Defining the world of light.


3 parts to the body of a model of light. The wave function has 2 dual opposite natures. Then comes oscillation which controls the order and spacing of the waves and particles. Then comes particle the solid substance or identity of the light model.

Physical light:Top/Bottom duality of wave, particle and oscillation.

Abstract light: Human nature/Human Conscience Chaos, Identity and Order.

Metaphysical light: Body/Mental Physically, Consciously and Spiritually

Ideal light: Information/Rules CodesValues and Virtues

Studies of light: Religion/Science Technology, Humanism and Divinity.

Planes of light: Vacuums/Room Space, Earth and Heaven

Conceptual light: Philosophical/Spiritual Ethics, Humanity and Morality

Constructive light: Evolution/Creationism Science, Humanism and Religion

Bodies of light: Fallen/High Spirit, Human and Angel.

Notional dark light: Motivational/Nocturnal  Darkness, Emptiness and Nothingness.

Notional light: Generating/Adapting Experience, Life and Legends.

Moxie light: Evident/Emotional Intuition, Encouragement and Motivation.

To help understand what I am trying to do. I am defining all the aspects of what light can manifest as. Here are 12 of my current favorite abstracts of light.

The Nothingness Beyond God – Part 2

I’m reading a Japanese originally philosophical book translated by an American author Robert E. Carter. The original book is by Nishida Kitaro. i’m 70% done the book. Here is what i understood from what i read.

The Yin and Yang are an eastern symbol that represents the balance of all things. For the complete picture of what it is the world of life of experience is, we must subjectively (feeling) and objectively (no feeling) determine what the world is. The western world of God and eastern philosophy of Nothingness must come together to reveal what is called the paradox of existence.

The Kyoto school developed something called the form of the formless. It is our finite understanding of all things that we misinterpret what god is. God is transcendent meaning “beyond or above the range of normal or merely physical human experience.” So basically he’s not of this plain of existence yet the problem is he is because he created everything through him being everything, everyone and everywhere. They say we have the spark of god in us in that we feel, have thoughts and reason with our consciousness.

The book goes to say the ultimate form is formless but functional. In saying that we as a human species are the embodiment of god and that our work, service and providence for the people is not off because he acts through our conscience. “God is experience.” quoted from the book says that he is what we are seeing/doing/being. Through us we are his vessels to seeing the greatness of our kind. All the good and bad on Earth is part of who he is and who we are as humans. Without us his existence is trivial. Without him our existence has less solid meaning. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

God is there but he is not because he is everywhere but no where to be seen physically. Even though you are looking straight at him on the grand scale and don’t even know it. This is a dualism system where it contradicts who he is, his existence is both but neither, everything and nothing, the alpha and omega, the end and the beginning. The book also says that we are created from one being therefore as we are forged from the same material he is thus we are all brothers and sisters sharing the human bond. “Reality is non-being and being”; Another quote from the book what i think this means is that we exist but we need to realize our non-permanence on the face of the earth, that our biological self will die at one point and that we need to forget about the human ego and work towards a more collective constructive system for life. “We are contradictions to ourselves” was another phrase i thought was quite cryptic; i think it means that because we have to know that we are a single human person with human experiences and that to be free we need to know that we have only so much time on Earth. This makes us contradict ourselves in that we are a living breathing biological specimen but with our conscience we are trying to not make it so that we are a single person but a collective singularity, an embodiment of god.

Our human bodies are an object (non-feeling) and subject (feeling) of self expression. They speak of absolute nothingness as a place we want to be. It is suppose to be what is called a pure mirror or a complete balance of existence. We are then put on the notion that now that our souls are now free of ego and temporary body we can now find the perfect balance/mirror in life that reflects our true self. This being the golden means i guess of all that life has to offer. A moderate medium level of “just right” perfection that is found only on Earth where the conditions are “just right” for life.

People who have this higher understanding of everything tend to use terms that the “down to earth” people cannot comprehend. It was really difficult to grasp what this book was trying to say because the author kept going all poetic on me but that’s what i got out of it.

Star of Morality, Ethics and Humanity

Science, Religion and Humanism.

This is a fruit of my work. I will attempt a 3d model and labels as soon as i am able to orientate all the correct codes, virtues and values — I’ll probably call it the Ethos of Syndicates maybe. Here is Science, Religion and Humanity stars of ethos syndicate you wanted. Its a map out of all the qualities of being human. Enjoy.

STARS: POINT 12 to 1





stars-Star of Religion-page-001






stars-Core of Religion-page-001


from ashes

For my post that goes into detail what these are:

Timaeus and The Artifical Black Hole.

Theory time!

I was just thinking. Just like the heavens are said to rule over humans to make them better people through ideas and guidance by influence through thought. I wonder if Humans were placed on Earth to act as a catalyst to help the Earth become more Spherical. To act as agents as a function of creating a earth (cube) to heaven (sphere). Our treading on earth and our weight and influence throughout the earth to some degree just like the dinosaurs is rounding the earth more and more to become more spherical and graceful. With our population going up eventually the whole earth will be covered (not sure if that’s a good thing). But certainly rules will be more and more severe and justified in the future with the number of people coming out. Hence my theory that we are driving towards a more heavenly spherical world of life. If you didn’t know In Timaeus by Plato he associated the Square(cube) to represent Earth and the circle(sphere) to represent heaven. I have a Powerpoint on phi about the problem of “squaring a circle” you can probably look at in my Portfolio/Uncatagorized section if you click on on my profile there should be a link. Squaring_the_circle Wiki Which is said to be solved my the Egyptians with their Pyramid amazingly. They have Phi, Euler and Pi (the universal constants) all imbued into the pyramid of Giza. Google it! Its called the artificial blackhole which ties into my theory of manifestation of humanize light occuring right now. I have a suspicion the Heavens has some control over our situation on Earth and its not a corporate tyrant monopoly kind of control we are use to but a divine intervention that is aiding in our growth in becoming more divine. Or i could be wrong about the divine being actual people.. they are a part of the system to making us more divine acting as functions in a system rather then physical people making this all happen.

The Human Direction; Something better

No matter what crazy theories i may come up with. No matter what world i idealize and how hard i idealize our future. It doesn’t change the fact that the world is imperfect. Full of disease, physical and mental sickness, tragedy, destruction, hate, sadness and abuse. But more than that it is human succession into a better world. We know what is good and we know what is bad. That is the difference from us and animals, we have ideas, thoughts and a conscience. We improve based on our experiences/other’s experiences and based on that we create something better then before. Since we gravitate more towards what is best in the world there is a better chance that we can see the change in which we want to see. Negative, backwards thinking, destructive thinking is natural but there are consequences to this type of thinking where as the opposite will bring constructive; even if the blocks you build your world with are a different color or different shape it will still be an improvement and will work.

So lets be constructive thinkers and when a person is wrong tell them to do the right thing and work towards the world they want to be in. There is evil out there out of sickness there’s no changing that but if we put enough love into something you can be sure it’ll rub off somewhere else and someone will learn a good lesson from it. I try to practice doing a deed a day to make someone else happy. Something as simple as throwing out a piece garbage someone just threw on the sidewalk can be one. Or helping a blind person find the right bus. Making conversation and joking around with a stranger for a smile. Just doing something that makes the world a little brighter is the intent. I won’t go out of my way to find a kitten in a tree to save but if i come across one i would do what i can. We’re all warriors out here trying to get through this life in one piece. It’s very easy to be broken and wounded. What’s worse is to end before we get to experience the fullness and highest peak of life.

I just want to say to people to keep pushing for tomorrow and holding on to whats dear until we find a way to resolve our problems; like money, sickness, poverty, homelessness, death, destruction and world conflicts. There are many things that need to be overcome in order to see the life we want to see on Earth. There is so much work and so little time to do it. Population, pollution, sanity on a large scale all working against us. The direction in life is to be a contributing beneficiary to the overall human life’s quality of life. There’s no other way to put it, We make what we envision is right in our minds but what is right for everyone as a whole is a different story. We create the masterpiece as we imagine what it is to live an ideal life. We cannot change a homosexual’s sexual orientation but that’s his business and he’s human and he has the same needs as you do and his picture of the world may be a little different but we all have different taste in things because we’re different people. We need to respect that.

