Mapping out Quantum Gravity concept. Quantum mechanics.


This is the 3 Dimensional Poem for Quantum Mechanics. Complex, difficult and exhausting. I’m not looking forward to deciphering String theory. =(

Quantum Mechanics:

Particle, Wave and Light. Antimatter.

Particle: Nucleus, Molecule and Atom. Quark.

Nucleus: DNA, RNA and Nuclear Proteins

Molecule: Organic, Inorganic, Noble gas.

Atom: Protons, Electrons and Neutrons.

Anti-atom: Anti-protons, Positrons and Anti-neutrons.

Quark: Up, Down, Strange, Charm, Top, Bottom

Anti-quark: Anti-up, Anti-down, Anti-strange, Anti-charm, Anti-top, Anti-bottom.

Wave: Ripples, Echo and Vibration. Frequency.

Ripples: Fluid, Rhythmic and Touch. Premonition.

Echo: Sonar, Repeating and Location. Visions.

Vibration: Resonating, Tuning and Sensing. Psychic.

Frequency: Harmonic, Attuning and Knowing. Remote Viewing.

Light: Subatomic particles, electromagnetic waves and  photons. Vitamin D.

Subatomic particles: consistent, orbiting and governing.  Density.

Electromagnetic waves: repeating, oscillating and synchronizing. Warmth.

Photons: Electromagnetic, Wavepacket and Harmonized. Photosynthesis.

Vitamin D: Happiness, Protection and Pro-hormone. Pro-Life Beneficiary.

Antimatter: Cosmic Debris, Cosmic Radiation and Cosmic Star/Blackhole. Infinity Star/Giant Blackhole.

Cosmic Debris: Miniblackholes that evaporate, self-destructive and unstable. Power

Cosmic Radiation: High energy, Accelerated Oscillating and Particle-wave like Behavior. Mutation

Cosmic Star: High energy, Life giving and Radiant. A warm life giving star.

Blackhole: Wormhole, Consuming and Rebirth. Manifestation into the multi-dimension.

Infinity Star: Super High energy, Overwhelming Life giving attributes that burst you into flames and Radiance to the point you can’t see anything. A giant fearsome star.

Giant Blackhole: Giant Wormhole, All Consuming and inter-dimensional rebirth into the multidimensional. Infinite manifestation across all realities.

Oh and physics also says the gravity around a black hole is pretty crazy. If physics doesn’t kill you first though maybe the singularity inside might let you slide by. You don’t know how you’ll turn out on the other side, you could be a pile of human goop. Or you could be saved my higher dimensional beings from the other side, beings who may welcome you or turn you away. Who knows, who wants to find out? =)

Mapping out Quantum Gravity concept. Starting with relativity.


Book of Physics; Relativity, Quantum, String and Quantum gravity.

Chapter: Relativity; Mass, Force and Electromagnetism. Life giving attributes.

Paragraphs: Chapter 1 Relativity;

Mass: Elements, Properties and Attributes. Virtues.

Elements; Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Lightning, Molten lava. Crystal.

Properties; Surface, Weight, Density, Sturdiness, Conductivity, Healing properties. Divination.

Attributes; Constitution, Memory, Maintenance, Process, Function. Life. Prophecy.

Force: Substance, Motion and Acceleration. Gravity

Substance: Solid, Liquid and Gas. Plasma

Motion: Linear, Reciprocating and rotating. Folding

Acceleration: Thrust, Speed and Resistance. (smell, sound, light) Barriers.

Electromagnetism: Electrostatics, Magneto-statics, and Electrodynamics. Electrical networking.

Electrostatics; Potential, Energy and Pressure. Electricity

Magneto-statics; Size, Friction and Electric current. Atmosphere.

Electrodynamics; Electric, Velocity and Magnetic. Quantum Electrodynamics.

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Universal Paradigm; A Humanist Perspective Of Everything Mapped. Free 33 page pdf of writing.

The Book of Universal Paradigms

^click link for free pdf download. 33 pages read.


