True light; Motives of the most influential powers and their function in society.


An exploration of influential societies. These include the famous Illuminati, Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller and Israelite.

The role of the purifier is used to purge evil, flaws and errors in a system. Pythagoras of Hellas is the body or father of the Illuminati. The New world order is the collective of minds.

The role of the builders is used to erect a system, network and structure implementing the paradigm to modern society. Solomon of Jerusalem is the father of the Knights Templar. The Free masons are the grand architects of the modern world.

The role of the protector is used to work against intolerance, injustice and corruption in society. Saint John of Acre is the father of Knights Hospitaller. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta are Guardians of the United Nations.

The role of the enforcer is used to establish freedom, empowerment and truth in society. Moses the prince of Egypt is the father of the Israelites. Judaism is the Kabbalah Teachers, teachers of true light.

Tree of Completion: Roots of Universe, Roots of Truth and Roots of God. Roots of Determined Fate

Truth is when all three reality, fact and actuality come together as a solution.

Truth Tree;

Truth Tree: Reality, Fact and Actuality. Paradigm.

Physical, Mental and Spiritual

People, Places and Things.

Book of Political Agenda; Purifier, Builders, Protector and Enforcer.

Purifier; Pythagoras of Hellas, Illuminati, and New World Order. Collective of minds.
Builders; Solomon of Jerusalem, Knights Templar, and Free Mason. Grand Architects.
Protector; Saint John of Acre, Knights Hospitaller, and Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Guardians of United Nations.
Enforcer: Moses prince of Egypt, Israelite, and Judaism. