Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 7 “About life”: Constructive Thinking.

Framework of success 67 steps. Day 7:

Constructive thinking and risk.

Positive psychology; why don’t we study it over chronic health issues? It’s a learned consciousness.

We are rewired to be helpless:

Dogs are trained to be helpless in a scenario where a 1 foot fence would hold them back from jumping out because of how they were trained with the 10 feet fence. People are trained to be helpless thus depressed.

People are caged to be helpless and unhappy.

We are conditioned to be helpless.

Learn more, self teach and read more. Use your resources like GPS, Internet and Google.

Don’t be a salary slave. Look outside the box and own your business.

Cause and effect. Modern times can be advantageous and sometimes not.

It’s a time where you have the freedom to launch a business. You can even recover and rebuild from bankruptcy up.

Risk in the modern jungle is the best way to go. Safe is a bad thing in this world. No opportunities no change means not good. Some people that you meet in life you’ll never see again. If you seek love talk and mingle with alot of people. If you seek business talk to alot of business savvy people. Find people who have an interest in love, life, happiness and wealth.

If you want it go for it. Be creative about it. reps and sets. practice it. *Read a book by Arnold Schwarzenegger called total recall.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 6 “About life” Lottery Mentality is an Illusion

Eating well takes time and there are no short cuts to living healthy and eating well. The reason why supplements are there is to compliment your diet not to take it over. Same with love, love with time and proper attention will give you what you deserve in the end. If you don’t sow you won’t reap. Put some effort into the things that you want but prepare for the consequence/reward. My financial goals are to save maybe save $1000 a month and let it grow. For Happiness i’ll just start with watching one of these videos with Tai Lopez to learn and become more wise about life every day. I think i’m going to make sure i live one day at a time and  push a little every day towards my goal just to chip a little weight off day by day.


Media bias: The more you hear it the more true it is. Some times its not true but you hear it so often that it becomes a reality.

Good life is exponential. You don’t hear about how it is before it comes to be. Life is a grind.

One must build on strength. If your genes tell you you’re meant to be lean and muscular go with it and run marathons, tone and try to bulk for lean muscle.

Life is a sculpture, chip at it. Live the grind. Do not approach life with the lottery mentality and expect to win.

Feedback analysis: Research, test and observe. Read up on it before just agreeing on other’s words. Be a scientist of your own life.

Embrace the truth, avoid media, don’t have to be conventional. Control your media.

We want information to come easy but not easier. We want things simple not simplified.

Correlation and Causation: Life and financial success start with you chipping away day by day with a goal in mind. No one just wakes up rich being poor the day before doing absolutely nothing. Sweat, tears and hardwork is the grind of life and without the grind there is no life. You never hear about the grind in the news but you hear only about the product and the success. People can start from a trailer in the poorest state in USA and grow up Valid Victorians and become great presidents.

Small good decisions every day makes the man lose the lottery mentality it is an illusion.

Go to bed a little wiser.

Step by step. discipline yourself everyday. day by day work on yourself and improve on yourself.

health, wealth, happiness and love are the big pillars in life.

If you can’t find a sucker in the room your the sucker.

Life success is the fruition of many factors.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 5 “About life” The act of Quoting and Emulate Wealth.

Listen to people who have done the things you want to find yourself doing.

Joe Salton quotes everything like a parrot. He values other’s opinions and parrots them in many quotes. “Good artists copy, Great artist steal.” Learn to talk through quoting other people.

Smart people ask questions. Don’t be defensive to fronts to pride.

Smart people are the ones that eat salads and lots of water while everyone else is eating fried chicken at a party.

Rich people are money conservative and not overly generous. Emulate this.

Find the value of opinion and make bets on those opinions for the long run.

Financial math becomes second nature for those who know their business.

Realize wise and smart differentiation. Figure out what is a good and what is a bad idea.

Discriminate dumb signals: misleading inaccurate or accurate information.

Take mental memes/genes from people’s thoughts.

Be a machine for learning. Learn, observe and perceive. Become a truth seeker. Embrace the truth. If the truth changes, change with it and adapt. The truth may separate you from other people and ideas but if that is what is required to go in the right direction and for you to grow then so be it.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 4 “About life” Mentors and Learn by Osmosis

Mentor list:

John Kovac, the big brain explaining the growing universe. David Sinclair, the geneticist who is making age reversal real. Aristotle, philosopher. Alexander the Great, explorer. Einstein, physicist and theorist. Michio Kaku, author and reknown physicist. Plato, philosopher. Bruce Lee, martial arts teacher and actor. Mohammed Ali, boxer. I haven’t refined the list yet but those are the most prominent influences in my life. I’ll read more books on them or see if i can meet them in this life time through consistency and as soon as i establish myself. Maybe ask them to go for dinner or something or meet briefly. That’s the plan anyways.


Picasso, 33% rule: Mentors

No one has all the answers. There will be only a handful who will point in the right direction.

Picasso quote “good artists copy, great artists steal”.

Learning methodology by Osmomsis:

Genes in making predictions on unpredictable environments. As a baby you develop a learning capacity to learning: self learning in the womb.

70% in communication is non-verbal. It’s through tone, gestures and speed.

First bird handles the turbulence. The rest catch the draft in cutting corners. This is what we are trying to do, catch the draft and be carried by the current.

Mentor people:

33% of day = 3/4 hours a day. 16 hours total awake.

33% time spent with lower: esteem helping people.

33% time spent with same: on your level, friends. adversary.

33% time spent with 10-20 yrs ahead: with those with the life you want.

