#3 Crossway The Truth

Truth is the overall information that has acknowledged scope, spectrum and levels. A perspective of little or no conflict and vision of hard earned justice through truth. Truth seeking is a way of life and all are contributors and walkers of their own truth. This is my truth, as real, simplified and knowledgeable as possible.

The complexity of life  is in Christ and we  believe Truth is:

  1. Religion Danger or Tool
  2. Christ Went East
  3. Benevolent Being and Freedom Units
  4. Mad World of God
  5. Origins of Life and Sin
  6. Not Rape if He Thinks He’s God
  7. Virtue Never Hurt Anyone
  8. Temptations and the Divine
  9. Christ Star Spectrum Chart
  10. Harmonics, The Pyramid of Giza. The Awakening of the Christ.
  11. Hypothetical God Theory, Reincarnation in the Bible.
  12. Dream of Heaven on Earth
  13. Too Busy Praising Fake Idols
  14. Why we didn’t hear about a second Jesus.
  15. Secrets of the Disciples and Christ Born of Gabriel
  16. Truth Tree Templars