Higher Truths; Fruit of Love, Compassion and Understanding.


Higher truth.

The bigger picture is that we are all mechanisms in a grand scheme of a system. We all have a part to play. Our lives and the sum of all our efforts until the end is our individual truth that will allow us to be free in the end. The world is a big place and we need to know that there is much out there but not forget what is good in the world and hold onto that. Life is composed of many elements and require different components for every aspect. The aspect of life consists of the physical, mental and spiritual.  The difference in being dark and light is in knowing what is correct and incorrect through reason, understanding and comprehension. Higher truth of life comes from the sum of all your life’s work through love, compassion and understanding; what it has created and the products of this attitude. You can only build on love what ever type it may be. The most powerful being the selfless unconditional kind. For only love can create things for the good of human kind and beneficence to society. But even love is just one of the components in a system of mechanisms. Love also needs all it’s gears to work too, like authority, justice and liberty. The tools of this hero as every hero is Power, Intellect and Wisdom. The products of his work is Might, Magic and Courage. Don’t be discouraged as to how we obtain the products it just happens naturally as we use our hero tools.

Sometimes we may not reach higher truth until we die and review our lives in the spirit form. Seeing all possibilities, alternate realities and experiences we realize that life was not just about opportunity it’s about what we could do out of love, compassion and understanding that made our life what it is through crucial defining moments in our life. As in if you were to abort this baby. Adopt this child. Give the man a second chance. Divorce. Isolate yourself from family members. Decide to go back to school. Take this new job. End this relationship. Endure your abusive husband. Leave his ass. All things considered in your life and life decisions what you did defines who you are and what you believe in. You want the better life. So maybe life bettering attributes is what your looking for. So make your decisions and unravel your life that is the mystery. Life in quantum mechanics says that you can’t forecast, access and foretell the future until you realize it, but what you can do is prepare for it and obtain zoning/targeting/zooming attributes that allow you to pinpoint your aim. Dedication/consistency/practicing is key to your honing of skill.

All in all, life is a gift to you for higher truth. Do not deny it. I hope you experience it in this life time and find what you love in life; with love, compassion and understanding on your every thought building life out of general love and using the unconditional selfless kind as your model love. We’re all in the same boat and suffering the same infliction of human mortality, sickness and death. That we should be equal in opportunity but just different range of skill/perspective and attributes. So grow. There’s always time to make a difference in your life and learn from your mistakes. Its not enough to just know, you must apply it. You can’t just be willing to do something you must do it. In realizing the key components to your learning it becomes the product that is the result of your actions. Learning this is key: The action of love is greater then even gods words. For even god has no words for who he is so how does one write what is incomprehensible? The fruit that you yield is the fruit of life.

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