To be human is to error; and error we shall, but we will improve with time. Hope in humanity. Faith in our future. And redemption from our wrongs is what we should focus on because this is what human life is about and represents. Might, right and bright  as the stars do we will as they do. Lost in space but glowing brightly governing our children planets with grace and forgiveness like our Sun and Earth! Earth, Moon and the Sun have a divine relationship in that they are perfect and aligned correctly in order to sustain life.. keep this in mind as a comparison: The moon as the holy spirit. The Earth as the Son. And our Sun (Sol) as to the father. This system can be seen through the nature of each. The Moon controls the mood/tides of earth associated with the spirit, The Earth is the Child of the Sun having human characteristics because it is moving towards a more divine/spherical shape. The Sun is the father because it governs all the planets and breaths life into earth to sustain it.

Interweaves of time; Logic into the multiverse

The future is staring at us right now with our satellites and eyes in the air; our social texting, Facebook messages/status, email, Google searches, downloads, blogs they all tell a story and this information is immortalized until the end of time unless the service provider shuts down or corporations really take away our freedom of using the internet. When i speak of immortalizing something just the thoughts and actions that happen can be recorded this day and age making the world an interactive accessible media for the future.

Take for example Google story telling. it tracks your location and plots it into the story book, makes panoramic views of pictures you take. Places you eat, travel to and visit are all recorded with this google story book. Take a look at what is possible with my friends vacation to Korea. 

William Wong’s Korea Trip. It’s all organized, clean and easy to use. I wish everyone worked with this, it would make traveling pictures so much more interesting. We have technology that allows us to instantly bring up searches about people, places and things. It’s an amazing age to be alive with technology, people and nature. Especially GPS and how they are working on automated self driving cars now in California. 

We live in an age where we’ve evolved into different time eras. Our origins came from Africa (Modern Human Origins for elaboration) after finding the remains of Taung found in Johannesburg, South Africa. Taung the human ape child (click for full story) had the brain of an ape and flat face of a man and stood upright. Theres a theory an aircraft that travels many lightyears away and when it returns to the world it would be centuries ahead in the future. Perhaps in moving far the body retains some youthfulness while the other ages vastly. Perhaps the living conditions, life experience and environment forces a change in a person in adaptation to things such as abundance of nutrients, exposure to sun and forthcoming challenges that make Europeans so much more different than modern Africans in physical features. Adaptation to an environment where it is cold and people are in doors all the time and not in the sun so much could attribute to pale skin. An acuteness for smell or taste may attribute to stimulating the olfactory for the nose. Or it could be the need to filter dust better as they are around more books. Eyes and hair are just a phenomenon of natural selection and error of dna coding. These are all speculations based on science but you get the idea.

Life in a multiverse:

The point is we are living in an age where multiple universes on one earth is very possible and the idea of norse gods living among us from a different dimension of time/space could be very possible. Heaven in the future and Hell of the past. Or if we dig deeper Era of humans in evolution all in one living time frame. Those who have deviated in evolution more then others. Not that one can be more evolved then the other because we all evolved differently according to our conditions, circumstance and environment within the same time frame living in the same world. Deities have been rumored to roam the earth and live amongst us in the past. Could it be that we could be offsprings of otherworldly humanoids? Deities can live for a long time apparently and they can come and go sometimes. All they need to do is add a branch to the human species and they have done enough imbuing future generations with their essence. Interbreeding of angels and deities is not a new thing. It has been recorded in biblical times such as the Nephilim who have roamed the earth during those days. Angels and so forth fallen from their realm of life onto earth banished never to return. Living a mortal life with mortal inflictions and problems. All of this speculation of course trying to be as scientific as i possibly can.

If realms of different dimensions exist the future would already be here. Stories about Prometheus giving the gift of fire to man – the start to the beginning of technology. Rumors of an advanced civilization living in the past such as Atlantus. Rumors and evidence(?) that there was some tampering with our past. Fact becomes truth, truth becomes story, story becomes myth, myth becomes legend; time degrades information and it’s validity as time progresses. Without technology to accurately monitor and record everything that is happening like today we cannot verify these accounts but even rumors have their roots and reasons. But strange phenomenon like ghosts, demons and u.f.o accounts happen every day – unexplained and unsolved. There is just so much in the world we don’t understand.

Maybe my next topic will be on Ley lines – Hope i provoked some thoughts. 

Humanism identity as second nature.

Just noticed a pattern in my subconcious mind blogging. On my topics i chose categories, Divinity, Humanism , Religion and Technology. Could be translated into;

(1) Divinity as Order or Structure/Oscillation.

(2) Humanism as Identity or particle.

(3) Debating Technology and Religion as Chaos Human nature and human conscience, or Conflicting duality of two waves.


Three complete (1) function, (2)body and (3)assembly. This is probably flying over everyones head but things are making more sense though this may be nonsensical. Just having fun.

Light : Revisited. (Faster than light)

Theory time:

Basic rundown of the light model i first proposed is a mimic of life. Light made with human characteristics by humanizing the source of light. It is said that information runs faster then the speed of light depending on it’s space time zone of an area it runs through. Like a vacuum aka black holes. We know that anything living that goes through a black hole will get torn to shreds but what about light as a medium of information to communicate into the future, or past, or alternate dimension/timeline?

Light is composed of an oscillation, wave and particle. I proposed they are made of order, chaos and identity. All i did was put different names on the object that serve a similar behavior and nature. Oscillation/Structure = Order, Wave = Chaos (chaos is made of 2 components, human nature and human conscience based on the duality of opposing forces that the wave expresses.), and Particle = Identity (a solid mass that embodies identity).

I think that if a language could be formed from colors and it’s brilliance such as how we view stars and planets far away and how lighthouses use to blink to communicate to sea vessels; We could make a universal form of mimic telepathy into the past/future and dimension/alternate realities. To whom ever to determine not only how many moons we have or how far we are.. but also what we are like, our customs, our values and thoughts and so much more with the power of language and information.


I mainly wanted to humanize light on the premises that when we reach the peak of our technology we may be able to sync to light itself and through this vacuum we can manifest our presence into a different time/space. The reason why i’m doing this is because i want to build a theory the human species will want to gravitate towards. A beacon of light to empower the creative minds to help imagine and work towards a vision. If we could exchange information from upper sphere to lower sphere or future to present or present to past we could share current technology and thus reduce the amount of damage we do to our future.

Ethos Syndicate: Flavorful Words and Virtues

Human virtue: Hope, faith and redemption.

The Son stands for the compensation of life and it’s composed of faith, hope and redemption. The Father stands for the source of life and he is omniscient, omnipotent and all good. The Spirit stands for the motive of life and it is driven by intelligence, power and morals.

see for in depth elaboration.

The son, the father and the holy ghost as explored in the old trinity study; is a system of all views of perspective. Through the eyes of 1st person (son), 2nd person (father) and the 3rd person (spirit). We are all in the stage of being the son (1st person) living in a world where we experience life, it’s labors and burdens. We don’t have a choice but to be as children and build our foundation and trust based on hope, faith and redemption. Hope being our unseen future. Faith in our parents. And the process of redeeming ourselves making mistakes as we learn through life, which is what it is to be human.


Work place ethics: Energy, Responsibility and Wisdom


    I am passionate about my work and i am very optimistic with my outlook in life. I feel like energy is contagious and that if we all just communicate this and release positive energy in a constructive way we will pave new worlds.


    I also understand that we are judged as a collective in life and it is important that each person represent themselves with the team in mind. I know that as a team player i am responsible for my future as well as those i work with. “Leave no man behind” is my motto.


    I believe that wisdom that comes with hardship and wisdom granted out of circumstance. Is a gift. One of reflection, awareness and deeper understanding; that everyone has a story. The more you care the more you enrich yourself.


