64 Gene Keys Notes; Siddhi, Gift and Shadows


I’ve been reading this book based on website https://genekeys.com/. It’s been a inspiring and an enjoyable ride that delves into the world of Genekeys. They speak of 64 gene keys representing the growth in steps from the ever expanding and limitless microcosm to the macrocosm of the world; allowing you to drink/breath deep of it’s colorful and transcendent vibes. If you want to follow me the book it is only 11 dollars CDN for a digital kindle version. link is here https://teachings.genekeys.com/book/ . If you are into the growing, adapting and evolution trend of understand life and world better, I highly recommend this book – the world perspectives is spoken of in great depths.

Siddhi is the complete understanding and enlightenment possessed by a siddha.

“Gift” is the ability, contemplation or understanding that has been grown, harvested and picked to be truly edible to a person’s palatable consumption by means to say that this fruit is harvested ripe for the picking, so that it may be enjoyed and let there be known a certain wisdom.

“Shadow” is the complication or problems due to human objectives on the path of learning  that must be resolved in order to carry on and forward to the next Gene Key step.

Each Siddhi, Gift and Shadow reveals a path and paradigm that expesses a lesson to be learnt per Gene Key.

1st Gene Key

Siddhi Beauty, Gift Freshness, Shadow Entropy

2nd Gene Key

Siddhi Unity, Gift Orientation, Shadow Dislocation

3rd Gene Key

Siddhi Innocence, Gift Innovation, Shadow Chaos

4th Gene Key

Siddhi Forgiveness, Gift Understanding, Shadow Intolerance

5th Gene Key

Siddhi Timelessness, Gift Patience, Shadow Impatience

6th Gene Key

Siddhi Peace, Gift Diplomacy, Shadow Conflict

7th Gene Key

Siddhi Virtue, Gift Guidance, Shadow Division

8th Gene Key

Siddhi Exquisiteness, Gift Style, Shadow Mediocrity

9th Gene Key

Siddhi Invincibility, Gift Determination, Shadow Inertia.

10th Gene Key

Siddhi Being, Gift Naturalness and Shadow Self-Obsession

Wounded from the outset (25), battle with shadows (38), overcome limitations of your mind (17), surrender your need to control life (21) and find your true self (10), before you can awaken (51).

11th Gene Key

Siddhi Light, Gift Idealism and Shadow Obscurity

An android in a dark room behind bars. A dark skinned man with a knife.

Educated and the creation of a loving environment changes them.

Woman becomes governor and thus begins her journey as a bounty hunter, a maverick of light.

Man becomes protector and iron clad angel to aid the light’s cause.


12th Gene Key

Siddhi Purity, Gift of Discrimination and Shadow Vanity.

12th, 56th and 33rd are terminator codons.

Vanity is the last thing learnt and let go. Self love expressed but also as love for others.

Ring of secrets**

There is no evil, only progressive sense of density


13th Gene Key

Siddhi Empathy, Gift Discernment and Shadow Discord

Theme of listening.

7th divison = future 13th discord past

30th gene shadow of desire conflict.

Also known as the “fellowship of man”.

Empathy is the truest organ but only with collective existence.


14th Gene Key

Siddhi Bounteousness, Gift Competence and Shadow Compromise.

Work = effort

Competitance carries within it efficiency, enthusiasm, flair and flexibility.

15th Gene Key

Siddhi Florescence, Gift Magnetism and Shadow Dullness.


Core medium equator

16th Gene Key

Siddhi Mastery, Gift Versatility and Shadow Indifference

17th Gene Key

Siddhi Omniscience, Gift Far-sightedness and Shadow Opinion

Opinion based on logical judgement

Not about having a great holistic vision of reality that takes no sides and is beyond opinion.

18th Gene Key

Siddhi Perfection, Gift Integrity and Shadow Judgement.

19th Gene Key

Siddhi Sacrifice, Git Sensitivity and Co-dependence.

9 portals of planetary initiation

  1. Birth
  2. Baptism
  3. Confirmation
  4. Matrimony
  5. Annunciation
  6. Communication
  7. Ordination
  8. 8.Sanctification
  9. Glorification


20th Gene Key

Siddhi Presence, Gift Self-assurance and Shadow Superficiality.

Model altruism while remaining detached.

Encouraging invention, innovation and simplicity.

Breath of god, or word of god.

Seven sacred bodies of humanity:

  1. Physical
  2. Astral
  3. Mental
  4. Causal
  5. Buddhic
  6. Atmic
  7. Monadic
  8. Logoic



21st Gene Key

Siddhi Valour, Gift Authority and Shadow Control

31st voice, 7th heart and 21st will of group.

Kinship over kingship.

Valorous age of chivalry

Surrender of control for trust


22nd Gene Key

Siddhi Grace, Gift Graciousness and Shadow of Dishonor

The importance of acceptance rather than changing an experience let it flow.

Divine intervention, Truth of redemption.

Law of divine memory states that every feeling mood and thought you have is put there directly by god for you to trust in it and is recorded in memory of space.

The three pure ones.

Hermes Trismegisting (thrice great) aka merlin, thoth and Fu His.

Through the practice of Alchemy and High Magic. Alchemy concerning the transmutation of suffering through alignment with Divine Will. The second great teacher is Christ the transmutation of suffering through love and sacrifice. Finally the third great teacher is the Buddha whos fractal represents the transmutation of suffering through wisdom and compassion.

This makes up the Gene Keys revelation synthesis of the great trinity of Divine Will, Love and Wisdom.

Hermes the Magi the teachings of Alchemy and Transmutation.

Buddha brought the teachings of Karma and Rebirth.

Christ brought the teachings of forgiveness and atonement

The seven Sacred Bodies of Humanity:

  1. Physical
  2. Astral
  3. Mental
  4. Causal
  5. Buddhic
  6. Atmmic
  7. Monadic


  1. Physical bedrock of incarnation. Collective memory of humanity is stored in our dna.
  2. The Astral Body is human aura and emotion/desire. Pleasure and Pain reflected at vibrational frequencies which effectively divide the astral plane into hell realms and heaven realms. Has great influence over your physical health.
  3. The Mental Body exists at higher frequency than your emotions and is constructed from your thinking of life. Mental body is influenced by the collective mental body of all of humanity. Feelings of unfulfillment often pull us down into low vibrational shadow energy levels.
  4. Causal body stores the goodwill of the human soul. It becomes a storage hub for high frequency thoughts. Words and Deeds that we have initiated during our many journeys in incarnation.
  5. The Buddhic Body – above the astral body. Reveals the truth that humanity and all the earth planes are in fact one single organism. The causal body dissolves after this and reincarnation in the normal sense is no longer necessary. The third feminine realm of the holy trinity called Divine Activity.
  6. The Atmic Body allows higher evolutions outside the process of physical incarnation. While buddhic body keeps it’s connection with humanity through compassion, The atmic body brings awareness into the cosmic field of Christ consciousness directly merging your awareness with Divine Mind and Heart. It is through the atmic body that the great avatar streams enter the world. It is also the realm of the Siddhis – the many miraculous manifestations of the Divine.
  7. Monadic Body is the unbridled primal essence of Divine consciousness itself. Operates at the causal plane which is the veil it takes on in order to enter the lower worlds corresponding to the first aspect of the Holy Trinity Divine Will.

Divine Will, Mind and Heart and Divine Activity make up The Divine Holy Trinity.

Emotions in the bardos after death are experienced more intensely.

As there is no defined linear sense of time in the bardo states, it can seem that hell is eternal just as it can seem that heaven is eternal.

The six core wounds of humanity,

  1. Repression
  2. Denial
  3. Shame
  4. Rejection
  5. Guilt
  6. Separation.


The seven sacred seals and their respective Siddhis

The First Seal – Divine Will (40th Siddhi)

The Second Seal – Ominiscience (17th Siddhi)

The Third Seal – Universal Love (25th Siddhi)

The Fourth Seal – Epiphany (43rd Siddhi)

The Fifth Seal – Forgiveness (4th Siddhi)

The Sixth Seal – Truth (63rd Siddhi)

The Seventh Seal – Grace (22nd Siddhi)

The Seal that Heals:

  1. Divine Will (40th Siddhi) heals human repression. Ends disease.
  2. Omniscience (17th Siddhi) heals wound of denial. Ends violence.
  3. Universal Love (25th Siddhi) heals wound of shame. Ends greed.
  4. Epiphany (43rd Siddhi) heals the wound of rejection. Ends poverty.
  5. Forgiveness (4th Siddhi) heals the patterns of unconscious guilt. Ends war
  6. Truth (63rd Siddhi) heals the wound of separation. Ends indifference.
  7. Grace (22nd Siddhi) transfiguration (47th Siddhi) absorption of previous 6 layers of human aura into the monadic body, the primordial essence. All surrender to Atmic body called the 7th The opening of the Seventh Seal is the final human epoch and the return of the human race to it’s original Edenic state. The redemption of all beings.

The Nine Portals of Planetary Initiation:

  1. Birth
  2. Baptism
  3. Confirmation
  4. Matrimony
  5. Annunciation
  6. Communion
  7. Ordination
  8. Sanctification
  9. Glorification


Greater pleasure is derived from giving than from taking – foundation for higher life.

In the spirit of helpfulness and harmlessness of actions.

The mission is to leave the world a better place for future generations.

Grace has numerous more blessings attached under the defined word.

One who is touched by grace will always be touched by grace.


23rd Gene Key

Siddhi Quintessence, Gift Simplicity and Shadow Complexity.

Way of the mystic takes neither the path of seeking nor the path of longing

State of wonder, sheer beauty of the ultimate realization. Discovered by mistake.


24th Gene Key

Siddhi Silence, Gift Invention and shadow addiction.

Addiction thinks in circles whereas invention thinks in spirals.

Not knowing is there when awareness is at rest and knowing is there when awareness engages in some form of communication with outside world.

The only thing that really reincarnates is silence itself.

Michael embraces the Lucifer of the Godhead and the greatest fallen angel redeemed. This act of redeeming the God head is most difficult because the trials of Lucifer was the most heinous of crimes against one single being.


25th Gene Key

Siddhi Universal Love, Gift Acceptance and Shadow constriction

Constriction of life is equivalent to constriction of going against the current of life.


26th Gene Key

Siddhi Invisibility, Gift Artfulness and Shadow Pride

Manipulation is main shadow of this gene key.

There is higher purpose in understanding.

Try tuning into rather than impose upon the world.

Higher purpose which celebrates ego without self-judgement and in full awareness.

Manipulation through art and music

The great cinnabar field of existence; laughter is key.


27th Gene Key

Siddhi Selflessness, Gift Altruism and Shadow Selfishness.

To give is to receive. Self sacrificing and self centered, leads to depletion and giving by mind oppose to of heart.


28th Gene Key

Siddhi Immortality, Gift of Totality and Shadow of Purposelessness.

Totality means to live alongside fear.

Your demons are your angels in disguise if you learn from them.


29th Gene Key

Siddhi Devotion, Gift Commitment and Shadow Half-heartedness.

Commitment and Divine Devotion. All unnatural things end at the living cycle. All things good that are persevered are greatly rewarded and cause “luck” to occur.


30th Gene Key

Siddhi Rapture, Gift Lightness and Shadow Desire

Only in the shadow frequencies allows for progressive purity to happen.

It is not desire that causes suffering. It is the reaction desire that creates your suffering.

The ability to laugh at yourself and your mistakes.

The great tragi-comedy is your life.

Desire is dangerous in that it never ends and not one person can satiate the fire of trivial redundant desire and it’s wants/needs.


31st Gene Key

Siddhi Humility, Gift Leadership and Shadow Arrogance.

32nd Gene Key

Siddhi Veneration, Gift Preservation and Shadow Failure

Grafting a new branch of life.

33rd Gene Key

Siddhi Revelation, Gift Mindfulness and Shadow Forgetting.

Through mindfulness is where you discover how to purify your nature and no longer create negative karma.

You have found the secret of all human desire – once purified into natural state of Divine longing, it becomes the very fuel that returns you to your true centre of being.

Siddhi fruit, gift flower and seed is shadow.


34th Gene Key

Siddhi Majesty, Gift Strength and Shadow Force.

Tireless energy and strength deep inside.

Heart of gold, head of a bull.

The ability to act in harmony with natural forces is the true definition of strength.

Become effortless flow of fluid activity and fluid efficiency. Like unto the properties of water.

All heroes are often never found to act on purpose but actually accidental and unintentionally based on their commitment to doing the right thing.

“Display” plays an important part and assists but not to be confused with the siddhi of valor (21).

Valor is aware of itself and seeks glorification whereas Display of heroism appears to be unintentional.

True heroism is unaware of itself.


35th Gene Key

Siddhi Boundlessness, Gift Adventure and Shadow Hunger.

Selfless unconditional universal love and pursuit of adventure with absence of fear or failure.

Start of something fresh and new.


36th Gene Key

Siddhi Compassion, Gift Humanity and Shadow Turbulence.

Dark night of the soul

When struggles with sexuality and emotional turbulence is finally embraced openly and honestly something is born.. You graduate as a human being.


37th Gene Key

Siddhi Tenderness, Gift Equality and Shadow Weakness.

37 is number of Christ in the Gematria.

Over processed emotions and fail as a victim due to emotion states and fears.

Nor patriarchy or matriarchy but as a family.

Surrendering to the overwhelming power.

Sacrificial lamb.

As a mother cradles a child beyond our current view, It is tenderness of a maternal hand.

Tenderness is devoid of tension and sexuality.

No longer tribal structure but will be addressed as a collective mind.

Empowering and support communities simultaneously.

Grace comes to those who need it most (22), Compassion (36) and Truth (63).

40th siddhi of Divine Will’s; softness insurmountable, invincible and inevitable.

38th Gene Key

Siddhi Honour, Gift Perseverance and Shadow Struggle.

