This piece is called: Heaven imbued into earth.


Pyramid of Giza/Mayan Temple/Bermuda crystal pyramid,








America/Qatar/Canada, United Nations, Global, Humanity and then The Star Tower. From the depths of the Pyramid of Giza/Miyan Temple/ Bermuda Crystal Phyramid and it’s artificial black hole; nothing to become a world of everything. This is the gift of time. This is ascendance order of the super powers through time

I used the relation between a 5 sided polygon to a 6 sided polygon to produce an evolving pattern. The 5 and 6 polygon side relationship goes deep into the marriage of ideas and sometimes people. The square and circle is my attempt to unify the divine (circle) with the earthly (square) Each circle signifies an era that we passed through from person, to structure (i chose the giza pyramid for it’s infinite constants imbued in it, to city to province/state, to country/nation,  embodiment of nations, to embodiment of humankind to, planet, to star/sun.

I chose the 5 sided star overlapped with a celestial flower to signify the power of man amplified by a touch of divinity/heaven from the woman’s side. The five pointed star represents protection. In this context they represent the element earth or divinity manifesting in matter. The tower i chose to model will have phi influenced in it’s structure for aesthetic appeal. it’s base consists of a 5 pointed star. a 5 pointed celestial flower next level. and the peak will consists of a 5 pointed smaller celestial flower and pentagon with a flag pole/conductor at the top.

At the top are the celestial flowers growing from 3 petals to 12.

At the bottom are pointed stars growing from 3 points to 12. (minus 10 and 11)


I call it Star tower. The twelve rays of light represent the 12 hours of our day. It could stand for the twelve apostles but that was unintended.

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