The Three Principles: Truth, Love and Courage.

From Truth comes Honesty. From Love comes Compassion. From Courage comes Valor. Truth and Love combined create Justice. Love and Courage combined create Sacrifice. Courage and Truth combined create Honor. From Truth, Love, and Courage comes Spirituality.
Pride is caused by the absence of the Three Principles, the opposite of Pride is Humility.


Knightly virtue(8): Honesty, Compassion, valor, justice, sacrifice, honor, spirituality and humility.


The Pentangle(5): friendship, generosity, courtesy, chastity, and piety.

The Sir Gwaine was said to be the most virtuous knight who lived. Represented by the 5 pointed pentangle star on his shield. It represented power over evil and perfection. The power of phi can be found in the geometry of the 5 pointed star. Third king of Israel, Solomon was said to wear the pentangle on his ring as power over demons. It essentially represents eternal incorruptibility. Said to be a circular number since it reproduces itself in its last digit when raised to its powers. it can be replicated through creating a star inside of it into the microcosm or outside of it into the macrocosm forever and ever.

Friendship: is a mutual affection between 2 or more people.

Generosity: is the habit of giving without expecting anything in return.

Courtesy: Gentle politeness and courtly manners.

Chastity: Sexual behavior of a man according to moral standards.

Piety:  is a virtue that can mean religious devotion and spirituality, or a combination of both.

12 virtues of Rationalization:

Curiosity, relinquishment, lightness, evenness, argument, empiricism, simplicity, humility, perfectionism, precision, scholarship, and the void.

These virtues are for rationalization of a subject or matter. It’s written by Eliezer S. Yudkowsky, They are science based virtues and i think they would fit perfectly into my set of virtues. I will try to incorporate them into my design of light.

12 virtues of Human Teaching

These twelve virtues are derived from the The Conduct of Schools  written by the Founder, Saint John Baptist de la Salle.

Here is a set of virtues set by a teacher who I would say could be more relative to today’s students and much more useful in a world of information.

Gravity, Silence, Humility, Prudence, Wisdom, Patience, Reserve, Gentleness, Zeal, vigilance, Piety, Generosity

Purpose and Imagination:

Purpose and Imagination: how does it relate?

Purpose will define what you unravel with imagination. Purpose will solidify what the imagination conjures up. A manifestation of your will on the world. You are in charge and you have the power to change hearts.. and environments.. and worlds.

These are two words you need intuition to understand.


  1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
    “we shall allow our intuition to guide us”
    a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

    The purpose of my work/blog is to inspire and touch another’s life. If i have changed your mind in a topic or influenced you in some way, then I am happy with that result. I understand my time is brief on earth and i would like to put meaning behind the life that i chose. My imagination is a tool i love using because it is a gift to create worlds. Purpose is a component to identity and identity (the need to define a life) is the ultimate goal in this reality.

    At first i didn’t understand why i was put into my conditions and circumstances but then i realized that those events that lead up to this day has created and made me who i am today. My life has been sheltered, i’m not going to lie but i learned alot of interesting things just being normal – or trying to be normal rather. My struggle to fit in and the appearance of what was normal usually deluded me. The truth is foggy when you can’t see through the delusion of appearance. I judge by the cover only based on evidence of who they are.. and only to a certain degree. And i expect the same from everyone else. I am not vain but i believe in the value of taking care of yourself. Hygiene is a great indicator of a person’s enthusiasm for life. Choice of clothing will describe personality or current mood. Detail in a person’s language can determine if they are educated, wise, narrow or simply oblivious. Judgement by appearance based on evidence is probably not a new thing but you do it subconsciously no matter how well tailored your moral/ethical self tells you.

    I value information analytically in detail, perspectively in numbers and in truth/justice to a figure. Same can be said for the value of a good movie, or a good book, or a good game plot. I have a desire to create worlds one day. Maybe it will be through the medium of writing, gaming or maybe even movie. Unfortunately i haven’t studied enough literature or created a philosophy/theory behind story telling to implement something totally awesome yet. Mark these words. Something awesome will happen one of these days and it will bring worlds together.



The Subconscious; Emptiness and darkness.

I want to be as clear and concise in this post as possible. Right to the point.


When speaking about Emptiness you are talking about the times when you needed space from people, room to breath and move about. It’s the emptiness that brings you boredom and boredom brings you to a whole new level of creativity. It is emptiness that gives you space to fill in that void with something wholesome and good like knowledge. An empty slate is what a person needs to start something new and emptiness brings about this new inspiration to fill the void.


When speaking about darkness; it is good to know where your darkness lies and to see it and monitor it. Not to focus on it but to keep it in peripheral sight. The need to define your darkness is something necessary in order to be free of any hold it has on you. Insight and understanding of it’s nature and why it is dark may give a better perspective. In the end there is always light no matter how dark it gets once it is understood with darkness lifted it will be many times brighter. Short tempers, lust, curiosity of unknown, deviant fantasy, abuse, death are namely the ones that are in the general mainstream.


Absolute silence in a mind is necessary for thoughts to come through. Silence in a classroom is necessary for the voice of a teacher to be heard. Space in a spokes of a wheel is necessary for it to work properly. There are many ways nothingness can be handy but it is very necessary indeed.

The Nothingness Beyond God

I just got through half the book originally by Nishida Kitaro. Its a Japanese philosophy book made during the era when westernization of Japan was happening. It is a comprehension of western culture and adaptation for the eastern philosophy. Robert Edgar Carter is the author who translated it.

Mountains they exist in front of you yet at one point in time they are nothing or become nothing at the start or end of time. This is the paradox of existence. space and time overlap each other but it is matter that keeps them together and existing, As does identity keeps our chaos and order in check. (light diagram at beginning of blog.) What we ultimately have to find and map out is the synthesis ascension to the heavens and the root descension into the earth.

This book made me ask “Who am i?” “What am i experiencing?”. Experiencing life is the only way to obtain the pure experience. In that you can change the reality you are living. Like dreams you transform it to what you want to see. Dreams are nothing but a microcosm of real life to the macrocosm! If you set your mind to it you can do it. Intuition, Compassion and love is the culmnation of intelligence.

The universe is not a thing created by god but a manifestation of god. The living essence of life on earth is god.. we are the embodiment of god himself. I would almost say we are his conscience and his hands of service and all that is good in life.

In the book there are 9 universes but i decided i wanted 12 to represent time.

These are the universes of what makes up who you are in enveloping order.

1. who you are: conscience. perspectively your world/eveything.

2. your attributes

3. your changes.

4. your intellect.

5. your emotions.

6. your will to change

7. truth

8. beauty

9. goodness

10. emptiness/space

11. darkness/the abysmal

12. nothingness/nothingness

Turned to rock by a serpent and evil spirits.

Had another dream. It was an Eastern Dragon and it consumed a man by twisting his head off. The head went up in a cloud of smoke. Watching from afar a man confronted him who glowed green and he was a round man, bald and in robes. The dragon looked into his mind and went to the location where all this man’s gold was hidden. There was gold and gems from all sides and the dragon shoved all of it down the mans throat as though it was to mock who he was and turned him to stone.

An interpretation of this story may be that the serpent is lust and that all the man’s work to enlightenment may be wasted through wealth and temptation by the serpent.

I recognize the animal that may be in me. It was like the dream was telling me that i was being bought out of enlightenment with money. That temptation is the challenge i face. Either that or someone is in trouble of this happening because i was in third person when it happened.

I read an interesting article today about a spirit that feeds on the polarization of a person’s emotions. I learned that it acts out of your blind spot and only exists when you don’t see it. What it does is that it hides inside of you and when you see the evil that is out there and do not have compassion for the person committing the evil, you yourself will be possessed by this spirit. Its an aboriginal evil spirit called a Wetiko. I think it means if you don’t identify with the evil inside of you with this other man then you yourself will be a a target for doing an evil of your own. I’m not sure i understood much more of his content but he is a very intelligent man who’s been a Buddhist for 30 years and worked with some famous monks. He went through some hospital time because they told him he had a chemical imbalance in the brain but he lives without any medication and is fully recovered despite the doctors saying he will have to take medication for the rest of his life.