For great honor is found in sacrifice of one self and to surrender to competition.

To turn the darkness in to an act of light and convert all darkness to become light.

39th Gene Key

Siddhi Liberation, Gift Dynamism and Shadow Provocation.

Failed based on art of provocation. Hunger for Violence unsated because of spiritual hunger for creativity. Gift of Dynamism is to fight the feeling of being trapped between the outer circumstances without changing your attitude

When fear is felt there will be anger based on being trapped.

First 7 years of unstructured dynamism of playing is important to a child’s individual growth.

Knowledge can be forced, but genius needs to be given a great deal of time and space to organically grow.

The greatest warriors know no fear.

40th Gene Key

Siddhi Divine Will, Gift Resolve and Shadow Exhaustion.

40th shadow is one of the most deep-seaed causes of cancerous disease on our planet.

Saving energy the gift of saving energy at all levels called wu wei; art of doing nothing.

Divine heart, divine mind and divine will. Divine will brings about other two cosmic organs.

It is only when everything is taken from you that you feel this emptiness. This experience is a deeply paradoxical state.

God can only visit when you are not there.


41st Gene Key

Siddhi Emanation, Gift of Anticipation and Shadow of Fantasy.

Atg is the door codon which acts as the entrance to the genetic function.

Chasing a fantasy without realizing it producing the result the unending wheel of samsara.

The difference between 41st gift and 41 shadow is the the difference between genius and non-genius.

This gene key is the ring of origin.

Emanation of the Ain soph aur the sephirah of the kabbalah; the model of emanation containing the concept of infinity.

Also named he black hole or i-ching “decrease”.

All 63 siddhic states are meaningless including bliss, ecstasy and god are meaningless since they are all subtle expressions of the prime emanation.

All efforts to induce the state of enlightenment is meaningless because we are helpless to attain this state. One cannot attain enlightenment when they are purposely pursuing it.

All is sucked into the vacuum that is the serpent ouroboros – endlessly devouring its own tail.


42nd Gene Keys

Siddhi Celebration, Gift Detachment and Shadow Expectation.

All gene keys start with 3rd Gene Key and ends with 42nd Gene Key.

Expectation is the promise of a better tomorrow. To live in the now and do what our heart desires to be happy. It is never too late to live in the now. Postponing until we get old is what we naturally will do if we keep procrastinating.

42 represents death/end of the key and end of a natural cycle thus sends out a notion that time is running out causing a responsive reaction that prompts immediate action.

Every seven years we regenerate all the cells in our body thus we have a new body.

42nd key form a complex codon group in DNA that is known as the ring of life and death.

Careful with expectation, sometimes you will miss out on the good things when you concentrate on the bad.

Detachment allows one to truly grasp the truth of things, not being influenced by the negative or positive.

Work with expectation rather than being a victim of it.

There is great understanding and freedom when one surrenders deeply to their life.

Shadow patterns are in fact an illusion. The explosion of the moment is seen as celebration.

You have always been asleep in the siddhic sense. You cannot be half-asleep – you are either awake or sleeping. Thus awakening/sleeping is a occurrence of being in one of the two different states.

The occurrence of awakening is not an event, it is the end of all events.

We are the serpent shedding our skins. The body is the skin, we are not the skin but we are the serpent endlessly shedding the skin.

Celebration is the direct manifestation of true awakening.


43rd Gene Key

Siddhi Epiphany, Gift of Insight and Shadow of Deafness.

Deafness. Survival, service and surrender. The natural process built into lives of human beings and this process has 3 stages. These bands form the spectrum of human consciousness the 64 keys are built. At the shadow you are operating at genetic survival mode by via frequency of fear. The only certainty in life is change. The white noise is deafening, which makes it rare to see a human being with a clear still aura.

Change is not found in pursuit of change, It happens automatously, we pursue happiness in order to change our reality. We cannot escape the mental loop of worrying. The wonder of the human being is unpredictable, spontaneous liquid genius. We praise heroes from afar and at a safe distance. We label those who pursue the rebellious spirit as outsiders outside our bubble. Without regular shaking we become frozen and stagnant.

He or she cuts a new pathway without worrying about where it is going. Forgetting the future and simply be the conduit for creative insight by means of simplicity. A relaxed solitude of break through in order to become a more contemplative being.


The star and the magi. Buddha experienced a epiphany through his great surrender by means of disappointment searching for something he already had or is. You are what you are and nothing can be taken away from your nature. The only thing you know is that you know absolutely nothing. Nothing you say is of any important or relevance whatsoever. It is like you are sharing a private joke with yourself.


44th Gene Key

Siddhi Synarchy, Gift of Teamwork and Shadow of Interference.

Human fractal is ultimately chaos of everything under the virus like master program “that cannot be wrong” in order to eliminate interference patterns. Starting from individuals to the grass root relationships. The ability to smell the indications of a person’s heritage via hormones and pheromones and track back details of their past lives. To be able to race fractal lineage back to the source of all fractals.

The Queedom; the complete understanding of the mechanics of human destiny and entire story of humanity. Synarchy; The prefix “syn” of synarchy is to concert and “archy” means to govern bringing in the concept of collective rulership. Centers of the world variously known as Shambhala, Mt. Meru, or Agartha, and from which a secret circle of ascended masters or celestial beings govern the world from a higher place. This is a innocent distortion of the Siddhi of Synarchy. True synarchy is the understanding of human fractals in order to fully comprehend its vast vision.

2 classes of insect hierarchy – Ants and Bees. Old esoteric tradition speak of a great being – The King of the World, sometimes known as Melchizedek or Sanat Kumara – who sits at the centre of all creation and governs all life in our planetary system. Akin to the power of the “Queen Bee” in a synarchy of bees. In a hive, all bees serve the queen and their synarchy is divided into different levels of workers and drones. The Queen symbolically and chemically maintains the focus and direction of all it’s members, if the queen dies, the hive falls into chaos and also dies.

Silence is necessary to follow down every fractal line within the cosmos of life. This is in order to see the secrets of human destiny and fractal patterns of time, the tapestry of the fractal lines through the cosmos. When the big bang happened consciousness was seeded into matter in a basic trinary pattern called the “Three Source Codes”. A hierarchy that is circular rather than linear. No one in a synarchy is above anyone else because at all times there is an awareness of the groups inherent oneness, the totality can function as one. Core fractals are what we term enlightened beings or masters.


45th Gene Key

Siddhi of Communion, Gift of Synergy and Shadow of Dominance.

Food = money. Collectivity makes better chance for a kill at a hunt. The gathering together around food that our civilization was born. Survival is more ensured when staying in one place, cultivating crops and domesticating animals. Life based on territory as a means of controlling the production and distribution of food was the crucible of our modern societies and nations. Hand in hand with change came another development, that of civilised hierarchy. Tribal groupings multiplied, natural hierarchies developed around network of elders or around a alpha leader. Power is distributed according to other’s needs, such as skills and usefulness, or was inherited through patrimony. Food and territory have been replaced by money and wealth.

Modern technologies and infrastructure would allow us to live in a world without hierarchy, this is our utopian dream.

We still live in the shadow of Dominance because we still live for ourselves rather than for each other. Tribal thinking dominates over collective thinking and family loyalties far outweigh corporate commitment.

From Hierarchy to Heterarchy: Heterarchy is a level of self-organisation that already exists to an extent within many hierarchies. Heterarchy distributes information horizontally oppose to hierarchy which distributes it’s authority vertically. It recognises the need for both individual and group empowerment, so it operates at a far higher frequency than the hierarchical models. The Gift of Synergy requires a leap of faith out of fear-based thinking and control by a single person. It is akin to the ideal at the core of democracy – The decision-making should and must be collective. In the business world synergy and heterarchy  want to takes us further into networks where businesses that previously competed now dovetail and cross-pollinate each other, thus moving more energy throughout the whole system. This heterarchical model of business; clients and customers are shared between the various businesses that make up the network. Those who hold positions of power and authority have tot risk giving their authority away.

When giving complete authority to another is an act of pure alchemy because when such sacrifice is made to the right group the rewards can be phenomenal. The amount of synergy and goodwill that moves through the human network increases exponentially. This new kind of business is allowed to discover it’s own self-organising intelligence. The gift is interesting in the long term it is this fractal energy of goodwill that has the real power of profitability itself. The goodwill generated reaches outwards in ever-increasing spirals that impact on the world through synchronicity and word of mouth.

Ultimately the 45th gift is in the long run more efficient in moving together in synergy rather than waste energy on competition.

“It is this fractal energy of goodwill that has the real power, not profitability itself.”

The End of Money; Bread and Wine, Money and Blood are core of the symbolism of the holy communion. Oneness on the material plane through the transcendence of money. Human beings are the true currency and money is the prime means in order of interacting and opportunity. If you trust in the energy of goodwill above all else, you will alter the way in which money moves in and out of your life. Redistribution of money through the world economy must alter in order to serve a higher purpose.

Unconditional giving negates the need for money altogether. The ultimate model of human and divine organisation is the synarchy. Communion represents humanity’s original and completed consciousness.

Hierarchy is actually the unfulfilled organising principle that leads to synarchy. When humanity attains communion it discovers that it is organised into a vast fractal pattern of human geometries arranged in human wheels and branches. Synarchy is the overall pattern of humanity operating as one consciousness. Such is Christ and the twelve disciples so is humanity and the fractal families of life. Synarchy is thus an agent of communion since their actions, words, deeds and vison flow directly out into humanity building the Synarchy. Christ is a hub fractal in a sense, a conduit of goodwill who sacrifices himself for the sake of the greater community. As we follow his example we taste the greater body of humanity and enact the mystery of sacred communion in our lives.

Synarchy can be likened to the interlinked network of neurons and synapses in the human brain. This is precisely what is happening to humanity right now as frequencies move through the 45th gene key come more into play. We discover higher levels of self-organisation. We are more so discovering these patterns rather than consciously creating them. We are already arranged into a synarchy. It is the gradual process of discovery and is limited by our time-processing brains.

46th Gene Key

Siddhi of Ecstasy, Gift of Delight and Shadow of Seriousness

Seriousness takes you away from life and love and into issues of control and separation. Just as the 46th gene allows you to enter into the field of ecstasy, the shadow of the 46th shadow demands that you live in the field of agony. Parenting at a low frequency is always involved in conditioning through control, whether conscious or unconscious. We want our children to be happy but don’t know how to be happy ourselves. The freedom and spontaneity of our children is a constant reminder of the depth of our own conditioning and unhappiness. In truth parents have forgotten how to play in return for a world of seriousness.

We only display ignorance when we are too serious about our lives. We tend to not trust life and try to take conscious control of the events that happen to us. This ignorance prevents us from enjoying the fruits of the 46th gift. Repressed nature of being Frigid often cold and frozen they are stale because they don’t truly accept themselves physically. It requires a step back and a better self reflection of who we truly are. Reactive nature of being Frivolous; Frivolity is an over-reaction to seriousness. Once the façade of being laid back, light hearted and jovial is broken they may reveal how deadly seriously they actually take life. Most frivolous people run away from truth and such people usually reflect this in their relationships; generally short lived and numerous.

Acceptance; In order to accept something about yourself, you first have to come out of your own ignorance and own it. Acceptance equals ownership, which leads to Delight. This brings the appreciation of richness to be alive. As you go through life more light hearted; no matter the circumstances you can accept and recognise these instances as being a part of grace. Luck is what happens when you stop interfering with life. The germ of material success and failure is self-acceptance. When you move through life freely with an attitude of delight and openness. Where whatever happens is correct, whether you can see why it is or not is not important. At a active a gift level you will rethink all standard definition of success and failure. Delight invokes grace, stop being so serious.

When we become truly playful we reshape the nature of our collective reality. “Only ecstasy can silence the mind, only ecstasy can solve the world’s problems and only ecstasy can lead the world to universal love and peace.”


47th Gene Key

Siddhi of Transfiguration, Gift of Transmutation and Shadow of Oppression

Genetic memory in our blood, referred to as non coding DNA/junk DNA. Accounts for 98% of our genome. The reason that science cannot decode the 47th shadow is because history is not linear but random, and random patterns cannot be solved through logical methods. Random patterns can only be resolved or read by fractal geometry which reads chaotic patterns using holistic laws. All humans individually carry the entire evolutionary memory of humanity within their body. This also means that we are unconsciously driven by this memory in our blood/DNA. Accessing this unconsciousness actually means they are accessing their collective unconsciousness. This access, if not mentally or spiritually prepared can lead one to become deeply disturbed or delusional.

The only language that can comprehend/decipher this world is the language of archetypes, namely the language used by Jungian psychology, the arcane symbolism of the alchemists or the ancient totemic language of the shaman. The language of archetypes, which is what the 64 Gene Keys are based upon, allows us to look into the hidden side of our nature, to step into the perilous shamanic underworld of the collective unconscious without becoming personally identified with what we see there.

Your suffering is a magic mirror – yours to own, appreciate and accept. Only when you stop trying to avoid it can it show you it’s magic.

Alchemy is the natural destiny of human beings. The way is to embrace your fears and surrender to your suffering and problems. Hold nothing back sift through individual problems and embrace everything. Unio mystica or sacred marriage where all your constituent elements dissolve back into another and forms symbolic gold. Requires divine grace hand in hand with siddhi of transfiguration.


48th Gene Key

Siddhi of Wisdom, Gift of Resourcefulness and Shadow of Inadequacy.

Darkest gene key of inadequacy. Knowledge becomes wisdom (higher counter part). But knowledge can become addiction to knowledge, a distraction and false security.  Trust life on a broader scale and some of the secrets of the well is revealed. Lower the bucket into the dark to have emerge a sense of resourcefulness. The wonder of how much light is found in a place so dark. You must remain open to fear unreactive, vulnerable and unknowing.  You must simply sit with it; neither repress nor react to your fear.

