Merkaba Theory time, time to play.


Be advised this is probably all nonsensical. These are based on theories and ideas from various religions and any reasoning behind them is completely non scientific. I am just trying to explore a world of geometry i don’t quite yet understand. If anyone is angered please punch me in the face. Thanks.


I was just playing with Autocad and exploring the idea of what Earth and Heaven really is and what it means for Heaven to come to Earth. Man is a 5 pointed star coming from the earth representing a cube. A 5 pointed celestial star coming from heaven representing a flower of life. And finally a divine star coming from beyond representing a fruit of life. The head is upward because Earth is to ascend up if ascension is upwards.  This is the system i put together called the Omega Metatron Merkaba. A Metatron cube or Merkaba is apparently a geometric object used for inter-dimensional movement between different dimensions/worlds. It’s just a fun theory i found that i’m just playing with at the moment and i love playing with geometry so lets do this. I determined the celestial star to be what it is because it was made of alot of semicircular components that it was more divine star than the earth 5 pointed star which was rigid and straight, hence celestial. The omega star is a product of 3 worlds the Divine, Heaven’s and Earth. There are 15 points in total. The metatron cube is a 6 pointed star and the merkaba is a 3 dimensional 14 pointed star. Overlapping both of them; the Earth Metatron and Merkaba make 18 and 32 respectively. They evolve from the 5 pointed star. And as you can see the connection of a 5 pointed star to a cube, the celestial star has a connection to the flower of life in the star/metatron/merkaba evolution. Working a way through the microcosms into the macrocosms. The reason why i have a hexagon attached to a pentagon is because it is a symbol of love or a uniting of 2 different bodies.

Okay revised alittle bit so that it was aligned with each other. I added a third Merkaba which represents divinity beyond heaven if we dare to explore. The divine star is made out of 5 spheres so probably a combinations of 5 heavens to make a divine. That’s it for tonight. Great fun guys, maybe i’ll do more of this next week.

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