Hope, opportunity and chance; “To what do you owe your success?”

Hope, opportunity and chance.

For the one slaving away at minimum wage.


Click the link above to read a very inspiring comic^^^


It doesn’t matter what you do. God doesn’t work, if you don’t work. What this means is that how will god work through you if you aren’t working the way he intended you to. What you were intended for is not realized until your fate has been revealed. His actions are through you and your hands of love and service will count every which way until you reach the product of your works. Life isn’t about who gets the compliments, credit or admiration. We’re a team the only reward you need is the love of your friends and family. And they’ll respect you even on an empty stomach that you did everything you could for them. I would hope that in the future you are reminded that you are given the hope, opportunity and chance by your peers and employers. And that you shouldn’t forget that your hardships are different from everyone else and that it shouldn’t separate you from who you think you are.

We’re all human and your personal challenges what ever they are shouldn’t hold you back from shining in the end and shining in the end is just realizing you shouldn’t give up on your dreams no matter how slim the chances. Don’t give in to the idea that you should “know your place”. Anyone who starts believing they are more deserving of their life situation is wrong. The distribution of money, love and efforts is not done very well on Earth. The abundance of life should be shared and distributed so that others will get a chance at life. A life of luxury is pointless when this realm is about intuition, creativity and practicality.. whereas the heavens of abundance would be power, purity and productivity but that’s another topic to be told for another time. Our worlds are completely different and lets not confuse this.

Let’s be reminded if ever asked “to what do owe your success” not to forget to mention your great parents, friends, upbringing, school, teachers, that hope, opportunity and success was key to your success. That you were fortunate in your life to be on the path you are today. It’s a combination of things simultaneously and you are just a complex solution to a complex process. A product of great love. Be grateful, never pretentious no matter how immersed you are in this world. Don’t just reduce all that love you experienced  in your life and make it into a matter of your own selfish hard work that brought you where you are today. Life is a shared experience, you owe the world everything for who you are. Don’t forget that.

Humbleness in thoughts through the actions of humility. We were never meant to walk this Earth alone share your load and suffering. Share the experience of life.

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