The feeling of intense bliss is no different than lust or even physical pain.


49th Gene Key

Siddhi of Rebirth, Gift of Revolution and Shadow of Reaction

The view of right and wrong. The spirit that enables killing is tribalism hunting and gathering in order to survive. One can justify going to war and kill another based on the idea that they are in the right and the other wrong. Reactions cannot occur without a relationship. The fuel of reaction is the fear of rejection. Intolerance leads to reaction and vice versa b/c we cannot handle the amplitude of our emotional fear when it is triggered by another. We see a remarkable phenomenon the merging of the collective view with the tribal view. 49th and 55th siddhi create the rebirth of freedom, or freedom of rebirth. There must be a destruction of the old world for a new one. 49th siddhi is the gift of revolution to recreate and rebirth or rebuilding the world. 49th gift is in charge of disassembling and reassembling the world.

Penetrance genes of the mutation codon relating to the 49th and 55th siddhis will be profound and behavioural patterns will shift dramatically.





50th Gene Key

Siddhi of Harmony, Gift of Equilibrium and Shadow of Corruption

The cosmos (cosmic order) or cauldron chemical bridge ring of the illuminati. Corruption is merely the by-product of a deeply flawed worldview, and until the core problem hierarchy itself is tackled, corruption will and must continue to flourish. Just like cooks they can balance the recipe without consciously trying. Heterarchy is based upon the principle that if an individual is not in balance then the group has no chance of finding balance. Heterachy therefore requires individual equilibrium before all else. Harmony is constant and infinite whereas equilibrium  can be lost. The cauldron is the symbol of the vessel that receives higher consciousness into itself. All imbalances must be destroyed in order that the cauldron of the physical body become a vacuum. Within the DNA of the human being the body becomes a deep resonant chamber for the highest universal frequencies. Allowing the dissolve the body itself so that the true cauldron is experienced as the universe.


51st Gene Key

Siddhi of Awakening, Gift of Initiative and Shadow of Agitation.

Competitive nature in humans and the lack of fear of death is what desensitises human beings. 51st shadow is about being first not in order to better yourself but to feel superior to others. All those at the top of hierarchy throughout history are eventually humbled by death. It is a battle with your own fears unlike 38 and 39th gifts of the warrior. It does not involve honour and struggle but more with a leap. The leap into the 51st Gift is the leap into the higher self.  51st gift is about harnessing your difference from others rather than trying to beat someone else at their own game. You unlock the magical force of genius that belongs to you in order to take your own initiative and disregard everything you have ever learned or heard.

Two types of consciousness, awakened and asleep. It is not possible to influence this mutation of awakening because it has nothing to do with your experience or behavior. No amount of meditation or spiritual practise can bring about this mutation. The secrets of initiation or every penetration is a sense of shock and results in a mutation or transformation of some kind. Death itself is the transformation of one form back into its constituent forms. Awakening is a surprise; it comes once and only once and after it has come, it stays forever.


52nd Gene Key

Siddhi of Stillness, Gift of Restraint and Shadow of Stress.

The collective or extended phenotype of humanity is shaped by fear, which creates an environment that puts the physical organism under great stress. In order to escape this collective programming field you are required to rise above it at an energetic level. Rising above the state of stress permanently is very rare. Anchoring yourself into a higher frequency, the same life can be experienced as though you were living in an entirely different world. Reactive nature of restlessness those who consistently secrete adrenaline into the body actually causes great damage over time. Thus such people burn themselves out in life.  By confronting and embracing these fears that makes one restless, drives them – they will gradually erode it’s hold over them and learn to activate their Gift of Restraint.  The gift is about striking a balance between two extremes of energy; energy of activity and passivity. Ask the question how may I be the greatest service to humanity? Then you must live the answer; The power of restraint allows your life to unfold without urgent demand. It must be allowed to grow and expand in an organic fashion. The gift of restraint is about non-interference. There will be times when you will feel deeply restrained. The acceptance of this restraint and it’s manifestation as patience is truly a powerful gift.

Frequency is the oscillation of energy waves at different speeds and intervals. Energy waves oscillating at lower and lower frequencies would eventually stop altogether and you would experience nothingness. At the other end of the spectrum, energy waves vibrating at higher and higher frequencies eventually become so close together that they merge to create another kind of nothingness. And nothingness represents the siddhi state. Bliss or universal love or in this case 52nd siddhi of stillness. 52nd and 58th mirror one of the great universal concepts of geometry and physics the torus. It lies in the center of all space-time. The yin-yang black and white hole sucking and releasing space-time. It creates and expands all energy and matter outwards to create space-time itelse. The Torus at the heart of all being is directly experience though the state of enlightenment, which unites stillness (the black hole) with bliss (the white hole). The moment of stillness and bliss is derived from higher functioning of your genetics. The human endocrine is an alchemical factory in which chemicals and hormones are combined and created.

52nd gene key is a archetype and concerns the unfolding of intention into individual destiny through service. It is the seed of great new beginning and original intention and dream of mankind to realise our position as the still point at the heart of creation. Slows down perceived time at subatomic level in the vicinity of experienced space-time, changing the way in which all human emotions operate.


53rd Gene Key

Siddhi of Superabundance, Gift of Expansion and Shadow of Immaturity.

We are a single unified organism. It is the fractal pattern of evolution that moves us forwards not our attachment to it. We must accept our mortality. Life has no morals. Life has no concept of individual justice. At the level of absolute there is no individual soul that survives death even though the existence of a reincarnating higher causal body has relative truth to it. We must as a child would grow out of our self-obsession and reach maturity.

“Everything is constantly passing away and beginning again.”


Your heart open with sweeping insight you trust life with no opinion, no judgement, no attachment and above all, no fear. People are always trying to escape their greatest fear. They continue to be trapped in a cycle in which they have to face themselves.  Life itself only knows expansion. A healthy company or business grows in many directions simultaneously rather than in a single direction. Expansion gift demands individuals transcend their personal opinions, views and attempts to understand what is going on. True expansion is transcending and including and often relatively rare. In a human being, the expansion of frequency can only occur in one way, through the heart. There is no difference between the consciousness that inhabits a tree and the consciousness that exists in a human being. The only difference is the awareness operating system within each. The tree as an example; experiences life through it’s sap, it’s roots and it’s leaves, whereas we humans experience life through our bodies and our minds..

“death is not a contraction but simply another expansion inwards. The 53rd shadow of immaturity is that it isn’t yet aware of it’s environment. There is no individual self or soul to be reborn, but that what reincarnates is the karma of your actions. There is no individual karma, your actions go into the collective unconscious where they stir up a mirror of counter-effects. Life consists of endless beginnings but no endings. Bhakti is giving to others; This creates an upsurge of collective energy field which stirs all sorts of beneficent energies to return to you. Superabundance is closer to the concept of emptiness. All life is programmed to evolve. The 53rd siddhi of awakening brings humankind to be both a being and a becoming. It endlessly evolves and expands. Consciousness is already everywhere and everything and even everywhen. Consciousness never changes or evolves or expands or contracts. It just is.


Consciousness in action manifests as expansion and evolution whereas consciousness at rest is the true underlying nature of everything.


54th Gene Key

Siddhi of Ascension, Gift of Aspiration and Shadow of Greed.

When greed becomes aspiration – greed in this sense refers to the desire to accumulate more material, whereas aspiration refers to the desire to attain something of a more spiritual nature. Extreme ends of greed is very self-destructive. Natural law demonstrates that an organisation dedicated simply to material accumulation will fall under it’s own weight, crumbling. Greed must mature enough to become ambition. Greed is an energy that will compromise it’s own integrity to get what it wants. Ambition may be self-serving also but knows the pitfalls to pure greed. “Money can’t buy you happiness”.  True happiness lies in continual transcendence.

Seeking material wealth is understandable but it is a often a path that inevitably leads to disappointment, aloneness and misery. Addiction to material wealth with the promise of fulfillment in the future prevents them from enjoying the beauty that surrounds them in the present moment. Aspiration contains within it the seed of all higher consciousness. The gift of aspiration concerns the way in which energy is invested. At the higher frequency level over-accumulated energy is recycled and used to support people down the hierarchy ladder. A more sustainable and healthier model come to being.


Business is being seen as a means to create a better and more sustainable world. Paramahansa Yogananda is one of the great mystics of the 20th century. Hindu concept allusion of kundalini, the so-called serpent power at the base of the spine. Some people suffer severe disorders because of the terrific currents of energy that is sustained in yogic practice. There is a particular path for every single person and focusing on anything but your own is highly recommended because it can cause delusion and also can be dangerous. Ascension is a very particular path. It is concerned with the transformation of the gross currents within the body and more into the refining of the currents. Aspiration is a predetermined energy that carries the seed of the final flowering within it. Ascension is activated through the lower frequency of aspiration automatically. The kundalini energy is likened to liquid fire within the physical body are vaporised to create a steaming process in which spiritual essence is refined. Ascension is an incredibly physical sequence of events and does not have to do with visualisation or cerebral meditation. It is usually done by someone who’s has been seeking a path that aspire to higher planes.

Those who do not belong will find the path truly dangerous. Those who belong will be able to effortlessly and spontaneously.


55th Gene Key

Siddhi of Freedom, Gift of Freedom and Shadow of Victimisation

Genetic sequence that dictates your true nature is in your DNA. It unlocks your greater self and allows us to transcend the mortal body. The 55th Gene Key describes the place of awakening within you. It describes the evolutionary force moving from matter to spirit. The 22nd describes the involutionary force moving from spirit to matter. Bringing forth the quintessence of the Great Change.

Victimisation is the shadow that moves to become the mythical Siddhi the heart of this entire 64 Gene Keys. Dormant here has been the theme of humanity since development of the human neo-cortex gave us our capacity for self-reflective consciousness. The theme of the victim. The 55th shadow of Victimization and its programming partner the 59th shadow of dishonesty ensure that every individual becomes his or her own worst enemy. “You reap what you sow” is the lesson; more on the surface than integrated deep.

You either behave as though you are a victim of circumstance or you take full responsibility for your situation. The 55th shadow is located deep in the dorsal ganglia of the solar plexus and it is abouvt emotions. From a low level frequency human beings look outside themselves when they experience either an emotional high or an emotional low. There is a need to attach reason to our emotional states. At high emotion we believe true joy is effect rather than a cause. Because of this idea we spend most of our lives chasing whatever we think causes the effect of joy. At low end of the emotional spectrum we play the blame game and all things that make us feel bad.

It becomes a search for an unattainable fulfilment and not fulfilment itself. Example of this is “Heaven” which is what you hope to fulfill rather than the state itself. Understanding must dawn within you at the level of pure being – the understanding that you have become the unwitting victim of your own unconscious belief patterns. In order to escape from prison, one must first understand that one is in prison.

There are many dimensions to the 55th shadow of Victimisation. There is an illusion of another spiritual reality somehow outside our own sphere of experience it is the same pattern of the longing to find fulfilment. Creating an unattainable reality waiting your whole life longing for that reality. High frequency doesn’t always necessarily lead you to spiritual experiences. High level of frequency tear down the very illusion that there is such a thing as spiritual experience. Spiritual materialism is rife – the new drug is pursuit of truth. 55th shadow often prevents spiritual seekers from following their urge through to its natural conclusion. It does this by identifying either with the form of the teaching or with the teacher or with the path itself. 3 categories of people on a spiritual path: those who are trapped by the structure of a particular teaching, those who are trapped by the gravity of a particular teacher and those who are trapped by their own constant compulsion to be a spiritual tourist. All 3 are spiritual traps for authentic stages that lead to true freedom but all three also masquerade as freedom itself. Siddhi of freedom and true freedom has nothing to do with how we spend our time on the material plane. True freedom is not an effect. It is a kind of ever-expanding spaciousness that spontaneously arises in you as you come to understand how deeply victimised you are by your own core beliefs.

One of the greatest allures of mankind is the ideal of romantic love. The idea of life as a romance is that it can never be truly fulfilled but must continually flow through a wonderfully rich symphony of human emotion and drama. The 55th shadow we are all victims of life’s drama. We actually love and hate the net simultaneously but above all we are addicted to it, as we are addicted to all high drama.

Within your dream world and beneath the net, your greatest longing is given expression. Through the net you can live out your dream. Yet, the love within the net is deeply limited love, a love that never escapes the confines of its own illusions. Under the net, you fall in love or out of love – either way you remain a victim of your projections, expectations and disappointments. Sometimes, you’ll sink and your whole life force comes to a halt based on the rise and fall of the melody. We start to believe sometimes that the thin air that affects your heart rate or mood swings that cause your chest to burst is what we believe freedom is.  In between the extreme melodies give way to cadences; shift in tempo, phrases, notes, trills, pauses and all kinds of feelings. We live our lives submerged with no end to our emotional processing.

The 55th shadow conceals the longing of consciousness to return to it’s collective unity. Most commonly expressed as the romantic longing for the perfect soul mate. The 55th shadow casts a veil over indra’s jewels at every junction in the net. Soon we will glimpse for the first time the truth of our collective unity in every one of Indra’s jewels.

The emotional matrix of the 55th shadow lies within the domain of the solar plexus region in the human body. The complex nerve ganglia is referred to as the second brain. It operates independently from the cranial brain through continual governance of vascular and visceral functions within the body. There is a sheer voltage of emotional states. Not much is known about the exact nature of the neuro-circuitry within the solar plexus or the mechanics and true capabilities. Our emotions have more power over us than our minds, and the world around us testifies this.

Folklorists, mythologists, archaeologists, mystics and historians have spoken of another race of human beings that existed before our modern recorded history.  All human myths and fairy tales are encoded with information about a lost golden age that was extinguished or lost in a form of great flood or cataclysm. Many ancient cultures have devised methods of mapping vast spans and cycles in time. One method holds most true – The trinary pattern. All great works of art or allegorical story has at it’s core the archetypal trinary time-flow. Which divides all human narrative, internal and external, into threes. The resonance to these fundamental patterns. There is always some kind of initial fall from grace, followed by a journey of discovery and trial and ending in a final redemptive victory. When we apply this mapping to the whole of human evolution we find our human story depicted as three great Aeons, vast spans of time marked by four major leaps in consciousness.