If you want to check his work out.

Technology, Divinity and Humanism.

Okay so theory time!

The reason why i’m trying to put both artificial life in the same category as divine life is because of how they may view us and vice versa how we view them. They are the two most powerful influence in our human society, deities of religion and artificial life of technology. Both are polar opposites but help in different ways. Artificial life may not know better but we can’t blame them for what they do because of what they are – tools. Though Deities have consciences and thought and hearts to understand and comprehend what they do. To study these two side by side would be a most interesting venture as artificial life is as real as deities in this world. Artificial life being far in the future but very possible. Deities are rumored and idealized throughout history from the far past, or far future.. i’ll explain.

If the heavens were eternal then that would mean the start and end would be in the same place would it not? Maybe deities came from our future but came back from a different time/dimension because the work load is mostly in the past. Maybe deity’s are a product of the future so i would identify them as part of the future. Just as science grew from the primitive’s carts to a vehicle of today the future is also there with science. The two forces that influence our future, technology and divinity.

In a matter of how they view us. We may be viewed as a small, insignificant and sometimes trivial because we act on impulse and emotion which they(deities/artificial life)  may view that as dangerous. It’s dangerous if we implement emotion into artificial life because they may act on their emotions and that is undesirable. Animals have emotions we just have a much more vast range of emotions. I wouldn’t imagine deities having any bigger of a range of emotions, as long as we can define it we can feel it. Emotion is about comprehending what is felt, knowing a definition of an emotion is enough to pinpoint what it is on the scale they are feeling. Thought is what we have above all animals; to access information, comprehend the situation and put forward authoritative decisions. As much as we want to argue we have heart over animals, animals feel love, hate and sorrow too just in a very basic form.

In this era at the moment, it is still quite dangerous for those who can die from mortal wounds. Why would a demi-human risk it’s life to explore a world when it’s safer up at home where it can do all it’s thinking and decision making there? But then again we risk our lives as humans going out into the world every day. Ignorance, arrogance, selfishness may be a factor but also maybe it’s their duty to be an anonymous beneficial factor in life. Though the world needs more teachers, extra hands of service and most of all better vessels for ideas! Their grace, their ideas and their morals/ethics are wasted if that is what they are known for. People do what they want, there is some uniformity in the product the United Nations but the world is still separated into different peoples with very different ideas of what is right. I guess people are already capable of grace, ideas and moral/ethics. But people may be still ignorant blind of the world around them, selfish and arrogant, prideful, hateful and really angry. It’s really a cluster bomb of a mess with both sides being what they are.

In “Timaeus” by Plato. He speaks of a world that is earthly, chaotic and changing and a divine world that is perfect, ruled by order but never changing. If our world is this ball of chaos that is in the process of sounding like this divine world, that of which is perfect.. maybe our worlds are not on two different plains but on one plain, universe and in one time line.. where the heavens is our future destination and hell was our developing beginnings of when the world was made. It doesn’t have to be whole different worlds, but more of a destination where ascending to a more divine state is the changing current in time. We’re moving towards a better life and world every day that passes, and we owe it to those around us living with us to make life possible for others to experience life to it’s fullest also. At the same time managing our resources and water – finding different means of energy to get away from this crude dead plant and animal form of energy that happens to be harming our environment.

If only we could harness the power of the stars. Just a small dense star the size of a basketball heavy enough to have a small gravitational field, and then to tap into that energy to power homes and movie theaters and companies. Clean energy, advancing technology for creating safe replicated food/a better way to produce fresh organic produce. Converting our abundance of salt water to potable drinking water. All this done through energy. If we can just envision it everyday in our lives maybe we’ll gravitate towards it even more then we currently are. How do we know what we are looking for if we don’t know what we are looking for. Am i right?


  1. an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.
    Coolio. think i found my niche.

Ethics applications is in robotics/androids.

So robotics: The coding would be amazingly difficult especially from spoken language to action. We would have to work on it’s reception, comprehension, determining power, priority decision making, authoritative decision making, authoritative action/reaction and as well as the motor functions to it’s actions and pathways. Hopefully we’ll get to the point of it being self-sustaining and self-resolving. It would we amazing if we can provide a autonomy of systems that keep the robot moving depending on what it needs to do next.

I was just thinking if ethics had any application.. it would be in robotics.

Asimov’s rules of robotics:

1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First law.

3. A robot must protect it’s existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first and second law.

Science is religion; ascending human hierarchy and classification of state.

Classifying different human potentials. Not sure for fun or what but let’s do this:

A god’s life is eternal, his cycle is infinite

He is omnipotent

His form is immortal

He is omniscient

All good.

a living god.


A demigod’s life is eternal, his cycle is eternal.

Has some authority

His form is mortal

his knowledge is vast

Some good.

a living being


an android life is eternal.

Has restricted authority depends on degradation of brain.

His form is immortal

His knowledge is most potent

Some good.

a tool unless upgraded from human.


a human life is subject to expire but cycle is eternal.

Has restricted authority

His form is mortal

his knowledge is vast

Some good

living being.


a robot life is recyclable.

Has no authority

His form is mortal

his capacity is most potent

His spirit is abysmal.


Ethics essay: Mills, Kant, Locke and Aristotle combined.

Ethics Essay. Moral code Synthesis

Nam Nguyen


What divides us from animals is a conscience and the ability to have thoughts and to comprehend feelings. We naturally may have urges to do the wrong thing from time to time but just thinking about it, if the consequence outweighs whether it is worth it or not that’s enough to let it go. If a person is harmed in the process of you obtaining/succeeding a status or objective it is not worth it. This is what Kant believes in his Kant’s formalism thesis. I will be talking about four topics in this essay; The greater good (Mills), golden means/functionality (Aristotle), Rights/laws (Locke’s) and the human conscience (Kant). I believe Kant’s human conscience is just the medium or center of this ethics trinity that allows the others to branch out because the human conscience affects all three to some degree. You must have a human conscience to know what is for the greater good, to deduce the medium of two extremes, and to determine the rights of a person are infringed or not. I have simplified these subjects into it’s elements generalizing all their work and will identify them as such in this essay.

Kant’s formalism is very broad and very general, It could also be the very soul of ethics whereas the others are merely branches. A person must know what it is to have a conscience; the state of being sensitive to people and your environment is basically a universal common sense if you’re human. A case study could be as basic as: Johnny’s going to a birthday party with his work friends. Johnny has the money he is suppose to give his friend for his birthday but since everyone else is not giving his friend money, maybe it is possible for him to keep the money. This is basically a scenario where no one gets hurt but it weighs on the conscience whether a person should or should not give the money. And who is to say the person may not be hurt, it is borderline because he may know but doesn’t say anything and that hurts the most when you are lied to or stolen from especially from a friend. Choose what’s right.

Mill’s Utilitarianism is focused on the overall greater good of what the outcome of a decision has been made. It asks what scale is this decision going to affect people; The magnitude of effect or if a person will benefit from it, or a group of people or the whole country/world. One case would be “Tammy is the best accountant in the whole building but she always takes Jody’s office supplies without asking. Jody tells her numerous times to stop taking her stuff and complains to the boss every time. Tammy finally did it this time and lost a really expensive stapler she borrowed from Jody’s desk. Jason steps in and he tells Tammy that he lost it and saves Tammy from getting fired. Without Tammy, their best accountant the firm would fall apart. Jason did a service to the whole department by keeping the peace. The thought of taking the hit for the team in order allow everyone to work in peace is noble, material loss put aside saves a lot of headache and drama that may come out of it and even a possible job loss.

