What do you love? The universal question to life.


What is the meaning to life. Is it really to fulfill your role? is it not to live to your fullest potential? To shine the brightest out of all your alternative realities? To bloom and realize your truest, happiest and ultimate form?

Is life really to have existed; to have been, will be.. and is? To just experience life and see all the bad and good in it and to improve and see it improved mindlessly through a natural process of filtering/distillation what works and what does not? It doesn’t matter who you love who you hate. Who you struggle with or what you do. It’s the trail of mystery, questions and solutions you come up with that makes the universe interesting and invaluable.  There is no greatest answer in the world. There is only the greatest question, what do you love? Attraction brings the greatest pleasures in life. The duality of opposites coming together to create new life.

Some people love art, others love cars, some love people, there is love in animals, books, mathematics.. The question that is raised that brings profit, interest, happiness is the question what is it you love? The world is abundant of things lovable and interesting. My love is in secrets, my love is a secret. It’s riddles, enigmas and  your deepest darkest thoughts. In my life i want to see my greatest potential, i also want to see my deepest secrets and to find love in life. Whatever that love may be-  be it thing, place or person. I need to find out what it is.

I guess if I am to embody this theory that is dream, life, light and self made heroes. I am actually trying to embody the spirit of love in general. And love has two faces, ugly and good. I guess i’m aiming for the middle of it because this has been the trend that has been leading me to believe is best. I don’t need to help you define what this love looks like in life because we can see it openly in the world already. Finding out the meaning of love is a double edged sword, it can end miserably, you can find happiness or be somewhere inbetween the sharpest tipped point. I just hope i find what i love first before i end up old, hardened, wrinkly and unlovable. Oh and i suppose i should mention love hurts, so be prepared to be terribly disappointed or delighted, both or neither to various degrees at the same time.

2 thoughts on “What do you love? The universal question to life.

    • awh. Janon i was totally wrong. A person should be loved despite the silliness beyond physical; old age and wrinkles. Rules of attraction are not just visual; true it will test the challenge of time but it can be in old bonds and nostalgia, chemical and a many number of things. I hope it’s true for my sake i roll the lucky numbers to happiness but i guess i get what i get. We’ll see, if i’m happy with myself then everything should come together. =D

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