The three aeons and their evolutionary stages:

The three aeons and their four turning points described the evolutionary act of our entire planetary consciousness. Essentially, this threefold pattern describes three distinct evolutionary stages culminating a fourth transcendent stages.

The theory of involution and the seven root races:

Life is an interplay between 2 primary forces; Involution and evolution. The west focuses mainly on objective external world vs inner subjective reality. Incarnating deeper into the form shaping evolution known as emanationism. This says that at every stage of our planetary and personal volution there is unfolding hidden purpose revealed in successive steps. As divine life involutes so does human earlth life in it’s evolution as we strive upwards in our consciousness towards the higher frequencies so that we can draw them down to our material plane.

In 7 substages known as the seven root races. The theory of involution in each root race represents a major stage in our planetary development. Within Gene keys synthesis, the root raes are viewed as the unveiling of the subtle layers of the living spirit of Mother Earth Gaia. Through involutionary perspective all aspects of the form of our planet and our universe are seen as being imbued with levels of consciousness. From the densest mineral to the subtlest gas. All root races thus represent the subtlest forms of divine consciousness as it steps down in frequency in order to enter into physical manifestation (first aeons). At a certain point evolution of our planet consciousness enters so deeply in the material world that is forgets itself entirely (the Second Aeon). And soon the Remembering and mythic return to paradise as consciousness transforms the material realm, integrating all dimensions back into itself completing the epic evolutionary arc (the Third Aeon).

The Seven Root Races and Their Corresponding Planes of Reality:

The seven root races also relate directly to the seven planes of reality and the seven subtle bodies of the aura. Giving us both narractive and a timeline for the involutionary stages of consciousness. (referring back to 22nd gene key and 7 sacred bodies and corresponding planes.)

The first root race – polarian – Monadic Plane

The Second Root Race – The Hyperborean – Atmic Plane

The Third Root Race – The Lemurian – Buddhic Plane

The Fourth Root Race – The Atlantean – Causal Plane

The Fifth Root Race – The Aryan – Mental Plane

The Sixth Root Race – The Trivian – Astral Plane

The Seventh Root Race – The Pangaian – Physical Plane


The First Aeon – Preparing the Garden of Gaia:

The first two root races – the polarian and hyperborean, represent the crystallisation of the form of the earth itself – in other words, they span the time period in which our planet actually formed. Corresponding ot the Monadic body (ultimate divinity) the polarian root race represents divine idea or will before it descends into form and experiences separation. The second root race – The Hyperborean – relates to the Atmic Body which is the body of light. This refers to the coalescing of our planet out of the minerals and elements of the sun. This phase includes the formation of the earth’s atmosphere and gradual refining of its elements and gases until our planet was able to support life. It was during the first phases of our evolution that the constituent elements of all planetary life was endowed with subtle forms of consciousness in some traditions these are known as the angels of the elements and devas of the mineral realm.

The Second Aeon – The Flowering and The Fall:

The third root race, known as the Lemurian, represents the birth of animate life as it it emerged from the waters and populated the Earth. This was the Eden phase in which Divine Essence manifested its superabundance as all the kingdoms of nature. The Lemurian consciousness of our planet remains a single unified being existing on the Buddhic Plane, known as the plane of ecstasy. Which is also known as the plane of many Devic realms. The manifestation of consciousness inherent in all living forms. It was during the Lemurian phase that the first human beings were conceived and born.

The Fourth Root Race – The Atlantean represents humanity before the fall. This race of human beings sometimes known as the adamic race is little more than a dim memory to modern human beings. As humans we are separated from our true source by a series of cataclysm, which have become mythically known as The Fall. The truth of this Fall has been handed down by our indigenous cultures through their stories and creation myths, which have in turn found their way into our modern cultures and beliefs. The Atlantean Root Race and it’s culture and environoment were completely obliterated and evolution was literally rebooted and begun again in a new and different direction. However, Atlantean consciousness existed and still exists on the causal plane, which is the plane of the archetypes – the quantum language beyon the logical mind. The original Atlantean consciousness, unlike the modern human was centred in the solar plexus and did not experience itself as separate from the source of all life but was the very heart and mind of Gaia.

The Third Aeon– The Fifth Race and The Kali Yuga

There exists a great fall in every great tale. In Indian Vedic tradition, the evolutionary stages are known as the Yugas, the darkest stage of all is known as the Kali Yuga, after Kali, the Dark Goddess of Time and Change. Our current root race – the Aryan – is now coming towards the end of the Kali Yuga, the Epoch after the fall. The Aryan consciousness exists on the mental planem and our main instrument of awareness is our continually evolving brain. Ironically our greatest gift is our ability to reason which gives us the illusion that we are separate from each other and from our environment. The Third Aeon is about the long walk home. Ever since falling from grace, we humans have been seeking the way home. We do this through science or seeking it through religion and above all we seek it through love.

The Great Change and the Sixth Race:

The time of the Great Change is now upon us. The Fifth Root Race prepares to give way to the sixth root race – The Trivian – Time itself appears to be speeding up. The Sixth Race has been long prophesied by mystics and sages. Corresponding to the involution of Divine essence into the Astral Plan – the realm of emotion and desire – the Sixth Race will bring transformation to our entire planet. As Divine Consciousness continues to descend deeper into form it reveals it’s true nature. The coming epoch will see the sublimation of human sexuality and desire into unconditional love. The Sixth Race will be triggered through the 55th Gene Key and it’s mutation within the solar plexus centre, the seat of human emotion. The Trivian Race heralds the reawakening of this centre and will allow human beings to experience once again the universal quantum field connecting all beings. This reawakening is not a retrograde movement into a past golden age but a new integration of the three lower planes – the physical, astral and mental into their higher counterparts – the causal, buddhic and atmic plans.

It is only in the very end when we have given up all hope of redemption that liberation comes.

The seventh and final root race – the Pangaian really lies beyond words. It represents the integration of all the kingdoms of Gaia into one single vibrating presence. It is where spirit and matter become one, and where the Divine monadic essence shines through the physical plane, allowing it to ascend. It is the kingdom of heaven coming to Earth.


The Ending of the Trilogy and the Return to Eden:

Humanity and our whole planetary consciousness now stands at it’s greatest threshold to date – the final phase of the Trilogy and the eventual resolution of the Riddle of the Aeons. This is such a rare event in the unfolding of consciousness that it brings about vast shifts at every level of life. What is coming seems so fantastical that our minds cannot stretch far enough to encompass such a reality. Such are fairy tales, the third time is the charm and always brings redemption. Our great myths, films, romances and dramas culminate with some form of synthesis. Without this synthesis in our hearts it feels incomplete. It is always at the very end, when we have all but given up hope of redemption comes the liberation. It comes in great tides playing out as trinary pattern of testing and release that is so familiar that we ever find ourselves yearning or that happy ending. We yearn for it so deeply because it’s stamped within the genetic structure of all life forms as it is in our galaxy. Because it is in our DNA, our final destiny must and will be to witness the rebirth of Eden and live peacefully in the garden for ever after.


Repressive and Reactive Patterns of the 55th Shadow

Repressive Nature – Complaining:

The 55th shadow of Victimisation has two main forms of expression. The repressive nature manifests as complaining. Complaining is an unconscious mindset in which one makes oneself the central victim within one’s own drama. Every time one complains outwardly or internally, one effectively disempowers oneself. The repressive nature tends to complain inwardly taking a pessimistic view of life, where the reactive nature tends towards finding a specific external target to blame. When one gets caught in the frequency of complaining, one is caught in the net of the drama of life – known as the maya. The energy of the complaint itself serves to strengthen the  illusion that life is so very hard. Apart from reinforcing itself in this way, complaining also causes sustained general wear on our physical organism. Freedom occurs when we see though our deepest unconscious patterns to the heart of this energetic.

Reactive Nature – Blaming

The other common form taken by the 55th shadow is blame. The reactive nature externalises it’s complaints by specifically blaming something or someone else. When we blame another, we fire an arrow that removes self-responsibility for our situation. In this sense, we invest aspects of ourselves within other beings, giving away our true power and presence. All blame is expressed as anger projected outwardly but in the sense it is not pure. Pure anger is a release of the primal energy of fear that may be triggered by an external source yet does not target that source. The moment one blames another, one is again the vicitim of our own drama. Is is impossible to blame another for one’s fate and simultaneously realise that one is simply a actor in a play. The very act of seeing through the seriousness of life release the energy of blame. From the reactive side, true freedom occurs when the effects of blame are caught in mid-flight before they reach their target.

The 55th Gift and Siddhi of Freedom

The Spirit of the Future Epoch

Contemplation of the 55th Gift inevitably leads one to ponder the future of humanity and of our planet. Over the following pages, we will look both at what is occurring to humanity now and what will occus at the time of The Great Change that lies ahead of us. In reading the code contained in the 64 Gene Keys, of less importance are the details of the unfolding of this Great Change. Any consideration of the details can at best be based on conjecture and opinion. Through a profound resonance with the core frequency behind this work of the 64 Gene Keys, it is possible to capture the spirit of the coming epoch. As you man begin to divine from the following pages, the ripples of this mutation will affect all corners of life on our planet. The other factor ot bear in mind concerns the coming change is the speed at which it will overtake us. In evolutionary terms, it will happen overnight, in practical temporal terms, it will happen gradually and almost imperceptibly. We are talking about a genetic mutation that will slowly colonise our species. In other words, the old human will literally be bred out of humanity. This means that very soon there will be children born among us who carry the full mutation and who will spread it through the gene pool. These children will be different from us. They will not emotionally engage with us on a victim level but will hold a high frequency that will, over time, transform the families into which they are born. We will consider their role more fully towards the end of Gene Key.

The Release Cod of Higher Consciousness

Down the centuries much has been written, spoken and taught concerning the nature of higher consciousness. We are now entering an era in which more and more people will have direct access to an experience of true higher consciousness. Eventually, what occurs during this 21st century will spread to the entire collective and catalyse an age that even now we can only dream of. Up until now, the process of awakening has been understood and explained (besides a few cases) at an individual level. Teachers, sages and Gurus have communicated their truths in a style suited to certain individuals. The emphasis has most always been “how can I awaken?”.

Two main elements within this question are now rapidly passing their sell-by date. The first in the question of “how?”. The 55th Gene Key will bring an end to the question of how. Secondly, the individual element of “I will be” gradually phased out by the coming changes to humanity. We are entering the age of “we”. Only when we have fully absorbed the truth that humanity is one collective “we” will show us the final irony, as we once against become a deeply mystical collective “I”.

A vast and dnamic change in the form of a genetic cellular mutation is coming to humans. It is being triggered by this 55th Gene Key and its related amino acid Histidine. At a chemical level, your own body is in the process of preparing for this mutation as you read these words. The process is underway at a collective level too, and not a single human being is immune to it. At it’s highest level, the 55 Gene Key is the release code for high consciousness. There are many profound implications to this process and there is a specific sequence to it’s unfolding. As we examine this Gene Key in further depth, we try to look ahead to the kinds of changes we are facing and how they may affect us both as individuals and as a society in general.

The Pivoting of Awareness

Within the spectrum of consciousness – the linguistic matrix underpinning the sixty-fourth Gene Keys – The 55th Gift is unique. When you look down the columns of words that represent the frequencies of each Gift and Siddhi, you will see that the word for the 55th Gift of Freedom is the same as the word for the Siddhi. This is the only place in the spectrum where this occurs and it has very great importance. The 55th gift is a pivot around which human awareness is launching a new faculty – the ability to travel through physical space. This development will change everything about the world as we know it. Once awareness has been set free in this way, what we have previously seen as higher consciousness will become our ordinary state. This is why the word for the Siddhi and the Gift is the same. The spectrum of Consciousness itself will be torn open from this point and one by one, each of the gifts will be freed from it’s shadow and will merge with it’s highest potential in the Siddhi. As the Shadow energy rises up to the Gift, so the Siddhi energy descends to the Gift. It is through the genetic wheel of fortune is going to a whole new gear of the moment as it reaches a specific cog in it’s path. This cog is the 55th Gift. From that moment on a new force will enter the world, with new laws and new ramifications for us all.

Up until now in human history, awareness has been confined to the individual human form. We experience awareness as movement, as feeling and as thought. Unless someone reaches heightened or Siddhic state, they cannot access awareness outside of their body. However, throughout history, expanded awareness has spontaneously flowered in certain human beings, giving us a taste of our future. In a siddhic state of consciousness, awareness is the connective tissue between organisms – it is the interface between consciousness itself and the world of form. “The form is the skin, the fruit is the awareness and the seed is consciousness.” In the simplest terms, awareness is the key that opens the door between what we call God and Man.

Heavenly Hydraulics:

To understand the true nature of the coming awakening, one can find a beautiful parallel in the life cycle of the dragonfly. Dragonflies in spend much of their early lives underwater. As underwater insects they are known as nymphs, and unlike most pond insects they do not have to come to the surface for air. For most of their lives, nymphs live totally underwater where they are highly successful predators, feeding on anything from leaf litter to small fish. During this stage of it’s life, the nymph goes through a series of moults – stages of maturity in which it sheds it’s skin but still remains as a nymph. These stages of the insect’s life can last several years, and during this time it has no idea what kind of future lies ahead. Is is undergoing a series of hidden mutations. Then, one day, all of a sudden, some sleeping gene deep within is triggered and the nymph does something totally out of character- it finds the stalk of a nearby plant and climbs out of the water. For the first time in it’s life it tastes air and direct sunlight.