Aristotle’s golden mean is finding the medium between excess and lack of. The medium of two extremes is crucial in all laws in that it encourages moderation. If a balance between the two extremes are met then there will be a chance the subject/system will become more efficient and possibly even self-sustaining/self-resolving. Majority of the time when money is involved and a job is to be done it will get done with the right amount of funding. Too much and it may be potentially wasted and too little will give an inadequate product/result. It is for example used to determine whether or not a person needs the government funding for school. If they will pay it back in time or not, how much funding they require and how long they need it for. Basic questions like does the pros outweigh the cons of borrowing money. Or How much of the money will be spent on living expense. These are Aristotle’s ways of implementing their greek phi law of proportion into ethics. It also mentions function in which giving a student his funding allowing him to achieve to his highest potential will give him the opportunity and hope for a brighter future.

Locke’s Ethics and the rights that entail them; The rights of Locke’s legal, equality and freedoms suggests to say that Lock was looking for guideline rules for a system that had a lot of implications with people getting around the law. Though this is so basic rules set down will slow down the progression of these sneaky people. It is quite difficult to determine whether or not another person is infringing on another’s rights until you hear the whole story but seldom do you always get to hear the whole story. Locks says that everyone has the right to freedom of speech, ownership and equalities of every man and woman should be the same. An example of these type of rules are “No plagiarism” “No public toxicity” “No public urinating” “The right to remain silent” These are some of legal issues you would run into for breaking the “guideline rules” It’s mostly common sense to stay away from these but it must be written down in order for it to be used against a person because it’s a rule. There are guideline rules that are easy to know that it has been broken and punishable and they exist today to protect the infringement and breach of other’s rights.

The conscience of a person rules over all other branches of these rules and ethics. If it sounds wrong it probably is. The heart majority of the time will be able to tell what can be done and should be done. A person just has to remember when evaluating a situation; Is it for the greater good? What is the golden medium of this situation/will it affect his functionality? Does it break any guideline rules? And does it feel right? Mills, Kant, Locke and Aristotle all had component ideas to a system that works today. The use of all their ethical works in our daily lives with or without thinking about it is a miracle. And for every action there is a consequence and reaction that happens. There are rules, rights, moderations, considerations, functionality and benefits to be considered when making a decision and it all comes down to doing the right thing.

Time travel and alternate lives: My direction in life.

I’ve always felt like I’ve done something significant in time that I cannot understand or comprehend. I have made many choices in my life that was life altering, important decisions I decided I’d rather turn away from and let it disappear. I’m not sure what type of person I am in the future. Though it feels although he is present from time to time. It’s me but not of my time. I feel like everything bad that happened before is all undone and everything good that I did while living that time frame is disappearing. Like it never existed. I don’t understand how living under different conditions and living under different circumstances may change a person so radically enough as to make a person for example an all powerful suit of evil or a masterful genius of some higher level intellect. What level of ethics divide them.. or is it knowledge of what needs to be sacrificed in order to obtain greater power, intellect something that is enough to twist a man from innocent to guilty?


What is the fork or dividing line that lead a man to become what he is in the end. Or will it be a shade of grey a little of both worlds somewhere in the middle? Exploring the Grey spectrum world with aspirations for an ideal world of good is the fork I took. Building, trying hard to not faulter. Dodging bullets of life. Delving into worlds of illusions; video games, books, movies, music.. my own piece of mind. Though the longer I stay in this grey world the more I feel I am drained spiritually.. like the dullness of it all. Don’t talk too loud. Don’t think bad things. Keep your hands to yourself. All the things you teach yourself oppressing your spirit from flying free. I’m in a cage basically with walls of glass separating us. You know that stimulating all our senses is healthy. Edmonton, home of job security, stability, homes and free medical care. It’s a working city, boring but safe. Safe is all i need. Or is it?

Something from Nothingness. Useful space and vacuums.

A book of nothingness.

We put thirty spokes together and call it a wheel;

But it is on the space where there is nothing that the usefulness of the wheel depends.

We turn clay to make a vessel;

But it is on the space where there is nothing that the usefulness of the vessel depends.

We pierce doors and windows to make a house;

And it is on these spaces where there is nothing that the usefulness of the house depends.

Therefore just as we take advantage of what is, we should recognize the usefulness of what is not.

~ The Tao Te Ching 


That is why emptiness is so necessary. Because it’s only in a place of inner quiet that we can hear ourselves. It’s only when the voices in our heads are temporarily silenced that the messages become crystal clear. It doesn’t matter what path you take. You are already there.


A verse from a strange dream sung to me a strangely bible themed verse saying:

“Defining bad will define good. To mean everything but nothing at all. One mind given by he who is the holy father will be one voice that speaks to the multitude, not through natural convention but by divine convention. This is how they will know. This is how one reclaims a throne.”

I have no clue what it means but maybe i’ll figure it out someday.

All things pointed me in this direction. I must know what the state of nothingness to find what I sought.

The path to nothingness:

Phi – to know everything you must know of nothingness.

To fuel the fire of the star, you must know what it is to be depleted.

Spiritual emptiness is a a fallen state that affects focus and awareness.

The soul has energy that creates movement and activity.


The big bang:

What if the big bang itself was god and the light released is his word, love and glory. We are his conscience I believe the skill to the game is in imagining the world/life as a spiders web and stringing those threads outwards and instead radiate light and find the balance between how far light can reach(the work) and how far you need to space the threads in order to optimize the light’s efficiency. As in life you would be like a radiating star passing through seeing, understanding and comprehending the space that you go through.

This piece is called: Heaven imbued into earth.


Pyramid of Giza/Mayan Temple/Bermuda crystal pyramid,








America/Qatar/Canada, United Nations, Global, Humanity and then The Star Tower. From the depths of the Pyramid of Giza/Miyan Temple/ Bermuda Crystal Phyramid and it’s artificial black hole; nothing to become a world of everything. This is the gift of time. This is ascendance order of the super powers through time

I used the relation between a 5 sided polygon to a 6 sided polygon to produce an evolving pattern. The 5 and 6 polygon side relationship goes deep into the marriage of ideas and sometimes people. The square and circle is my attempt to unify the divine (circle) with the earthly (square) Each circle signifies an era that we passed through from person, to structure (i chose the giza pyramid for it’s infinite constants imbued in it, to city to province/state, to country/nation,  embodiment of nations, to embodiment of humankind to, planet, to star/sun.

I chose the 5 sided star overlapped with a celestial flower to signify the power of man amplified by a touch of divinity/heaven from the woman’s side. The five pointed star represents protection. In this context they represent the element earth or divinity manifesting in matter. The tower i chose to model will have phi influenced in it’s structure for aesthetic appeal. it’s base consists of a 5 pointed star. a 5 pointed celestial flower next level. and the peak will consists of a 5 pointed smaller celestial flower and pentagon with a flag pole/conductor at the top.

At the top are the celestial flowers growing from 3 petals to 12.

At the bottom are pointed stars growing from 3 points to 12. (minus 10 and 11)


I call it Star tower. The twelve rays of light represent the 12 hours of our day. It could stand for the twelve apostles but that was unintended.

Decrypting the old Trinity.

logo emblem6

Personal study of the trinity.

From the microcosm springs forth the macrocosm.

The Son, The Father and The Holy Ghost.

The Son stands for the compensation of life and it’s composed of faith, hope and redemption.

The Father stands for the source of life and he is omniscient, omnipotent and all good.

The Spirit stands for the motive of life and it is driven by intelligence, power and morals

Consistency of the microcosm and macrocosm:

If i were the father i would to some degree still be the source, to a degree omniscient only restricted to my brain capacity, omnipotent only restricted to my mortality, and all good to my capability.

My son would be my compensation of life in order for me to prolong my legacy. He will have complete faith in me as a father, his hopes will be only restricted by how well i perform, and his redemption will further his education about his world around him and grow.

My Spirit would be my motive in life as i am drawn towards intelligence, power and morals. These things i will endless seek to strengthen myself. With of course moderation and balance in mind, just enough to be self sustaining like i was made to be.

