Mapping out Quantum Gravity concept. Quantum mechanics.


This is the 3 Dimensional Poem for Quantum Mechanics. Complex, difficult and exhausting. I’m not looking forward to deciphering String theory. =(

Quantum Mechanics:

Particle, Wave and Light. Antimatter.

Particle: Nucleus, Molecule and Atom. Quark.

Nucleus: DNA, RNA and Nuclear Proteins

Molecule: Organic, Inorganic, Noble gas.

Atom: Protons, Electrons and Neutrons.

Anti-atom: Anti-protons, Positrons and Anti-neutrons.

Quark: Up, Down, Strange, Charm, Top, Bottom

Anti-quark: Anti-up, Anti-down, Anti-strange, Anti-charm, Anti-top, Anti-bottom.

Wave: Ripples, Echo and Vibration. Frequency.

Ripples: Fluid, Rhythmic and Touch. Premonition.

Echo: Sonar, Repeating and Location. Visions.

Vibration: Resonating, Tuning and Sensing. Psychic.

Frequency: Harmonic, Attuning and Knowing. Remote Viewing.

Light: Subatomic particles, electromagnetic waves and  photons. Vitamin D.

Subatomic particles: consistent, orbiting and governing.  Density.

Electromagnetic waves: repeating, oscillating and synchronizing. Warmth.

Photons: Electromagnetic, Wavepacket and Harmonized. Photosynthesis.

Vitamin D: Happiness, Protection and Pro-hormone. Pro-Life Beneficiary.

Antimatter: Cosmic Debris, Cosmic Radiation and Cosmic Star/Blackhole. Infinity Star/Giant Blackhole.

Cosmic Debris: Miniblackholes that evaporate, self-destructive and unstable. Power

Cosmic Radiation: High energy, Accelerated Oscillating and Particle-wave like Behavior. Mutation

Cosmic Star: High energy, Life giving and Radiant. A warm life giving star.

Blackhole: Wormhole, Consuming and Rebirth. Manifestation into the multi-dimension.

Infinity Star: Super High energy, Overwhelming Life giving attributes that burst you into flames and Radiance to the point you can’t see anything. A giant fearsome star.

Giant Blackhole: Giant Wormhole, All Consuming and inter-dimensional rebirth into the multidimensional. Infinite manifestation across all realities.

Oh and physics also says the gravity around a black hole is pretty crazy. If physics doesn’t kill you first though maybe the singularity inside might let you slide by. You don’t know how you’ll turn out on the other side, you could be a pile of human goop. Or you could be saved my higher dimensional beings from the other side, beings who may welcome you or turn you away. Who knows, who wants to find out? =)

Mapping out Quantum Gravity concept. Starting with relativity.


Book of Physics; Relativity, Quantum, String and Quantum gravity.

Chapter: Relativity; Mass, Force and Electromagnetism. Life giving attributes.

Paragraphs: Chapter 1 Relativity;

Mass: Elements, Properties and Attributes. Virtues.

Elements; Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Lightning, Molten lava. Crystal.

Properties; Surface, Weight, Density, Sturdiness, Conductivity, Healing properties. Divination.

Attributes; Constitution, Memory, Maintenance, Process, Function. Life. Prophecy.

Force: Substance, Motion and Acceleration. Gravity

Substance: Solid, Liquid and Gas. Plasma

Motion: Linear, Reciprocating and rotating. Folding

Acceleration: Thrust, Speed and Resistance. (smell, sound, light) Barriers.

Electromagnetism: Electrostatics, Magneto-statics, and Electrodynamics. Electrical networking.

Electrostatics; Potential, Energy and Pressure. Electricity

Magneto-statics; Size, Friction and Electric current. Atmosphere.

Electrodynamics; Electric, Velocity and Magnetic. Quantum Electrodynamics.

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Universal Paradigm; A Humanist Perspective Of Everything Mapped. Free 33 page pdf of writing.

The Book of Universal Paradigms

^click link for free pdf download. 33 pages read.


It’s done! the poems and written parts are complete. Maybe need some illustrations. I’ll keep it free to download until i decide otherwise.

The system allows you to see between the lines of matrices in life. The connections, roots and deviations are in the  threads that hold the world together. Once you can read the system, order is in place and we can identify the problems. Conflict won’t be such a big deal as long as we navigate out of it in time with the right planning, preparations and mentality. The inspiration for writing this is out of unconditional love; compassion, understanding and communication.

I might have used the word cool in there once, forgive me. This work is free because i’m not sure how the world will take it. Hopefully with a grain of salt. I worked pretty hard on it, proof read it a few times. I’m sure it could be better if i had a publisher. But i just wanted the project off my chest until i figure out what i want to do with it later.

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Mapping of universal ideas; Human logic paradigms.

emphasized theme: organized, systematic, corruption.a4b9c4e5f27472037ca264cb85536ddd

The system allows you to see between the lines of matrices in life. The connections, roots and deviations. Once you can read the system, order is in place and we can identify the problems. Dark, chaos and conflict won’t be such a big deal as long as we navigate out of it in time with the right planning, preparations and mentality.

So i figured ideas are great and its fun to dig for ideas alphabetized and all but wouldn’t it be cool to go back to an ideas roots, understand it’s process, origins and be able to navigate the emotion or idea in a cleaner richer and colorful spectrum and interface that is tasteful and efficient?

The reason why i bring this up is if everything is done a certain way and we made a system for organizing ideas so that we can see the whole picture, there is potential for things becoming very systematic and almost automated.

Especially for an AI to understand our thought process and language. In computing everything is much simpler with complex emotions and ideas when there are a connections and roots. I also thought that this was a good idea because if we can draw the course and find the elements and components that make up what we are, see the course and do what is required to optimize our efforts we will increase our efficiency ten fold.

It is good to see where we stand, where we are going and what we are thinking. The color spectrum for ideas, the mapping of colors, virtues, emotions, ideas and paradigms is an interesting approach to studying the cause of delusion, distinguishing propaganda, and the worst of it all corruption.

Yes, i’m writing this in attempt to counter corruption. Including a periodical purge and starting from a clean slate reborn idea. Which is just a meditative idea of letting go of convictions, doubt and corruption that may be instilled in the mind. That convenient, intuitive, good ideas will stay or be reformed and a new approach to build a new tree until it is refined to perfection is the idea. I believe in distillation, filtration and cleansing of ideas in hopes of finding the truth. 

A proposal of an overhaul of the system would be wrong for me to say, but i would like to build something complimentary to our basic systems. That would change our ideas what your nature (religious, scientific, neutral, humanist) and more on the lines of what do we need and what is the problem to be solved. The mentality of being the change out of the will of the better good is essential to this world.

Theory for three dimensional poetry; through ascendance.

Screen shot 2010-07-21 at 9.25.31 AM

Introduction to three dimensional poetry;

Refer to: Fate of the infinite, eternal, ambiguous three worlds. Pt 1

A Psychological Scientific Synthesis of the Spiritual Frontier Pt. 2

Usually there would be title for the book of thoughts. The system is one of fractals resulting the upper stanza will hold a general macrocosm of the sphere whereas the lower stanzas will break off into smaller fractals. From book, chapter, sentence/stanza, and words they break down to smaller components as they progress downward. Every tree has a tag which usually starts the stanza for the chapters off. Traditionally there is usually only 3 trees physical, mental and spiritually. The fourth is the assumption that all three realms share a point and can resolve their differences and find a solution which is a vertical ascending nature i intend to call benevolence. Out of love, compassion and understanding comes the dimension defying element that works towards a higher light, usually upwards in the pyramid like spectrum.

For example the traditional trio, power, wisdom and courage. love would transcend all three and act as a medium gateway to the higher domain of the system which is all under the family tree virtues. We now look at Function and wonder what the other 2 components would be function, paradigm and purpose. We realize that the tree comes from the book of Infinity so we trace it back to that.

Infinity; Hero’s words tree: Purpose, Function and Paradigm. Manifestation.

(1) Purpose: Consciousness, Identity and Ideals. Intuitive values.

(2) Function: Power, Wisdom and Courage. Passion.

(3) Paradigm: Perseverance, Redemption and Love. Transcendence 

What i’ve done above was take the tradition Infinity’s; Hero’s words tree and changed it into a transcendence tree adding the ascending traits. The Manifestation Tree now exists and we describe what this tree is capable of; Through this tree we realize that manifestation through these ideals can bring Teleportation, Time travel and Telepathy. And the ascending element that would ultimately come out is materialization which is the creation of things from thin air.

