Jumping inter-dimensional vehicles and athletes of the universe

I had a couple of dreams:

(having several metaphoric dreams in one night was a headache to remember but.. )

I was on this train and it was initially on a rail but then they said they were lost and they started asking me for directions. I had no clue where i was so i got on the roof and jumped before it crashed into another train. At the top of this new train there was emergency escape route above but it was only made for exiting not entering. I suppose that’s what inter-dimensional travel is like, You can’t interact with the beings there without bringing your entire body there. And your body is stuck in limbo with no way to get into their reality. Also because it is a actively moving vessel and jumping into another actively moving vessel this could be a life comparison to inter-dimensional jump. The dream continued in that i was surrounded by faceless transparent beings with golden sparks bordering them. I didn’t want them to touch me, i wasn’t sure what they were – a strange form of humanoids is all i could assume. I then went into a state where the microcosm transcended the macrocosm, flying i could break apart the stars and see it’s components and as i move out further i was able to break bigger systems of stars and as i got out further i was able to break family of system of stars. When i touched them they broke down into symbols, solids and components and those solids and components continued to break down into symbols further.

I was then at this school where there was a gathering for what looked like a race to climb the entire school building. The athlete i was acting as in this themed race barefoot scaled the walls with ease, being a bit of a showoff at the start and ran across the roof and slid down the ladder rails down to this area i like to call the canoe liners which shot along this huge river. Here the lines for the canoe liners were getting tied up as canoes shot off. There were 4 canoe stations and 3 of them were tied up they continued to shoot as we were in them and trying to untie the knots they shot us off the cliff all three at once into the river. There were emergency floating beds at the bottom but i missed them and landed in the water. In the end the other school decided to give us some of their athletes as contribution to our cause (whatever it was). If this was also about multi-dimensional jumping i guess the liners represent a very delicate and specific direct system that if crossed can cause certain implications with the route. Maybe in this world these athletes see the world as a race/game and assuming they’re almost indestructible just run through life as competitively fast as possible. If each line represented a realm my crossing through the multidimensional realms could implicate their delicate or ill prepared games.

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