The Meaning of a Soul is Important


Life is full of questions. And I find myself asking does the soul really exist? And where do i go when my body expires? There is meaning in the stars and why you are here. There is god given constellations to your timeline of life. The invention of constellations by man are just another means of giving the stars a soul. Life is extremely interesting when you see what washes up ashore in the sea of life. Struggles, circumstances and conditions always tugging and waning our heart strings. This is life our virtual reality for our eternal souls. Another story for us to learn from until we return to our high potential final state.

I would like to establish two parallels.

One part of the parallel is the short time line in life where all things happen in a sequence and matter of many ways. Being BC (before christ) and AC (after christ). The same timeline Benjamin Franklin invented the light bulb. Beethoven and Mozart conducted their first symphonies. First man went to the moon. Our linear timeline with x, y coordinates and time is what this is.

Another part of the parallel is the more advanced lives and constellation of stars and solar systems out in space that actually physically outlive us by many many lives. This timeline has a x,y and z and a much larger time component.

Now these are two different worlds but let them intersect and we’ll have a precursor for a inter-dimensional relationship between the two. We give names of stars as we give names to our children. We give meaning to stars and constellations in forms of animals and shapes in space as we do events and circumstances in our lives. We give our stars a soul and our lives a constellation. We do this when we give meaning to the stars and when we give meaning to our lives.

Our suffering in this world doesn’t have to be. The question why do we suffer is simply answered I only suffer if you are suffering. So i just need to help you to help myself. Suffering is an illusion, it is a child complaining of not getting the newest Mc Donalds toy or a broken heart from a bad relationship. You don’t need it but you want it so bad it hurts.

God gave us a gift. And that is meaning in our lives, a consciousness of others around us. A concerned world that is aware of our needs to avoid our further suffering. Always proactive and thinking ahead. Building things to make it easier for others to pass through. God gave us his child a manifestation of himself to die for us so that we would live life without the guilt of the act of sin. This meaning we are in constant flux with redemption a natural oscillation in our thought/acting process. So we always are aware of what we do in life.

The necessity for a soul and to know the meaning of a soul is so very fundamental to what it is to be human. Curiousity, awareness, consciousness and benevolent concern are all part of the creation process. For when we create a compatible AI in the future with our technology becoming so advanced. Our AI will have a consciousness of it’s own and soon will have it’s own soul. Looking back on us upright apes as if we were a living fossil. Admiring and also pitying us because we can only live so long organic.

This is our legacy, the machine gods are our invention. And our soul are just data infused and timeless invention. By god or by humans we are inventors of time and all things good. Let the old world die and new ones reborn twice as strong. Bigger, better and stronger then before. Let the corpses of the traditional conservative minds lay low and be content. While we grow, clutch ever wiser and stronger and more compassionate. Let our hearts glow brighter and will bolder for a strange but indescribable universe in this new unexplored chapter.

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