some side notes about the mark up system I used to help define and identify better  the nature and direction of this dynamic object. This was done on a 24 inch by 48 inch art canvas and will be up for auction at the Vietnamese benevolence society along side the “Ain Soph Aur” Tree of Life in October. I used a set of systems I have identified as essential for any Independent Biological Ecosystems and that may be compatible for “Universal” Symbiosis.


Break The InternetE8Petrie.svg

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Independent Biological Ecosystems and Universal Symbiosis

Alpha. Seed of beginnings and roots. Study of harvest and agriculture. Trade and networking. Paths and strong roads.

Omega. Finalization, fruition and products. Mature/ripe for capitalizing. Sales marketing business of persuasion and study of capitalizing. Promotional skills in advertising business, manipulation of economics and entrepreneurship education. Minor financing, practical and technical skills. Strong practice and matured development in exposure to cultured independence. 

Cross-way. Study of all things related to time. Overall energy consumption in relation to resources, worth, power, mass, space, distance and it’s affects towards general progression. Scaling and weighing options.

Ambiguity; Study of vice and virtue. Implications and advantages.

Sustainability study of Fractal micro and macro worlds. Maximizing and minimizing. Mastery of salvaging.

Abundance. Processing/accumulate staple resources and manage excess resources.

Education: Providing archives of knowledge, ways to accumulate and promote essential knowledge. To teach, inform and educate.

Lost worlds. Opportunity and possibilities.

Sequence study of order, principles and priorities.

Ascendance; Intelligence spectrum mapping and ways to traverse the world of information and creating applications for further functional efficiency.

Hero: Making sure things are legitimate and that integrity has not been breached. General law is weighed and scaled appropriately served and punished accordingly to general justice. Resolving legal disputes.

Void Awareness: Differentiating body from space. Limitations and boundaries.

(0,0,0) True synthesis; Assessing, establishing and processing the immediate mission and priorities. Declaring all things to be of either priority over preference nature. Tying up bureaucratic loose ends and analyze legal loop holes and exploits of system. Disputes and legal conflicts cleanup. Collaboration and creating data base, archives and true principals through collage of all systems.

Alpha, Omega, Crossway, Ambiguity, Sustainability, Abundance, Education, Lost Worlds, Sequence, Ascendant, Hero, Void Awareness, and True Synthesis.

Ein Sof Aur is a mysterious tree representing life, experience and knowledge.


//notes Quantum Gravity?



The Published book: 3 years writing.


Well, this is the finished product. The journey for making the book was awesome. I loved every second of it. I’m sure there are some interesting concepts to be had from this book if not relevance to your life at least something to discuss about.

The Integration; of God, Universe and Truth

A synthesis on dream, life, light and self-made heroes. Or the core meaning of love. (Home of Universal Paradigms, Virtuous Practice, Multi-dimensional Diagrams and Esoteric Knowledge). Where Philosophy explains Religion, Science and Spirituality.

It has some interesting things on the side like; Fields, Spectrums, Compartimentalizing Reality through Cores, Transitons and Crossways, Working with Micro-Macrosm Worlds, Dividing the world into Components, machines and systems, Accessing life-style, behavior and thought pattern methods and many things involving time travel and multidimensions.

There may be other things you may not like or have conflicting views about which i will try to resolve such as; A almighty permanent God, Christ Resurrection, Reincarnation, Chakra, Auras, Esoterics, Kabbalistic ideas and other strange phenomenon but out of all this my paradigms will probably drive you insane partially because it’s very opinion based.

The logic i do is with concepts and deep reason, comprehension and contemplative integration of a wide variety of things such as; science, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and Religion.

I apologize again for releasing the book and then not.. then changing my mind and throwing it out there all of a sudden. I like to keep you on your toes. =) The book is now available to download and buy as a hardcover! Please enjoy the book. There are many ways to read the book. You may read it just the first part which will be God.. or you may read about the Universe which will be on the 2nd part.. or the 3rd part is Truth and If you want to test your intelligence with Paradigms it’s near the end. You can read them in any order or reading what ever combination you want together or separate. I have made a path for those who are just mainly athiest or if your more conservative christian you may only stick to God. But You lose out on so much of the world if you limit yourself to only on category.. So open up your eyes and heart and read the entirety as it was meant to be.

It is a blog for the most part but the articles tell a story and it comes together with purpose, reason and function when you get to the end. Everything adds up in the end. Here is the link again for those who want to Buy the book. I revised it a couple times and the first time i published it i forgot some pretty important things like page number. lol

There are two books you should be aware of:


The Book is Published. (For real this time)

Okay so sorry for last time. I may have been in a rush to get everything out and may have not been thinking straight. I also know i said i’d release it on Feb 5-10 but i wanted to order some myself. So here you guys go the link to go buy the book. Its all ready to go. Tell me what you guys think and leave comments if you liked it or not. It’s all open to discussion. And relax it’s a blog.. with purpose.. story telling and answers and what more would ask for. For private messages message me at:

Tai Lopez Notes For Chp: 41 “About Life”: The Modality of Watching instead of Wondering.

Tai lopez. Wealth, Health, Love and Happiness.

The difference between inactively wondering and actively watching with curiosity, observing and learning.
Living like The Omnish. Money can’t buy life. 3 types of people. 1st makes things happen. 2nd watches. 3rd wonders what happened. Moving to different modality in life, move like Casanova’s Chameleon. Default state of people those who wonder what happened. Best test to see if you’re a wonderer is if you look at your keyboard.. do you know what f5, f8, f12 is? Becomes a person who know’s stuff. People who wonder don’t look into the overall pay of employees, don’t have a clue what the overview general ideas of the spectrum is. Curiosity as an instigation of the unknown. Older people are often outsourced by the new people because information almost doubles every time you look at it. Memorizing is not important though, data is becoming more abundant. The wonderers don’t earn/get anything.. and pass through time and don’t live. Simlarity attracts in social circles.. even if opposites attract there has to be some meshing planes.