It’s done! the poems and written parts are complete. Maybe need some illustrations. I’ll keep it free to download until i decide otherwise.

The system allows you to see between the lines of matrices in life. The connections, roots and deviations are in the  threads that hold the world together. Once you can read the system, order is in place and we can identify the problems. Conflict won’t be such a big deal as long as we navigate out of it in time with the right planning, preparations and mentality. The inspiration for writing this is out of unconditional love; compassion, understanding and communication.

I might have used the word cool in there once, forgive me. This work is free because i’m not sure how the world will take it. Hopefully with a grain of salt. I worked pretty hard on it, proof read it a few times. I’m sure it could be better if i had a publisher. But i just wanted the project off my chest until i figure out what i want to do with it later.

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Mapping of universal ideas; Human logic paradigms.

emphasized theme: organized, systematic, corruption.a4b9c4e5f27472037ca264cb85536ddd

The system allows you to see between the lines of matrices in life. The connections, roots and deviations. Once you can read the system, order is in place and we can identify the problems. Dark, chaos and conflict won’t be such a big deal as long as we navigate out of it in time with the right planning, preparations and mentality.

So i figured ideas are great and its fun to dig for ideas alphabetized and all but wouldn’t it be cool to go back to an ideas roots, understand it’s process, origins and be able to navigate the emotion or idea in a cleaner richer and colorful spectrum and interface that is tasteful and efficient?

The reason why i bring this up is if everything is done a certain way and we made a system for organizing ideas so that we can see the whole picture, there is potential for things becoming very systematic and almost automated.

Especially for an AI to understand our thought process and language. In computing everything is much simpler with complex emotions and ideas when there are a connections and roots. I also thought that this was a good idea because if we can draw the course and find the elements and components that make up what we are, see the course and do what is required to optimize our efforts we will increase our efficiency ten fold.

It is good to see where we stand, where we are going and what we are thinking. The color spectrum for ideas, the mapping of colors, virtues, emotions, ideas and paradigms is an interesting approach to studying the cause of delusion, distinguishing propaganda, and the worst of it all corruption.

Yes, i’m writing this in attempt to counter corruption. Including a periodical purge and starting from a clean slate reborn idea. Which is just a meditative idea of letting go of convictions, doubt and corruption that may be instilled in the mind. That convenient, intuitive, good ideas will stay or be reformed and a new approach to build a new tree until it is refined to perfection is the idea. I believe in distillation, filtration and cleansing of ideas in hopes of finding the truth. 

A proposal of an overhaul of the system would be wrong for me to say, but i would like to build something complimentary to our basic systems. That would change our ideas what your nature (religious, scientific, neutral, humanist) and more on the lines of what do we need and what is the problem to be solved. The mentality of being the change out of the will of the better good is essential to this world.

Theory for three dimensional poetry; through ascendance.

Screen shot 2010-07-21 at 9.25.31 AM

Introduction to three dimensional poetry;

Refer to: Fate of the infinite, eternal, ambiguous three worlds. Pt 1

A Psychological Scientific Synthesis of the Spiritual Frontier Pt. 2

Usually there would be title for the book of thoughts. The system is one of fractals resulting the upper stanza will hold a general macrocosm of the sphere whereas the lower stanzas will break off into smaller fractals. From book, chapter, sentence/stanza, and words they break down to smaller components as they progress downward. Every tree has a tag which usually starts the stanza for the chapters off. Traditionally there is usually only 3 trees physical, mental and spiritually. The fourth is the assumption that all three realms share a point and can resolve their differences and find a solution which is a vertical ascending nature i intend to call benevolence. Out of love, compassion and understanding comes the dimension defying element that works towards a higher light, usually upwards in the pyramid like spectrum.

For example the traditional trio, power, wisdom and courage. love would transcend all three and act as a medium gateway to the higher domain of the system which is all under the family tree virtues. We now look at Function and wonder what the other 2 components would be function, paradigm and purpose. We realize that the tree comes from the book of Infinity so we trace it back to that.

Infinity; Hero’s words tree: Purpose, Function and Paradigm. Manifestation.