(4) Manifestation: Teleportation, Time Travel and Telepathy. Materialization.

(This below is just a footnote to remind me of what it is i’m looking for).

(5) body, mind, spirit and soul.

Transcending the world of space, time and dimension.

This tree’s study would enable great potentials if mastered but this is only true if we were using the human body to it’s highest potential.. Like 90% of the brain for example. Instantaneous evolution and transformation is something out of our order and ability thus these are equivalent to fable and reduced to fictional writing.

Reading from the mapping of this tree spectrum brought me to speculate;

From this tree i extracted that the body; Through purpose, obtaining consciousness, power and living under the theme of perseverance. Can inherit the manifestation of Teleportation.

From this tree i extracted that the mind; Through function, obtaining identity, wisdom and living under the theme of redemption. Can inherit the  manifestation of Time Travel.

From this tree i extracted that the spirit; Through paradigm, obtaining ideals, courage and living under the theme of love. Can inherit the manifestation of Telepathy.

From this tree i extracted that the soul; Through manifestation, intuitive values, passion and living under the theme of transcendence. Can inherit the manifestation of Materialization.

Probably not the best tree to do an introductory on because of how weird it is but hopefully you get the point. As i said this tree is unbalanced and probably more on the lines of fictional than logical and almost borderline nonsensical. Definitely fun though.

Please note Purpose, Function and Paradigm is something that requires a bit of potential, inheritance and work. It’s a combination of things that attribute to these unnatural abilities and not something expected out of ordinary human beings. Keep in mind but don’t let it trouble your thoughts.

A Psychological Scientific Synthesis of the Spiritual Frontier Pt. 2

A Holographic Poem of the 4th Depth. 4 different levels and 4 different degrees.

This elemental Stanza is the summary composition of everything.

Completion: Universe, Truth and God. Fate of the infinite, eternal, ambiguous three worlds. 

Refer to: Fate of the infinite, eternal, ambiguous three worlds.


Life is not one thing, it is composed of many things and my work is to map out and align the elements and compositions of what life is made up of into compartmentalized components to see the integrated process. I have interpreted this system to be in a 3 sided pyramid shape with each corner being an element and a fourth one being a balance of all 3 ascending vertically being the magenta color. It’s not a particularly perfect science, it’s more of expressions, systems and functions mechanism hence why the work is so colorful. The work i do is beyond any selfish comprehension not of this world and inspirations of it’s origins still unknown to me other then what my resonating intuition beckons. I hope this information becomes a source of your inspiration,  understanding and that may even become invaluable to you as it is to me.

This is what i call a poem of the 4th depth. It has 4 different levels and 4 different degrees. This is more practically suited for a hologram which is not something easily accessible at the moment. Though this is a work for higher truth and understanding of progression in it’s roots in terminology we can understand, I would take this with a grain of salt for everything should be taken in moderation for everything is also on standby for future modification and alterations. Enjoy yourself hopefully you’ve learned something during your stay.

(1)Book of Completion: (a)Universe, (b)Truth and (c)God. (d)Fate of the infinite, eternal, ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds. 

(2)Universe: (a)Physical, (b)Mental and (c)Spiritual. (d)Benevolence.

(3)Truth: (a)Reality, (b)Fact and (c)Actuality (d)Paradigm.

(4)God: (a)Omnipotent, (b)Omniscient, (c)Omnipresent (d)Omnibenevolent.

(5)Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous of three worlds: (a)empowerment, (b)enlightenment, (c)inspiration,  and (d)romanticism.

Progressive levels Red, Blue and Green are elements. Magenta is vertical ascending progression.

Progressive degrees Black, Orange and Yellow are progressive elements.

The ascended progression is suppose to be the synthesis of all three elements resolved and put together in order to “ascend” as a solution.

An important fact is distinguishing words from sentences from paragraph from book. All are in a different microcosm within the macrocosm of this fractal library. For example Universe as a book would have 3 levels below it like chapter, sentences then word. The reason the book “Universe” from pt.1 is different from pt. 2 is pt. 2 is generalizing from the macrocosm what the universe is whereas pt.1 of the universe book is only describing the physical domain of the universe.

First stanza, poem’s entry title is “Completion”. The World is composed of the Universe, Truth and God. Ascending element is the “Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds”.

Second stanza. Universe is composed of Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Ascending element is Benevolence.

Third stanza. Truth is composed of Reality, Fact and Actuality. Ascending element is Paradigm.

Fourth stanza. God is composed of Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent factors. Ascending element is Omnibenevolent.

Fifth stanza. Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds is composed of empowerment, enlightenment, and inspiration. Ascending element is romanticism.

Column (a) is of the physical realm aligned with Universe, Physical, Reality, Omnipotent and Empowerment.

Column (b) is of the mental realm aligned with Truth, Mental, Fact, Omniscient and enlightenment.

Column (c) is of the spiritual realm aligned with God, Spiritual, Actuality, Omnipresent, Inspiration and romanticism.

Column (d) is of the benevolent realm aligned with “Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds”, Benevolence, Paradigm, Omnibenevolent and romanticism.

Completion: Universe, Truth and God. Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous of three worlds. 

Universe: Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Benevolence.

Truth: Reality, Fact and Actuality Paradigm.

God: Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent Omnibenevolent.

Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds: empowerment, enlightenment, inspiration,  and romanticism.

Hope, opportunity and chance; “To what do you owe your success?”

Hope, opportunity and chance.

For the one slaving away at minimum wage.

Click the link above to read a very inspiring comic^^^


It doesn’t matter what you do. God doesn’t work, if you don’t work. What this means is that how will god work through you if you aren’t working the way he intended you to. What you were intended for is not realized until your fate has been revealed. His actions are through you and your hands of love and service will count every which way until you reach the product of your works. Life isn’t about who gets the compliments, credit or admiration. We’re a team the only reward you need is the love of your friends and family. And they’ll respect you even on an empty stomach that you did everything you could for them. I would hope that in the future you are reminded that you are given the hope, opportunity and chance by your peers and employers. And that you shouldn’t forget that your hardships are different from everyone else and that it shouldn’t separate you from who you think you are.

We’re all human and your personal challenges what ever they are shouldn’t hold you back from shining in the end and shining in the end is just realizing you shouldn’t give up on your dreams no matter how slim the chances. Don’t give in to the idea that you should “know your place”. Anyone who starts believing they are more deserving of their life situation is wrong. The distribution of money, love and efforts is not done very well on Earth. The abundance of life should be shared and distributed so that others will get a chance at life. A life of luxury is pointless when this realm is about intuition, creativity and practicality.. whereas the heavens of abundance would be power, purity and productivity but that’s another topic to be told for another time. Our worlds are completely different and lets not confuse this.

Let’s be reminded if ever asked “to what do owe your success” not to forget to mention your great parents, friends, upbringing, school, teachers, that hope, opportunity and success was key to your success. That you were fortunate in your life to be on the path you are today. It’s a combination of things simultaneously and you are just a complex solution to a complex process. A product of great love. Be grateful, never pretentious no matter how immersed you are in this world. Don’t just reduce all that love you experienced  in your life and make it into a matter of your own selfish hard work that brought you where you are today. Life is a shared experience, you owe the world everything for who you are. Don’t forget that.

Humbleness in thoughts through the actions of humility. We were never meant to walk this Earth alone share your load and suffering. Share the experience of life.

A Psychological Scientific Synthesis of the Spiritual Frontier


Exploration into the spiritual frontier of the human universe:

The spiritual front is weak and there’s so many holes that need to be filled in spirituality.

What is the after life? It’s another dimension of the living world, like a prism breaking into different colors as light hits but originally part of the same source of life. It is land of the Deceased, Lost and Abstract.

What are psychic mediums? They are called mediums because they are living inbetween the world of the living and the dead and are able to communicate through the living and dead. Their elemental stanza is; Guardian, Councillor and Guides of Life and Death.

What is the universe? The universe we live in consists of Space, Time and Dimension. To spice things up life throws in consciousness or benevolence in order to give it a perception of depth being the 7th dimension. We only deal with 7 dimensions because taking Earth any further out into the infinite macrocosm would defeat the means.

There are three books to be familiar with, Book of: Life/Death(Eternity), Ethos Syndicate (Ambiguity), The 3 Worlds (Divinity) and Hero’s Word (Infinity).

