Identities of God

Awakening2012-2in a dream:”I can’t believe you exist” he said.


72 Names of God

72names of god


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Spirit of Truth: Space, Time and Dimension. Attuned.



Dimension: I WILL BE THAT, I WILL. FUTURE עתיד



Chart of Kabbalah

As an introduction this is the chart of a very general spectrum of everything in the universe. These are the parallels and alignments to all systems in this existing world.

I created a ascended binary for those who wanted to know what they were. To transcend all information and see what is most important in the creation of the universe.

In the physical world, The Body of life in this category is found to be God, Universe and Truth. But only find Einsof at the end of it all.

The  next medium of the physical world is that the spectrum of life is Eternal, Infinite and Nothingness. But only find Manifest at the end of it all.

The final medium of the physical world is that the worlds are of Action, Formation and Creation. But only find Emanations at the end of it all.

In the mental world, Names (the source of identity) is that the worlds are of 72 names of God, Constellations and Zodiac. But only find Gematria at the end of it all.

The next medium of the mental world is that the Substance of life is Holy Trinity, Elements and Deva. But only find Spiritual Properties at the end of it all.

The final medium of the mental world is that the worlds are of Constitution is of Trinity Cores, Transitions and Hourglass. But only find The Virtual Reality Model of the Universe at the end.

In the spiritual world, Realms is that the worlds are of Heaven, Hell and Earth. But only find Nirvana at the end of it all.

The next medium of the spiritual world is that the natures of these realms are Dominant, Submissive and Unashamed. But only find being Unattached is at the end of it all.

The final medium of the spiritual world is that the worlds that brings Joy is of Glorification, Martyrdom and Redemption. But only find Existence of Being most essential at the end of it all.

This is a major chart: a 27 sided star with 9 ascended properties. The biggest I’ve done yet. This one is one of my favorites because it contains things I’ve not understood yet in this life completely. The mystery of it gives it a very exciting tone.

There’s still much left to do, a need for completing the multi-dimensional tree is needed. And i need to learn scripting and programming so i can make my media more accessible and easier to understand. I want some dynamics to my models and paradigms. The static models of mine are not enough.

Greetings to those who have made it thus far,

You’ve landed in the right place. If you seek to in-better yourself and for truths unseen by the world. This is the place of all knowledge precious to the Human Existence. If you have made it here, that means that you too share our dreams. So i will share with you what i know about this life. Life is to experience, to know and to feel what it is to be alive today. To Act in the “Now” presence and do what you can to help the world grow more conscious and develop into a whole new animal. We believe in the Causal motions of the Spirit of the being. That our consciousness can be projected in a way where we can act out of charity and humanitarian deeds out of habit/want/need to. To relay on our scope of life what it means to be human. I leave you with this gift to humanity. The archive of an Esoteric Adept. (No there is no cult, just loving people looking for truth and seek to help others).

The use of Matter, Consciousness and Energy will be used alot. All things in this universe is composed of Matter, Consciousness and Energy. The counterpart to this paradigm is Breaking, Submission and Kurasagi which is a component part that should be in the mind. There will be more components to add to your machine. In the end we want to create a system ultimately. The paradigms will be mostly off of these 7 models repeatedly. The theme is love, hope and faith/redemption. Which ever you more able to relate to atheism or religious. There will be a path for all to relate to.

Here is a Key model for overseeing the following systems:

Models of Overlooking Systems

Light Walker’s Guide:

This guide is a Theoretical Religion based on these nine religions; Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Semitic, Greek, Chinese, Norse and (Theoretical) Humanism. It is my first full fledged Ascended Chart and it was used to peek into the Veil of Dimensional Altering Domain. It illustrates that not only are we part of the grand plan subconsciously we portray different aspects and properties of God Within as a collective.

The Three Categories Stars, Spheres and Prototype. These make up a Complete world perspective of all things in life inside and out. The Intensity, spectrum, scale, depth and range of all things in the life of Earth all mapped to a certain degree being involved in this paradigm program. Those that are not listed are there also, you just have to use your imagination and make a branch into this world because making a pool of 9 religions is already quite exhausting. I don’t even know what a grid with more than 9 religions will make. There will probably be big ugly gaps.


STARS OF LIGHT: These are Paradigms of the Star The Star of Promises, Star of Emanation and Star of Kabbbalah. These Paradigms correspond to the Entropy, Order and Identity Paradigm. The idea is that despite great qualities  and aspects of your life. There is hidden meaning and revelation in the all of this. That life has depth and the protruding Ascended Binary Reveals to us that no matter how mundane or extraordinary your activity may be there is reason, purpose and empowerment to what you do. There is Truth, God  and Universe to your being here on Earth. The Reshaping of History, Life and The Future is already turning and rolling. You just need to open your eyes and grasp it!

Entropy of Star: Star of Promises

Star of promises

Star of Promises

Order of Star: Star of Emanation

Star of Emanation

Holy Star of Christ

Identity of Star: Star of Kabbalah

Star of Kabbalah

Of All Knowledge Post

SPHERES OF LIGHT: These are Paradigms of Spheres namely the shape and reference to hemispheres. These Paradigms correspond to the Entropy, Order and Identity Paradigm. The study of their ascensions through the Karmic, Realm and Monad Worlds is essential to this study. Each Paradigm Study tells of how it is born, matures, forms and establishes itself. (I also apologize for not being consistent with which way it should be read. I’m use to making the graph top to bottom but sometimes you will find one that’s flipped bottom to top through experimentation).

Entropy of Karmic Spheres

Aspect of being Chart 1 Esoterics

Order of Realm Spheres

Ladder of Human God

Identity of Monad Spheres

Aspect of being Chart 2 Esoterics

Esoteric Ascendant Binary Concepts

Hypothetical God Formula

THE LIGHT PROTOTYPES: These are Paradigm Prototypes of Light I have Created. They are Perfect in their own way telling a story that needs to be said. About the struggles and mundane life but that in the end of it all there is a reason for it all, a light. These Realizations make sparks leading to stars. Multiple sparks make a permanence there once their Protruding Binary has been established. These Paradigms correspond to the Entropy, Order and Identity Paradigm.







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