(1) Purpose: Consciousness, Identity and Ideals. Intuitive values.

(2) Function: Power, Wisdom and Courage. Passion.

(3) Paradigm: Perseverance, Redemption and Love. Transcendence 

What i’ve done above was take the tradition Infinity’s; Hero’s words tree and changed it into a transcendence tree adding the ascending traits. The Manifestation Tree now exists and we describe what this tree is capable of; Through this tree we realize that manifestation through these ideals can bring Teleportation, Time travel and Telepathy. And the ascending element that would ultimately come out is materialization which is the creation of things from thin air.

(4) Manifestation: Teleportation, Time Travel and Telepathy. Materialization.

(This below is just a footnote to remind me of what it is i’m looking for).

(5) body, mind, spirit and soul.

Transcending the world of space, time and dimension.

This tree’s study would enable great potentials if mastered but this is only true if we were using the human body to it’s highest potential.. Like 90% of the brain for example. Instantaneous evolution and transformation is something out of our order and ability thus these are equivalent to fable and reduced to fictional writing.

Reading from the mapping of this tree spectrum brought me to speculate;

From this tree i extracted that the body; Through purpose, obtaining consciousness, power and living under the theme of perseverance. Can inherit the manifestation of Teleportation.

From this tree i extracted that the mind; Through function, obtaining identity, wisdom and living under the theme of redemption. Can inherit the  manifestation of Time Travel.

From this tree i extracted that the spirit; Through paradigm, obtaining ideals, courage and living under the theme of love. Can inherit the manifestation of Telepathy.

From this tree i extracted that the soul; Through manifestation, intuitive values, passion and living under the theme of transcendence. Can inherit the manifestation of Materialization.

Probably not the best tree to do an introductory on because of how weird it is but hopefully you get the point. As i said this tree is unbalanced and probably more on the lines of fictional than logical and almost borderline nonsensical. Definitely fun though.

Please note Purpose, Function and Paradigm is something that requires a bit of potential, inheritance and work. It’s a combination of things that attribute to these unnatural abilities and not something expected out of ordinary human beings. Keep in mind but don’t let it trouble your thoughts.

A Psychological Scientific Synthesis of the Spiritual Frontier Pt. 2

A Holographic Poem of the 4th Depth. 4 different levels and 4 different degrees.

This elemental Stanza is the summary composition of everything.

Completion: Universe, Truth and God. Fate of the infinite, eternal, ambiguous three worlds. 

Refer to: Fate of the infinite, eternal, ambiguous three worlds.


Life is not one thing, it is composed of many things and my work is to map out and align the elements and compositions of what life is made up of into compartmentalized components to see the integrated process. I have interpreted this system to be in a 3 sided pyramid shape with each corner being an element and a fourth one being a balance of all 3 ascending vertically being the magenta color. It’s not a particularly perfect science, it’s more of expressions, systems and functions mechanism hence why the work is so colorful. The work i do is beyond any selfish comprehension not of this world and inspirations of it’s origins still unknown to me other then what my resonating intuition beckons. I hope this information becomes a source of your inspiration,  understanding and that may even become invaluable to you as it is to me.

This is what i call a poem of the 4th depth. It has 4 different levels and 4 different degrees. This is more practically suited for a hologram which is not something easily accessible at the moment. Though this is a work for higher truth and understanding of progression in it’s roots in terminology we can understand, I would take this with a grain of salt for everything should be taken in moderation for everything is also on standby for future modification and alterations. Enjoy yourself hopefully you’ve learned something during your stay.

(1)Book of Completion: (a)Universe, (b)Truth and (c)God. (d)Fate of the infinite, eternal, ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds. 

(2)Universe: (a)Physical, (b)Mental and (c)Spiritual. (d)Benevolence.

(3)Truth: (a)Reality, (b)Fact and (c)Actuality (d)Paradigm.

(4)God: (a)Omnipotent, (b)Omniscient, (c)Omnipresent (d)Omnibenevolent.

