Timaeus and The Artifical Black Hole.

Theory time!

I was just thinking. Just like the heavens are said to rule over humans to make them better people through ideas and guidance by influence through thought. I wonder if Humans were placed on Earth to act as a catalyst to help the Earth become more Spherical. To act as agents as a function of creating a earth (cube) to heaven (sphere). Our treading on earth and our weight and influence throughout the earth to some degree just like the dinosaurs is rounding the earth more and more to become more spherical and graceful. With our population going up eventually the whole earth will be covered (not sure if that’s a good thing). But certainly rules will be more and more severe and justified in the future with the number of people coming out. Hence my theory that we are driving towards a more heavenly spherical world of life. If you didn’t know In Timaeus by Plato he associated the Square(cube) to represent Earth and the circle(sphere) to represent heaven. I have a Powerpoint on phi about the problem of “squaring a circle” you can probably look at in my Portfolio/Uncatagorized section if you click on on my profile there should be a link. Squaring_the_circle Wiki Which is said to be solved my the Egyptians with their Pyramid amazingly. They have Phi, Euler and Pi (the universal constants) all imbued into the pyramid of Giza. Google it! Its called the artificial blackhole which ties into my theory of manifestation of humanize light occuring right now. I have a suspicion the Heavens has some control over our situation on Earth and its not a corporate tyrant monopoly kind of control we are use to but a divine intervention that is aiding in our growth in becoming more divine. Or i could be wrong about the divine being actual people.. they are a part of the system to making us more divine acting as functions in a system rather then physical people making this all happen.

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