I had a dream about a place on Earth where all the brightest minds came from around the world to study about light, it’s philosophies and technologies, knowledge and powers, it’s influences and application. The study of light would be abroad through the internet through online courses. People dreamed of visiting Star tower where ever they were. It was a community in a very large and tall building where testing happened in the basement of the facility and the application of it’s power was used there developing progressively in time. The power of a miniature star harnessed in a lab. Powering homes for a small community of people around. It was like a small town in the building, with services and a police station, dry cleaners, day care, grocery. Star tower would be a miniature world governed by the people. And a small city would be built around it; It would be like a Vatican but less religious, fueled by technology and modern art of simplicity. Built for efficiency, simplicity and learning. It is an institute of technology on light, the epiphany of a small system at work, working together to provide all the necessities to sustaining life. I’m okay If it isn’t called Star Tower I wouldn’t mind to see it under some other name. But this is my dream for humanity, to study and harness the power of light. Invest time and money to mastering this one thing that is the root life giving essence of everything else.

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