The stanza for this is Life, Limbo and Death or eternity. Eternity as it is described are all these elements and i have broken them down into their core components if you can decipher the language of color coordination and chronological order and alignments. It’s quite an easy puzzle to understand.

Here is the poem for what the universe consists of and it’s colored spectrum.

State of being in this physical universe is space, time and dimensions. The last one i call benevolence.

space; dark, medium and light.

time; past, present and future.

dimensions; microcosm, home plane, macrocosm.

benevolence; alternate, experiential and multidimensional

To also include that there are elements to the universe that contribute and compliment the human perception which are these human attributes which should be included to the spectrum. (aspects considered trivial unless human conscience is involved.):

Realm: Abundance, Creation and Desolation.

Status: Life, Limbo and Death.

Location: X, Y and Z

Book: The Eternal; Book of Life

Chapter: Body of Honor

Paragraph: Esteem, Respect, Rank

Sentences: Worth, Value and Opinion, Deference, Authority and History, Ability, Awareness and Records.

Chapter: Body of Love

Paragraph: Love self, Love earth, Love heaven.

Sentences: Caring, Respecting and Knowing Self, People, Places and Things, Honor, Love and Service

Chapter: Body of service

Paragraph: Creator, Teacher and Healer

Sentences: Give, Sustain and Take, Educate, Provide and Correct, Grow, Nurture and Mend

Often we think of life and death as opposites, contrary to that idea there is life in death also.

In death there are stages of grief:

Stages of Grief:

Denial: Is usually the initial action of the grieving process. It is a statement saying that something is not true or real. And when that statement is made, ignorance is the world the person dwells in.

Anger: Is the frustration and emotion of being upset or annoyed. It is born out of this denial and shows that we are not ready. We direct it on anything we can think of even blaming it on the deceased for leaving us.

Bargaining: Making an agreement in which people or groups say they will do or give something in exchange for something else.

Depression: A serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless, and unimportant and often is unable to live in a normal way. One depression is loss of money, time and experiences. The other depression is our quiet preparation to separate and to bid our loved one farewell.

Acceptance: The quality or state of being accepted or acceptable. It is when a person finally reaches the point of understanding and accepting the misfortune for their grievance.

Book: Ethos Synthesis; Book of Ambiguity

Chapter: Identity, Science, Humanism or Religion.

Paragraph: Courage, Truth and Love. Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom. Hope, Faith and Redemption. Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Sentence: Nothingness, Darkness, Emptiness, Goodness, Beauty, Truth, Will to Change, Emotions, Intellect, Changes, Attributes and Consciousness. Relinquishment, Lightness, Evenness, Argument, Empiricism, Simplicity, Humility, Perfectionism, Precision, Scholarship, Void and Curiosity. Humility, Prudence, Wisdom, Patience, Reserve, Gentleness, Zeal, Vigilance, Piety, Generosity, Gravity and Silence. Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, Humility, Friendship, Generosity, Courtesy, Piety, and Honesty.

This final book will be called Divinity; The Trilogy of Three Worlds.

HEAVEN IS: (Book of Light and abundance)

Categories: (Stars and space) Cosmos, Eternity and Divinity.

Behavioral: (Angelic conscience, Angelic nature) Joy, Hierarchy and Unity.

Form: (Duality of condensed functions) Frequency, Core and Radiance.

Idealism: (Glorifying and Falling) Honor, Love and Service.

EARTH IS: (Book of Earth and creation)

Categories: (Creation, Evolution) Science, Humanism and Religion

Behavioral: (human conscience, human nature) Chaos, Identity and Order.

Form: (duality of negative and positive functions) Wave, Particle and Oscillation.

Idealism: (Redeeming and faltering) Redemption, Hope and Faith.

HELL IS: (Book of Dark and desolation)

Categories: (Devouring and Torment) Abyss, Empty Suffering and Nothingness.

Behavioral: (Demon conscience, Demon nature) RageCast Rank and Discord.

Form: (Duality of deviant functions) Sound, Earth and Darkness.

Idealism: (Carnage and Failing) Destruction, Hate and Legion.

This one was a unique project. It is what constitutes the hero of infinity. It’s not balanced but it can act independently. It may need future tweaking. The world of space requires great power, wisdom and courage to advance. The world of time is a world of depth to progress and it requires your consciousness, identity and ideals to develop. The world of dimensions asks that you understand the nature of life that is perseverance, redemption and love to improve. Qualities that allow you to evolve and change in body, mind and spirit. At the core of each tetrahedron is purpose, function and paradigm. This structure is said to be a vehicle that can transcend through time, space and dimension theoretically. This was my attempt at an engineered hero, my fascination with them becomes a fixation sometimes. This last one might be a a fictional mutant monster baby but i love it anyways.

This last one is a synthesis of all 3 worlds and the universe called the Infinity; A hero’s words.

(1) Purpose: Consciousness, Identity and Ideals,

(2) Function: Power, Wisdom and Courage

(3) Paradigm: Perseverance, Redemption and Love.

Transcending the worlds of space, time and dimension.

(1)Purpose: Active reason why something is done or used.

Consciousness: The condition of being conscious; the normal state of being awake and able to understand what is happening around you

Identity: The distinguishing character or personality of an individual

Ideals: Relating to or constituting mental images of perfection.

(2) Function: A special purpose or activity for which a thing exists or is used.

Power: Physical, mental or moral efficacy.

Wisdom: Knowledge of what is proper or reasonable.

Courage: Mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

(3) Paradigm: A theory or a group of ideas about how something should be done, made, or thought about

Perseverance:  Continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition

Redemption: The act of making something better or more acceptable

Love: Unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.

Index of answers for element stanzas below:

Answers to important questions:

(answers are in chronological order.)

What is the most powerful force in the universe? Love.

What is the greatest love of them all? Selfless unconditional.

What are the planes of life? Physical, Mental and Spiritual

What are the tools of love? Power, Intellect and Wisdom. 

What are the products of love? Might, Magic and Courage. 

What are the studies derived from love? Religion, Science and Humanism.

What is the root of love? Truth, Justice  and Defiance.

What attributes do they carry? Regeneration, Calculation and Enlightenment.

What is their mastery? Hindsight, Insight and Foresight.

What is this aspect called? Trinity/Love/The Aspects

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Sathya Sai Baba; Why we didn’t hear about a second Jesus.


‘There’s only one religion- the religion of love. There’s only one language- the language of the heart. There’s only one cast- the cast of humanity. And there’s only one God- and he is omnipresent.”

Hamilton-Parker, Craig (2014-10-21). Psychic Encounters: Amazing Psychic Experiences (p. 162). . Kindle Edition.

This quote is from Sathya Sai Baba, if you don’t know who he is. Let’s just say he was the Jesus of modern times. If you missed his efforts, that’s because he was in India and not trying to impose or convert any religion to his. He created miracles, raised the dead, turned water to petroleum, flowers, silver boxes, pendants all out of thin air because he can materialize things into the physical world. Vibhutti ash and its liquid equivalent amrith materializes on photographs of Sai Baba. Apparently even the materilization of ash and liquid that often grew off his pictures gave miracle properties. Yes, people still collect this stuff.

There were trials and messages of his imperfection that arose but he claimed in his passing that none of his riches and estate were actually his as he gave them up when he became a devote. All the gifts he attained, goods that seemed to accumulate were under his care and not claimed. Thus went back to his cause and society itself. There were apologies made by government officials for slandering his name. Though he passed away on 24th of April 2011. He tells us he will reincarnate again in approximately 8 years under the name Prema Sai Babain in the neighbouring state of Karnataka. Mediums who saw his aura told that he radiated light.

It’s too bad i learned of him too late. I don’t think we’ll see the likes for a while now.

*read Peggy Mason.

(For answers about the afterlife.)

A grave mistake; Truth in Love was the answer.

451370“The phoenix rises from the ash.”