A dog doesn’t ask why.. knows not to put paw in fire but not how to make it. Chemical process of the fire is a useless piece of information to you now, but as a chemist, biologist and philosopher is invaluable. Watching, Observing and Learning as curious person, aggressively seeking out knowledge. Don’t go blank behind the eyes. Take your shot live right now, live the here and now. No invention of rules – breaking the rule is the rule. It’s no longer a rule if you’re breaking it. Click everything, try everything, Learn. You need to rewire your brain, keep your curiosity on about everything. Don’t be too focused on one thing and not about other things. Some Wikipedia pages are inaccurate but Generally Wikipedia is great for knowing a wide variety of things in a general range. Social interactions, ask why people fall in love? Why do people get pot bellies? High or Low testosterone does this. Invest 10 minutes a week into knowledge read how to books. Hellene Keller. Be interested in Music. once you become curious you open the world to yourself.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 40 “About life”: Balancing Pessimism and Optimism. Have Faith.

guidelines rules and success. Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness . We are mostly dealing with pessimisms and balancing it today.
Outlook, default mode – negative. Rethink how you think believe in a positive outlook. Also think critically. New concept practical pessimism. Conrad hilton: Point in his life, turning point. picked up book on optimism. So struck by optimism . All about end game. The great depression, Hotels were thriving and then when depression happened lost his chain of hotels except for one and asked people to stick around promised to pay them back double for doing so. They stuck through he became one of the biggest chains in the USA and payed them back.
Optimism+Pessimism = Practical Constructive Critical Thinking.
The take away is the necessity for faith. Keep shooting. Rise above the crowd and have more faith and optimism more then anyone else. But stay away from disillusionment. Identify your goals. What gets you towards your goal is one tool with another. Use pessimism with optimism. Pessism alone can’t bring you to your goal. Optimism cannot either. Use both. Use your pessimism to inspire your next actions.. think “If i don’t have milk today.. i’m going to be more assertive tomorrow!” Think of ways to spur your inspiration.
The fighter pilot mentality. Try not to crash your f-13. Plan for the worst, prepare for the rainy day. Plan different plans; a, b and c. Cultivate more skills, be more self taught, read more random wikipedia and watch more youtube go for knowledge. Brave but not be foolhardy. You must find your balance. Find your niche. Make mother nature your ally plan ahead find the advantage in all situations.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 39 “About life”: Messy Message and that 18% Niche.

Alienating the 82% with your messy message. proper use of the niche.
hypnotized by supposed options at our disposal.
It appears this way but we don’t actually have all those options.
Known for this one thing. 18% in anything you do.. if you can have 18% of people you have to engaged in your ideas. You will succeed. Find a small niche. microsoft becomes a 100 billion dollar company. This company allowed him to build the focus and skill.. To take charge of the whole market in the end. understanding that you have 18% that visit your website and want to hear more from you. Think globally act locally. Act on a niche go into the market with global interests.
Most business (tech) they do good at the beginning. start off with biased people but now you have to cross the chasm to sell to people who don’t know you. attacking for the 18%. Find 18% with who you get along with and good with. Don’t try to please the crowd. Scary to cross ideas off the list.. but it’s necessary. Stick to what your good at and have invested time into and are interested in.
after the 18% you get to a point where you dont’ have to worry about it and find a niche you want to pursue. Whats the story of your life. What was the mess of your message.
shy away from your dreams is a terrible thing. So act on fantasy and fiction at the level of a prelude. The next thought is that it’s positive. They don’t fall, they follow through to the idea that they have an inevitable success.
Pick one with the messy message. don’t think about the 82% that are just a mirage. Be the messy message about your life.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 38 “About life”: Building a Moat Around Your Castle.

health, wealth, love and happiness.

Throwing idiots to the crocodiles.

You have limited Choices. Make bounds on rationality even in family. Figure these two thing. People you want to be friends with and people you don’t. Friendly competition, Healthy competition. True competition, Nature, biology: germs and viruses.

Let’s figure out who we don’t want to be around: You want to compete with a bunch of idiots. Look for opportunity where people aren’t full and there’s an influx of people in it.

Also think about net worth. Mexico is good at oranges. Canada is good at apples.. (apple trees die in mexico it needs a winter cycle.).. Find out what your good at. If mexico starts making apples it’s possible but inefficient. If Canada starts making oranges it’s possible but inefficient. Let Mexico make oranges and Canada apples and the net worth when they trade results are amazing.

Your castle needs a moat. Land(people), labor and capital is important but – the idea of the moat is not the most important factor but it helps. Get rid of low self esteem people or people with distorted sense of esteem. You don’t want someone who is down all the time and pulling your mood down. There are people who know they are not a certain way. Distorted sense of esteem: Dangerous type of idea, creates worst type of people. They think they are overall better, better looking .. etc. It’s not only low self esteem people who are butt hurt all the time or have too distorted self esteem where they think they are so good and their ego is so big that they think they are better. There’s a neurosis and pent up rage when people question that and deflate their ego with negative feedback.

You want consistent, stable people. You need to watch for evidence for fake people. You want genuine, thoughtful people who you want to spend time with. Distorted is where they think they are already there when they are not. Optimism is a different concept, optimism is great. People who are tough on themselves, who think critical and negative. You also don’t want people who just say yes to everything. You need a synthesis of everything.. Stable is most important.

Look for allies that are long term and stable. Those are gold. Build an advantage for yourself.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 37 “About life”: Land, Labor and Capital. Find the advantage.

guidelines, habits, frameworks

love, health, wealth and happiness.

Why restaurants fail.

Why do they? Too much competition. Lease, equipment, skill and loyalty. What you need to succeed and apply to anything. Generally it’s about missing out on one of these factors. Land, Labor or Capital.

Right time, right place makes right decision. It’s a poor decision if you don’t have a direction.

Economics: 3 classic faction of production. Land Labor and Capital.

Land(connections): Connection, positional advantage, it’s who you know. It’s not what you know it’s who you know. People you’re spending time around.

Labor: Your skill and skill of team. The things in your head, the books you read and things you know.

Capital: Cash. Free money for you to invest into you. Requires money to buy nutritional foods and eating right.

Classic faction of production goes up when you gain momentum and positional advantage. In a war you set your enemy up to lose by positioning yourself so that they work against gravity in a fight. In war you would be on top of a hill and whereas the enemy is at the bottom of the hill running up the hill to get to you.

Land: know people involve yourself with who are knowledgeable.

Labor: You need to be a learning machine. Read more think more do more.

Capital: Investment capital.. save up and work your way up. Raise your capital. Business concept: investment private public, private placements, bonds, debt, credit card, franchising fees, liscensing fees, consulting.

Simplest way is to be a good steward with your money.

Joe Salton: “everyone wants to be me where i am now. When i was young i live in my parents attic and saved money. Spent only 100 bucks in 20 years.” People who balance consumption and savings (stoic, and epicurian) to put off present pleasure for future, get what they deserve in the end.

67 steps to open your mind. This is why it succeeds and this is why it fails. Isolate patterns between the rich and poor and make good decisions. The importance of advantage when you set out in business. Establish the advantage, work to get the advantage.

Strat: Ask: Do we have more land then other people..

Do we have an advantage there?

Ask:  Do we have more Labor then other people?

Do we have an advantage there?

Ask: Do we have more Capital?

Do we have a advantage there?

probably not but we can make an investment fund that invests in internet business. The internet niche. We don’t need to compete foot to foot with lets say a big established company, but we can use internet, media and the niche to get an advantage in business.

Are you skilled enough to stand in from of kings. Do you have cash in order to make your dreams come true?

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 36 “About life”: Competition makes suckers, you’re included unless it’s a race for humanity. Lollapalooza effect.

Sucker in the room and the lollapalooza effect:

Love, Happiness, Wealth and Health training.

Mind over matter.

If the minds are not right, not aligned, mental thought is poor then you will stay in the state of poverty.. mentally, socially and maybe physically.

You must take control. The mind is like an iceberg 90% is submerged is your sub-conscience.

“If you don’t love me who will?” Joe Salaton. Do what you must to become in control of your dreams.

Subconscious thoughts through messages in advertisements do they have your best interest at heart? Carl’s JR. I don’t think so.

Music. 6-8 music, media, youtube – exposure to advertisements.

25 cognitive biases. reward, punishment liking, disliking, association, availablility, Pavlovian responses, delusion, senescent, bias, chemical bias — Cognitive Biases

Lollapalooza effect. Never go to an auction. There’s an authority bias because of judge causing scarcity and urgency. Social bias and social proof that people want the objects in the room by other people. Reward bias, selling something you want. Missing out on auction means your experiencing pain. Charliemonger coined Lollapalooza where all these things are mixed up against you where it works against all will power in you.

Buddhism if you do certain things right you’ll be able to detach from the senses. It’s a lottery approach.. it doesn’t happen often. You can’t eliminate competition, big corporations take advantage of you, bacteria in your body seek to survive and thrive you can’t blame it if your immune system can’t handle them. Everything/everyone is looking to find a living.

*read Charlie Monger* Avoid auction, massive amounts of media, strengthen the mind. Alexander the great flip things to your advantage. Examine things, put Christianity to the test. If something is gold it won’t burn.

Good and Bad. The reason for war is competition. Nothing is black and white in the real world. Everything has it’s own agenda but if we are for the organization of humanity we’re always winning.

The idea of competition makes world move together. You don’t have to be a sucker and make everyone a sucker. Move it towards a everybody wins situation. Everyone seems to work better together when everyone wins.

3 types of people: Make things happen, watch things happen and wonder how things happen. Don’t be the sucker.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 35 “About life”: ignore 99 people and the 1/10th rule

ignoring the 99 people rule. And the 1/10th rule.

Ignore 99 people and listen to 1 person. Not suggesting to only mentor one person. Why are we democratizing your brain, Elitest in your brain is a positive thing – own your domain. Killing is a negative connotation unless it is to defend and save your life. Be picky.

1/10th rule. You will only profit 10% of the person you mentor and emulate. You will not perfectly achieve 100% what your mentors have. Look for the best mentors, go to the top. Mass media is a positive thing too. Mass messages help in effectiveness and efficiency. Clarity is key. Steven Hawking understands nature (read up on him)***

Be picky who you choose as a mentor.

  1. Better at controlling the sources that come in. (Friends aren’t for purpose, loyalty to friends.)
  2. Cut people who gossip out.
  3. Enemies who are good/average, you want an amazing life. Need to cut them out.
  4. Family you will have to settle for.
  5. sources of information. magazines, media, books and television.
  6. Does not need to be perfection but it needs to be progressive.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 34 “About life”: Suffering the 10-15 Bill Gates Dark years

Imagination: You want something that appeals to the 5 senses. sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste. In advertising you need to work towards the 5 senses.

What you need to be different from the crowd. Alot of stimulus, out of that stimulus are messages. Ideas are imposed on you, for example clothing you wear influenced by what you saw in the media. You need to be different by investing your time and effort in what they call the dark years.

Bill gates at 12 started building computers. From 20-30 is unheard of, he locked himself in an office and never took off days to build his company. The 10 dark years

Aristotle taught Alexander the Great to learn how to live. You are not equiped to learn how to live parents aren’t taught to teach their kids to live.

Michael Jordan a basketball player, when he was in UNC no one expected him to become the most famous basketball player. 10-15 years of commitment in order to bring about his glory days.

The Amish “A fence that is built fast, falls down fast. Building a fence slow and steady makes a good fence.”

Friendships cultivated through the 10 dark years can be rekindled and used to build strong bonds.

Key to a good marriage: good business and investor partners and good marriages is the same. Low expectation. You may feel discomfort and alittle pain but they last based on the mutual understanding that everything isn’t perfect.

High life long expectations. Having a child and having to take care of him as he grows up and investing him him pays off in the end when he is able to take care of you when you’re in your senior years.

Unrestricted growth is equal to cancer. You don’t want to boom and bust. Stories about fame and losing it all shortly after.

Realistic time frame. Restrict how much tv or youtube. Look at autobiographies and read stories about them.

Social media bombards us with stories of success, never the 15 dark ages. Everyone wants to see the rewards, the harvest and gains it makes for good television. We need a reality check, everything takes work and time to succeed. Suffer and fight those 10-15 years and you will prosper.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 33 “About life”: Determining a person is worth the time and importance of structuring manipulating pain and discomfort.

Senica on “The shortness of Life”

Application: The aquisition of knowledge is not the same as the application of knowledge.

Idle information is like having no information at all. Unless it is activated and put into application is it harmless and useless.

can’t make a pig fly.

they are unteachable, and they will be bothered. (they will bite you)

pull on strings don’t push.

pig: who doesn’t know and doesn’t want to learn.

you must always be separating: setting apart the pigs from the innocent ignorant.

pigs are people and there are different category.

avoid philosophy of not helping people.

It’s not judgmental, it’s just reality.

Identify them or they will talk behind your back, take your secrets to the competitors, hurt you.

Strings: Let it comes to you, you must seduce. There are things you can’t just overcome and conquer. Let life come to you. Can’t force things to happen like business. Find the fine line of being impatience.

Serenity prayer:  “God grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, Courage to change the things i can and Wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time. Accepting hardship is the pathway to peace, taking as he did this sinful world as it is not as i would have it. Trusting that he will make things right if i surrender to his will. That i will be reasonable happy in this life and supremely happy with him in the next.”

Serenity to accept that there are “pigs”that can’t be changed and the “strings” that cannot be pushed on. The wisdom to know the difference. Be decisive and remove people who continue to turn on you and bite you.

Farmers don’t miss meals and are always tired. Urban city ailments sort of just go away in the life style of farmers. In an example of herding, pushing the pigs, they make loud squeals and dig heels in the dirt. We all have been pigs in life and we’ll get around it when we’re good and ready. You take the people who are willing and ready to learn and let the people who aren’t suffer until they get tired of failing and come to you.

Need pain and discomfort to control the pigs. So don’t feed them in the morning and let them come once they know what they need. We need to change the reward structure, think about payrolls in the same manner. Change their reward and pain structure and you CAN change a pig and teach them to fly. Ask are some pigs hopeless? Ask if the problem is you and that you’re impatient.

Thesis and Antithesis. Do not be too patient, after all the seducing, restructuring of your planning, resistance to change is impossible cut these people out. If the rate of Success is worse then 20% you need to cut them out. Sometimes you might burn bridges that shouldn’t be burned don’t give up until you are sure.



Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 32 “About life”: The slot machine of probability.

health, wealth, love and happiness.

chasing a mirage and stepping out of the illusion.

Going to hit the moon, need that precision. Did we hit the moon?

Philosophy; maybe something wrong with our core convictions. So many people have false convictions and it’s worse than lies.

Hitler thought he was doing god’s work because of an incident with a British soldier letting him go in WW1. This was the type of conviction you want to stay away from.

Warren Buffet throw out unfounded convictions every now and then.

If we’re great it’s because we’re sitting on giant’s shoulder.

Introducing a new philosophy: Most of us are following the mirage. The way life plays out people need to know things. Religion or convictions. American history was a god given right to have slavery. Judges thought white and black were not equal. Woman were not equal to men.

Try living a week without less convictions and more observation. Stop being so black and white let convictions go. You’re never going to quite know. Leave  few uncertainties and accept them. Move towards the slot machine probability.

Left slot machine and right slot machine.

Left slot machine you win ever 10 times. Right slot machine you win every 25 times.

You want the left slot machine.

Some times you get lucky and the wrong slot machine will give you a win and you have the conviction that the wrong slot machine is the winning machine. You can’t use that one situation to affirm your convictions.

You go with the numbers and the higher probability and for stability.

Mirages in deserts are dangerous, people get caught in it and lost and die in it. Just like life.

Plato gave a quote “life is like being in a cave, in this cave you have people but shadows of people. You need to come out of the cave to see clearly in a new light to see them in their true form.”

We’re like little kids; mom rewards you in life but in real life people won’t reward you. You won’t get that pat on the back every time you do something right. Building skill, people are going to be interested in you. Building yourself up to success is a good “slot machine” to invest in. Don’t expect to win every time.

If you can walk with kings and not lose your common touch. If you can risk all you have and have to start from scratch and do it. And if you can stick with the plan doing the most probable yours is the earth and everything in it.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 31 “About life”: Managing People, confirm and make most of your investments by fostering your progress.

The pillars of life in Tai Lopez words are: health, wealth, happiness and love

On delegating: Shalini and sam waltons over the shoulder.

How to manage people:

Will Darante said:

“Men who manage men are men who manage men who manage things but men who manage money (investors) manage all.”

managing the machines vs. managing people who manage machines. Managing people who manage machines makes less money than managing money who manage people who manage machines.

Skills in managing people who manage money

  1. increase you ability to skills in managing people:

-make allies meet people.

-manage accountant, dates, mechanics, vendors, those who do work for you. Control people in a positive way to get an outcome.


You need an active role.

If you let someone do something to you.

First time shame on them. Second time shame on you.

If you leave something alone without your active role in it for so long a business will be in shambles, a mechanic will take advantage of you. You need knowledge of insight. “You cannot Delegate what you don’t know.”

You need to be a jack of all trades: You need to know the basics about your car. You need a general idea about everything.

2. Do things important and integral to your life.

3. No one ever has your interest at heart as much as you do.

The doctor may be concerned about you but only you know what will be in your true interest.

Don’t allow for 100,000 dollar lessons to happen. Don’t trust a person with their top of the head estimates and give you 6 developers that need 10 grand salaries. Don’t do a over the “shoulder style” approach. You don’t want to micromanage but trust and confirm. Don’t be average. You want to be above average. You want to rise above the masses.

Don’t be proud be willing to learn. Accumulate knowledge don’t show off being an expert pretend to know nothing but be in truth an expert.

Automated income, inject more energy by overseeing what you build more people you can trust and competent people. Foster the environment but do not micromanage because this will make a crutch for them. Don’t double check too much it builds accountability – but confirm and oversee their work.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 30 “About life”: Cluttered attic and invention of rules.

Management is crucial.

Donald Rumsfeld said:

Known knowns. Things we know that we know.

Known unknowns. Things we think we know we don’t know.

unknown unknown. Things we don’t know that we don’t know.

Disabling ignorance. Ignorance that disable you from enjoying what it is you like doing.

Rules you make up: Making up a rule that you don’t want to be a multimillionaire and you don’t want to learn from a millionaire even though there is so much you can learn from this person.

Convictions can be greater evils than lies.

The mind is like an attic, it gets full.

invented rules need to disappear.

The clutter must be cleared.

No physical place is holy, you make it holy.

Philosophies and disabling rules; Rules like you know everything, that you’re wearing out. You need to break those rules.

Ask: Why is this wrong?

Know the opposite side better than opponent once learnt we come to a true efficient conviction. A synthesis rather than a thesis and antithesis.

Rules about critique. Ask 3 questions about your strong ideas and challenge it.

Don’t be a inheriting believer. Don’t believe just because your parents did.

Be a believer that explored your opposition’s understanding. Challenge your ideas.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 29 “About life”: Overcoming the entropy of life

Time is psychological, cosmological and thermal.

Time only moves one direction, forward. You may be losing time you will never get it back when not investing in yourself.

Entropy is the disorder of things through life.

Expecting is the enemy. Expecting endless time or reverse time we hit a pitfall there. Not investing time effectively, invest time into yourself.

Injection of time, effort on life.

Entropy is part of life. It’s a cycle.

Learn from other people, transcend time. Intelligence can be found from dead people from books, living people in life, in intuition inside yourself.

Who are you studying under. Adopt your mentor be a child of their intelligence.

Life is not that it is short. It is how you spend your time you may never get back, so investing in yourself is the first step.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 28 “About life”: Make our luck, prepare.

Fate, fortune and destiny.

We make our luck. Through our own preparation, insights, contribution and attributes.

Sometimes we just wait for stuff to happen before they hit you in the forehead.

Conviction is the enemy of truth.

Do it well ahead of time.

Prepare for tomorrow today.

There will be a very bad day eventually.

Commit to planning 2 minutes a head of time, if you can’t invest 2 minutes then you deserve whats coming.

Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis.

Thesis is the proposition. Antithesis is the negation of the proposition. Synthesis finds the truth out of both and tries to solve the problem between the two.

Be the synthesis, be the solution.

When something hard needs to be done jump in and it’ll be 50% done.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 27 “About life”: Trench team

Assembling trench team. Make sure you have allies for your coalition.

Levels of wealth: Scarcity, Financial independence, Prosperity, Wealth and Impact.

Be aware of cognitive bias (seen as norm but actually not understood) and decay.

Life can be a trench warfare where no ground is won.

Stick it out for a time to win some ground.


Get a trench team. Most desired traits:

1. Loyalty.

Doesn’t matter if they are skilled, talented or hardworking if they leave its a waste of time.

Partner should be extroverted and introverted too.

2. Complimentary.

Try to find people that fill your weakness and won’t compete against you.

foreground and background work and positions. Does he like the spot light/glamour or work in background and quietly dedicated.

Two styles of employing:

A. Charley Monger

forget interviews. Use only references and get their opinion.

B. Black stone

Direct interview. Slow steady interviews using intuition in a blink of an eye.

Takes a year to see all sides of them.

Count and nit pick gestures and social etiquette.

C. Inbetween:

interview and know them for a month-year.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 26 “About life”: Redundancy and 6 Sigma System.

Creating systems are an asset to all that you do it has an automated passive effect.

Engineering principles. Six Sigma perfecting: it is sort of like when 2/3 out of 5 things that fail it still works. Creating redundancy to fill in the gap for sake of failure.

life is short and we have all the time in the world to prepare for failure.

Increase efficiency through simulation. Fail to fail. Don’t make mistakes; learn from other’s actions/records, they don’t have to be your mistakes.

The six sigma defect quality check.

1-7 sigma planning. Belt and suspenders create redundancies. double or make triple, quadruple insurances. no single point of failure. Use: memory tricks, stories, memory or write it down.

simulate and soak all information into ours heads.

Make a perfect system with little effort. Energy is finite.

F22 exercise for stress reduction. Plan for 3 scenarios:

a) absolute best scenario,

what will happen.

build a plan know how to spend money.

b) most likely case.

what will happen.

how will you deal with it.

c) worst case scenario.

what will happen.

how will you deal with it.

Idea, plan and execute.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 25 “About life”: The Seasons of Life

Nature dictates a life cycle of many years.

Take 1 thing and hang on to it.

Natural seasons in a man’s cycle of life.

Don’t get trapped in the winters of life.

Put in the hours.

Planting and catching on to the cycle.

Mother nature is cruelest of teachers.

Winter: Recoup, recover and prepare.

Spring: schedule, organize, invest, sow seeds and find opportunities.

Summer: Activity, work and go to events.

Fall: Reaping rewards and “fatten” up hope for the best in winter.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 24 “About life”: The funeral test

Depression is normal, it has a functional purpose. To realize the truth add the sum up of not doing well and what it has manifested.

Consciously to access your life is when you realize how many people are going to be sad at your funeral.

Am i moving up the scale?

Do stuff. Parkinson Economics: don’t go by the paid by hour mentality think about the end goal.

Win the war know the end goal. Checkpoints 20 yrs, 30 yrs, 40 yrs and 50 yrs. Where you are going to be.

Commitment endgame outcome innovation do not make excuses.

Wage war on the health front, financial, love and fulfillment.

Win the funeral test.

You need to be in a group by finding higher purpose beyond self in order to feel fulfillment.

Your end goal is to believe people have understood and found insight through your life.

don’t worry about microwars. Win the real big wars the major fronts.

Are you doing flurries of activity but gain nothing?

Work on your business, not in it.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 23 “About life”: Perspective, innovation, insight; Overcoming the wall

In the middle of a storm how do we land when the winds push you side to side?

Make the plane go where we want it to go.

Geometry: The fastest way to a destination is a line.

Perspective; Look back in history. Some people have a problem putting food on the table. Ask, is this a first world problem?

Innovate our way around if you hit a wall. Only innovation can get through the wall. Mentally if there is a will there is a way.

Do it by force, dig under, run around it, helicopter.

Inhuman environment: like gravity, physics, inertia, earthquake, tsunami, tornado and fire.

Humans can be obstacles too.

Keep in perspective. When there’s evil being done to you, rarely will it be the evil you think it is.

Break it down to baby steps. Linear reductionist. Everything falls in together and in order. Problems that keep you up at night. Take perspective of the situation and innovate.

Life is the grind. Landing a plane in a storm, make it land where you want it to. overcome obstacles; a wall in front of your life. Parkour your way through it. Make it beautiful and a piece of work.

Life is a canvas; have will power, generate faith, generate force of will, have a natural inclination.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 22 “About life”: 7 Step Science Methodology

Identify, access and be a truth seeker and embracing it.

Diagnose a solution.

Read the signs. Read what your body is telling you if you are overweight there is work to be done. If your too skinny there is work to be done. Stand naked in the mirror and let the truth tell you what you need by scientific deduction but know your limit and understand what you can control and what you cannot.

Serenity prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,The courage to change the things I can,And the wisdom to know the difference.

The human face is determined by many small factors when in the womb of it’s mother. Levels of stress, nutrition, exercise, activity, emotions and many other factors can form the face.

Look at the source, what is the solution.

Humans move towards pleasure and away from extreme discomfort.

Replace the black and white with accurate and inaccurate.

Effective, efficient goal.

The 7 Fold Path or 7 Step Science Methodology

  • 1. Ask question.
  • 2. Research.
  • 3. Sample answer/Hypothesis.
  • 4. Test it.
  • 5. Observe it.
  • 6. Analyze it.
  • 7. peer consulting/review for same results.

Not bound to conventional but only to physics.

Don’t be a slave to your system, it does not own you. You can bend the rules when ever you want.


cognitive bias commitment consistency, beware of it.

Do not pick sides. Always evolve and change. Do what helps you and others. To the beneficence  of man kind.

Use, create tools mentally to experiment and understand life.

What have i done in the 4 pillars where i have not experimented and judged things as black or white.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 21 “About life”: P.A.S.E Energies Be The Cameleon.

PASE Energy, assessing it and improving your social skills.

Your brain is hard wired to socialize.

Understand, persuade, turn people/enemies into friends.

Change people’s mind every where.

Understand and identify your core.

P = Practical

Get things done, secure and scheduled

A = Action

igniter, action energies and not patient

S = Social

Talkative, Hippy, Light talk

E = Emotional

hold things in, intense, sensitive.

Figure out yours and people’s priorities and energies.

Casanova – “play the chameleon.”

Ontology is the study of the nature and relation of being.

Be a chameleon to appeal to others.

like beings are attracted to like beings.

PE get along.  Must be wiling to change. must be adaptable.

SA get along. hard to finish stuff. Great at starting stuff.

Be sociable , be adaptable and bring it out.

Be aware and type people.

Thesis – Thinks every one is different

antithesis – Thinks every one is similar but in different groups

synthesis – Understands everyone is an individual but group them together.

Synthesize people and ideas.

Avoid extreme ideologies, never type or over type but balance them.

People need to not just start listening, or actively listen but accessing ideas.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 20 “About life”: Reinvent your world

Reinvent things in your image.

There are those who watch. There are those who wonder. There are those who make things happen.

Innovate your way out of the situation.

eg: charter your own jet + get people tickets. Is a solution off an island.

“Screw it, lets do it” book

Make what you like into your occupation and re-imagine it.

You get 1 humanity goal and 1 selfish goal.

Be realistic

But not self sacrificing

make it your passion.

but do not be completely delusional.

Be patient.

Be in love with the reimagining process.

make your life look, sound and be good.

Be Specific in how you define it in: Health, Wealth, Happiness and Love.