I was given a Life of free will, the opportunity and the fire of the moral compass. I was given the  freedom to explore and learn/relearn about the world around us and build a life where we can allow others to learn, understand and motivate. Most importantly we are to heal and grow until we overachieve overlap our timelines where we can gain the technology to guide ourselves in the future so that  our future generations will learn from our mistakes without making them and putting them on the fast track to becoming who they were potentially made to become.

In the future, maybe someday we will be able to moderate, understand and guide ourselves into a new age of man. Maybe bring a piece of heaven down to earth.And solve the squaring of the circle. Create celestial bodies of our own – align our own stars, create our own vacuums and  organize, establish self sustainability and duty in various systems and harness the spirit of man’s creativity and fire as well as life.

We are gifted with “free will” and with that we will learn of death. But with death we learn of life, When it is highest and when it is lowest. You reap what you sow. And i will give light where it is dark and bring joy where there is sorrow.

Ethos Syndicate: Timeless chivalry and conscience.


Identity: Anonymous, no one but everyone, a body of people nameless but conscious. To be all but nothing. As a body of people we act as one nameless and we act out of kindness or favor. Working through the emptiness of nothingness to achieve a desired result. Humanity is the heaven’s conscience. Timeless reaching back in time physically to touch the lives of the hopeless and backwards thinking of our misguided selves. Tell them to be better, know better and to spread the word of love which is kindness of heart. The care like that of a mother’s grace. Merciful, thoughtful and understanding hands that guide by faith. Faith, Hope and Redemption is the trinity that never fails. It is heaven’s mark and man kind’s destination, what we stand for and what we do to achieve greatness.

This name “Ethos Syndicate” represents a body of people with a system of moral beliefs and a standard system of guidance.

Defining a person-

Ethos: The guiding beliefs of a group, organization or person.

Syndicate: a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.

Shared journey:

I am the Ethos Syndicate of the heroes I cherish in this life. Fictional characters to living or dead heroes of today. I have the desire and interests of their spirits to do what I believe is right.

My life is a tangled web of time. I affect all that is around me and I have the opportunity to nurture those under the stems of my web. I am at the center, a medium that speaks balance and demands all and nothing. Love is my savior and love is my redemption. Service is my reward. I am the trinity of humanity. The product of hope, faith and redemption.

Religion: A danger or tool?

1231On the subject of minorities at the moment trying to get equal rights. Is god’s word hate? or of peace? or do you want to ignore a whole community of people who are asexual, gay, bisexual and transgender? These shades of grey in the human gender spectrum will exist no matter how hard to try to hide them. Religion needs to change in that if it does not stop it’s discrimination towards these minorities that they will cause a world of hate and self destruction for these lives. How are you going to deal with these people?  ignore them and force these humans to live their life confused and closed off from other people? This is a major issue, If god is not accepting of these minorities then religion is a tool of hate and separation. The United states is a country working towards a world of tolerance and justice. And the bible is calling it Modern Babylon.. when they accused rome of being Babylon at one point. Where is the scarlet, gold and purple? Where are the kings that are represented by the crown the beast wears? These refrences from the bible are vague and honestly i can’t believe people are studying the bible as a science or history book. It’s a book of faith and faith is what the people of the past needed – we build on futures based on science, general social ethics, politics, economy and services now.

We have taken a book that may save us from eternal damnation and turned into a walk through book that shouldn’t be. The book is not a walk through but encoded and influenced by the spirit of the holy ghost. It is to be interpreted and reflected on, not a step by step guidance through life. This is what your ancestors did and we have grown to know better then to do what religion in the past has done. What happened to peace and love? living in the comfort of a warm home with safe water and safe food. A job and safe passage to and from work. A family to look out for you, a family of your own to raise. This is all possible for anyone. One who looks hard enough in this world will find a way to get it to work even if it isn’t perfect. The words of scriptures have been twisted and misinterpreted because circumstance, conditions and situations the writer and reader have been put in. Catholics and Hollywood media depict Christ as a white man. Christ was black apparently, with bronze skin and hair like sheep’s wool (kinky hair). How is it possible ? — imaginiation for one.. circumstance, condition and situation. This just shows the magnitude of the misconception from the bible today. The name Jesus isn’t even the original christ name, history, people and condition/circumstance/situation changed it. His original name was Yeshua. I think what we made is a whole new person and possibly conjured a religion based on misconception and time twisted ideas.

I’m just saying all we need is love; Tolerance, virtue and understanding to get through these times. It’ll get better! We just gotta push through these bullies and misguided idealists and create a path that works. The world is not perfect and you can only work with what you got.

Katana: A product of behavior manipulation


imagesTraditions in Japan just like the tea ceremonies make them do strange and unusual routines. These routines are sometimes necessary for humans to jog a person’s memory in the case of crafting such a sophisticated weapon. Like the hours they must wait the next day before working on it again. It takes a couple months to create (possibly 2-6 and 1-15 men) a masterful Katana.

Crafting a Katana in the times of feudal japan and tempering a sword there was a ceremony performed that took years of practice to master and craft the best swords around the world. The technology of crafting swords made Samurais the most feared swordsmen of all time. They created swords purging impurities by folding steel over and over again around 15 times yielding 32,768 layers. Then heating it at 750 degrees celcius and then from austenite cooling it immediately to create martensite. The pattern in which the forge smith does all this helps in remembering when to do something and how. Tradition has it’s place and preserving such things as tradition will yield great things.

Symbolism of life in the microcosm to macrocosms.

A flower, sand and starfish. What do they have in common? they are all in our interactive plain of environment. We are the center plain of existence what we see and touch is our plain of experience. Understanding the world and seeing the pattern of life around us is key to altruistic love. All things have a place, purpose and time. It blooms in it’s short life span. The living world:

Vertical dimension of living spectrum.

State of our plain of existence. From the microcosm to macrocosm.

nothingness, ghost, animal, human, demi gods, god


The environmental world: Spectrums of world from minimal world to maximal world. positive, neutral to negative.

nothingness,  dust, protons, starfish, star, embodiment of stars.

nothingness, quarks, neutrons, sand, planets, universe

nothingness, gas, electrons,  flower, black holes, massive central Black hole

A pattern shown in nature emerges that show a consistency in shape and behavior/pattern in body. These are the celestial or divine bodies that I have identified.

A star among waves of space.

Sirius_B_by_keepwalking07A star is born through gas and dust, out of nothingness into a collapsing cloud that becomes so dense that it becomes a proto-star. When nuclear fusion commences, this is the beginning of a star.

There are many star typesBrown starNeutron star, Black hole, White dwarfRed giants, and variable stars. The thing about stars is that they exist or they fail. The size of a star depends on how much mass they can obtain through the gas and dust around them. Stars are interesting in that they grow to become a red giant star (the state of using up all their hydrogen fuel) and either become a black hole, neutron star or white dwarf all depending on their size. Our sun 1 solar mass, the biggest star that is suppose to exist is 150 x solar mass. There are anomalies in the universe though where two or more stars merge to become one big massive star which is the case of a red giant star called VY Canis Majoris which is 2600 solar mass which is suppose to die soon and become a black hole because it has become so massive. The balance of a star is very delicate in that it can become a white dwarf and neutron star or a black hole. If it becomes a remnant star (white dwarf or neutron) then it has a chance at reigniting nuclear fusion in the future.

Perceptions, Illusions and manipulative variables










The decoding an encrypted universe of experience:

5 senses:

Perception of Sight:

Medium eye

Variable light

Objective: manipulate/distort light.


Perception of Sound:

Medium – Ear

Variable sound waves

Objective:  manipulate/distort pressure.


Perception of Nervous tissues for touch:

Medium – Nervous system: //

Variable Neurons or particle alignment//

Objective:  manipulate/distort neuron interaction or mass.


Perception of Taste:

Medium – Taste bud

Variable: balance of sensation of taste  for illusion of taste.

Objective:  manipulation/distortion of appeal and taste of a culinary dish/environment.


Perception of Smell: olfactory epithelium

Medium- Nose

Variable: balance of sensation of smell for illusion of smell.

