#2 Omega The Universe

The expansive and complex world of the universe; Of Living, Dead and Static objects. From an objective, subjective or benevolent view. The worlds of Mass, Energy or Consciousness.. or to Buddhists Manifest, Primordial Chaos and Emptiness. The world is a wondrous place of curiosities and strange things.

  1. Chart of All Knowledge
  2. Tree of Universe; The Sciences of The Universe
  3. Quantum Mechanics Stanzas

The Universe is:

  1. If God Exists Then
  2. Arguments About God
  3. Perceptions and Illusions
  4. A Star Among Waves of Space
  5. Symbol of Life in the Microcosm and Macrocosm
  6. Divinity and Humanism
  7. The Nothingness Beyond God
  8. Adaption and Evolution Based on Location and Era
  9. Understanding the 7th Dimension
  10. Unravel our Universe
  11. Parallel Universes and Simultaneous Existence
  12. Divinity, Trilogy of Three Worlds
  13. Coherent Dreams That Analyze Life
  14. Time Travel and Alternate Realities
  15. DNA, Our Biological Evolution of the Mind
  16. Dream; Jumping Inter-dimensional Realities
  17. The Half Full, Half Empty Mentality
  18. Outside, Personal and Building Bonds World
  19. Dreams are Unsung Memories
  20. The Theoretical View of the Heart
  21. Summation of Love
  22. Comtemplating Mad World
  23. Benovolence is Key to Consciousness
  24. A poem beyond the Veil of Life’s Fabric
  25. Psychological Scientific Synthesis of the Spiritual Frontier
  26. A Psychological Scientific Synthesis of the Spiritual Frontier Pt. 2
  27. A Holographic Poem of The Universe
  28. We Need More Dreamers
  29. God of Blood Money <<relativity
  30. God a Matter of Relationship
  31. Making a distinction in practice and policy
  32. Truth, Morality and Nature the Test of Time is Patience
  33. Grand Metaphor of life. Co-Existence of Religion
  34. Are You a Good Person
  35. Meaning of a Soul is Important
  36. The Dowsing Experiment
  37. Thought is faster than Light
  38. Existential Matters of Life
  39. Computed Reality and Fractal Lives
  40. Bride of God
  41. The Thesis to Take to the Grave
  42. The Bottom Line
  43. Past, Present and Future Singularity is Now
  44. Spark of Unifying Deva, Collective System Working Towards Collective Cause
  45. Multi Dimensional and Multifaceted Universes
  46. Holy Star of Christ
  47. Revolution of The Mind, Life Altering Domain
  48. Chakra Revisit Charts
  49. Ascended Masters Chart
  50. Hypothetical God Theory
  51. Entropy, Order and Identity Chart
  52. Religion, Science and Spirituality, The Resolution to the Conflict
  53. The Kabbalah, Ain Soph Aur and Heavenly Father
  54. Dream of Heaven on Earth
  55. Esoteric Universal Virtual World and Ascended Charts