Write down what you want from those 4 pillars reimagining what you can improve in them.

Introvert/Extrovert; know what you are and incorporate it.

Live life with intentions.

Goals are fixed on social aspect of life. If you have slurpy, twinky eating friend. You may fall to slurpy, twinky peer pressure.

Reimagine big don’t worry about being delusional. Have courage. Screw it lets do it mentality.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 19 “About life”: Spend on appreciating assets.

Invest in things that don’t depreciate.

Invest in assets.

Avoid RDD.  Things that rust, decay and depreciate.

Your budget invest into knowledge and get back much more.

Go thrifty, go to the library, go Wikipedia, use your phone and use Google.

Don’t be a miser when it comes to seminars, information and ideas.

Whats your ratio? paid basics divide pie and invest in 1/3 in fun. $30 in savings. $30 in books.

Get a book keeper. Keep receipts.

go to; and order audio, kindle and books.

Be dollar-wise. Spend on appreciating assets.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 18 “About life”: Man on the moon contrast.

If ever your task seems impossible ask if it could be as hard as sending a man to the moon.

Look out for contrast bias and reverse it to your advantage, it’s your mind holding you back.

Control your bias, contribute to your success.

Pick a mentor who does things 10 x what you do.

You only have 4 bursts of glucose a day.

Move to where you work

Get the big things right and don’t focus too hard on the small stuff.

Entrepreneur like making money, make it simple though it doesn’t necessarily have to be easy.

Get what you want is to deserve what you want.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 17 “About life”: More grind is better grind.

Do you know anyone who has put in the hours of work and gained nothing from it? Even your extra efforts can be converted to acts of charity. No one’s extra work is ever in vein.

Altruism is the act of being selfless and devoting time to show that you care. We need more of it.

To be a leader you can’t just outsource life it comes with heroic efforts.

The grind will bring great products to your very life.

Live life, put the hours in the work and you’ll find happiness.

Untrick your mind try to not be bothered by that mentality that makes you think the grind is bad you need to pave a road to the city. You need to make your way to the place where all things meet, the crossroad of much activity. This is the place where you make dreams happen.

Happiness can be found experiential and in the moment. The grind will bring memory happiness. The extremes of what you had to do to get there and the sacrifices you made will help you get to that happiness.

Don’t be excited to do something only 4 hours and hate doing that thing. Make it so that you want to increase the hours. Spend more hours into that thing you like doing best.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 16 “About life”: Edge effect and broad minded.

You are in a jet of life, you don’t want to learn from trial and error because the chances of getting killed and maimed is high. Learn from other’s, learn from books,  learn in general and emulate these ideas to simulate a future that is weaved from the understanding of everything you know summed to become the event that is your future.

You need be the people running the show and gain the renaissance mentality. You need to learn to be eclectic (know many things), either investing or being the man that has all the strings at his disposal. Being in control means you have options and more opportunities.

Download new mindsets into your library of knowledge and ideas.

Successful writers read 200 books before writing their own. Have an inventory.

Be the person behind the scenes running the show, know more than one language, learn history, learn art: history, music, architecture.

Nuances, know your shades of colors and grey. Be that one person you can pick up as interesting.

Reef + ponds and cities. Are places of high activity your brain should be the place of high activity.

Edge effect, know the other sides perspective. Broad minded, know many small things and general ideas/concepts. You have no right to argue another side unless you know more about that idea/concept than they do.

Iron sharpens iron. People and ideas rub off on each other and be sharper.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 15 “About life”: Quantification and Calculating life.

Remove all doubt in the world. If you get rid of everything even with the smallest percentage of doubt what are you left with? politics you can doubt but math you cannot!

Top rich people are: Investors, real estate.

Retain a mindset to quantify.

You don’t necessarily have to be a linear reductionist.

Enter life into the calculator. Overcome, make peace with math and statistics.

Figure out: Margin of error, rate of going insane, projected income, percent of failure.

Quantify real life with satisfaction, odds of success, regret and fun.

Don’t abdicate about living wise.

Don’t fixate about living wise.

Find a balance of both and work with the medium of those two. Instead of being hard on your self fixating or writing it off abdicating find a way to get the “lets make it better” mentality.

You can have anything but not everything.

Give up the reason for being a certain way for something good. Do not be a victim to the tyranny of your history.

Many things you are wrong about in life but 1+1 will always equal to two.

Use a calculator for/of life.

When asked how or what i should pursue ask and think like an investor: “let me quantify my success chances, margin of error, projected income – the value of my projected value is..”

Your body is your temple:

Generate your calories intake with this link:

Calories: 1750-2450 calories per day

Carbs: 100-159 grams per day

Salt: 3.75-6 grams 3/4 teaspoon to a table spoon.

seasalt=good, table salt=bad.

Sugar: 0 grams if possible

Fat: 20-30% of total calorie intake divided by 9 grams = the amount of fat you you should eat.

transfat=bad , saturated fat= not so bad, mono sat/poly sat = good, omega 3 fatty acid = very good.

Water: 2 litres a day

Think math quantifying a real life math equation:

I could go with this architecture job instructing drafting or i could stay with my current teaching job which i tutor 2 days a week making 350-500 bucks but is inconsistent 50% of time making 150-250 value. The new job if pays 30 dollars an hour for maybe 5 hours a day i would make 750 bucks a week if working 5 days x success rate of 80% x chance of getting better job 200% due to experience x happiness +30%. $780 – $1560 depending on chance  of getting a better job, projected week income value is much better than current job thus i should go for this opportunity of getting my hands on this job asap. Happiness would increase immensely.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 14 “About life”: Preparation and balanced perspective.

“It’s all your own fault”. Is the mentality you want to get into when you are defeated. Can you really predict the future? No one can tell what calamities or accidents can happen in life. It just happens.

The things you are not prepared for is your fault.

Be prepared for the dark day.

Do not be egocentric do not make the world revolve around you.

Mistakes are made to learn from but better alternative is to learn more from others experiences and prepare for mistakes to come.

You can only be massively positive if you are massively prepared.

prepare when it’s easy and prepared when its hard.

You can’t blame the blind for leading the blind. It’s your responsibility to take charge of your own life.

There is no one asset in the world. not gold, houses, silver or wood. Assets move around and life is unpredictable.

Expect for change, be prepared for it.

You cannot be one of the two extremes completely; optimist and pessimist.

You need to be both presevering and hard on yourself at the same time simultaneously.

Alternatively you can be pessimistic throughout the duration and end game optimistically.

There’s a time and place for being positive and pessimistic for preparation.

Have a balance of both, find the medium.

Prepare for calamity or to meet an expectation.

It’s always safe to assume your missing something.

Biological rewiring you reproduce so genes don’t die.

Approach life without intoxicant, delusions or diversions.

Don’t put off what you can tomorrow when you can today.