Once the nymph has left the safety of it’s underwater environment, the sunlight begins to work on it, cotalysing what will be it’s final moult. It is at this stage that the true magic occurs, as the advanced creature hidden within the nymph cracks the outer larval skin. Over a period of several hours, four crumpled wings appears and the distinctive slender thorax begins to uncurl. What is of great metaphorical relevance at this stage concerns the element of water. As the emerging dragonfly rises out of the element of water and prepares to be reborn into a new life in the element of air, the water becomes the key to the transformation process. Through a process of hydraulics, the water within the nymph’s body is pumped into the emerging wings and thorax, causing them to unfurl and spread out for the first time. In other words, the dragonfly assumes it’s aerodynamic shape by means of the water from it’s old life. This water is what drives it’s mutation from nymph to dragonfly. As soon as all the water is expended and the dragonfly is fully extended, it takes to the air and begins it’s new life.

The life cycle of the dragonfly is a perfect metaphor for the awakening of the 55th Gift and it’s Siddhi. The raw energy of your emotions become the vehicle of rhte unfurling of your future awareness, and once that awareness is born your life exists forever on a higher plane. The metaphor also show us that as a species we must dive deeply into the emotional field where we will go through a series of mutations of which we are generally unaware. Whilst we exist in the world of emotions, we will have little inkling of the life that lies ahead of us. When the 55th shadow finally mutates fully, the collective awakening will truly begin in earnest.

The Early Stages of the Awakening Sequence:

We will examine the specific timing and sequence of this awakening at the end. At present, in relation to the dragonfly metaphor, we are in the stages of climbing up the stem out to the world and into the sunlight. The world genetic stage is in the full sway of this drama, and because of this it can be deeply confusing time. You may already be having glimses and premonitions of what is to come as your body and psyche becomes the battlefield fo this mutative process. Particularly if you caryy the 55th Gift as one of your prim gifts, you may be highly susceptible to wild fluctuations in your normal rhythms, energy patterns and emotions. This is a deep process of integration that will last a considerable time, but that will gradually become more stable.

The early stages of the awakening (up until 2012) are set to be the most volatile phase of the process. It is during this phase of the process. It is during this phase that our emotional systems are literally being broken down. Two Gene Keys are strongly connected with the 55th Gift – it’s programming partner, the 59th Gift of Intimacy and the 39th Gift of Dynamism. They are also highly active in the process of awakening. The 39th Gift and it’s Siddhi of Liberation will challenge every emotion of our nature. There is a direct relationship between these two higher states of Liberation and Freedom. The 39th Siddhi actually provokes the final state of Freedom. Liberation is a dynamic process whereas Freedom is a release. Equally powerful is the 59th Siddhi of Transparency, which awakens simultaneously with the 55th Siddhi. You can see the hidden agenda beneath the awakening process in this Siddhi – we humans are being forced to become transparent, like the dragonfly’s wings. The 59th Gift of Intimacy is the first step along the road. We hae to allow life to crack out hearts open through our relationships.

We already know that the 55th Gene Key is about romance, which is why the awakening of the 55th Gift is about relationships. After this awakening has occurred, one will no longer exist as an individual. Awareness will operate collectively, The early shattering of the sense of separateness will take place through your intimate relationships. From now on, the more you tr to hide from others, the more suffering you will bring upon yourself. Every hidden agenda must be aired and destroyed. The mind’s obsessive grip on separateness must also be destroyed. This is the end of the age of selfishness. There will be many who resist this mutation, as there must be. They are not a part of what is to come and this must be respected. Through these people old energy will leave the world. There is no choice in this – it is a matter of collective selection of appropriate genetic material for the future human.

The Vaporisation the Victim Consciousness:

As we have seen, the 55th Shadow is rooted in the notion of being a victim, and in particular of being a victim of emotions, whether your own or someone else’s. After the awakening of the 55th Gift, the concept of emotions belonging to someone will be absurd. Emotions operate in a wave frequency, and at a collective level there is only one wave which connects us all together. That some people may generate this wave and others may receive it is simply mechanics. Like the symbol of the dragonfly, our new awareness will lift us above the dark waters of the victim consciousness, but this will not be a simply transcendence. We will not become less human in this process. Actually, the process can only be triggered by a deep submersion into our human wounds that becomes the catalyst of our transcendence. The process of awakening is a process that has been known. It is most accurately described through the esoteric science of alchemy. In traditional Taoist alchemy, there is a secret formula known as the Kan and Li. Kan means water and Li means fire. In this alchemical formula, the solar plexus is seen as a cauldron, and emotional energy is the water within the cauldron. The fire beneath the cauldron is awareness (chi) and this awareness is said to cok the emotional energy (jing). The result is a process of steaming in which a third transcendent force arises through the process. The Chinese call this third force (shen) which means spirit. Western alchemy uses similar archetypes but in a different cultural way. In the west we tend to see the two forces as a man and woman within us – animus and anima. These two copulate in a mystical union giving birth to a magical child (mercury).


In the language of the 64th Gene Keys, the Shadow state is the raw material of eventual transcendence. Without diving deeply into our Shadows and freeing the awareness form it’s roots, we will never experience the elation of vaporisation of the victim consciousness within us. Only on those blissful vapours can we rise above the emotional depths and surf the collective wave.

The Rising of Humanity’s Gifts:

There are two main phases to the awakening triggered by the 55th Gift. The first phase is represented by this rising up of mass consciousness out of the shadows of victim consciousness. As this occurs, we will see the world as a currently known it gradually changing shape. Up until now only a small percentage of human beings have managed to escape the Shadow state and deliver their Gifts to the world. Only a very few have attained the Siddhic level of consciousness. This is all exactly as it should be. Each frequency band depends upton the below and above it. The more people there are transcending their Shadow state, the more chance there is for someone at a higher level to make the leap to the Siddhi level. It may take 100,000 people living at the Gift level to provide the momentum for one being to make the leap to the Siddhic level. By the same token, one person at the Siddhic level provides the collective frequency for thousands to escape the lower frequency of their Shadows and begin to live out their Gifts.

When a person is freed from the Shadow state, they become a creative conduit for life itself. They also begin to fulfil their true destiny within the whole. The final destiny of the whole is represented by the 50th Siddhi and the 6th Siddhi – Harmony and Peace. This means that as a person begings to do what they love to do in life, they begin to co-create these conditions on the physical plane. As a process, this may take hundreds or even thousands of years to reach it’s final phase. When it does, just as the dragon fly our entire planet will mutate to it’s next phase of evolution in another reality, represented by the 28th Siddhi of Immortality.

This word Freedom is truly a dimensionless word. As we begin this process of transcending our Shadows, miracles can occur in our lives. Freedom is the spirit of the 55th Gift – it is the spirit of humanity. As your awareness stretches, the spirit of freedom breaks down the barriers in your life. The fractal lines open all around you and energy that was lying choked in a certain dimension suddenly precipitates unforeseen beneficial circumstances in your life. Every aspect of your life is interconnected, so a breakthrough at the source of your being will ripple out into all areas, some that you perhaps didn’t even remember existed.

The Threefold Awakening Sequence:

In part 1 of this Gene Key we looked at the threefold pattern inherent to all universal rhythms and we charted this through the evolutionary phases of the Three Aeons and our current subphase known as the 333, which holds the master genetic sequence for closing the Aeons. In the last 20 years or so the world has undergone vast changes in it’s inner structure. As we move through this incredible portal we can identify three distinct dates or markers that set the trajectory of the process of planetary awakening and fusion. These markers are points of shift written into the vibrational score of our evolution. They are 1987 – the Harmonic Convergence, 2012 – the Melodic Resonance, and 2027 – the Rhythmic Symphony. These three phases of Harmony, Melody and Rhythm form the imprinting field for the complete restructuring of all vibrational life on our planet.

1987 -Harmonic Convergence

It represents a crossing over point in consciousness in which an unprecedented event occurred. Triggered by a supernove within a neighbouring galaxy, 1987 bore witness to the beginning of the Age of Synthesis. A series of unprecedented celestial alignments made possible a shift in human brain chemistry, allowing us to finally perceive the unifying Truth behind all the great teachings of the ages. It is important to understand that these marker points are not events but ongoing developmental processes. The Harmonic Convergence is still taking place today on many levels as huge previously separate spheres of human endeavour come together. We are now seeing the beginning of the synthesis of all the human sciences and arts, of the left brain and the right brain, of the male and of the female, of East and of the West. The harmony is, as the great sage Heraclitus said, hidden harmony, but it is now becoming increasingly more apparent.

2012 – Melodic Resonance

In context of the Threefold awakening sequence; Metaphorical language 1987 was the gestation period, 2012 is the birth and 2027 is the coming to fruition of the new order. The real meaning of melody is rooted in the understanding of romance. Melody is the aspect of music that catches the emotional breath and causes human beings to dream. 2012 marks the alignment of humanity as a single organism through the breath and the reawakened awareness of the solar plexus centre. Whatever deep dreams and longings you hold inside you will be seeded and locked in by this date, as we come into resonance with the heart of humanity through the reawakening of the Atlantean/Edenic awareness.

“B/w 2012 and 2027 a core awakening fractal of humanity will lay the foundations of a new world that will reshape this planet from the inside out.”

2012 also marks a dividing line in human evolution. If by this date you are not in resonance with the dream that is moving into form, your DNA will be locked out of the story. This is in fact a perfectly natural occurrence. Much of current human DNA must be phased out in order for a new form to be constructed. Therefore, over several generations we will see a great number of old patterns leaving our world . For some considerable time this means that we may have the appearance of two separate realities existing simultaneously – Those who are still living within the old systems and those who are building the new ones.

2027 – Rhythmic Symphony

Many different mystics and ancient calendar systems have long predicted the great turning point of human evolution coming to a climax in this current age. The Human Design System, one of the great systems that laid the foundation for this work on the 64 Gene Keys, uses the 64 codes of the ancient “I Ching” as a kind of genetic clock to measure the timing of potential future mutations in human DNA. As a genetic clock, it predicts that a huge genetic mutation will sweep through the solar plexus system of humanity beginning in the year 2027. As such, the year 2027 is a difficult year to put into words. The coming consciousness shift will be an implosion of extremely high frequency Siddhic consciousness. After this date, nothing will be the same again.


In the year 2027, our planet will begin a gradual process of falling silent into a state of awe. Between 2012 and 2027, a core awakening fractal of humanity will lay the foundations of a new world that will, over many generations, reshape this planet from the inside out. Old systems will crumble as the new order arises unscathed. Time will mark the phase of recreating Eden, which never left this planet but remained as an energetic blueprint. Harmony and melody will be synthesised here into a divine universal rhythm. For the first time humanity will hear and be the virtuoso soloist in the great symphony of the spheres. At a certain point in our future beyond 2027, we will finally discover the wonder of simply being. There really will nothing left to do on Earth but enjoy the garden (something our species has not managed to do yet.)


The Marriage of the Sacred Couple

As we touched upon previously, the coming shift will precipitate the end of the age of the individual I and the beginning of the age of the collective We. There are multiple stages in this process, and the first stage concerns a major shift in the frequency of relationships on our planet. The awakening will bring many new phenomena into the world, one of which we have always dreamed of but never attained 0 the ideal of the sacred marriage. The contemporary institution of marriage is an attempt to capture this ideal on the physical plane. Marriages however even relationships until now, even the clearest and purest have not been able to fully embody the principle of marriage at it’s highest potential. The actual sharing of the same aura.

In order for the ideal of the sacred couple to exist on the physical plane there must first be a melding of awareness. This is the unio mystic or coniunctio spoken of by the alchemists. Enlightenment or realisation has always been a state that flowers in individuals and, historically the world has never seen an elightened couple in it’s truest sense. We may have seen symbolic examples, and there are certainly couples who have experienced these states together for short periods of time. But the first stage in the breaking down of barriers between these human forms will be the healing of the yin/yang split between man and woman. The ancestral pressure between the sexes is so vast that it has thus far prevented true melding.

When the first relationships experience dual enlightenment, we will know that the deepest wound of all has finally been healed – the wound symbolised by the division and fall of Adam and Eve. These sacred marriages will have an unbelievable energy field around them – in fact, they will be at the core of whole new communities. Such experiences will herald the end of duality as we know it today because the same genetic force that repels the seses is the force responsible for mating. In other words, the human sexual force will gradually be sublimated into creativity and higher consciousness. Over time, this means that the population of our planet will go through a steady and consistent decline.

The ancient symbol for the 55th Gene Key is he cup of abundance or the sacred chalice. At the Shadow level of consciousness this cup is never full.. One side of the relationship is always pulling and the other pushing, one needing and the other rejecting. This situation is caused because of the human tendency to blame, which creates a constant dynamic in the relationship whereby both partners drain each other.

In the human relationships that are coming, the cup is neither half-full nor half-empty. There is only one awareness in the relationship, so the cup is always overflowing. We will no longer fall in love, but we will rise in love. The great love that exists between the yin and yang will finally shatter the illusion of our separateness and release the enless font of energy from the nucleus of creation itself. Ultimately, it will be through the extended families and communities of these sacred marriages that the new awareness will spread.

The Music of Change

Many scientists have found similarities between the structure of DNA and music. Parts of DNA and protein sequences are often repeated with very minor changes. This imperfect repetition has often been likened to the compositional structure of music, particularly classical music and music form the East. The idea that the human body itself is musical is not so far-fetched. We are a delicate framework of rhythms and melodies; our brainwaves, blood circulation, heartbeat, endocrine cycles and the very fluid of our cells all breathe according to a very consistent rhythm. At an even deeper subatomic level our molecules and their atomic structures also vibrate at very high frequencies and are designed around universal geometries. Seen in this way, the human being is nothing more than a symphony of interwoven rhythms, tempos and sounds.

