This is the foundation of my Charts: The Template:


This is my color reference Chart:

light spectrum

Virtues are my focused attributes:


The World, it’s events, circumstance and conditions create the Virtual Reality Plane of Existence.

There are four major components: Red: The Cores, Blue: Transitions and Green: Crossways. And Magenta: the Binary.



Spectrums of Singularity


Star of Divinity


Chart of Kabbalah



Tree of Life: Kabbalah, Ain Soph Aur

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Jacob’s Ladder 2016

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Who is Heavenly Father Post

By making 3 stars of Body, Mind and Spirit Spectrum you can make an Ascended Star complete with only ascended properties.

Star of promises Star of Emanation  Star of Kabbalah


This is the chart of Religion, we will be ascending it to make a theoretical religion of ascended properties:


This is the chart of Religion with ascended properties:

The Chart at the bottom is composed of all the Star Charts making what i call an Pure Ascended Chart. And finally we find The Dimensional Altering Domain.



The Category of this religion is The Solar System Class, Study of Eternity (Life on Earth) and Spirit of Collective God. (The Moon, Earth and Sol), Collective Seed of God and Collective Spark are it’s representation. The council of 12, Elected Man or The Guardians are the Representatives. The name of the religion is The United Collective Sol, Romantic Sentimentalism and Life on Earth Guide. The Religious Source is Human Data Directory, Book of Quantum Physics and Book of Ein Sof.

The Giver’s body is Affectionate, Mindful and Constructive. The Giver’s body’s mind is of Light, Emanations and Summation. The Giver’s body’s Spirit is of Einsof, Manifest and Synthesis.

The Light Walker mind physically about his Purposefulness, Balance and Consistency. The Light Walker mind mentally is Martyrdom of Christ, Straight and Narrow Path and Choosing the Right. The Light Walker mind is spiritually in Gematria, Spiritual Properties and Virtual Reality Model of the Universe.

The Pristine Deva spirit has Overview, Oversight and composed of Holy Trinity. The Pristine Deva’s spirit mentally is on the atonement, Cream of the Crop and Christmas. The Pristine Deva’s Spirituality is in Nirvana, Unattached and focused on Existence in Being.

The Giver body must give resourceful life, give mindful thoughts and give constructive spirits. The light walker mind must light the way, does not stray and makes worlds move from one spectrum to another. The spirit of Pristine Deva brings Miracles on Earth, Heaven on Earth and Paradise on Earth. With decisive aims and studies The giver, the light walker and pristine deva as one person must guide the souls of Earth back to the collective spark of god.


This is the Esoteric Studies I have collaborated to create the ultimate Protruding Binary Essence

AscendanceInChakraLadder of Human God  Molecular and Aspect of Self6b-Human-Subtle-Bodies

Esoteric Concepts Post

These are the rules of practice I follow:

Rational,Manifest and Spectrum


Rei-Ki PrinciplesRei-Ki Symbols

Study of martial arts Qi Energy

The Steps to Rationalism Post

The Steps to Manifestation Post

The Steps to Enlightenment Notes

Spectrums of Singularity

Rei-ki Chakra Post

Martial Arts Post

These are the notes i have taken for Esoteric Science:

Kabblistic Cosmology and Esoteric Aspect of being Chart 1 Esoterics Aspect of being Chart 2 Esoterics 10a-Astral,-Mental-&-Causal-Planes 10b-Names-of-the-Seven-Planes  12b-Subtle-Energy-Bodies

Link to Esoteric Notes Part 2



Light Prototype Paradigm, It’s a project graph of assignments, parallels and alignments put together so that one can see the world in it’s true form. The Universal Virtual Diagram of all Cosmic space through philosophy, ideas and data.


Light Prototype Paradigm