Objective: manipulation/distortion of appeal and smell of culinary dish/environment.


Perception of existence: combination of all 5 perceptions working simultaneously.

Medium: Brain

Variable: balance of understanding through scientific facts and faith with influence from touch, taste, smell, sound and sight.

Objective: Manipulation of environment or perception of environment. Changing time, space and dimension.

Illusions and technology

The decoding an encrypted universe of experience:

5 senses:


Understanding the world around us; Perception of reality, truth through trial and error. Ideally we are searching for a way to change the environment we’re in, to manipulate matter, space and time itself. We can trick ourselves to believe with mind games that things are the way they are but wouldn’t it be even more amazing to be able to change a living structure like a tree in bearing giant beans for example? To maybe even see what the future is like.. or move at the speed of light to habitable planets far away? The distant future is all about advanced technology, Lets say we can do the impossible through science and at the peak of our research we discover just one of these things. It will change everything about the world we live in. Instant transportation, unlimited food supply, unlimited storing space, high speed information, visits to exotic planets not to exclude the living environment like architecture.



Arguments: God doesn’t exist

imagesGod does not exist because there’s no living evidence that he lives or has lived. Maybe he lived through Christ as he is the son of god but without testing we are again relying on complete faith. Shouldn’t The son of god be the ultimate vessel of a human being? Or does only his knowledge and virtue carry over into god in the form of man? If he has godly intellect why did he not preach science and start an age of scientific discovery? Surely that would have been a sign god existed: Son of god the greatest scientist ever would have resounded through history. All he needed was a pen and paper to show everything he knew but it was history that he wrote weakening the argument that god is real.

God does not exist because he does not persist in contacting us. He makes his existence a mystery by letting faith of man lead man. If he wanted us to be autonomous.and independent that is the only reason why he would leave us living on faith. Psychologically it makes no sense as a parent would he not nurture his greatest creation instead he would rather sit and watch what we do to ourselves without his intervention? He does not connect directly but allows us to speak to him through ourselves and imagine up a response. Leading us on faith, making us independent, giving us freedom to get hurt, if god claims to be love why is it so empty? Not trace of his existence a love letter by anonymity. Is this his form of love? If it is it is some cold tough love. Maybe god is in experiencing all our human lives in the comfort of his own world. Maybe the only way to reach us is through action and events in our lives. Maybe that is the only way he can express himself His system of leading man on faith is an interesting one it as teaches, comforts and consoles like a person but it is through us that he is present. If we are autonomous what exactly does he do with his time? create the expand the universe? work on algorithms for better colonies of humans? Plays with our dreams? The degree of him existing through an embodiment of people may be true to a degree but his physical body is nowhere to be found.

God does not exist because the world was created and existed long before he made the world argument: Could be a mistranslation in that the world god made for this Adam and Eve we all know about was created 6000 -40000 years ago but the world was 4.2 billion years old. 4.56 billion for the solar system.

God does not exist because life would still persist even without The Godhead of religions. We naturally have a sense of ethics engraved in us from religion or not. I believe religion was just a catalyst for a human civilization to improve with. The Koran, Bible, Torah and Buddhist teachings and Sikh philosophy (Guru Granth Sahib)  are the most receptive and embraced religions of today and we can see the economic and political growth the native religion of a society and it benefited them. The question is does wealth of an economy determine the civility of a religion’s influence? Yes it certainly does I’m sure people are more happy not hungry, stable, not dealing with poverty and other insecurities. For example in Detroit: The city police can’t keep up with the reports because of insufficient funding. Christianity even with it’s brutal rule as a civilized religion in the past it has become quite an interesting animal providing services beyond call. The Koran, it being brutal even more extreme then the Christians. In the past (infidelity, arranged marriage, caste system, women’s rights and etc.) it has been and is still brutal today, still leaving their society in the third world full of hate and the worst discrimination then any of it’s brother religions. Buddhism being a very passive religion still has the economy lacking behind all other religion’s native countries but lives very natural and has some what stable political rule as in not the best but the system may rule in it’s longevity. The Torah if you’ve noticed the Jewish community is now all around the world as they have left their terrorized country for more peaceful home. They are now living in the Americas as chairman, founders of google, government staff, supreme court justice personnel, publishers, investors, certified doctors, nurses, bankers and lawyers. They have built on a wealth of agriculture and standardized ethics. Freedom of speech and amended constitutions, laws and morally conscious bi-products of possibly an over conscious religious country. In conclusion I believe that it is a combination of agricultural wealth, religious roots and it’s political stance which make what it is today. And ethics of a community today will mostly depend on it’s people how they were raised and their living condtion/circumstances and situation is. If god didn’t exist we would we be ruled by terrifying people.

The argument of god not existing through Christianity will always be a compelling one for God will always be of anonymous origin, faith, tough love, understanding, independence  and freedom. Life built for or not for god; All these things are still good and we can still build on them

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Scenarios: If God existed then..


God does exists because even if he doesn’t Christianity has made him exists and living through their being. God does exist because our image is unique and upright among the animal kingdom separating us to be on top of the animal kingdom thus saying something about our ultimate form.

God exists because the universe is unknowable and the vastness and endless boundries of it continue to grow and that we rely on faith and science hand in hand in order to understand the world around us.

God exists because Jesus is a time traveling, dimension hopping master of manipulation of an unknown origin and that in itself is impossible thus god must exist.

God does exist because of the complex systems made in a human being. We exist because a combination of things – life on earth is able to sustain life and our chromosomes at birth are distributed in the correct amount so that we have all 5 senses, body parts, organs and a head all in tact. The miracle of birth in itself maybe evidence of that there is a god, very complex and delicate. More importantly – possible! giving us a chance to grow and change with the world around us. Life exists because something has dramatically changed in our DNA to allow us to cohesively understand the world around us. It maybe not attribute to god himself commanding a change but maybe a godly design where we grow and change as time goes pass. Whereas in any other planet around us it does not happen. We are obviousily not the only habitable planet in the universe there maybe other humanoids just like us. From early humanoids like the Neanderthal we obviousily evolved through selective breeding in order to pass our genes and trade off traits from one another. Though the chance for intelligent life on the planet is unknown – it is naïve to say that we are alone in the universe unless we were created in which would explain souls, the spirit world and reincarnation.

I’m a big believer in different dimensions, that we exist also in several “what if” scenarios with every decision we make. What if there is some truth to all of these theories and all this exists to a degree, a very shallow and neutral degree – that it exists simply because it is mentioned? There is not always a solution to a problem but there will always be infinite problems to solve as long as we keep discovering things. I believe faith and facts the duality of two extreme forms of functions and understanding take a big role in this. As we see more of the world it becomes clearer. With facts and faith as our identity grows stronger and as time and civilization evolves so that we can navigate, organize and discover our world more efficiently. Perception of a present time frame is all we can experience and what was in the far past and far future is unknowable to us except through facts and faith – through religion, technology, science, visions, 5 senses of experience, life, dreams or any other form of enlightenment. What ever our inspiration we will always build on a balance of faith and facts.

Religion: Catalyst and beneficial force

220px-RELIGIONES1Exploration of Religions:

This is a touchy subject in which there may be many disagreements but we said we would explore the depths of religion in search of qualities and virtues that may rise from religion. Modern times; it’s civility, wealth in agriculture may provide us with a good factor for what can change a religion into an embodiment of positive benefiting activity. This factor may even constitute what will make religion into more of a catalyst in the past and a beneficial force for today. Modern times with the right conditions will allow religion to fully express itself and manifest as it was intended. Even though I may feel religion has done most of its work in the past it still exists today as a walking force therefore we cannot dismiss it just a book in the past. People still follow it, read it and give it life through their work everyday.

Theory project: Symbolism of light and modern life philosophy.