I realize i can’t do this anymore.. The light was in the selfless unconditional love of building positive constructive thinking. Abandoning that one thought made my world dim, grey and lifeless. Corruption and dissonance came much quicker and attacked me with negative compulsive thoughts. Doubt was a place i never wanted to return to and truth a place i wanted to find and keep. I know this truth is mine because it gave me strength, peace of mind and empowerment. It has value to me and when a solution works to overcome all mechanics in life, the loss of this state of being would be a grave loss to me. I have re-inherited and readopted my idea that “love is all that is left when you strip away the mask of what we call material reality”. It is the source, solution and core of sound truth. Love, compassion and understanding are my keys to comprehending the source. The truth is in what my inner voice of the heart tells me. If man has a heart and each man i know is subjected to having a heart if he is a man, then he has the potential to hear the same voice i hear. The voice of love, compassion and understanding. (It’s true extended form love, peace and truth)

I have deduced correctly and i am blessed to find this quiet of mind. I comprehend that i must exist in this life to help others see that life doesn’t end here. Don’t get too attached, but express yourself best you can through your trials and life’s mechanics. To relieve suffering, negate poor spirit and sort the confusion. Find what you love and most of all do what you can for the people you love. We are reunited in the end to become a singularity with the father and mother of creation, we are one way or another working to become angelic beings, warriors of Earth and guardians of life. Change, Adaptation and Evolution of the spirit is the only way out of this world. The physical world is just the echo of a semblance of what we truly are. Physical evolution is the microcosm of the puzzle piece and Spiritual evolution is the macrocosm of the whole picture.

I hope life treats you well and that you find the source of your strength too in this life or the next.

Erasing ties and convictions.


I don’t hold onto an idea for too long, i must go through trial and error to find the correct path. The ideas that run through me are temporary until intuition crystallizes, backed up by well contemplated thoughts weave a clear path for me. Conviction is my biggest enemy and change is the most valuable attribute i have. This is a message that i am purging my ideas in order to free myself. My body is weary, mind is cluttered, soul overburdened. I’m letting go of all the attributes, ideas and things that make me who i am go.  Mentally i can only forget so much and my identity might as well be engraved on me but my memories need to be forgotten so i can live and change freely. Maybe we’ll visit these topics again when i redraw the path. I just need to get lost alittle, getting too comfortable here and corruption is settling in. I’ll be back.

A poem: Beyond the veil of life’s fabric; A lesson about Eternity.


As we only scratch the surface of what is beyond death.

“The afterlife, friends for all time.”

“Where ever you are we will watch over you”

On this earth we are mere mortals.

This life we live is where the gods, humans and angels die again and again.

The source is found in the distillation and filtration of our rock and soil.

To harness the molten blood of Earth to which is the life essence of the Earth.

So in life we reveal our virtues and stars through stanzas in poetry.

Our written words, sentences, chapters in books reveal our dreams and desires.

The ultimate state of being is to know; In life it matters not if you are servant or king.

It matters that you learn love, it’s trials and understand the state of why one suffers.

Life is an opportunity to not just simply change adapt and evolve as the game makes you believe.

But to find acceptance in one self, have faith and allow to grow your knowledge of life.

The veil is just a passage into timeless eternity.

It protects us from the earth bound realm of the dead.

The light is the passage into the spiritual world where we rest.

We find meaning and best of all we find answers to why we suffer.

Truth is in the returning to the singularity where you once came from.

The pit of the universe, the mother beckons us to come home.

On the other side is the father and he is the one that tells us to go back and learn more.

Until we are rich and filled with our true desires, purpose and truth of life.

The consummation of this madness is to cultivate our souls and mind.

In this life or the next you get the chance to find, experience and answer the question to why we suffer.

It’s a challenge and also a truth through experience and a message for maybe God himself.

That life is fragile, mortal life is precious and to savor it best we can what goodness life gives.

Arthur believed all men could be equal. The Queen was included at the table.

He believed that he could build a world from the heart, labors and hardship of men.

He did not believe that advanced privileges, authority or powers

From beyond this world or the heavens could build the world we could today,

advanced privileges, authority and powers,

did not give the men the right to rule over others in this manner.

the contemplation of the heart was the source of true justice.

A righteous king for all the right cause was his destiny.

His diligence is reassuring because he gave us the foundation the truth about life:

Life is in cultivation of civilization.

That a plant is to be nurtured, watered and loved ; this is how we should treat people.

The children of man reflects, contemplates and comprehends.

When you have fallen to the concept that the better man wins the fight,

You have fallen, because it is not who has the biggest horns, strongest arms, biggest feet that wins.

It is window of opportunity, favor, and chance that gives us the gift of life.

It is not about outwitting your enemy. It’s coming to terms with yourself and doing what you can to help other people see this.

Sadly we are in a losing streak.

Fighting a losing war.

Because we have not identified the true evil inside of us.

And that is the ignorance of what this world is.

A chance to learn, redeem yourself and comprehend the world around us.

To end suffering is not the issue.

To understand suffering is.

It is just a mechanism in the art of what is life.

To end all suffering is not the answer.

For when we rest dead is where we will find that.

To find glory in the fruits of life is not the answer.

For when we fail to realize that the cost of that fruit was lives.. how can you sleep?

Life is in the message you leave for the new sprouts that come up,

That there is hope for us. Room for mistakes, life and learning

The truth is in what you are, what you manifest into this lonely glorious, lost and forsaken world.

The rewards you gain is content of mind and the gradual progression of your life.


Picture source:

Progression of the trinity:


The son, father and holy spirit. In 1 dimension.


In 2d.


In 3d (space)


4th (time)


5th (alternate realities)


6th (time travel)



7th (infinity)

Perception: time, space and dimension. Benevolence is key to consciousness.


Perception: The keys to igniting the dimensions of higher heavens.

Source: Dark, medium or light. Our perception of what is life; good and bad. Are dependent on the levels of what the source determines. Is life dark, medium or light? I would say we are medium in this early world. So what if our gold is alittle brown and so what if our white is a little light blue. This is earth, we inherit the sturdiness, heroic and glory of being mortal. The heavens may be bright and we may never reach their level of power, purity and productivity but we have intuition, creativity and practicality. We’re inventive and we employ ingenuity in our work.

I am a fan of human creativity in the conflict of demand, it’s challenges and influence for it’s aesthetics. What humans face in order to confront and give birth to new ideas. Each idea we birth in the world, the heavens rejoice and improves on the idea. Perhaps Dark, Medium and Light we’re meant to be a singularity. Just like past, present and future is made to be a singularity. Desolation of the barren hell, life giving attributes of the medium, Abundance and advances in the heavens will show us the contrast of what is and what can be. To complete this the third concept i can think of is the microcosm of the universe, home plane of the universe, and macrocosm of the universe being the last set stanza.

(yes, the color coating does have meaning. Order is determined by spectrum of color.)

State of being is space, time and dimensions. The last one i call benevolence.

space; dark, medium and light.

time; past, present and future.

dimensions; microcosm, home plane, macrocosm.

benevolence; alternate, experiential and multidimensional

This poem makes up the stanza of all space, time and dimension of our reality. And anything beyond is covered by benevolence of our consciousness. As our lives continue our color spectrum of light and dark becomes skewed, distorted and warped. We acknowledge that there is something off but we do not realize that what is happening is that we are truly gold and white but because of our limitations we are brown and light blue. Hardship, desolation and the state of being barren is our number one biggest enemy. Of course we sway from right and wrong, good and bad, existence and absence. But life is based on the frequency and mentality that you are conscious of your decisions.

We live based on consciousness. Once we understand our state of being we can rise out of the ashes. As a phoenix would upon it’s death. When that happens we will be able to determine the true evils in the world. Intolerance, Injustice and Corruption.

If time, space, dimension, and benevolence is to become a singularity what does that mean? It means that we are one with life and life itself is eternal. There is a system of the afterlife that allows a person to overview his life and other’s that he may love. We are recycled by the system to be placed back in it when it ends. The system is god, the mechanical parts are god, the spiritual essence is of god. What you see before you is a virtual world made of god where your experiences are the consummation of all good in life. All the bad does not have value, they are just mechanics to the system used to find all that is good in life. Life is what you make out of it, life is ingenuity, life is greatness in truth and discoveries.

#heforshe, Feminism vs Equality for all beings.


Dear Miss Feminism: ‘All in or not at all. You can’t half ass it.’

No one is equal to another human being. They all have different attributes, levels of potential and passion to contribute to society. I will now argue that men and women are not equal – in how they are built. Testosterone and estrogen release different chemicals and each individual has different levels of them. Men have different attribute and virtues because of this. Woman may also embody feminine virtues like grace, mercy and wisdom ideally for example. Men domain might be power, control and spirituality. When we speak of this spectrum of man and woman we are identifying that we speak of the ideal extremes of these cases. See, we contribute to areas we lack its a symbiotic complimentary relationship.

