!Youth Group Archive


This is the archive page for our new Human Integration Youth Council. Welcome, I will be logging all progress for the Youth Group working under “The Multicultural Brokers Cooperate” on this page. This is the first day of our youth group and we are deciding on the group’s name. I came up with “The Human Integration Youth Council”. I hope the name sticks. We will be a group focusing on Promoting Healthy Living Practices, Studying Approaches and Adapting to Daily Stress. We work for a more unified multiculturalism, stable integration and mindful living on the long run. Short term goals are to establish and build a foundation for our group.

  1. Day 1: How it starts.
  2. Day 2: Catering details figured out with organizers of the Aug 2nd Parliament event.
  3. Day 3: Publishing and Branding Problems