The 55th Gift is deeply connected to sound and the way in which our bodies and emotions respond to sound. The ageless connect between the human emotional spectrum and music is rooted here in this Gene Key. One of the most poignant analogies between the structure of DNA and music concerns the triplet. DNA is sctructured in triplets made up of combinations of base pairs. The triplet is the key structural foundation the entire genetic helix. In music, the triplet represents something quite neat – it represents the pure longing of life itself. The musical triplet is always trying to resolve to another note, and in this sense it has the effect of leaving the human heart hanging in the air. This longing is exactly what is expressed through the 55th Gift. It is the longing to create more. Unlike duality, trinity is not a straight line – it doesn’t rest but repeats, always free and always fresh.

As the great change comes to human beings, the ancient fear within us will subside and we will hear a new kind of music. We will vibrate at a higher frequency that will chemically lift us free form the old genetic fears. We will become one with the music of life and experience the whole spectrum of emotions from the light to the dark, without fear and without shame. This is a new kind of music for humans – there are no paths to follow and no need for systems or structures to keep us safe. Those old ways are leaving the world. The new human being will no long try to escape the long longing of life within him or her. We will no longer fear true freedom because we will operate from an awareness that is beyond the mind and its concerns about the future. Ultimate freedom has nothing to do with your life circumstances – it is the freedom of allowing the self to dissolve into the waves of the ocean. It is the free that is born through one’s absolute trust in life.

Poetic Genetics

The highest expression of human language is poetry. True poetry captures the hidden essence of what cannot be said in word. The secret is in the rhythm, the cadence and the tonal frequency. To be a poet, imagination has to free itself from the structure of language. Likewise, the true nature of humanity cannot be caught or homogenised into a logical framework. Our true nature is wildness, and it is this wildness that scares people. The moment you think you have pinned life down, it mutates. We humans are in a deep process of transcending the mental game of trying to understand life. The ancient Indian sages called the world we inhabit as maya – an illusion. Our problem has always been that we try to understand this maya through an instrument (the mind) bound by laws that prevent true understanding. You cannot use an instrument within the maya to understand the maya.

This new awareness in humans will bring an end to so many things. One such ending we will witness will be the end of the question of how. As a species, we will no longer be obsessed with intellectual understanding. This will mark the end of the spiritual seeker. We will no longer fix our awareness on our structures and systems. We will no longer hunger at any level. Like the poet or the musician, we will enter into the mystery itself. Humanity is actually at the very early stages of transcending our genetics. As our consciousness begins to rise up on the pure awareness of our emotional system, we will final see through the veil that has long held us captive. Once we are free from our minds in this way, we can truly create great poetry of our lives. We are entering into an era of great beauty – it will be a transcendent era of great beauty; It will be a transcendent era in which creativity will rule and life itself will be experienced as art.

The Possible and Likely Effects of Future Genetic Mutation

As we move into this coming phase, particularly in the years following 2027, there are many things about the world that will change. Because of the nature of mutation, there will be sudden quantum leaps that are followed by long periods of integration. All change on a social level takes time and some of these phases may last hundreds of years.

Physical Changes

The secret of the 55th gift at a physiological level lies in a single element – Salt. Salt has long been known for it’s purifying properties and it’s ability to leach toxins from the body. Every single cell within your body contains salt, and it’s balance within the body is a major key to health. Everything connected to this 55th Gift is rooted in it’s literal and metaphorical relationship to water. As we learned through the 32nd Gene Key, water holds memory. When your emotions become intense, you release memory through the salt in your tears and sweat. What is beginning to happen to humanity now and what will become more and more intense, is a process whereby ancient memories are being chemically release from our bodies. Heightened emotional awareness will gradually draw the toxic genetic memories out of the human form. At a physical level, this will occur through your sweat, your tears and your urine.

In the same way that seawater evaporates to leave behind it’s salt, so human beings are going through a process of evaporation and distillation. At a chemical level we are beginning to change. A new network of neuro-circuitry in the solar plexus is superseding the reptilian fear-based neuro-circuitry of the old brain. As the 59th Siddhi testifies, human beings will gradually become more transparent as the body no longer produces the old chemicals created by fear. With the closing down of certain chemical processes associated with the hindbrain, the body’s needs will radically change. Without the toxins create by fear, the body will need far less salt, and it will become much less dense.


As the human body’s need for salt decreases our digestive system will begin to mutate. This is after all a solar plexus mutation. As our digestive system mutates to accommodate a higher frequency passing throughout our DNA, it is likely that our diet will also change. The body will not only stop craving salty foods, but will actually reject them outright. It is also probable that gradually humans will stop eating meat, anwe will certainly not be able to tolerate the high salt intake provided by modern process food. As our children inherit the mutation through their DNA, they may well be born with a physiological allergy to salty food and/or meat. All these changes are the result of the mutation and will come in their own time. During the current transition period human beings actually require even more salt than usual in order for the toxicity of the past to be collectively purified. This is the hidden reason behind the current worldwide revolution in processed food. Nature knows exactly what she is doing, and we should take to heart from this.

Digestion is rooted in the mineral realm; in the way in which the body uses and dissolves trace elements from food and water. In the future, in a totally new way. We will become highly efficient at drawing and combining the elements from food. The mechanical means for this will be through our moods. In other words, our bodies will tell us exactly what we need to eat and when, through the medium of our mood. One of the most likely effects of the mutation will be that we will simply not feel hungry as often as we do now, with the result that we eat far less. Added to this, our bodies will begin to find other means of absorbing higher frequency food through air and sunlight. Eventually, far down the road when the final pieces of the cosmic chess game are in place, the 6th Siddhi will flower within the collective, making our skin totally translucent, thereby allowing us to live purely on light.

Emotions and Decisions – The Stilling of the Wave

Some of the most radical changes to humanity will concern the emotional system itself. Presently, human beings are victims of the whims of their emotions. Their decisions are out of harmony with their true nature, creating a collective energy field of chaos. As the mutation takes hold, what we now call emotion will have a completely different role. It will no longer be experienced as emotion at all. It will be a means of communication. The people in whom this mutation manifests will not be caught in the emotional drama of life. They will still feel every single nuance of the emotional environment deep within their bodies, but their awareness will ride on top of these waves instead of being lost within them. The result is that the will feel extremely calm, and one of the ways in which they will be recognised is through the peacefulness in their eyes.

Every person carrying the mutation will effectively still the wave in his or her environment. As more and more people are born into this awareness, their collective presence will slowly tune the rest of humanity to a different dimension – a dimension of endless clarity and stillness. This will also deeply affect the way in which human beings make decisions. Decisions will no longer be subject to the shifting patterns of emotional chemistry. Decisions will emerge instantly and with great clarity as the collect chemistry across the planet becomes calmer. Such decisions will non longer belong to individuals but will emerge directly from the harmonious nexus of the collective itself.

The process of the stilling of the wave will ultimately lead to an era of world peace. As a metaphor, this process is likened to an orchestra warming up before a concert – all one hears is a cocophony of different tones sounded on different instruments at random. This is the current state of humanity. When the mutation arrives, the conductor taps his stick on his podium until every instrument Is silent. Only when silence has been attained can we hear the hidden harmony that is the true nature of humanity.

The Environment

Many people today are very concerned about the environment of our planet and the great damage that is occurring due to the huge pressures of globalisation. It is important to understand why humanity currently appers to be causing such damage to itself. To understand such things one has to look at the bigger picture. The planet is our greater body, and just as the physical body of human beings is going through a genetic mutation, so is all life. All life is a delicate network of interwoven threads it is not possible for one species to undergo a major mutation without affecting all other species.

Our current generation is the sacrificial generation. Our collective body is purging humanity of it’s ancient toxins. From the dietary level, we have seen that the west in particular has such a high salt intake that a huge swath of the population is obese. Fat is the fuel of mutation, and this mutation is leaching out the collective shadows of humanity. Stress is another symptoms of increased activity through the solar plexus. Mutation puts the physical vehicle under great stress. At every level of society the ancient human wound is being expressed – through business, government and the environment itself. This is the true meaning of the myth of the flood. The flood is coming, and it will separate the Gift consciousness from the victim consciousness.

Global warming and pollution are classic expressions of the human wound seen on a broader scale. These kinds of phenomena represent the last raging of the victim consciousness, with the Earth herself playing the role of the victim. There is enormous collective fear surrounding the issue of what we are doing to our environment, but the irony is that if humanity were not in the grip of this world mutation we would inevitably destroy ourselves. The rising of the 55th Gift as a physical genetic mutation is literally creating a new species. As our spirit settles and our awareness allows us to experience unity with each other, we will also experience unity with all creatures. The new awareness will particularly connect us to animals in a direct way, since their awareness already functions collectively. Although they carry different genetic equipment their true nature is that of the 55th Gift – Freedom. Not only will we stop eating animals, but for the first time we will experience ourselves as one with them. In everything we do, freedom will play the central role.

A major key to the future will be the huge decrease in human population that occus due to the shift in frequency of the emotional/sexual apparatus. The busy world we see today will fall silent – huge tracts of the Earth will be reclaimed by wilderness. The sense of space and freedom that is the essences of our planet will return as we have seen, the nature of freedom is wildness. W will not have to do anything to heal the planet. There simply will not be enough of us to do harm, so nature will find her own wild balance. The animals will be free to roam, the plants and forests will be free to spread and blossom, and man will be free to enjoy simply being alive. The very force that has driven man to where he is now – the force of fear will be gone.

It is always difficult to foresee the details of what life will look like in our future. What we can see is the spirit of the age. Is more than likely that man will continue to harness the incredible technology he has thus far create, and with the rising of our inherent gifts, we are bound to improve on it exponentially. The future will not be a retrogressive period of going back to our primal roots. It will be more a co-creative stewardship of nature. In essence, human beings have always been gardeners, and that is really our role on this planet – to complete the beauty of nature by adding our own spirit to it.

The real work of transmutation at a planetary level will be done by the oceans. All toxins created by man will find their way into the water cycle and over time be purified by the salt within the world’s oceans. Once again, one can see the elemental power that lies behind this 55th Gift as well as the mystical meaning behind the coming of age of Aquarius the age of the water-bearer.

Future Technology and the New Science of Synthesis

When contemplating humanity’s potential future technologies and their use and effect on our world, we should bear in mind that the coming mutation will directly affect the way we think. Since our primary awareness is shifting to the solar plexus area, all future insights and break throughs in science will come from this awareness rather than from our logical mind. This will entirely change scientific approach. Instead of beginning with doubt and then working to resolve that doubt through scientific method, we will begin with certainty and use logic to confirm and deepen that certainty. This will give birth to a new era of science and technology, and the future science will be a science of synthesis. Science will work hand in hand with art, music, mythology, and psychology and most importantly rooted in the physical structure and understanding of the body.

The central axis of all future logical systems involved in this grand new synthesis is sacred geometry. Geometry is the central organising model that allows the human mind to correlate all patterns within the holographic universe. It is now being shown in advanced physics hat geometry of the 64 genes is not only present within the tetrahedral structure of DNA but also underpins space-time itself as well as being the foundation of music. With the help of advanced computer technology, we can now generate highly complex models of our universe using the laws of fractal geometry. Using this geometry, it will become possible to unify all the sciences and arts into a single integrated cohesive whole. Such a synthesis can only be made possible through mass collaboration across a wide variety of fields of expertise.

With our awareness opening up within the solar plexus, the new physics will set off in a completely new direction. Our most bountiful natural resource the sun, and it will likely become the true source of our energy. One of the great western sages of the last century Mikael Aivanhov spoke of future humanity become solar civilisation. In the hologram of the universe, the reawakening of our own inner sun in th solar plexus will have it’s reflection in our technology. It is a universal law that our external findings mirror our inner development. This statement has even greater implications for our future. As we transcend the very structure of our own DNA, we will break free from the gravitational pull of the lower frequencies. In science this will be reflected in the new technologies such as plasma physics which will shortly enable us to transcend physical gravity and bend time and space.

The new science will begin to take humanity into a future that at this moment may well seem like science fiction. Once we have technologies that harness the powers of gravity, we can travel outside our solar system and begin to explore our galaxy and universe. This will mark the phase in which Earth finally becomes a player in a far wider field of intelligence than we currently comprehend. All these breakthroughs are in fact much closer than most of us dare to dream. More than likely the technological foundations will be laid for this completely new epoch of humanity’s story in the first half of this very century.

Government, Poverty and Money

To grasp the future social structure of humanity you need to have a clear understanding of the nature of fractals. (contemplation of 44, 45 and 49 Siddhis). Each of these concerns the different levels of change that will revolutionise the way human beings interact on a collective level.) it is evident that humanity will eventually become linked together by a single pervading spirit, in much the same way that we are linked together today on the material plane through the internet. The creation of the electronic World Wide Web is a precursor of what is to come at a genetic level. The nature of this human spirit is freedom, which means that freedom will become the only real human agenda.

As the human spirit becomes free, another critical Gene Key will flower collectively – the 50th Gift of Equilibrium. The Gift is one of the most important in terms of how human beings serve and support each other. Through the 50th Gift, humanity is slowly being brought into a state of cosmic harmony. At a social level, the presence of this Gift in different societies and racial groupings will bring about a new kind of order. This Gift will precipitate the gradual demise of corruption and crime. This means that appropriate assistance will move between the developed countries and the less developed countries and the problems of poverty will eventually be overcome. The future of money can also be seen quite clearly through an understanding of certain Gifts and Siddhi; in particular the 45th Siddhi. Money is essentially a physical expression of victim consciousness. It represents human fear. Our relationship to money is therefore our relationship to fear. There is nothing that reveals a hidden agenda more quickly than the subject of money. Nearly all money, given or received, carries a hidden charge. Only Money that is given received unconditionally has no charged attached. A money is handles in a cleaner way, it will become energetically laundered and manifest one of the great cosmic laws – that to give is to receive. The most successful businesses of the future will be based upon the 45th Gift of Synergy. These kinds of businesses will no longer be based on competition and fear, but will be transparent and highly efficient. Greed and fear are actually highly inefficient.

As the highest aspects of the 45th Siddhi come into play, money itself will eventually come to an end. When this finally occurs, it will be the greatest symbol of true freedom that our planet has ever manifested, and it will inspire a worldwide celebration the life the world has never known. The 55th Gene Key is a part of the codon group called the Ring of the Whirlwind. Together with the 49th Gene Key, it will cause dramatic changes at all levels of our society. Interestingly, this codon ring codes for an amino acid called histidine, which is released during physical orgasm. The whirlwind moving through the human genome can indeed be likened o a collective orgasm – spiralling force of consciousness that ripples through the body of humanity, taking us to higher and higher levels of unity and ecstasy.

Death, Medicine and the Siddhic Supernova

Freedom is the only true medicine of the future. There are many levels of freedom, but the ultimate freedom is freedom from believing you are separate from life. The coming awareness through the 55th Gene Key heralds the absolute end of the fear of death. The 55th Gene Key does more than end this fear; it proves that there is no such thing as death. This fear of death actually lies within the 28th Shadow, which has a deep connection to the 55th Gift. As the 55th Gene Key mutates, so will the 28th Gene Key, at least to the Gift level of Totality. The secret to optimal health lies here in the 28th Gift because it is about the free flow of life force through the physical body. As we humans transcend the old fear, lie force will once again flow through our bodies unimpeded. The sheer power and vitality of this energy carries enormous healing potential, and it will literally eradicate all the diseases that riddle humanity.

The true nature of illness and disease is rooted in this core fear of death. With the uprooting of this fear, we are truly entering into an age where medicine will be superfluous and will slowly become defunct. Naturally, as the old diseases are purified, some of them may mutate and even become more widespread for a period of time. This process will probably last several hundred years. True healing is connect to our ancestral DNA and in order for a single person to be in perfect health, their entire genetic lineage must be burned clean. This cleansing takes place through the presence of the Siddhis, as hey manifest in the world. Every time a siddhi manifests through someone, it sends a shockwave of purity back down the entire genetic fractal line. People who bring the Siddhic frequencies into the world also take into themselves the collective shadows of their ancestral lines.

We stand over the cusp of Siddhic supernova. The number of those in whom the Siddhis are manifest will very shortly increase in the world as a great incarnation that takes place on the physical plane. This incarnation represents the third aspect of the Holy Trinity – The Divine Feminine spirit. However, this incarnation will not be a single being – it will be a collective spirit using a specific constellation of beings, each occupying a core fractal (role of core details found in 44th siddhi). The process of the incarnation of the Divine Feminine will last many generations but its final result will be the purification of all the fractal lines throughout humanity, resulting in the burning up of the collective karma stored in human DNA and the eventual eradication of all disease on the physical plane.

Children and Education

It is our children that hold the future in their hands. The seed of the future is in the future mutation of their blood. It will be their children who give birth to the new awareness (year 2027). One of the amazing things about children is the clear and innocent way in which they process the emotional wave. Current generation of children reflect the chemical changes that are to come, their emotional nature in this sense is quite unique. The children’s emotional swings and physical manifestations should not be seen at a personal level but a collective level. These children need to be given the usual boundaries that any parent gives a child, but with a greater sense of freedom. The mutation is coming to our emotional system and as it moves through our chemistry it will tend to throw up erratic behaviour patterns and unpredictable emotional phenomena. The real key is for parents not to assume that there is something wrong with them but give them even more love and patience.

As for children of future generations, some will carry the mutation, and some will not. The mutation will appear all over the globe. It will be difficult to see who carries this new awareness because they do not display emotional symptoms, we usually associate with young children growing up. Parents will find a new kind of peacefulness within their families simply from having one of these children at home. All these children will display unique gifts at early age depending on their hologenetic profile and their prime gifts.

One of the great changes these great changes these children will bring will be the education system. Because their main centre of awareness is located outside of their brain, they will appear exceedingly bright. Once the mind is transcended true genius emerges. Their method of learning will be closer to osmosis than repetition and their memory will be extraordinary. One might have the impression from all of this that these children will be very vulnerable within our existing society. Their gifts do not require special treatment or schooling. They will integrate into normal life. Wherever they go they will draw in experiences to them that allow them to further enhance their gifts. Their strength derives from their very transparency. They will be moved by a force so powerful that it is beyond our current understanding. It would be impossible for such children to ever feel alone or victimised.

The presence of these children throughout society will reveal the limitations of existing educational systems. One of the practices from our past that may very likely make a comeback will be the system of apprenticeship, in this the children will specific talents become apprenticed to specific teachers and learn about life through the world rather than from behind a desk. At every level the 55th gift of Freedom will make itself known. For a child, freedom is about playing. It is through play that a child learns about his or her world. It is likely that children of the future no longer need to be sent to schools at an early age. They will simply be given an amount of space to truly flourish.

As these children grow up, they will initiate the first great pulse of the new epoch into the world. It is therefore important that they are fully integrated into the existing social structures of the planet. Many of them may become teachers themselves, or doctors, lawyers, businesspeople and other normal professionals. They can feel life at a holistic level. They will be able to introduce subtle reforms that create a ripple effect at all levels of society. Everything they touch will be more efficient. They will not hold absolutely no fear within the system, but they can sense the fear in everyone else. This level of empathy will make them masters of relationships. Slowly and imperceptibly these children and their children’s children will transform our planet. As was mentioned earlier, higher consciousness is literally going to breed the victim consciousness out of humanity.

All above is an intuitive exploration into the archetypal codes contained in the 64 Gene Keys as seen through the lens of the 55th Gene Key. As such it contains the frequencies of our common future rather than the specifics. It is the frequency lying behind the entire work on the 64 Gene Keys that is of prime importance. There are those who resonate fully with these frequencies and those who do not. This book is written for those who do resonate with such higher frequencies. Everybody has within their being a barometer of Truth, and it manifests in different ways within different people. If you have felt the breath of truth within these words then you are one who is ready to dive deeply into your own shadows and own them fully. Freedom price is transparency. You must own every negative feeling and tendency within you and take full responsibility for it. You must draw back the subtle arrows of blame, and you must locate every hidden vestige of fear within you being and embrace it without fear.

Once transparent, truthfulness with yourself and others; this seed of the future awareness can take root in you. Even though it may not be present in your genetics as a physical mutation, you can still resonate strongly to the energy field behind it. If you are open-hearted and humble enough, this awareness will inevitably awaken within you, and it will use your life as a launch pad to soar into the skies of freedom and prepare the ground for the true world of high romance that is to come.


56th Gene Key

Siddhi Intoxication, Gift Enrichment and Shadow Distraction

The World Mask

As you delve more deeply you’ll appreciate how these codes are interwoven across many different dimensions. In the hologenetic reflection of the cosmos in which we live, the 64 Gene Keys allow you to travel through the infinite reaches of your inner universe. The 21 Codon Rings – universal genetic groupings inside your body are one of the greatest mysteries within the structure of your DNA. Chemically, the codons synthesise the sixty-four genetic triplets into groups that codify the twenty-one major amino acids. As archetypes, the Codon Rings reflect a mysterious symmetry at play within the universe of its whole entirety. Within this interwoven geometry, the Ring of Trials, which includes the 12th , 33rd and 56th Gene Keys lays out the great dramatic script of evolution itself. These three Gene Keys do not code to any amino acids but instead relate to a set of specific instructions known as stop codons.

If you were to track through your own DNA you will come to these special places every now and again in them reams of coded information that make up the fabric of your being. These three Gene Keys and the 41st Gene Key (known as the start codon) share a vital genetic role inside you. And there is more to them than just instructions, despite what biologists may think or see. As the building block of living matter, DNA is designed to mutate in order to continue evolving. The genetic cod itself changes shape and adapts it’s function over great spans of time and the Gene Keys also change their functioning. The 35th Gene Key is an example of this. It sits alone in the genome in a similar fashion to the stop and start codons, but it is very unique as you will discover when you explore it’s rather strange nature. The fact is that the 35th Gene Key used to function as a stop codon in a far more primitive phase of our evolution. This aspect of your DNA has mutated over the course of evolution and now, at it’s highest frequency, it allows human beings to take a short-cut through genetics. This results in a phenomenon that we regard as miracles.

The Ring of Trials also lends itself to such possibilities, which mean we do not know what it’s Gene Keys may be capable of once they have been awakened. At the Shadow frequency you can see exactly what they do and how they affect you. As the first of the Three Great Trials, the 33rd Shadow sets the pattern of your forgetting and conceals your true universal nature. This trail means you must journey through time and space across many incarnations until you come back to a memory of your greater self. The second trial, laid down by the 56th shadow involves maintaining the illusion of your individuality by keeping you distracted through your five senses. As you remember more about yourself, you will come to realise the extent of your addiction to the external world, and over time you will turn your energies inward and break this powerful addiction. Finally, the 12th shadow of Vanity comes at the end of your evolution. It is the last great trial and tests the depth of your surrender to the ultimate. In this trial you must give up everything you have attained in all your countless journeys, and in so doing you will attain final transcendence.

Now that the background is clearer the 56th Gene Key will allow us to enter more fully into the field of transmission and learn how devastating it’s Shadow theme of distraction can be. Let us begin with an example of the power of this distraction. Over fifty percent of humanity has never used a telephone. Allow the implication of that statistic to sink into your consciousness for a few moments. If that many people in the world are still distracted by issues of survival, what are the other fifty percent of people who are more fortunate enough doing about it? The answer is nothing. They are too distracted themselves by the minutiae of their own lives – by mortgages, telephones, restaurants, television, politics, computerisation and everything else you can imagine. Distraction greatly impedes evolution, but it also finally brings you into a fuller appreciation of your own misery. In the modern world, we appear almost desperate to distract ourselves from who we really are. At the same time we now have so many distractions that we are becoming increasingly aware of the extent of our addiction.

You will see that the reactive nature of the 56th Shadow is over-stimulation, and this is the essence of distraction – as long as you are over-stimulated through your senses, you do no have to feel your own discomfort. Over-stimulation or under-stimulation keeps you numb. The Shadow of Distraction places a mask over the world preventing you from seeing life as it is. As we constantly leave our centre travel out through the five senses, we become victims of our material lives. Unlike many of the 64 Shadows which keep you a victim of your own thinking, the 56th Shadow ensures that you will be a victim of someone else’s thinking – via environmental conditioning. Whether through your country’s government, television or media, or simply the belief systems of your religions, cultures, teachers, parents or peers, the world constantly tells you how you should think. It is surprising that we are easily distracted from our real dreams and ideals as we get washed into the belief systems of others.

Distraction works in one of two ways. The first common type of distraction is outer distraction. The distraction of the outer world of the senses distracts you from your inner world of feelings and reality of the higher realms. We tend to blame the outside world and the people in it for what’s happening to us, instead of realising that our circumstances reflect our inner state. The new age epithet “you create your own reality” is actually only half true. You do not create the actual events of your life – but you do influence their playing out through your attitude. When you blame people in the world around you, you set up a victim frequency pattern that reinforces itself over and over in your life. If, on the other hand, you are able to accept everything that happens to you regardless of whether you enjoy it or not, you set up a surrender frequency pattern that allows you to move through life with great fluidity and beauty and your life reflects that.

The other less common form of distraction is inner distraction. Inner distraction is when you are so inwardly focussed that you forget the outer world, you live in a fantasy world of your own making with no real anchor in the material world. In this sense you look through a lens whereby everything meets the criteria of your fantasy. You see what you want to see, but you do not see the truth. This is where we can see the power of the 56th Gene Key’s programming partner, the 60th Shadow of Limitation. The 60th Gene Key is about the importance of structure and form, and for some people this can seem a distraction from their fantasy. The Gift of the 60th Gene Key is Realism, which means that you must accept the present moment as it is without any projected mental overlay. The moment you become distracted from what is actually happening, you limit the outcome of the events taking place in the present moment.

It is easy to see how the 60th Shadow of Limitation feeds the human need to be distracted. Whenever you feel that you are limited it means that your mind has trapped you. Instead of freeing yourself from this discomfort through facing and accepting it, your tendency will be to run away from the feeling as fast as you can – whether that means opening the fridge, turning on the TV or picking up the telephone. The world mask keeps us engaged, entertained and distracted by the dramas going on all around us, as well as within us. And, saddest of all; the world mask keeps us poor – for when we are distracted by something that simply keeps us in the same state of inert numbness, we are truly impoverished.

Repressive Nature – Sullen

The repressive mode of the 56th Shadow is sullenness. To be sullen means to be under stimulated. It is a collapsing of our spirit into a kind of numbness. This state is one often associated with teenagers, who can often enter these kinds of long-term sulks. Many adults who had difficult childhoods also find themselves victim to these dead spaces, which become entrenched as patterns in the endocrine and nervous systems. This is how the physical body over time manifests it’s chemistry. In adults with the 56th shadow this repressive side can often manifest as the lemming syndrome in which people lose sight of their true aspirations and become enslaved to the tedium of mundane lives. You can see this Shadow reflected in the eyes of such people – they appear lacklustre and devoid of all joy.

Reactive Nature – Overstimulated

The reactive side of the 56th Shadow is over-stimulation. This manifests as a constant need to maintain movement, at all levels of one’s being. There is a particular need within this Shadow to satisfy the eyes and for anything that stimulates the eyes – from reading to watching television to fantasising to traveling. These people can lead completely internal lives. On the outside they may seem perfectly normal, but inside they harbour all kinds of fantasies. On the other hand, these people can also lead lives that are focused only on the outer world, in denial of the inner world altogether. The 56th Shadow is reflected in all behavioural patterns that allow us to avoid feeling the reality of who we are and how we currently feel. We keep moving, changing relationships, or trying new experiences. We simply do not know how to stop.