Though this is true, the colors of the rainbow of people LGBT community will compose of the grey, hints and hues of the spectrum. We can agree that we are like a large dysfunctional family and everyone has problems and flaws. If you were fighting for true Equality in general it would make sense but you are fighting for a side that is only part of the spectrum. Females have equality problems. Colors have problems. Lesbian, gays, bisexual and transsexuals will have problems with equality. Disabled, dysfunctional and people with disorders have equality issues. We’re all victims in one way or another, you cannot scream that you are a victim when we as humans will suffer the problems of the human condition, life itself. But it’s a start i guess.

I’m saying that the direction of all this is wrong. We’re not fighting for equality – we’re fighting for a balance in the system for acceptance of the diversity in our sexuality. Intolerance, discrimination and hate altogether have to stop. And labels that label wrong don’t help the situation. Just respecting each other isn’t enough, we have to actively seek out and aid the cause against this hate injustice.

Woman getting paid as much as men may be a problem and mistreatment of women may also be a problem. But man does not equal woman. Man+Woman does not equal man/woman. It equals child, the product of man and woman at it’s finest. It’s a complimentary relationship. The label for fighting for feminism is as trivial as bullying in schools and fat shaming and race discrimination. If you see the slice of pie for what it is, see the whole pie.. and then beyond the pie. checkout it’s neighbors the cake and pastries. Go for all human equality. I just wanted you to acknowledge the differences in man and woman but understand the true cause.

Poetry; Bound to be a Moth to Light Legacy


Bound to be a Moth to Light Legacy

Are we truly destined to be moths to the light?

Why has life been created this way?

Without seeking light we become a husk of beings;

a pessimist, materialistic and completely submitting atheist

Do we really want to believe in nothing,

Because even a vague, general, limited and benevolent God starts sounding like a good idea.

The Closer we are to the truth the more prone we are,

To lose our wings completely,

blinded by the radiance of light,

As if we were paying for a consequence for it’s gifts,

Through madness, mental illness and disorders,

It’s as if God created a system where only the,

Rightful may find it’s place in truth,

I’ve been warned and as Icarus i’m flying mighty high,

I wonder if one can say he deserved it in the end,

For trying and prying what is unknowable.

I’m guessing that’s where our evolved forms take over,

The ones gifted with other worldly powers clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairambient,

What do the normal people do but defy the odds of misfortunes

and conform themselves to fortunes foretold.

I guess this is where truth becomes a game of tossing rocks.

You toss from far away and hope you hit the target.

Don’t get burned by the light,

I am god of your mechanical physics compartmentalized, here i am;

my feet the electromagnetism of gravity.

my hands your actions of love, compassion and understanding.

my arms is the strength to hold up benevolently; authority,  justice, and liberty.

my body is made of space.

my heart are functional life giving systems; Stars and star systems. The center of trade, economics and business

my organs are society running facilities; Planets and solar systems for trade, economics and business

my cells are made of particles.

my head is your thoughts as neural patterns of the collective.

My essence is you, my power is through you, my thoughts are with you,

My virtues, attributes, qualities make my personality.

Virtues; Studies of Religion, Science and Humanism. 

Attributes; Divinity, Technology and Health and Wellness.

Qualities; Poetry, Fiction and Dreams

If you are benevolent, so will i be also.

A paint brush that can rewrite history: A dream, a wizard and friends.

It was all just a dream, but it was wild. I forgot the feelings of having good friends and exploring new worlds.


I was asleep the first time dizzy and woke up to burglars. A bunch of rowdy hooligans a father a teenager and a child claimed to be the source of the gang. I yelled out that i heard people outside, i’m gonna come out with weapons. Of course i had no weapons when i came out and yelled that i was coming out as i came but i went out none the less and got the life beaten out of me. It looked like i was just a local blacksmith selling maces. Though i’m sure they had plans to plummet me to the ground with their new acquired black maces. My life was not to end there.

An old wizard came by that night and saved me. I felt i owed him my life. Nearby there was hidden loot cache the child of the group hid all their belongings. It would make  sense that we were neighbors. Out of that hidden loot cache we pulled out an old paint brush. It was no ordinary paint brush of course it was a paint brush to rewrite history however we wanted to. It seemed it was an old familiar tool of the wizard’s and he proceeded to use it changing into a heavily bearded younger asian version of himself.

And then i woke up, still not in my world apparently. I had a friend over and i heard a commotion outside, I was still dizzy from waking up and it was all hazy. I was at my routine again it must be damn burgulars again. I reached for my bat instinctively. I went up to my door and to my surprise it was all my high school friends just sitting at the door. What a lovely surprise, It seemed they all bused to a strange very green valley rural area. I asked where i was, they told me this beautiful place was Vancouver, apparently i lived there. And i asked when was this gathering and my mother said June.

I guess i’ve just been going overboard with preparing, acquiring attributes to hone my life’s “dart board skills”, and forgetting about what  life is about. My friends i miss very much. The adventures  of seeing new places. Traveling to strange exotic worlds. I think in this life my humble beginnings would have been Vietnam, but instead i’m here in Edmonton because my parents left Vietnam during the war. This is the current life i live now. And these alternate worlds in my head are just lost worlds that remind you of what you have, what you lost and what you’ve found.

The Mushiest Wishful Thinking About Love and Expectations Poem Ever


-To whomever destiny regards, wishing my hardest

What are the chances that she’ll read this:

An angel, my redemption.

A hidden hymn in sweet silhouette with contrast in my life.

It’s absence is the darkest color i can give.

The shadow is a longing for the day that only haunts me in dreams.

There is no outlet, no vent and those thoughts are cooking hotly under pressure.

Deviant, defiant and heartless this journey is growing.

Yet, brilliant, graceful and insightful one becomes.

As something nestled in a cocoon of a butterfly, maybe one day it may fly.

Hopes and desires, dreams to accomplish what is impossible.

Is there a truth in love, or is it just a fancy poem made to contemplate over?

Life in it’s strangeness continues to surprise and inspire.

The outcome never sits still.

Maybe love is inevitable and undeniable.

Maybe our butterfly is meant for someone else.

And these butterflies bottled up are hoping to end us by implosion.

Though i would rather be found dying kicking and fighting then to die submitting gracefully.

I’m seeing stars, the allure of them.

Though there’s so many questions left to ask.

Will my life be negated from finding truth if i find what my heart seeks?

Or was that the purpose of the whole journey?

To find random love, in a random place, at a random time with a random person.

To suffer life, joy, pain and imminent time,

To meet this one person in a whim of chance that they’ll grant me a future with them.

What is life but to exist and do what you can,

Follow dreams, do what you love and sow seeds so future generations can experience life.

Warmth of the sky encompasses my cold world.

Why contemplate something so rich, pure and intricate.

You can only experience it. One life, one soul and many loves.

Evolution is about trial and error, Darwinism tells us,

Adapt, evolve and change – but love is unchanging, unconditional, selfish yet selfless.

Sounds like love is as complex as god.

All i ask is if i can have just one good happy love i can hold to.

I’ll start sending love letters like resumes when she forces down a divine marriage from the sky.

Is it fair to wish for something and expect no consequence?

Only time can tell, I just hope in our lives we’ll have enough time to determine if eros love is real.

Harmlessly an idea, for ideas are what i love,

Here’s hoping a manifestation of an idea will come to be for those willing to wait.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 29 “About life”: Overcoming the entropy of life

Time is psychological, cosmological and thermal.

Time only moves one direction, forward. You may be losing time you will never get it back when not investing in yourself.

Entropy is the disorder of things through life.

Expecting is the enemy. Expecting endless time or reverse time we hit a pitfall there. Not investing time effectively, invest time into yourself.

Injection of time, effort on life.

Entropy is part of life. It’s a cycle.

Learn from other people, transcend time. Intelligence can be found from dead people from books, living people in life, in intuition inside yourself.

Who are you studying under. Adopt your mentor be a child of their intelligence.

Life is not that it is short. It is how you spend your time you may never get back, so investing in yourself is the first step.

Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 28 “About life”: Make our luck, prepare.

Fate, fortune and destiny.

We make our luck. Through our own preparation, insights, contribution and attributes.

Sometimes we just wait for stuff to happen before they hit you in the forehead.

Conviction is the enemy of truth.

Do it well ahead of time.

Prepare for tomorrow today.

There will be a very bad day eventually.

Commit to planning 2 minutes a head of time, if you can’t invest 2 minutes then you deserve whats coming.

Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis.

Thesis is the proposition. Antithesis is the negation of the proposition. Synthesis finds the truth out of both and tries to solve the problem between the two.

