Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 36 “About life”: Competition makes suckers, you’re included unless it’s a race for humanity. Lollapalooza effect.

Sucker in the room and the lollapalooza effect:

Love, Happiness, Wealth and Health training.

Mind over matter.

If the minds are not right, not aligned, mental thought is poor then you will stay in the state of poverty.. mentally, socially and maybe physically.

You must take control. The mind is like an iceberg 90% is submerged is your sub-conscience.

“If you don’t love me who will?” Joe Salaton. Do what you must to become in control of your dreams.

Subconscious thoughts through messages in advertisements do they have your best interest at heart? Carl’s JR. I don’t think so.

Music. 6-8 music, media, youtube – exposure to advertisements.

25 cognitive biases. reward, punishment liking, disliking, association, availablility, Pavlovian responses, delusion, senescent, bias, chemical bias — Cognitive Biases

Lollapalooza effect. Never go to an auction. There’s an authority bias because of judge causing scarcity and urgency. Social bias and social proof that people want the objects in the room by other people. Reward bias, selling something you want. Missing out on auction means your experiencing pain. Charliemonger coined Lollapalooza where all these things are mixed up against you where it works against all will power in you.

Buddhism if you do certain things right you’ll be able to detach from the senses. It’s a lottery approach.. it doesn’t happen often. You can’t eliminate competition, big corporations take advantage of you, bacteria in your body seek to survive and thrive you can’t blame it if your immune system can’t handle them. Everything/everyone is looking to find a living.

*read Charlie Monger* Avoid auction, massive amounts of media, strengthen the mind. Alexander the great flip things to your advantage. Examine things, put Christianity to the test. If something is gold it won’t burn.

Good and Bad. The reason for war is competition. Nothing is black and white in the real world. Everything has it’s own agenda but if we are for the organization of humanity we’re always winning.

The idea of competition makes world move together. You don’t have to be a sucker and make everyone a sucker. Move it towards a everybody wins situation. Everyone seems to work better together when everyone wins.

3 types of people: Make things happen, watch things happen and wonder how things happen. Don’t be the sucker.

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