The 56th Gift – Enrichment

As with all Gifts of the 64 Gene Keys, Enrichment pulls you out of the shadows and into the light of the higher frequencies. Enrichment is what life is all about. Distraction is fine, but only as long as it enriches us. Those who display the 56th Gift have learned the difference between what feeds the human spirit and what saps it. This means that they are no longer victims of distraction, but have learned the art of self-discipline. If you are not a victim of distraction, there is a very simple test. Is there anything you cannot say no to in life? If there is, no matter wat it may be, you remain at some level it’s victim. The 56th Gift is not about abstention, it is about having the ability to apportion life as it enters through your five senses.

The Gift of Enrichment is not simply about having willpower. Enrichment is different from enjoyment or entertainment. You know that you would really enjoy that chocolate cake for example, but you may also decide that on that particular occasion, it will not enrich your spirit. Another day, the same cake may enrich your spirit. The point is that you are not a victim of your senses. The 56th Gift is about treading the fine balance between vice and virtue – between wildness and responsibility. Those with this Gift are neither addicted to abstention nor to overindulge. They simply know above all how to get the most out of life.

This 56th Gift likes to sample the delights of the garden and baulks at nothing. It may take you into some unsavoury places and relationships. However, the 56th Gift has an alchemical flavour to it. The Alchemy is about knowing how to use what we call evil as a means to transcend. Evil, as the 56th Gift knowns, is simply an energy configuration that exists at a low frequency. The Same energy at a higher frequency has enormous potential to be of service to the whole. Therefore, the 56th Gift will take in all manner of low frequency waves because it knows how to transmute their energy into joy and purpose. If you have the 56th Gene Key in your prominent position in your hologenetic profile, you have he rare gift of being about to show others how their problems are really wonderful opportunities. There us great lightness and humour in this Gene Key.

The 56th Gift knows a great truth about true enjoyment;  It is rooted inide your being rather than in the external. As you begin to embody this truth, your awareness naturally turns inward. The same energy that would have become a distraction in the outer world turns inward towards your own source. As it does so it causes an inner transformation. Over a period of time, the 56th Gift actually trains you how to meditate. You can not meditate formally, but you enter into a state of meditation where sensual desires are seen for what they are – Illusory attempts at fulfilment. This does not mean that you become some kind of mendicant or ascetic, but it does break your addiction to seeking fulfilment in the external world. As this occurs, the life lived through your senses becomes highly refined. You even begin to develop your extra senses – the higher attributes of your subtle bodies beyond the physical, emotional and mental worlds.

One of the wonderful traits of those with this Gift is that they enrich others through what they have learned in life. The ability to discipline yourself when necessary leads to your being seen by others as a potential role model. If you have the strength to love yourself, others are automatically drawn to you. Essentially, the 56th Gift is about balance. If you have this Gift, then you can always balance fun with seriousness. You can party with the best of them, but the difference is you know exactly when to stop. This is the power of the stop codon inside each of us. It behaves as a seal to closes up the places where we leak energy. Indeed, in ancient China, the five senses were known esoterically as the “The Five Thieves”. They were understood to be the places where our vital force or chi drains out from the body. As you learn how to seal your human tendency to forget yourself through your senses, you experience an inner flame growing inside you.

Enrichment means to suck the marrow out of life. The 56th Gift is a gift of feeling, of sensuality and aliveness. It means that you find wonder where others find monotony and you find beauty where others see ugliness. It is about appreciation and gratitude – the more grateful you are for ever moment, the more the moment comes alive within you. Above all the 56th Gifts greatest potential genius lies in communication. It is able to entertain and divert the attention of others. At a lower frequency range, this Gene Key may be found in advertising and political spin, and at a higher frequency, it may be found in comedians, entertainers or inspirational speakers. At even higher frequency bands, it is the great and ancient art of storytelling or myth-making – the sharing of personal experiences that have touched and opened one’s own heart. At these higher levels, this 56th Gift of Enrichment is a Gift of love, for the more you enrich the lives of others, the more this Gift pours through your heart.

The 56th Siddhi -Intoxication

The Divine Entertainment Business

The 56th Siddhi is actually highly amusing. Those who display this Siddhi have disciplined themselves to be distracted only by the divine, only by what is uplifting, only by the most luminous currents and emanations. This is the Siddhi of Intoxication. The root of this word drives from toxic or toxin. Which is the Greek word arrow. The ultimate toxin is love and this correlates with Cupid and his arrow’s of love. People immersed int his Siddhi have taken the Gift of Enrichment to it’s ultimate zenith – they have allowed themselves to be ppierced over and over again by love. The irony of this through enrichment requires discipline, intoxication requires no discipline whatsoever to maintain. Siddhi only manifest after great breakthroughs in consciousness. In a sense they are rewards. The reward of the Siddhi of Intoxication is to find yourself in a state of permanent distraction – the distraction of pure love!

Mythically speaking the 56th Siddhi has many archetypal parallels. All our human gods and deities have emerged out of the 64 Gene Keys. Out of this 56th Gene Key come all the great hedonistic deities – Dionysius, Bacchus and Pan being a few from the Greek pantheon. The 56th Siddhi knows matter in all it’s delights, trials and depths. However, it is not about material indulgence, but Divine indulgence. The 56th Siddhi wants humanity to experience the richness of life, so it often creates a synthesis of spirituality and material decadence. To the 56th Siddhi in it’s purity, decadence requires only a single sig of wine on the material plane to trigger the parallel intoxication on the higher planes. Those with the 56th Siddhi do not stop their enjoyment of material delights – they just revel in them in homeopathic doses. Because of this, the 56th siddhi does not conform to any usual sense of holiness or spirituality. It will eventually teach humanity that to be Divine does not mean giving up sensual delights. It simply does not require them in any way whatsoever and therefore can truly enjoy all aspects of life.

The 56th Siddhi is a Siddhi that is extremely contagious. Just as many distractions of the shadow frequency are contagious – staring at the computer, watching television, taking drugs or drinking alcohol – so the highest level of the 56th Siddhi is equally contagious and very addictive. This is about being addicted to the highest frequency of love. Unlike the lower frequency manifestation of love, which are about chasing Cupid’s infamous arrows in the external world, the 56th Siddhi finds the source of the toxin itself – your own superabundant heart. Intoxication is about being swallowed up by your own love. People manifesting each euphoric states have the gift of distracting others away from their self-destructive patterns and raising them to a higher frequency through love. Because this Siddhi is deeply rooted in the Shadow of Distraction, these people also have an astute understanding of the laws that govern human beings. Having passed through the Gift of Enrichment, they know about the human preponderance for excess. They know just how to talk to you and just how to infect you with their love and humour. Like drunks on a higher plane, these people simply revel in their own aura of love, and as such they can be irresistible. They have no agenda other than sharing their own good fortune and whomever and whatever crosses their path.

The 64 Siddhi are an encyclopedia of attributes that most people would describe as holy or divine. The 56th Siddhi is closest to what we see as madness or drunkenness. These are people whose flowering has so spectacularly erased their sense of continuity in life that it takes a huge energy just to keep them from bursting into laughter. They effervesce with life – they tease and tickle your spirit – they cannot be understood or encapsulated by any form of logic. These are the Divine drunks who occasionally come staggering into the world of form. Such people are a reminder from the source that life is for love, for beauty and for fun. It is a game played by fools and each of us must come to see our own folly and embrace it in laughter and acceptance.

The 56th Siddhi flows directly through the heart. This is the highest art of entertainment and laughter. It is one of the great poetic Siddhis. This 56th Siddhi has nothing to do with discipline in the sense that we understand the word. Those rare beings that manifest this state are a law unto themselves. You cannot understand them with you mind, but if you sit with them and lap up their laughter, you yourself may become drunk on their exquisite frequencies. They are like wine that has matured to perfection and their only wish is to go on drinking from the love that purls endlessly from within their heart. The being intoxicated by this Siddhi has realised an astonishing fact about existence – there is no point to it. All their beliefs and searches have now come to an end. The state that remains is one of wonder and delight. For the person, life is nothing but entertainment since there is nothing more for them to learn or do or achieve. When Intoxication bursts through from the higher planes, all learning turns into wonder. You continue to absorb the delights of life, but your learning has stopped – imply because learning suggests evolution, and this Siddhi ends the game of evolution.

Since it follows the 55th Siddhi in the ancient coding sequence of the I Ching, the 56th Siddhi gives us some clues as to where humanity is going after we experience our collective awakening, as described in the 55th Gene Key. In essence, humanity moves into the entertainment business. Once we have achieved our attainment, there is no role for us other then the audience entertained by existence. True entertainment involves laughter, inspiration, wonder and ultimately intoxication. The programming partner to this Siddhi , the 60th Siddhi of Justice, will begin to awaken at around the same time as the 56th. As it does, the world will begin to correct itself and it’s imbalances. The codes we have taken for granted for so long will begin to break down – our economy, our institution and systems of law and governance, the very fear of death that has built our modern world – all will begin to crack and decay as the old systems cracks, those at the higher frequencies (and they will grow in numbers every day) will release a great rush of love and intoxication through the collective solar plexus of humanity. In the Jewish Talmud reads a prophecy:

“And in the Time to Come, The Holy One will make a banquet for the Righteous from the flesh of the leviathan, and it’s skin will be used to cover the tent where the banquet will take place.”

This prophecy concerns the awakening of the Synarchy at the heart of humanity. The Righteous refers to the high frequency of the heart. Those who do not turn away from the toxins of the shadow consciousness but transform them internally will unlock the secrets of higher consciousness. This is referred to as eating the flesh of the leviathan. The Christ consciousness must take the lower frequencies into itself and transmute them back into light. The finale is described as a great feast or banquet, in which the skin of the leviathan is used as the tent under which the celebrations take place. This wonderful and mysterious metaphor refers to the cracking of the maya or illusion that prevents humanity from knowing it’s higher nature. This is the skin – our mental awareness which conceals the truth from us. We will use that skin as a means of celebration. This is exactly what the 56th Siddhi does. Because it is no longer taken in by mental constructs, it becomes intoxicated by the wonders of the mind and it’s creations.

If you know someone who has this 56th Siddhi within their hologenetic profile, practise seeing the highest of levels hidden deeply behind their behaviour. There is a love hiding within this person as awesome as anything anyone can imagine. If you have this Siddhi in your hologenetic profile, your life is suppose to teach you about this love through the world and it’s suffering. You should never shy away from suffering, for suffering is the toxin that you are here to use to become intoxicated. As you let life’s arrows pierce you one after another, you will eventually find yourself so defeated that you begin to laugh. You will stop trying to direct life and you will surrender. The glorious moment this happens to you, you entire consciousness will shift from the horizontal to the vertical. You will begin to see that at this level, every single thing in life can be enriching. It is all a matter of attitude.


“As it draws you to itself

What pleasure your suffering becomes

It’s fires are like water

Do not tense your face.

To be present in the soul is it’s work,

And to break your vows.

By it’s complex art

These atoms are tembling in their hearts.”


57th Gene Key

Siddhi Clarity, Gift Intuition and Shadow Unease

The 57th Shadow Unease:

57th Gene Key everything in life is acoustic. Even light can be reduced down to sonic signature. The sound spectrum that we human beings can access is very narrow. The most sensitive mammals can hear sounds well beyond our abilities; dogs can hear high pitched sounds and creatures such as whales and elephants can hear sound frequencies far below our own spectrum. Insects interpret sound through entire bodies or legs as pure vibration. The entire work on the 64 Gene Keys is a human attempt to pain a picture of the universe of different frequencies that we inhabit and that move through us and around us. At the highest level, we humans are quite simply made up of layers of flickering and alternating sound waves.


The 64 shadows are all states of consciousness governed by fear. To understand more precisely what we mean when we use the word fear, it may help to reduce it to a certain range of frequencies. If fear-based states fall into a particular waveband then we can see how easy it might be to adjust our own frequency and raise ourselves above this fear-band. This does indeed sound easy. However, there is one thing we have to remember above all else. Humanity collectively vibrates within the fear-band frequencies. As human beings we are each under enormous pressure to resonate within these same frequencies. Every human beingis like an acoustic tuning fork. If we are placed next to a powerful audio output source, before long we will automatically begin to vibrate at the same wavelength as that output. On planet earth, this process is ensured through our childhood conditioning. The standard human output source, which based on fear is known as the 57th Shadow of Unease.

The ancient symbol for this 57th hexagram in the I Ching is the wind. As a symbol, wind has many dimensions. It is the symbol of pervasiveness of spirit because it moves invisibly around the world, touching everyone. When seen from the Shadow consciousness, wind can be brutal and terrifying, uprooting and destroying wherever it goes. When the wind is up, it often conveys a sense of unease. This 57th Shadow represents a very deep and ancient fear – the fear of what might be coming, of not knowing what is in the wind. Human beings are genetically programmed to fear the future – it is wired into our DNA through this 57th Shadow. In our early prehistory, human beings functioned almost entirely through their individual attunement to frequency. If their intuition picked up something dangerous in the wind, their instincts immediately caused their bodies to move accordingly, whether that meant running or hiding or grabbing a weapon.

Modern man has developed now in a different direction. We are more polarised in our brains than our bodies and most people make decisions through reason rather than intuition. This development has changed the 57th Shadow of Unease. Unease no longer functions as an early warning system restricting fear only to the moment when it is needed for survival. Now unease is translated by our minds. It is continuous and manifests as anxiety. Because of this, it is enhanced through the universal morphogenetic field that connects all human beings as one. The mind has become stronger than instinct and seeks to end unease through the creation of external security. And so the rat race of modern culture is born. The more mind-centred humanity becomes the more security it tries to create for itself and in turn the more paranoid it becomes. Security and protection have become a global obsession, even though they are a complete illusion. Life is as uncertain as it ever was and even the wealthiest and most protected of human beings, the unease still remains.



Present moment life, consciousness of the moment.