Tai Lopez Notes For Chp: 41 “About Life”: The Modality of Watching instead of Wondering.

Tai lopez. Wealth, Health, Love and Happiness.

The difference between inactively wondering and actively watching with curiosity, observing and learning.
Living like The Omnish. Money can’t buy life. 3 types of people. 1st makes things happen. 2nd watches. 3rd wonders what happened. Moving to different modality in life, move like Casanova’s Chameleon. Default state of people those who wonder what happened. Best test to see if you’re a wonderer is if you look at your keyboard.. do you know what f5, f8, f12 is? Becomes a person who know’s stuff. People who wonder don’t look into the overall pay of employees, don’t have a clue what the overview general ideas of the spectrum is. Curiosity as an instigation of the unknown. Older people are often outsourced by the new people because information almost doubles every time you look at it. Memorizing is not important though, data is becoming more abundant. The wonderers don’t earn/get anything.. and pass through time and don’t live. Simlarity attracts in social circles.. even if opposites attract there has to be some meshing planes.

A dog doesn’t ask why.. knows not to put paw in fire but not how to make it. Chemical process of the fire is a useless piece of information to you now, but as a chemist, biologist and philosopher is invaluable. Watching, Observing and Learning as curious person, aggressively seeking out knowledge. Don’t go blank behind the eyes. Take your shot live right now, live the here and now. No invention of rules – breaking the rule is the rule. It’s no longer a rule if you’re breaking it. Click everything, try everything, Learn. You need to rewire your brain, keep your curiosity on about everything. Don’t be too focused on one thing and not about other things. Some Wikipedia pages are inaccurate but Generally Wikipedia is great for knowing a wide variety of things in a general range. Social interactions, ask why people fall in love? Why do people get pot bellies? High or Low testosterone does this. Invest 10 minutes a week into knowledge read how to books. Hellene Keller. Be interested in Music. once you become curious you open the world to yourself.

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