Canada is infected by the USA capitalist corporate corruption.

A solution to corruption and instability in the USA and Canada,

link to some ideas i concluded to. ^


What is going on in Canada? Bill C-51 is pushed without debate. CBC is a propaganda machine, pushed around by conservative politics some great voices being replaced by robots who only care about the money not the news coverage. It’s becoming more about entertaining it’s clients than being reliable source of media. Big Corporations like Enbridge with it’s political schemes to build vast pipelines despite human health concerns. SNC Lavalin engineering taking bribes to no end black listed by The World Bank. There is no transparency in how the Government of Canada is working. The only source that give away that these big corporations own and control the federal government and the news coverage is Wikileaks. When big companies like the Bank of America, Mastercard, Paypal and Visa are trying to shut that down (The truth, the only source of transparency in politics) is a big concern. Is the Government telling us to take the wheel blind folded and just run with it?

The capitalist system is not working. The poor are living off of pocket money. The middle class make just enough to get by or in debt. The rich more than they can spend. The elite is like one man with stacks of wealth more than what he knows to do with. It’s just sitting there inactively. This distribution of wealth is impossible in the USA. The USA and it’s abusive habits like going over seas fighting wars to acquire some oil here and there, fighting a threat that originated from under them ISIS, advancing it’s power through military and technology despite it’s economic state. People are worried for their job security so they think twice about turning their backs on big corporations and take bribes such as incidents with prime minister Harper and bribing MP Chuck Bradman. Where Harper and the conservatives bribe Chuck and Chuck takes the money and takes the blow getting dropped as MP takes 1 million dollars in life insurance probably for his family because he dies of Cancer.2 months after the vote.

I’m not into politics, I have no clue why i care at all about all this stuff happening. It seems our freedom and health are at risk is probably why i’m starting to be concerned. When Canada starts looking like USA in politics and corruption we are in trouble.

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