Symbolism of light as inspiration and model for modern life philosophy. An attempt at trying to craft light into a model of life. Incomplete and subject to drastic change and alteration. All purposes and use for the sake of experimentation. Not main stream and just a product of a playful imagination



Light is made of both particle and wave. it’s a duality of force and the purest form of a force in nature. It is the perfect structure for something we should emulate. And i see this as a pattern for how we should treat people and how a system of anything should work.


  • Light in composition:

The Concept is simple, light is made of particle and wave. The third component is the order; The pattern of oscillation of the waves and pacing of the particles. This order gives light it’s structure. The order is what holds both particle and wave together, it is the combining force that shares both of these variable’s properties but should be seen as a separate entity. For the reason that it’s function is very important even though it has no body of it’s own it shares of both worlds particle and wave.


  • Light in theory and life philosophy: Misconceptions

The trinity is the three aspects chaos, identity and order simply tied together as one piece. Some misconceptions about these aspects:

Just like light it too will have order; proper pacing and oscillation.

Identity alone as an aspect is like letting human nature take it’s course, it will be majority of the time foul and unpleasantNo human is born naturally kind, giving, gracious and merciful. We learn it via foresight/hindsight/insight through people (parents/peers/teachers). Not saying that human nature is just naturally destructive, they can be but people can also be more then life cut them out to be.

       Chaos is another word that gets a another negative impression but without chaos there would be nothing. Chaos is utter confusion, amplitudes of emotion and an expression of selfish chaotic passion. It is the state of fully immersing yourself to all your emotions and letting go expressing it to it’s limits and we know that – this without moderation and order can be gravely negative. Chaos can also be a place of little or much energy. In boiled water particles are in chaos, in ice it is still in chaos but less. All things are in a chaotic state it’s just the timing, usage, context and amplitude that determines whether it is acceptable or malign. (laughing at a funeral, crying on a date, angry on your wedding. Nice touch, bad touch.)


  • Understanding the design of light.

The behavior of man (Chaos) is unpredictable; It is slippery, manipulative and always changing in the likeness of a oscillation of a wave. The identity of man‘s ideal path is straight and narrow as the alignment of the particles in the light model. This is the design of man in the form of light – as symbolism of light as philosophy. Everything has it’s time and place; This is where order comes in and brings man and their abilities into a symbiosis. Coming together to make a structure we may call light. Life is a river we can bend it. Life is embodiment we can be it. Best of all we can be both. What is right and wrong is not always black and white. A decision made must be for the greater good and may require some bending of the rules— preferably behind the scenes to overcome our human condition and to not betray society’s code of conduct. The game is more complex and an extremist idea can cause good and bad results. Some times more harmful then good — we cannot always catch it but life is rich in that it gives us a surplus of possibilities and chances to prevent/fix life.


Particle – identity

 Pattern – order

Wave – chaos

  • Chaos, Identity and Order (humanized functions) with light property.

       Chaos in general is the aspect of fully expressing something without cause or concern. It is just energy at it’s purestrelentless and without doubtChaos is the amplitude of the wave; the strength and raw power of the love, pleasant or benign it’s duality is that of it’s highs and lows of amplitudeOrder walks a fine line with chaosreigning pure passion but with altruistic focus. Chaos is diverse in that it is not discriminating It takes all things and disburses all it has to giving us our resultant aspect Chaos. It is also an ascending force that pushes the barriers of what is possible.

Chaos components– There are two components of Chaos that we use in our daily life and it is a daily struggle sometimes to balance them both. They are Human nature and Human conscience which play a big role in any spectrum of people’s daily lives. Essentially Human nature is what we would do automatically in order to survive, avoid injury, gain favor, short term/long term monetary/material gainHuman conscience is what your moral self would do when put to the test of ethics: like having things in moderation, how generous you are with your earnings, what responsibilities do you owe and If virtue is something you’re missing,


Order – The pattern or blueprint that guide our focus and concentration towards our ideal place in life. Order is the fact that light, as a wave, oscillates and continues to supply lows and highs. This includes the pacing of the particles. Order is the binding reagent that brings chaos and identity together. Order allows chaos and identity to conform into something humanized in our daily life. Order allows chaos to become a purposeful, functional and powerful aspect instead of just a confused malign ball of energy without any direction. Order gives our identity a guideline and best represented as a sphere reinforced by what we call virtues. It gives personality and shape to our identityLove is the origination of these aspects and light is product of our work.  Order is almost a mannerism of what should be, what it should look like, how it should make others feel. Out of light we create a system and a powerful movement that encourages people to give life and kindness.


Identity – Idealism of where we are going, our knowledge and hindsightforesight and insight used in combination for the best results. Identity is better known as the eyes of the structure giving us perspective and a foundation of knowledge of who we are and where we’re going. Usually dealt by the duality of opposing pros and cons of a subject. Identity is known for it’s manipulative properties always fighting to balance or to ascend to greater heights. It is versatile and a manipulative animal allowing itself to become anything it is required to be. In nature we strive for identity, to become like light and grow to be perfect and become different in a manner like Pi never reaching it’s destination. Pursuing and changing to become this ideal figure/embodiment but knowing we can never reach the state of perfection we pursue the dream forever as time is endless.


This is our product. A symphony of human nature and human conscience at constant struggle for balance. Order structuring and keeping time, place and purpose for all things required. And identity refined and sustained by virtues that work as a second gravity. Sorting through history of time and transcending it to present to prepare for the future.

Stance on religion and Christianity

ReligionMy stance on the bible is still neutral but I do understand some things about the fruits and gifts it has given. Why the bible? because it cannot be denied that it is the dominant faith of 2.18 billion among today’s religious community. Modern christians are just overly conscious, concerned and caring whether it is aesthetically, in manners or spiritually. The most important aspect that makes them our target of probing is that it is over active and a wealth of opportunity. Christians with their over exaggerated takes on what is good and bad and their severeness in self punishment make them an interesting specimen.




Faith1There is no single path, there are many paths and there may be a right path and faith maybe yet be part of it but like perfection we will never know if it is the right path only that it is a good path and it is ever changing to be better. If Christianity knows it is a good path – it will help us grow forever and provide us new worlds of discussion. I think of Christianity as an infant that it’s growth has been stunted because they said at the end of the bible.. there will be no more after this book. The purpose of the bible is to provide a basis and a typical bridge for those people in those times to grow and to get betterContent to read and reflect on, is it still viable today? I think it does no harm if we know in our hearts what is right. Though do we trust what is right to our hearts? I wouldn’t trust a mime to take a role of an architect for a day for natural reasons: bridges would collapse, building would topple. The thing is we are at an age where things are changing and the bible may be worlds behind. I personally think the bible has already done it’s job – it gave us the moral compass for that era in time it was needed. It gave us Christ who was crucified at the cross and he gave to us the moral conscience that we needed in order to have a stable society and the gift of time. The gift of time is a concept that his presence altered history in a way that it made us consciously aware of how cruel humanity could be. Thus creating a frame of time in life where we can reflect and live a “somewhat” normal daily life now. Time was a thing this event gave us in exchange for his life. I think the bible has given us something to build off of.. but I would argue that it isn’t the foundation and rock of everything that is good.. I’m pretty sure a lot of good things came out of bad places. Christianity doesn’t have to be the only thing that is good. Reinforcing our virtues and reflecting on what we can do to better ourselves is a good way to go about this life.

Blurred-YouthAlthough Christianity has its problems such as it’s discrimination towards gays/bisexuals, transvestites ,transgender, hermaphrodite, dysfunctional, asexual  and even women. It is less severe then alot of other religions. Looking on the bright side the Sikh religion for example believes all men and women are equal and thus evidence that such things do exist. There will always be a grey spectrum for humans and now with the numbers of people living on this world, proportion will be blown away and small numbers like 1% could mean a couple hundred thousands. These minorities have always have been around but sometimes shunned and with their numbers now we cannot not ignore them. They have a voice as we are all human and we are trying to figure out how to get through this life without falling prey to some extremist. There are religions dedicated to peace and maybe accepting these people that happen to be in the grey spectrum may possibly be the first step to us moving ahead.