Stance on religion and Christianity

ReligionMy stance on the bible is still neutral but I do understand some things about the fruits and gifts it has given. Why the bible? because it cannot be denied that it is the dominant faith of 2.18 billion among today’s religious community. Modern christians are just overly conscious, concerned and caring whether it is aesthetically, in manners or spiritually. The most important aspect that makes them our target of probing is that it is over active and a wealth of opportunity. Christians with their over exaggerated takes on what is good and bad and their severeness in self punishment make them an interesting specimen.




Faith1There is no single path, there are many paths and there may be a right path and faith maybe yet be part of it but like perfection we will never know if it is the right path only that it is a good path and it is ever changing to be better. If Christianity knows it is a good path – it will help us grow forever and provide us new worlds of discussion. I think of Christianity as an infant that it’s growth has been stunted because they said at the end of the bible.. there will be no more after this book. The purpose of the bible is to provide a basis and a typical bridge for those people in those times to grow and to get betterContent to read and reflect on, is it still viable today? I think it does no harm if we know in our hearts what is right. Though do we trust what is right to our hearts? I wouldn’t trust a mime to take a role of an architect for a day for natural reasons: bridges would collapse, building would topple. The thing is we are at an age where things are changing and the bible may be worlds behind. I personally think the bible has already done it’s job – it gave us the moral compass for that era in time it was needed. It gave us Christ who was crucified at the cross and he gave to us the moral conscience that we needed in order to have a stable society and the gift of time. The gift of time is a concept that his presence altered history in a way that it made us consciously aware of how cruel humanity could be. Thus creating a frame of time in life where we can reflect and live a “somewhat” normal daily life now. Time was a thing this event gave us in exchange for his life. I think the bible has given us something to build off of.. but I would argue that it isn’t the foundation and rock of everything that is good.. I’m pretty sure a lot of good things came out of bad places. Christianity doesn’t have to be the only thing that is good. Reinforcing our virtues and reflecting on what we can do to better ourselves is a good way to go about this life.

Blurred-YouthAlthough Christianity has its problems such as it’s discrimination towards gays/bisexuals, transvestites ,transgender, hermaphrodite, dysfunctional, asexual  and even women. It is less severe then alot of other religions. Looking on the bright side the Sikh religion for example believes all men and women are equal and thus evidence that such things do exist. There will always be a grey spectrum for humans and now with the numbers of people living on this world, proportion will be blown away and small numbers like 1% could mean a couple hundred thousands. These minorities have always have been around but sometimes shunned and with their numbers now we cannot not ignore them. They have a voice as we are all human and we are trying to figure out how to get through this life without falling prey to some extremist. There are religions dedicated to peace and maybe accepting these people that happen to be in the grey spectrum may possibly be the first step to us moving ahead.

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