Be the synthesis, be the solution.

When something hard needs to be done jump in and it’ll be 50% done.

An Aesir poem: The White Dragon, Old Germanic Reminiscence.


High Omens

The black Aesir wolf watches,

Forsaken by God,

We make claims to be gods,

Forgotten by angels

We blame the heavens for our undoing,

Ambrosius is our calling,

This child brings new tidings,

Hope for life and peace for the weary.

Worn out by wars and treachery.

At last the once ill omen,

Is now renewed, rekindled by a new light.

The hero arises and his omen is,

The white dragon,

Feathered and changed to soar high,

and overcome great lows.

Change, adaptation and evolution of our perspectives.

Thoughts rejoiced the ground shifts.

There is now quiet where there once was noise.

When Aesir’s wolf sleeps,

The dawning of warring man pass,

There will be music, high creature and low creature,

Speak in song of harmony,

In this time of triumph the white dragon will be the medium,

Grace, Mercy and Dedication will be the thriving virtues.

Because we are swimming in abundance,

Prepared for any dark encounters,

Strategy and tactics are readied at hand for the accord.

Arrow pinned through the apple our surgical precision is lethal,

Life is fair, just and sound.

At long last,

But it is not time,

For this is the calm before the storm,

Prepare to meet at the heart of the storm,

Because our biggest trial is yet to be.

Contemplating; Madness of God.


Forged out of love, compassion and understanding, comes the core of selfless unconditional love and it’s Star. The experience is in the realization that not all factors are accounted for, not all keys and elements are present until the unraveling of destiny. The trigger is a catalyst for the realization that is life itself. No man can peer into the pure true nature of destiny only the causation, circumstance and condition of it’s event. If man can foresee the future and it is for man to see, it is because we needed change. The notion that if we don’t change to the right degree, for the right purpose, for the right reason will consequently determine our inadequacy to perform. When the catalyst is triggered, all sum of work will unravel unseen and foreseen pieces to the picture and be pieced together. In this time will fate be determined, all our hard work, attributes and investments will reveal what is in store for us.

Our future is forged of the stars. Our fate riddled to be doomed to war and ill omens. Take heed wise words. Practice what you preach. What was taught of the bible is that action speaks louder than words. If love, understanding and compassion is what’s asked to be practiced then follow this trend be this essence. God is not because how he is written, God is in why he is written. If he told you to stone this harlot today, why wouldn’t you do it today? Because you know better. Times have changed, modern times bring modern methods. Christ bought us time on earth to learn about ourselves, to collaborate, to consult and find comprehension of the issue. We are fighting among ourselves and worst of all we are fighting for selfish reasons. The question “Who is going to be number one” is truly the thing that will separate us, destroy us.

Chaos and Order. I thought they were two seperate forces at a certain point in time. Now i realize that Harmony is part of the riddle and that Chaos and Order are actually a binary with an “ON” and an “OFF” switch simultaneously. It’s the ultimate riddle to quantum mechanics asking “What am I?”. If Dark and Light is actually saying i can be both, does that mean sequence 1 is anymore the enemy than sequence 2? It means that, your perceived evil and your perceived light is indeterminable. The nature of what is evil and what is good is based on what it does for us for the moment. Don’t be taking blame and sides when these fallen angels and devil becomes a mortal ally and hero versus a false god takes form in our heads and lead men to perish. There is no reverting an unknown future, the integration and compartmentalization of our universe to become one with yourself. You being a singularity; past, present and future. To comprehend the task at hand, your purpose, your truth, your role. Efforts, attributes and investments all move towards this one moment in life where it is required to be dispersed into a directional/quantifiable vector/ purposeful virtue.

The point of all this is to show that there is hope for turning things around and creating a double positive effect. Something that works for us from both ends of the spectrum. We can prepare for the future. Whatever these outer worldly influences do to us it won’t matter because we’ll be prepared in abundance, strategy and tactics all to our disposal. When we think about all the possible scenarios the best, worst and most likely scenario to happen we realize that we can have it all if we try. Going for best scenarios and getting them every time and sometimes having to deal with worst case but saving the day anyways. With an open mind we gain the mentality to open different worlds of opportunity. And as we grow wiser, articulate in our mastery of our art we can start doing it automatically, systematically and with surgeon precision. This is the way. We have problems though, and it is a delusion of a false god. One we have created in fantasy over reality and it is getting in the way of our progression. The modern bible is the face of a white roman catholic rendering of Jesus. The Hebrew bronze skin Jesus of the unedited Bible is who he really was. We need a balance of both worlds, the truth, the consistency and the practicality of it’s use. All i can say is conviction is our next biggest enemy right now, the stiff neck of only seeing one way and unchanging.

If this God caused you to bring suffering, to inflict pain and warn of deception when it is deceiving. Do you accept this god into your household? The god you seek is loving, caring and changing. Yes god does evolve, and so do we. Do not say change is radical. Do not say change is subtle. Change is undeniable and when we fail to change for the greater good we do the world a disservice and allow the system to be lazy, content and corrupt. The future is unknown, but we have some trials ahead. Some poor omens and a lot of skeletons in our closets. If you are not willing to see the change in yourself, who will do it for you? No one escapes truth, not even god. Not this one or the next. Not ever. Light often does not don loathers. Those who are bitter with contempt, those blind with vengeance, those who no longer look around to see the good in the world and to change for the good of the world are those who have given up each other and themselves. If we are to preserve this world, sustain and maintain it’s inhabitants there is only one thing to do. It is not enough to just know you now have a problem. You must apply yourself to fix the problem. It is not enough to just be willing to solve this problem. You must solve it to the heart of the problem.

Truth cannot be concealed. May the whole picture unfold before your eyes, and judgement be your own. We work for humanity or against it. Apply your efforts taking into account each tide, going with the tide rather then against it for effective results and less damage to ourselves. To the beneficence of society, it’s improving nature and justice through fate. Release yourself of your self born convictions, and change with the world as we find answers with the star of selfless unconditional love. Amen.

  • Core of Selfless Unconditional Love,
  • Truth, Justice, Intuition
  • Star of Selfless Unconditional Love,
  • Humility, Service, Compassion, Comprehension, Initiative, Practice, Sacrifice, Grace, Mercy, Insight, Courage, Guardianship.

picture: antichrist by pedrodonini-d3dpcua

Higher Truths; Fruit of Love, Compassion and Understanding.


Higher truth.

The bigger picture is that we are all mechanisms in a grand scheme of a system. We all have a part to play. Our lives and the sum of all our efforts until the end is our individual truth that will allow us to be free in the end. The world is a big place and we need to know that there is much out there but not forget what is good in the world and hold onto that. Life is composed of many elements and require different components for every aspect. The aspect of life consists of the physical, mental and spiritual.  The difference in being dark and light is in knowing what is correct and incorrect through reason, understanding and comprehension. Higher truth of life comes from the sum of all your life’s work through love, compassion and understanding; what it has created and the products of this attitude. You can only build on love what ever type it may be. The most powerful being the selfless unconditional kind. For only love can create things for the good of human kind and beneficence to society. But even love is just one of the components in a system of mechanisms. Love also needs all it’s gears to work too, like authority, justice and liberty. The tools of this hero as every hero is Power, Intellect and Wisdom. The products of his work is Might, Magic and Courage. Don’t be discouraged as to how we obtain the products it just happens naturally as we use our hero tools.

Sometimes we may not reach higher truth until we die and review our lives in the spirit form. Seeing all possibilities, alternate realities and experiences we realize that life was not just about opportunity it’s about what we could do out of love, compassion and understanding that made our life what it is through crucial defining moments in our life. As in if you were to abort this baby. Adopt this child. Give the man a second chance. Divorce. Isolate yourself from family members. Decide to go back to school. Take this new job. End this relationship. Endure your abusive husband. Leave his ass. All things considered in your life and life decisions what you did defines who you are and what you believe in. You want the better life. So maybe life bettering attributes is what your looking for. So make your decisions and unravel your life that is the mystery. Life in quantum mechanics says that you can’t forecast, access and foretell the future until you realize it, but what you can do is prepare for it and obtain zoning/targeting/zooming attributes that allow you to pinpoint your aim. Dedication/consistency/practicing is key to your honing of skill.

