Jewish and Arab relations; Marriage and Hate For Christ.

As Arabs make up 20% of the Jewish population. Most of the Arabs being Muslim. It is saddening to see even marriage between man and woman is an issue in this world. The father in this article commented “my only problem with this wedding was that he was an Arab”. As punished and as tormented as Jews have been in the past the extremists of the denomination are almost as equally brutal and violent as the Islam extremists. I’m not one to take sides but out of all the conflict it’s hard to tell which one was done just out of defending and which one is assaulting. I was thinking we were beginning to see past conflicts of religion and differences. Hatred still exists and it is around because of grudges, religious hatred, brainwashing and ideas of separation. This was disheartening because they are still worlds behind in ideas of society and humanity as a whole. Loved ones growing up and accepting different faiths and ideas means they are denounced from their heritage. Their whole identity whether it was true that they came of those roots are uprooted and denied. Their entire history with the community/religion is extinguished which doesn’t make sense. They will forever be their father’s/mother’s daughter, a child of the jewish denomination and connected to that one god no matter what circumstance and condition is put on them. Interracial marriage is common in the Americas and accepted, it is based on how a person feels for another and that is the idea of marriage; Two people of common thought and passion seeking a life together. Is this idea so complicated? Does it really matter who you marry on Earth when it is just a temporary state of being and is it worth the damage and destruction that comes with the hate and separation? I suppose we only have one life but he/she’s the one sleeping with him/her not you so people should worry more about themselves than getting messed up in other people’s business.

You cannot blame anyone for Christ’s death. Not the Jewish or Romans, we as humans did this, there is no separating and getting away with it. It’s our fault human nature can be egotistical, dominating and seeks absolute control. We still have a long ways to go, things to learn. And we’ll forget but as long as we keep recording our history and advance in technology to store our heritage we will progress. Slowly but surely we will find a way to change our natural decisions until we can intuitively act reasonably.

The idea of the Jewish having their hands in the killing of Christ was said in the New testament. The High priest went to the Jewish Council and pleaded he should be executed for his blasphemy for being the Son of God is something i believe could happen seeing that the Jewish people were the authority of the time and anything said had to go through them. And Christ being called the Son of God and causing miracles to happen; unintentionally causing those people to go on a cheering frenzy caused the High priest to notice. There might have been a common interest and a use for Christ at the time, but i believe selfishness and ego was at work this caused ultimately to his death. Though i cannot blame the Jewish nor can i blame the Romans who carried through with his crucifixion. His Life as a Martyr was his life purpose and look at his work today because of this event. His actions were a success and all is well with the world but there is much need for change in this day and age.


“Israeli Extremist Raid Wedding.” click for article

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