(5)Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous of three worlds: (a)empowerment, (b)enlightenment, (c)inspiration,  and (d)romanticism.

Progressive levels Red, Blue and Green are elements. Magenta is vertical ascending progression.

Progressive degrees Black, Orange and Yellow are progressive elements.

The ascended progression is suppose to be the synthesis of all three elements resolved and put together in order to “ascend” as a solution.

An important fact is distinguishing words from sentences from paragraph from book. All are in a different microcosm within the macrocosm of this fractal library. For example Universe as a book would have 3 levels below it like chapter, sentences then word. The reason the book “Universe” from pt.1 is different from pt. 2 is pt. 2 is generalizing from the macrocosm what the universe is whereas pt.1 of the universe book is only describing the physical domain of the universe.

First stanza, poem’s entry title is “Completion”. The World is composed of the Universe, Truth and God. Ascending element is the “Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds”.

Second stanza. Universe is composed of Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Ascending element is Benevolence.

Third stanza. Truth is composed of Reality, Fact and Actuality. Ascending element is Paradigm.

Fourth stanza. God is composed of Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent factors. Ascending element is Omnibenevolent.

Fifth stanza. Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds is composed of empowerment, enlightenment, and inspiration. Ascending element is romanticism.

Column (a) is of the physical realm aligned with Universe, Physical, Reality, Omnipotent and Empowerment.

Column (b) is of the mental realm aligned with Truth, Mental, Fact, Omniscient and enlightenment.

Column (c) is of the spiritual realm aligned with God, Spiritual, Actuality, Omnipresent, Inspiration and romanticism.

Column (d) is of the benevolent realm aligned with “Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds”, Benevolence, Paradigm, Omnibenevolent and romanticism.

Completion: Universe, Truth and God. Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous of three worlds. 

Universe: Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Benevolence.

Truth: Reality, Fact and Actuality Paradigm.

God: Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent Omnibenevolent.

Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds: empowerment, enlightenment, inspiration,  and romanticism.

Hope, opportunity and chance; “To what do you owe your success?”

Hope, opportunity and chance.

For the one slaving away at minimum wage.

Click the link above to read a very inspiring comic^^^


It doesn’t matter what you do. God doesn’t work, if you don’t work. What this means is that how will god work through you if you aren’t working the way he intended you to. What you were intended for is not realized until your fate has been revealed. His actions are through you and your hands of love and service will count every which way until you reach the product of your works. Life isn’t about who gets the compliments, credit or admiration. We’re a team the only reward you need is the love of your friends and family. And they’ll respect you even on an empty stomach that you did everything you could for them. I would hope that in the future you are reminded that you are given the hope, opportunity and chance by your peers and employers. And that you shouldn’t forget that your hardships are different from everyone else and that it shouldn’t separate you from who you think you are.

We’re all human and your personal challenges what ever they are shouldn’t hold you back from shining in the end and shining in the end is just realizing you shouldn’t give up on your dreams no matter how slim the chances. Don’t give in to the idea that you should “know your place”. Anyone who starts believing they are more deserving of their life situation is wrong. The distribution of money, love and efforts is not done very well on Earth. The abundance of life should be shared and distributed so that others will get a chance at life. A life of luxury is pointless when this realm is about intuition, creativity and practicality.. whereas the heavens of abundance would be power, purity and productivity but that’s another topic to be told for another time. Our worlds are completely different and lets not confuse this.

Let’s be reminded if ever asked “to what do owe your success” not to forget to mention your great parents, friends, upbringing, school, teachers, that hope, opportunity and success was key to your success. That you were fortunate in your life to be on the path you are today. It’s a combination of things simultaneously and you are just a complex solution to a complex process. A product of great love. Be grateful, never pretentious no matter how immersed you are in this world. Don’t just reduce all that love you experienced  in your life and make it into a matter of your own selfish hard work that brought you where you are today. Life is a shared experience, you owe the world everything for who you are. Don’t forget that.

Humbleness in thoughts through the actions of humility. We were never meant to walk this Earth alone share your load and suffering. Share the experience of life.