Crystals and The Sri Yantra Geometry


The Sri Yantra. An ancient Indian Geometry.

It represents the goddess in her form of Shri Lalita Or Tripura Sundari, “the beauty of the three worlds (Heaven, Earth, Hell)”. The worship of the Sri Chakra is central to the Shri Vidya system of Hindu worship. It is composed of 4 isoceles triangles pointed upwards representing the masculine energy and 5 isoceles triangles pointed down representing the feminine energy. Because it is composed of nine triangles, it is known as the Navayoni Chakra. It means the union of masculine and feminine divine.

It is said to have also been used in the creation of the Egyptian Pyramids which is interesting.

I’d like to incorporate this geometry to my work but i cannot seem to replicate the geometry as it is sort of difficult even with autocad. It either requires alot of tweaking or some calculation which i do not like. It should be straight forward, linear and procedural otherwise it’s too much work.

Cystals have these abilities/properties:

Crystals transmit frequencies

Can be reprogrammed as silicon chips

Also said to have various healing/active/protective properties.

A study in japan where writing on the side of a jar “i love you” made clear beautiful frost patterns compared to “you make me sick” on the side of another jar which created a deformed snowflake/frost patterns.  This showed the power of thought and emotion. This experiment was done by Masaru Emoto of Japan.

I was also just studying Crytsals and found some interesting studies that were done with the Orgonite system made by Dr. Wilhelm Reich 1940’s. From what i understand negative ions come from the top of the pyramid towards you upwards. Negative ions is what your body strives on. It’s a system that brings the Etheric Energy to become what some call orgone, odic force, reiki energy, prana, chi, etheric energy, bio energy, bio magnetic energy, huna energy, animal magnetism, soft electrons, mass free electricity, radiesthetic color, astral energy, 4th dimensional energy, emotional body energy, life force energy. There are many names of things it can produce but it’s all the same one thing.

Apparently the system is composed of a layer of organic and inorganic material layered over each other. The organic being the fiber glass, resin and inorganic being the metal shavings, steel wool. This system acts as a trapping device for the negative and positive energy and with the use of a quartz crystal converts it all to negative charged ions. Which is supposed to be what your body thrives on. It is suppose to heal and protect you from the radio-waves and such of cell phones and cell phone towers for the most part. With chakra stones incorporated into it i think it’s suppose to rejuvenate your body because energy is resonating through the crystals that create a frequency depending on each crystal type. I haven’t researched into the reasoning to why each crystal does what but it’ll probably be a future project.


“All thought is collective thought.”

“Your thoughts also affect your environment.”

“All who have come together is because they share the same interest.”

“It doesn’t matter who you are, but who you will become.” -unknown

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