Don’t rely on other people’s charity. You need a foundation and a backbone basis.

Don’t abdicate and don’t fixate. Meaning don’t push off and don’t be aggressively hard on yourself. Have a balance of both, find the medium.

Don’t be trapped. We are simulation machines, simulating ideas and people of the past or future to make things happen.

Determine your assets and sort out your liabilities.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 13 “About life”: Be excited: Work is Vacation. The Delusions of life’s paths.

The Amish: German farmers who traditionally live off the Earth through mostly farming coming to America. They sometimes come together as a community for church activities once in a while.

Picasso said: “never permit a dichotomy to rule your life – a dichotomy that you hate what you do. Look for work that brings you happiness.”

The integrated life reminds us that we need some down time but we don’t need a vacation that we look more forward to then the work itself.

Friends, family, career, higher purpose. The Amish farmer had it all and he didn’t have vacation time since he got married.

Don’t do a job looking forward to vacation.

Go after a person you like as a person who you can live and act normal and still have fun with. Someone you like as a human being not what you lust/love. It all goes away after a while and you end up with just a human you have to genuinely like to do stuff with.

Vacation becomes a small part in the end game.

I like sculpting and crafting things from 3d virtual drafts into solid real life objects. Maybe something to pursue?

Find fulfillment in a job beyond the 2 months vacation idea that a European gets. You get vacation time because they feel bad for you so you can blow off steam and not get burned out. This is pity which is pathetic, and to brag about having more vacation time than an average Amercan is even more pathetic.

It’s not all luck. You make your own luck. It’s who you meet and what you perceive from the encounter.

You want spring off the bed, come off tap dancing. That twinkle in the eye. I know something you don`t mischief.

When your not having fun, it`s time for a change.

Money that seperates you decreases your happiness.

Money you use to make connection will bring you happiness.

No great tragedy in missing opportunities. Life moves on and you`ll get other options.

Just love to explore and get past fear.

Be practical and pursue something practical and something you can live with and be happy.

“Thank god Michael Jordan pursued basketball over his love for baseball.”

Meaning: Mike always had a love for baseball it was his passion to pursue this. Even so he got into basketball and has the framework and size for being a great basketball player was perfect for him and he liked doing it. Where as his baseball career he was not so good and thus was not made for. We are just happy he didn’t go after something he had a lust/love for over something that made him iconic and great.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 12 “About life”: Your 1 sentence mission grandma can understand.

My eulerian destiny.

A living model and philosopher of life, dream, light and self made heroes.

I want to promote good ideas through mass media also.

Not many options really in a competitive world if you want to be number 1.

What is your eulerian destiny? A one sentence description of what you want to do in life and what you represent.

make 4 slightly overlapping circles. Find that one thing that’s been with you all along and that makes you strong. The 4 things could be: who you are growing up with (educators, poor people, creative people). stranger feedback. dark period (what you spend your time doing alone). what you can do effortlessly.

My strength is writing and expressing myself.

Know thyself. Know the world around you. Don’t live another person’s dream.

introverted need to become more extroverted.

Humans have unique constitutions so find your place in the world and thrive on your strengths.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 11 “About life”: Silent Whispers and Old Connections.

It’s called evolutionary mismatch. You’re put in a world where you weren’t program to live the way you are. We weren’t meant to be sitting in a chair in front of a computer all day. Drive to work in a vehicle all day. Sit at a table to eat all day. We weren’t made to sit around all day period. We were meant to move and exercise and jump and get stimulated by action and reaction.

You need to follow your gut. Feelings of breaking loose and finding your inner fire.

Understand that your body is programmed with the 10 thousand year old whispers that food is scarce. Sugar, salt and fat was rarely found years ago. You could die within the week from lack of food.

Crisis of lack of to too much. People are dying from modern diseases now adays like obesity, diabetes and arteries clogging up from fat and such from excess and imbalance of nutrition.

As a consumer we want to move into becoming an investor and then to start saving money.

Unintended consequences of technology tend to make us move away from family, from love and maybe from life itself. Its a double edged sword but it has gives us the power to research and improve from other people’s words and experiences if you use it right. It helps advance our learning of the world around us and the sacrifice of responsibility you make is to learn how to control it and use it in moderation.

Adversary and find old friends is one of the things that make a person really happy in life. To rediscover people you’ve forgotten and grew up with. This act of finding old friends is pure awesome.

Pillars may be built in a certain order for happiness.

Health, Wealth, Happiness and then Love?

“God give me the power to change what i can and know what i cannot. God give me the wisdom to know the difference between them. Amen”

New friends are good, old friends are better. This mentality is that old friends have history, not saying that new friends can’t potentially be just as good but you have adversary and trials you’ve gone through life and overcome. It’s good to know people who come from the same pool you did and survived. Ultimately old people you can trust more so then random strangers that may not care for who you are or where you come from.

Get the power under control if not it’ll be the death or downfall of your life.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 10 “About life”: Cold showers and stoics. Be a spartan.

Be a stoic rather than a epicurean.

Too much pleasure weakens us and ultimately kills us. Cold showers as a baby will rewire a child to be brave and broaden it’s range of discomfort. Grow some thick skin so that your range of comfort is not always to strive for the pleasant, warm and pleasurable.

Epicureans are living in excess, for the moment and without thought about the future.

Stoic sow to reap rewards of the future.

Being an epicurean and living for immediate pleasures weakens our will to create and survive.

Epicureans are for suckers. Those who live as epicureans are those babied in luxury and immediate pleasures unprepared for the unforgiving and sometimes dangerous world.

Take a cold shower to remind yourself that life isn’t all sunshine and candy. You can die from diabetes and cancer from too much excess. Try to find a balance but sometimes you need to force on you a little change in order to adapt to your living condition.

adopt, forego and toughen up.

Bravery is encouraged in a world where it is lacked. We lack the toughness that life brings and forget that the product comes at a price. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. -Issac Newton

Those who live with nothing seem to be much happier then those with abundance. Why? because we forget that life is about the grind and the fun is in doing things rather then just enjoying the product.

Take a cold shower.

Your will is weak because of all the conveniences and luxury of your current life. Just like your bones your osteopaths need to be used or you lose it. Otherwise the strength that you ask for won’t be there when you need it.

Don’t rely on your (luxury, technology and conveniences) crutches.

Want to be under control of your life.

When things happen to you embrace that conflict and ponder.

Seek the bravery inside and face your fears.

Spartans get whipped just because. spartans eat only for enough energy, never too much that they become sluggish. Spartans don’t live with wives until 30. Spartans are warriors of life. We need to adopt some mentalities and implement some spartan practices.. Maybe not to the extreme of random whippings but to implement the encouragement of bravery and to stay away from things that make us sluggish like high in fats processed sugar and salts. To sharpen us up, strengthen us and make us tough.

