Perpetual Notion of Moving Forward Spiraling in Harmony


What is the most important message you would like to share with the world right now?

You are not alone.

God, Universe and Truth.

The collective is the answer to God.

Selfless unconditional love is the answer to the Universe.

Truth is in dispelling mystification of warped information to become common knowledge.

As you race through space. Life is a spark in time. You are a grain in an hourglass.

There is no more an important place, time and thing as the now.

Live now and embrace your fate.. however how temporary, eternal and experiential.

There isn’t enough time to think, just be! But we warned..

My silence is not ignorance. My calmness is not acceptance. My kindness is not weakness.

Patience is key to opening the right doors.

Don’t be a slave to the system. Work towards collective man yes, but don’t fall into illusion that we are because of what the tree of life makes us. We are not enemies in this domain, we are lost and just trying to adapt to the situation with our beliefs and mentalities to combat the dangers around us. We are trying to break free of the grip reality has over us. That our conscience is so much more then our skin, bones and brain. Our spiriit carries on after we die, the body does not. But we do here is either ¬†torment or memory of what we do right or what we do wrong in this life. These memories we make here is essentially what we take home to God the collective. It is important to note that what we do here is just as important as what the plans are for us in the after life.

Project heaven on Earth is a process of deconstruction, construction and integration. At the center of it is the knowledge of the solutions; god, universe and truth. Collective humanity, selfless unconditional love and demystifying knowledge of the truth. When all is done then will we be able to move to a better place; in body, mind and spirit.

“Knowing is not enough, you must apply. Willing is not enough, you must do.”

-Bruce Lee

Happy Lunar New Years. Year of the Fire Monkey.

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