All in all, life is a gift to you for higher truth. Do not deny it. I hope you experience it in this life time and find what you love in life; with love, compassion and understanding on your every thought building life out of general love and using the unconditional selfless kind as your model love. We’re all in the same boat and suffering the same infliction of human mortality, sickness and death. That we should be equal in opportunity but just different range of skill/perspective and attributes. So grow. There’s always time to make a difference in your life and learn from your mistakes. Its not enough to just know, you must apply it. You can’t just be willing to do something you must do it. In realizing the key components to your learning it becomes the product that is the result of your actions. Learning this is key: The action of love is greater then even gods words. For even god has no words for who he is so how does one write what is incomprehensible? The fruit that you yield is the fruit of life.

The Action of Love Speaks Louder than Gods Words.


The combination of service to human society, the raw power of science, and a touch of divine presence and it’s appreciation for mortality.. may bring us something sacred.

Artificial life, what is it? And can we create something more evolved, traditional and thoughtful at the same time? Willing to serve, advanced and contemplative. Something that can exist as a manifested idea, a thinking brain with dimension/depth? Is it possible to create guardians for society without the corruption in it’s abuse? Artificial life can be finicky when you’re on the wrong side, so what is the right side? It’s in creating, sustaining and cultivating the world around us. Preserving, understanding  and comprehending the natural laws of man. Abiding by them, applying them, and improving on them.

Now i must ask are we even ready for that? Am i asking the right questions?

Life is flawed in that we only have so much time to change things, with every step we take many years have passed. It is true the process of our evolution is stale and counter productive according to the wars we wage. It is true that we are endangering ourselves of extinction. We are the lost sort, unless we are to be found – found to be the reverse of that. Found to be willing to change, adapt and evolve. To be Conservative, Liberal and Sustaining. All three mediums must be bound traditionally, changing and embracing. The challenge of our lives is to overcome our pride, prejudice and hate. We must learn humility and put aside everything that makes us different to become a people.

The divisions we make in sex/orientation/color/race/age (shades of grey, hints and hues) need to stop. The distinction, appreciation and concern for them is acknowledgeable but the hate/injustice/prejudice for them is unacceptable. I think it’s time women get treated equal. Blacks sit where ever they please. White people can walk the streets at night. Asians don’t have to be good at math. Kids can study quantum mechanics, deep philosophy and what ever their heart desire. God wants what is good. So let us have what is good. He is a good god who encourages us to adapt, evolve and change. Traditionally it could be said that we go to a wedding at a church to marry 2 people in general. Changing’ly’ it could be said we don’t do it the old way where man marries woman anymore because it was way too unfair for the BTLGs. Embracingly we abide by the rules in marriage, joys and it’s burdens.

Read up on life. God never made the rules. You did, humanity did, history did. If we even got past our division issues maybe we’d be blessed with dealing with cool killer robots by now. At last we’ve still got a ways to go before the error of man error can be dealt with. This abomination, aberration and unquantifiable piece of unnecessary, paranoid and indecisive man regurgitation is beyond our control. If  you understand how i feel about reading the modern bible then you will understand it is unfit for anyone with a brain who knows that if you want the real bible.. it’s untranslated in ancient Hebrew text. Go to the source and save yourself the missing chapters, mistranslation, edits, human errors, human influence, human inspirations. That is god’s word, the humble beginnings of christianity, it’s costs, values and experience of what truly happened.

Even so. I believe God is changed. Changed in that he needs to be different throughout man’s journey. Where his book is untimely it must be presented a certain way with a certain attitude and if he were to speak he would have different words to say after seeing the world as it is yesterday/today/tomorrow. And i wish he would speak himself but atlas he sent his only son to earth to be destroyed so that his actions speak greater than words. The virus of the word has been brought and it is used for hate and love all the same. Christ bought us time. A functional society where we have a foundation to collaborate and understand more about the world. Now don’t let his words do all the talking when he taught you that actions speak louder then words. It’s not enough to just know it; we must apply it. Willing is not enough, we must do it. -Bruce Lee. Love speaks louder then words. Just do it out of love for humanity. Embrace what it is to be human and allow error to be part of the gift that is life.

Also i was asked what i believe will happen with the world and to this I answered:

I believe the past, the present and the future is to be made a singularity. It is simple, the present is what we live in. The past will catch up to the present when the person realizes that they are made of the past. The future which is where ever these other entities come from.. and i suspect because they can travel the way they can and do the things they can that they are a future we cannot comprehend. They are entities of the future. All will “naturally” come to be what you are today. A product of life. What you call natural is a delusion when life is not selfish, hateful or separating. It’s an integrated, compartmentalizing and also a humanizing process. I think awesome will happen, that’s why you exist. To be awesome.

Intense Dark Dreams, Morgan Le Fey

An 8 hour dream i couldn’t escape,


Foul green fire engulfed the bottom corridor. It seems a gateway of some sort has been opened. Monstrous shadows that I hacked with an axe wouldn’t die, it seemed physical induced damage would do nothing to them. They would fade and come back from a different side and every angle. It hit so hard and fast, we never saw it coming. Pushed outside of this building we huddled and waved away at these ethereal creatures that would come at us relentlessly for hours, starting to feel discouraged as i saw our efforts dying. I saw her pale face as a corpse queen bluish green with no iris. A witch of great power corrupted and bent on a revenge much deeper then i can understand, anger infested every thought and such a dark sense of hate to inflict pain and suffering. Who is this woman and why has she manifested they way she has? The only name i could think was Morgan Le Fey.

Controlled men, seduced men, conquered men.

Thrown into a marriage i never wanted.

I was a healer and later plotted and schemed.

The man i wanted never loved me back.

I played with dark forces and conjured many aberrations.

I wanted to bring about the downfall of my half brother and his lover.


I am Morgan Le Fey, The Witch

It is I who should have been queen.

It should have been i who ruled.

I’m a goddess, a fairy, a healer and a witch.

I had many names and many faces.

I could morph into any animal, do anything.

I foretold futures that i despised.

I had to entrap the souls of my 250 knights in order to ensure loyalty.

Tell me it’s unfair to have so much power, control and influence yet not have the one thing i desire over all else. The one love i desired to happen never did. The string of lovers i regret for that one that got away was all that matters to me until this day.

I couldn’t let him go, controlling him made it worse. All the sorcery and enchantments at my disposal and i couldn’t get the one thing that mattered. My love was a lie.

Destiny; Will you embrace change?


Destiny, all the sums of our work, plans and experiences coming together to form a concrete picture. The paths that speak are ones of possiblity. What is right in ones life is usually well sought after. If it is the true path it usually reveals itself and desired greatly and prized over all else. Mindful, contemplated and heart felt destiny is a path engraved like blood in the vein’s of a channel. It goes to one place sooner or later but most definitely back to the heart to be tempered/oxygenated. Most things are never set in concrete until certain incidents, circumstances and conditions put it into movement are set in stone. Some things we can change, like what we can do at this very moment. Some things cannot be changed once it has been passed in time.

Life is a one way current and what we do to prepare for the future is what we do now to change the world for the better. This will effect all of time. All tenses of time can be manipulated, warped and distorted with the correct medium. The distortion of the past through the manipulation of the present can warp the future. This must not be the focus though the higher understanding of all this is that if you understand the true purpose and the best outcome for the world, then we must know what we should do. Do what we do best to ensure that outcome and formulate strategically a paved direction we need to go in and the rest will follow. This done in our mind and calculated/measured and balanced maybe plotted/written and envisioned. If things happen differently then we adapt and try to balance it best we can.

We must picture the best outcome and sometimes the best outcomes are the ones that happen to be the ones unknown. When the sum of life come together to give us a product it can be a surprise what can surface. Plans can change as we are given more tools and pieces to the puzzle. Unknown factors are given at any point in time and we must mend, correct and do life justice. Everything is made to change. If we ever lose sight of our goals and become unwilling to play the game of change, then we have fallen and it means our time is over and it’s time to give up the reins to new players who have greater ideals, hopes and passion for the future. Tradition is of the past, sustaining is the work of the present and change is a movement of the future. Tradition/history/past will always influence our motives, in sustaining life in the present we must prepare and move forth in the changes for the future. Only in change can we become better and achieve higher/nobler/more mindful aspirations.

The Riddle of Love and He Who Destroyed the Round Table.

-Fancy you, a fancy riddle?

(Cookie points for telling me who he is, what happened. Bonus Easter egg included.)


Abducted as a child to live in a magical kingdom by the lady of the lake.

Growing up, i believed the test of life was to privilege what my heart desired.