Mentor with clear eyes. No delusions, life divisional, intoxicant or substitution.

You need to feel pushed alittle. Like osteoporosis if you don’t continue to exercise and keep your bones active they will decay.

When working with a mentor: get out of them what ever you can to learn from them.

Bill gates makes grown men cry but made many millionaires also.

“The hard will make it great.” said Tom hanks.

mentors aren’t teachers from college, they are not perfect. You seek them for what the do best. If you seek perfection you will do it to no avail no one is perfect.

Try persistently and consistently. Build on the shoulders of giants. Know when you are defeated and try again maybe from a different approach.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 3 “About life” Humility and building on your’s/people’s ideas.

*Humility: is the state of being humble.

This is the lesson on being humble. To listen closely and do it.

Eg. of humility:

Michael Jordan has inwardly humility; cocky but he listens to everything his coaches has to say.

On outwardly humility; Sam Walton (Wal-Mart) spends more time at his competitor’s store then his own.

There is an outer humility and inner humility. Inner humility is saying that you are not proud and better than anyone else but only inside your mind. Outer humility is trying to show all around you that you are not proud and better than anyone else.

In this world you control which type of humility you want to show depending on your situation, condition and circumstance. Showing complete humility is the best way to go because you don’t claim you are something you are not. Even when you are and you still retain that humility; People will respect that and often times be more on your side defending you.

*You must become an implementer.

The #1 discount retailer Sam Walton (Wal-Mart) wants to learn from people who want to learn from him. He believes you know something more then he does. This mentality of positive thinking and to seek more answers and to also build on those answers makes this man who he is today. A billion dollar icon.

*We want the Robin Hood mentality:

The Robin Hood mentality is that we want that one piece of gold that people have in their brains getting to the level of crawling on the floor to measure isles and labeled insane and sent to jail like Sam Walton for having the humility of thinking “maybe these people know something i don’t”.

The most humble: talk, plead, mentor and read.

Humility is the catalyst for adaptability.

Even if they are wrong try to learn and see what they mean and listen. Meaning, think of a line of thought as a linear direction going straight but at the wrong angle. Even if the answer was not 100% correct meaning the angle is not correctly going at 0 or 360 degrees straight atleast it is going in the general direction rather then not moving at all or worse backwards. The answer or direction can be corrected in the long run and eventually get to its destination your goal.

To be humble, to have humility is to build on top of something smaller instead  of being cocky and saying my idea is better and start from scratch and nothing. “A good artist copies, A great artist steals.” Build on what you have. And don’t worry too much about people say, we all start somewhere it’s where we end up is what matters.

To measure humility we look at these questions:

4 things that make you humble: The Humility factor: How much do you “blank” from a scale of 10 and divide by 4:

1) Reading. 2) Mentors. 3) Copying from competitors. 4) Robin hood it.

Fear memories. You can never forget them, they are deep sea rooted from the amygdala in the brain. Overcome this fear not with cockiness but real humility and you will reap rewards. Its about the outcome not what you say and think before you do it.

Humility is in action not in just words.

Learning from Tai Lopez about life. notes: chap. 2 E.S.S. , Adaptation.

Life is not about being the strongest, or the smartest. The one that can adapt is the one best able to survive.

To be changeable and adaptable is a feature most desirable in this world.

Let us replace the 500 year mentality with E.S.S. (Evolutionary Stability Strategy).

The cow and grass. Cows eat grass. Grass likes to grow fast and vastly. Cows strike a deal with grass encouraging it to grow so cows can eat them forever and ever. The symbiosis relationship creates the E.S.S. that cow saliva with the good bacteria (flora) heals the grass and the grass grows back faster so it can feed the cow.

Newton said: For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. We want to evolve by creating a balance between the two extremes.

Cut a deal with life. Don’t push the other “side” too hard to the point where it can’t recover. Everything is not black or white.

Exchange deals with experiment failures for direction, wisdom and knowledge.

Strike an E.S.S. with the world and life itself.

Avoid Certainty Bias. Don’t follow word for word what the general are doing. If your fructose intolerant don’t be eating fruits and end up dying. If things change find a new stability.

Don’t be a victim of hard wiring, flow and experiment. Adapt and change. Avoid black and white, good and bad. Even the words good and bad now have better word choices and they are in the shades of grey. Grow your spectrum of shades and colors and be more specific. Start thinking in hues and tints. The more specific you are about things the better you can express yourself.

Notes on: Tai Lopez speeches Chp: 0-1 “On life instructions.” Starts with a direction. What’s in the package?

0: Things to do:

Find a mentor. spend time with the three levels of mentorship: low, same and 20 yrs ahead. aim for health, wealth and love. Be consistent. Be aware of mistakes.


1: A random highschool classroom. A genie lets you choose 1 kid you can have *10% of that kids income for his entire life* who do you choose? Why isn’t it you? The intangible is what you should pursue to be worth a damn.

three people in the world: those who think about whats happening, those who make things happen and those who wonder about things that happen.

Do you deserve it. Are you worth a damn? The key is awareness. It’s all about the packaged expertise not just the single talent.

The one thing that is true in life.


In this world. In this life. The only rule that can be placed is that:

1: The light is full of puppets. The dark are full of fools.

The only force you can rely on is the genuine sovereignty of self.

Your power, and the goodness of heart is the only thing that can change the world.

You have the ability to see/make the future, your tool and gift is knowledge.

Think and act as one. Work and live as individuals. It all starts from the bottom up not the other way around. Build the basics before you build for luxury. In this all will prosper.