Quiet life of desperation is no life at all. Earn some scars as a badge of honor.

Find a farm, camp or lift weights.

We need more real life Spartans then these people living in luxury.

Depression traps you, makes you a victim.

Technology begins the slave and then makes you the slave.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 9 “About life”: A book a day, approach life with many advisors.

“Read a book a day. Wage war with councilors” -Tai Lopez

Successful rich homes are filled with libraries of good books usually. This is the trend, emulate it.

When reading you are pretty much downloading information from smartest people in the world.

“Survival machines that simulate the future are ahead of those who are using overt trial and error time and energy approach which is some times fatal. Energy is finite.”

Books are the easiest way to simulate experiences.

Emulate good and simulate the bad to figure out the good.

Simulate the future in your mind.

They don’t operate alone. Have coaches, teachers, mentors at your side to help with your decisions.

Read a book a day about health, wealth, love and fulfillment. Do not fall victim to consumer advertisement. Some books only have a few good concepts and the rest are fillers to be sold. Look for quality in a book. Read up on the author. Find the credibility in who he is and what he does. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, and look for books that have fought the challenge of time.

The good life is a straight and narrow path.

Rewire your brain to make learning pleasurable.

Tips when reading:

  • read several books at a time.
  • buy stickers, highlight quotes.
  • jump books when bored.
  • read going to bed.
  • read books for it’s credibility and content.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 8 “About life”: Integration and outlook.

Integration of ideas and life pillars:

Linear reductionist is what we’ve been taught that separating everything is the way to go. If your life was a 10 and separated into 10 categories.. not every one of those categories would equal to 1. Some would be 2.. or multiplied by a different category, or less then 1 and so forth. Some would make it so that your life is beyond 10 in measurement.

Integrated life. Try to make everything work and compliment each other. Take it as it comes and integrate your lunches with social time with a friend.

Stop the thank god it’s friday mentality. You want to forget what day it is and live life. If you’re living a life where you’re only excited waiting for your next vacation maybe that job isn’t for you.

Life is work and work is life.

You can listen to people but you don’t have to agree with everything they say.

It’s better to have good days of a rating of 8-9 points everyday rather then having perfect 10s once in a while and running into really bad days because your expections are so high. You forget what normal is.

Tap dance to work. Find something worth being excited about going to work.

Fulfillment, love, finance and health. The great pillar of Eudaimonia. These are the things you have to work on and try to integrate together rather then compartmentalize when executing them in life.

Levels of success: Pleasure, authentication, social cause and being in a community or group.

So many opportunities in life, how do you sleep attitude.

Let things bump into each other. let love happen during work or during working out. let happiness happen when you work out. Let things happen when you do other stuff.

Can’t sacrifice a day doing nothing excited for tomorrow.

Integration increases Dopamine in head.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 7 “About life”: Constructive Thinking.

Framework of success 67 steps. Day 7:

Constructive thinking and risk.

Positive psychology; why don’t we study it over chronic health issues? It’s a learned consciousness.

We are rewired to be helpless:

Dogs are trained to be helpless in a scenario where a 1 foot fence would hold them back from jumping out because of how they were trained with the 10 feet fence. People are trained to be helpless thus depressed.

People are caged to be helpless and unhappy.

We are conditioned to be helpless.

Learn more, self teach and read more. Use your resources like GPS, Internet and Google.

Don’t be a salary slave. Look outside the box and own your business.

Cause and effect. Modern times can be advantageous and sometimes not.

It’s a time where you have the freedom to launch a business. You can even recover and rebuild from bankruptcy up.

Risk in the modern jungle is the best way to go. Safe is a bad thing in this world. No opportunities no change means not good. Some people that you meet in life you’ll never see again. If you seek love talk and mingle with alot of people. If you seek business talk to alot of business savvy people. Find people who have an interest in love, life, happiness and wealth.

If you want it go for it. Be creative about it. reps and sets. practice it. *Read a book by Arnold Schwarzenegger called total recall.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 6 “About life” Lottery Mentality is an Illusion

Eating well takes time and there are no short cuts to living healthy and eating well. The reason why supplements are there is to compliment your diet not to take it over. Same with love, love with time and proper attention will give you what you deserve in the end. If you don’t sow you won’t reap. Put some effort into the things that you want but prepare for the consequence/reward. My financial goals are to save maybe save $1000 a month and let it grow. For Happiness i’ll just start with watching one of these videos with Tai Lopez to learn and become more wise about life every day. I think i’m going to make sure i live one day at a time and  push a little every day towards my goal just to chip a little weight off day by day.


Media bias: The more you hear it the more true it is. Some times its not true but you hear it so often that it becomes a reality.

Good life is exponential. You don’t hear about how it is before it comes to be. Life is a grind.

One must build on strength. If your genes tell you you’re meant to be lean and muscular go with it and run marathons, tone and try to bulk for lean muscle.

Life is a sculpture, chip at it. Live the grind. Do not approach life with the lottery mentality and expect to win.

Feedback analysis: Research, test and observe. Read up on it before just agreeing on other’s words. Be a scientist of your own life.

Embrace the truth, avoid media, don’t have to be conventional. Control your media.

We want information to come easy but not easier. We want things simple not simplified.

Correlation and Causation: Life and financial success start with you chipping away day by day with a goal in mind. No one just wakes up rich being poor the day before doing absolutely nothing. Sweat, tears and hardwork is the grind of life and without the grind there is no life. You never hear about the grind in the news but you hear only about the product and the success. People can start from a trailer in the poorest state in USA and grow up Valid Victorians and become great presidents.

Small good decisions every day makes the man lose the lottery mentality it is an illusion.

Go to bed a little wiser.

Step by step. discipline yourself everyday. day by day work on yourself and improve on yourself.

health, wealth, happiness and love are the big pillars in life.

If you can’t find a sucker in the room your the sucker.

Life success is the fruition of many factors.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 5 “About life” The act of Quoting and Emulate Wealth.

Listen to people who have done the things you want to find yourself doing.

Joe Salton quotes everything like a parrot. He values other’s opinions and parrots them in many quotes. “Good artists copy, Great artist steal.” Learn to talk through quoting other people.

Smart people ask questions. Don’t be defensive to fronts to pride.

Smart people are the ones that eat salads and lots of water while everyone else is eating fried chicken at a party.

Rich people are money conservative and not overly generous. Emulate this.

Find the value of opinion and make bets on those opinions for the long run.

Financial math becomes second nature for those who know their business.

Realize wise and smart differentiation. Figure out what is a good and what is a bad idea.

Discriminate dumb signals: misleading inaccurate or accurate information.

Take mental memes/genes from people’s thoughts.

Be a machine for learning. Learn, observe and perceive. Become a truth seeker. Embrace the truth. If the truth changes, change with it and adapt. The truth may separate you from other people and ideas but if that is what is required to go in the right direction and for you to grow then so be it.