A Multi-Dimensional Framework for Expanding Multi-Faceted Universes


I am going to start a work for a multi-dimensional universes with multi-faceted platforms. This Dandelion is my model for what i want the 3 Dimensional paradigm to be.

I’ll need 27 category ideas for a balanced Universe.


Things, People and Places

Mass, Space and Time

Stars, Vacuums and Eternity.


Contrast, Color and Emotions

Religions, Ideologies, Virtues,

Worlds(desolate-abundant), Dimensions(abyss-illuminated.), Realms(hell-heaven)


Stones, Crystals and Metals.

 Moons, Planets and Stars.

A God, Gods and Collective System of God.

Multi-dimension Paradigm 1screen.xlsx



These are the alignments to the 3D Paradigm i’m attempting to create. All things in the universe should be included as generally most things will be covered in this spectrum wide paradigm. I will generate a 3d construction of it as soon as i have time.

Notice the middle has a magenta dot and line to acknowledge that i know there is a protruding line coming out of the diagram and that the blue platform is missing one because it is a middle platform. I solved that but making the very last components ascended to acknowledge that they are beyond this world’s reality.

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