Topic Manifest: Origin, Substance and Nothingness

Light in my palm

Light, Manifest:

The Origin is the roots, causation and reason for something to become what it is today. You look at it’s roots and understand it’s beginnings. It is how the start of a journey begins and where everything came together to build the opportunity for life which is you. In this case origins is not only your own origins but the species of human, the origination of life itself, the origination of calculated creation of life itself through the placement of us in our solar system and our sun. For our origins is not a probability, in fact not only a process of refinement through evolution but hand in hand with a meticulously engineered creation of higher dimensional beings to enable our progression of the spirit in this world.

Substance is the general foundation of living, dead and non-living things. It is the existence of being of person, place or thing that dwells in this plane of life. Substance can be a very broad range of things such as things of mass are considered part of substance but what substance has also is; meaning, purpose and reason. It has benevolent values that encompass the entirety of the holistic system. It has a truth, justice and quality to it that very few paradigm platforms have.

Nothingness is the space that fills the cup. It is the space of an idea; It gives spokes created space a usefulness. A vase will have usefulness as an empty container to gather water. Nothingness is the essence of purpose in having emptiness. The world is full of space and that is why life flourishes. If life was all mass then everything would be too cluttered to breath, to move and collisions would be more frequent. Space is essential to life and for functionality of life. This is the lesson of Nothingness and it’s philosophy in a nutshell.

3 thoughts on “Topic Manifest: Origin, Substance and Nothingness

  1. GOD is the supreme source of all being and reality. He is the ultimate reality. Because of this, we and the entire space-time creation, depend on the Creator GOD “for its actuality, its meaning and its purpose.” This creation is intelligible because GOD is intelligent and we can understand the creation and Creator {even though it is impossible for finite minds fully to comprehend the character or the works of the Infinite One} because He made us in His image with the capacity to understand Him and His intelligent order.

    It is no accident that at every level of the cosmos sub-atomic, atomic, organic, inorganic, sub-human, human, earth, moon, sun, stars, galaxies all things manifest amazing order and rationality that can be reasonably explained only as the result of a deliberate, creative act of GOD.

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    • There are sources that are beyond him and have lived long before him such as Ain Soph Aur , Tree of life (Kaballah) and ain/ain aur (nothingness beyond god). There are also equivilents to him built along side him, god is still dominant in this hierarchy as you can see God, Truth and Universe are in the magenta of the paradigm at the bottom of the chart. God is not everything he cannot be because before god there were sources that came before him that he made life from. Energy cannot be made or destroyed, it can only be manipulated from things already in existence. You mix up God’s craftiness with a genie in a bottle who can magically make things happen. God is of the collective, the universe and the ultimate truth if that can ever be conceived. All truths are only partial unless it is realized by god himself. You may not understand these truths now or ever but it shouldn’t mean you should quit as you approach a more refined knowledge.

      I have also determined that God is the ultimate realm of reality through this chart. I also do not understand your argument about this chart being unintelligible because god is intelligent. It’s an equivalency argument, just because the creator is intelligent doesn’t mean the thing discribed has to be unintelligent. The thing can be AI, it could be a machine, it could be something that can produce intelligible thought, via through me in this example saying the chart is unintelligible is saying the person who wrote it is unintelligible because– the creator is intelligent? Makes little sense unless you can elaborate.


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