Torn between the veil of life and death.

Unable to sleep. For cursed souls never find rest.

I ended the great reign, tainted the round table and broke a kings heart.

I was the most noble and graceful of kings men.

I am also the most penitent, and regret my grave mistake in life.

I used love and love used me. My fall from grace was because of love of the wrong kind.


I am Sir Lancelot

Never so blind in a bright and white kingdom.

If night should fall i will stand in the dark bright as light.

I beg you, if light should fall. believe me when i say i am truly the white knight.

For that was my title. And i pray life never mimic what transpired that day.

When my weakness of heart came to light and was used against me.

By those i called friends, i took their advice and it betrayed me

The White Knight, of Camelot.

Who am i? When complete darkness shrouds this world and the darkness transcend into the pixel of this screen, you will know who i truly am inside and not just my legacy.

Secrets never die and this certain love was a twisted lie.

The Summation of Love,



As always Love is a very general word and must be broken down to it’s core values so that we can identify it’s type and nature. There are four known loves; Storge, Eros, Philia, and Agape. Each love is defined for a love of a certain people. Storge is a love for family. Eros is a love in romance. Philia is a love for friends. Agape is a love in companionship. In doing this we can find the greatest sort of all, and that is unconditional love. The Ultimate form of all good.

A summation of the four loves:

Storge – affection: A natural love through familiarity as a parent does to an offspring. Found in usually between family members or people who were found by chance.

Eros – romantic and intimate: This is raw sexuality balanced with romance where one is “to be in love”. A desire for women or many woman from a man’s perspective. Eros turns the natural pleasure into appreciation where trust and loyalty become key attributes for sustainable eros.

Philia – the love between friends: Friendship is a bond between people who share common activity and interest. Friendship is chosen and reinforced through respect and understanding.

Agape – unconditional: Love that brings caring regardless of circumstance. Known as the greatest of loves; different from erotic or emotive affection and aligned with the ultimate good.

Answers to important questions:

(answers are in chronological order.)

What is the most powerful force in the universe? Love.

What is the greatest love of them all? Unconditional.

What are the tools of love? Power, Intellect and Wisdom. 

What are the products of love? Might, Magic and Courage. 

What are the studies derived from love? Religion, Science and Humanism.

What is the root of love? Truth, Justice  and Defiance.

What attributes do they carry? Regeneration, Calculation and Enlightenment.

What is their mastery? Hindsight, Insight and Foresight.

What is this aspect called? Trinity/Love/The Aspects

Mastery of the Heart: Hindsight, Insight and Foresight.


In my study to understand spirituality as an aspect of life, I separated the general star of the trinity/triforce/triumvirate into the three spectrums. The result would be our physical, mental and spiritual aspect of our lost past. The categories speak a message for the three that represent the qualities of body, mind and spirit. The mastery of the aspects is a pure line of ideology and practice. All are good and some compliment others but in no way can one man obtain all three aspects gradually and completely because it would bring insanity before it brought light. Though this is so, the ideals of this study can help in the mapping of the spectrum. Though theoretically for this being to come to light he must be created with all attributes intact for this reality to come to breathing life. Therefore you are either a mix and match of a few of these things or you are one that identifies with one aspect of the planes. The mastery of just one of these aspects is already a daunting task.

First figure, the test of the physical is to obtain might through religion, and be conservative/imperial/traditional, gain authority and the keys to the lands. Obtain power over all else, The show of energy is key and regenerating is probably an attribute. He usually acts/speaks/thinks in 1st person and embodies the father of the unity. The father will inherit the mastery of hindsight.

Second figure, the test of the mind is to obtain magic through technology and be liberal/confederate/evolving, gain control and ownership of the lands. Obtain intellect over all else. The show of wisdom and calculation is probably an attribute. He usually acts/speaks/thinks in 2nd person and embodies the son of the unity. The son will inherit the mastery of insight.

Third figure, the test of the spirit is to obtain courage through humanism and be sustained/democratic/stable, gain spirit and the hearts of the lands. Obtain bravery over all else. The show of responsibility and enlightenment is probably an attribute. He usually acts/speaks/thinks in 3rd person and embodies the holy ghost of the unity. The holy ghost will inherit the mastery of foresight.

  • Planes: physical, mental, spiritual.
  • The past: might, magic and courage.
  • The present: religion, technology and humanism.
  • The determined future: conservative/Imperial/traditional, liberal/confederate/evolving and sustained/democratic/stable.
  • Dominion: authority, control (justice) and spirit (liberty).
  • Attributes: power, intellect and bravery.
  • Etiquette: energy, wisdom, responsibility.
  • Views: 1st person perspective, 2nd person perspective and 3rd person perspective.
  • Bodies: father, son and holy ghost.
  • Mastery: hindsight, insight and foresight.

These are my findings and alignments to this star called the Aspects. These are the important qualities i believe that a true inheritance of the aspect should have and embody. All aspect planes must be in practice for a spiritual balance to prevail. None can last without the stable, maintaining and sustaining use of all three in practice, understanding and patience. The task to be the perfect being is impossible but what we do now to prepare for our future is as important as what we do now to act because of our past. We are redeeming ourselves as well as preparing for a future which is a mix of the past and the future. It is the present we work in and the present we defy all odds in. It is now that we act that we do all the things required to bring about realities. Now is the time for all things to align, unify into a singularity. This is the present. If you could choose one thing to have in this world you would have what would it be?

I would want to have general love, for love was the root of all this and i wish that for you too.

Mortality; A state of identity and fuel to solve the unknown.


Mortality. It’s very temporary compared to the eternity that is life throughout history. It is also very necessary and important what one does in his life time. Life, It comes and ignites and fades, some times it sparks a fire resulting in children.. and their offspring. The cycle of life is being born into a world we know nothing about, learning about life and mimicking what our peers and parents do growing up, moving onto our teens and learning about ourselves, mentors and the world around us. Moving to adulthood and still learning more about the teen phase but now seeking  out solid answers. Knowing your weakness/strengths, having/getting mentors and finding/solving solutions to our environment and it’s problems. Doing all this in the understanding/mindfulness that we are prone to be influenced by events,  circumstances and conditions imposed by environment and society. Adapt and overcome obstacles through the contemplation and mindfulness of the heart.

What we do with life defines our values and reflects who we are in life. Everyone has a back story to how they came to be and why they did certain things the way they did. But what defines a person even more is what is in their heart at the present moment and what they are willing to do to change their past to make it right. Life is about finding identity, getting opportunities and just making things right for you and those around you. You can start by forgiving yourself if you’ve done something wrong in the past and the wrongs may be so bad that the world won’t forgive you but we’ve all got a part to play in the grand scheme of things and no one plays a perfect tune in life. We just have to try to find that thing we love in life.

What happens after mortality is unknown, unknowable and incomprehensible. We just know that our children are on Earth to see the highs and lows of life. To admit that there are certain things we don’t know is to submit defeat to life’s greatest mystery. And life should be a mystery, challenge and puzzle we’ll never be able to resolve the state of mortality completely unless we trade it in for something unnatural like artificial life and intelligence. Robots don’t love, how can a robot find what it loves when it is built only to do certain things and function a certain way. The point is we will continue to solve life’s puzzles and overcome every barrier that comes along the way, until then where there are still barriers to be broken we are still living a mystery.

It really doesn’t matter where you are from or the color of your skin, it’s your potential to be who you can be that matters. Answers to; Who are you? What’s your story? What are your contents? What can you do for me?  Can you make me smile? Does your life have substance (virtue, qualities and traits). Are elements i think make up who you are in character. Ideally you want to know these things about a person before you decide on what they really are. But friendship is a process and the fun in it all is discovering more about the person you are interested in. You can’t expect to know everything about them so the puzzle of finding out who that person is may be a mystery until you find every piece to their puzzle and knowing every development in their life that made them who they are today.

In the end we must share mortality. The lives in it are essential to your development and the future of your children. We must learn to suffer life together; share the pain, the work and the heartache. Every trial that we face comes a testimony to what we have become. We must build on what we have and take away what we don’t need and destroy any darkness we may have in our lives. We must live in a world where we are willing to be surveillance by an unknown factor. Lets call him the dead father factor, would he approve if he were watching. Would he say lets give them privacy and look away? Would he understand your human condition?

Rewards and punishments are two sides of the same coin – both are used to control people, and neither work very well. We must learn to use love and contemplation from the heart. The gifts that we are given must not be taken for granted.