Some Satire about the Ego for the Modern Times

Warning Explicit Language: Some satire about the ego and it’s release through meditation.

As the man says, don’t let life get to you. The conflicts of the ego should be left behind as your emotional baggage is a living burden in life. Take that baggage off as you would take your shoes off at the door. And release your stresses and anxieties because all that matters is the here and now, the knowledge that you are here with your body and mind in tact is all that matters. Life is just a manner or way and an expression to find truth. Whether the actual truth will anger you or bring you to despair or happiness is a different matter. In the end there is a truth.. but it is the summary truth of your truth session. Do not confuse the summary of your truth with the ultimate truth which is the collective of all truths in life. Whether you understand this general ultimate truth in the end is up to you. To find peace in who you are, your ideas and your inner conflicts. The summation of your life, dreams, self and light. This is where you will find your summary truth. And to collaborate as a collective, understand the world around us and comprehend beyond the physical. This is what is necessary to find happiness, feel fulfilled and complete. Missing one of these components will hinder your realization that; this life is everything because it is the now but it is also not important because the physical is not the end and there is more to come.

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