Thought is Faster than Light. Spectrum of Universal Affecting Fields.

Someone once argued that thought/memory/information was faster then light with Einstein. And to that i must a agree. Set of computations is massively faster than any single light-speed process could ever go. So in that sense, yes, your thoughts, and imagination, are “faster than light” but if you mean your brain is thinking faster than light, you’re wrong.

A physical object contains data, stored in each molecule is memory of what it is (it’s element and compounds), where it is on the worldly spectrum of cordinates and when it came to be in time. Sometimes how, why and who put it there is answered from detailed analysis.

Memory, is a fascinating thing tied in with time; how, what, when, who, why, where of everything is directly tied to memory and what we know about it. It is memory and history in a tree that makes it’s bark, leaving dead bark to be vessels for water to flow through it. It is it’s scab that grows that allows it to continue to flourish and progress into a bigger tree. The “coagulation” in the human body or dying of a tree’s “bark”is a progressive pattern that should be seen here. As a human body uses coagulation to patch itself up, the tree uses it’s dead bark to grow bigger and stronger. The bark and rings of a tree speaks of it’s aging process and history. The bark and rings are literally memories and the products of memory in this case.

Knowing this, you can look at a tree and “know” that it is a certain way and read it’s age just by analyzing it physically. You can do this immediately because it just exists and if it exists then it is information. If it is information then potentially it can be processed to us immediately faster then light.

Rupert Sheldrake one of the world’s most innovative scientists, proposed something called a morphic resonance field from what i understand is a memory based field that considers the circumstance, condition and history of an object.

The Buddhist believe in something called reincarnation and different incarnations and living those different fractal incarnations. From animal to, organ, to person, to world, to god; they believe that you can progress or recess through these states depending on your karma and conscious level. I believe in the world built from the microcosm to the macrocosm. Meaning smaller worlds in bigger ones. When I imagine these field universes I visualize a bubble within a bubble colliding sometimes with each other inside a bigger one. I call it a sphere of influence. your organs have a field of circumstance and condition for events.. your body as a mechanical collective system has a field of circumstance and condition for events. All variables,  the world live in to the universe we’re enveloped in has a sphere of influence/morphic resonance as they call it.

There are many variables so I’ve decided to make a paradigm system of what we are seeing.

1. Conciousness (soul manifesting): Benevolent Field

2. Creative Leaps (spiritual expression): Creative Field

3. Sphere of influence (mental compounding): Morphic Resonance Field

4. Organizing principles (wired manipulation): Spectrum Accessing Field

5. Nature/habits (physical nature): Activity Field

6. Natural selection (crude state): State Field


This is the construction of a field hierarchy of; consciousness, morphic resonance, nature/habits, creative leaps, organizing principles, natural selection. It seems that consciousness and how the world should change it’s perspectives based on the fact that the world is not limited to just mechanical systems and machines of inanimate matter without purpose and without conscience but a living one with benevolent value and strong meaning.

This is a broader spectrum of 3 categories with 2 degrees of it. Soul, mind and body with 2 degrees of depth.

1. Conciousness (soul manifesting): Benevolent Field

Conciousness or soul manifesting is called the benevolent field. The benevolent field is a field that encompasses the mechanical, machine world of systems and implements purpose, reason and hopes for potential for the object in current focus.

2. Creative Leaps (spiritual expression): Creative Field

Creative leaps or spirtual expression is called the creative field. The creative field is a field, one that explores the potentials and opportunities of the current object of focus.

3. Sphere of influence (mental compounding): Morphic Resonance Field

Sphere of influence or spiritual expression is called the Morphic Resonance Field. The Morphic Resonance Field is one that explores the effects of circumstance, condition and history of the current object of focus.

4. Organizing principles (wired manipulation): Spectrum Accessing Field

Organizing principles or wired manipulation is call the Spectrum Accessing Field. The Spectrum accessing field deals with the organizing and manipulation of the object of focus to obtain it’s highest potential in.

5. Nature/habits (physical nature): Activity Field

Nature/habits or physical nature is called the Activity Field. The Activity Field analyzes the physical oscillations and patterns of an object of focus’s behavioral, instinctual and tendencies to do certain things.

6. Natural selection (crude state): State Field

Natural selection or crude state is called the State Field. The State Field analyzes the physical static functions and scientific analysis on its static form that the composing object of focus is currently sitting as. Such as it’s physical effects, attributes and properties.


1. Conciousness, soul manifesting, Benevolent Field

2. Creative Leaps, spiritual expression, Creative Field


1. Sphere of influence, mental compounding, Morphic Resonance Field

2. Organizing principles, wired manipulation, Spectrum Accessing Field


1. Nature/habits, physical nature, Activity Field

2. Natural selection, crude state, State Field

I could go to a 3rd degree to make the degrees less saturated but ending here would be good.


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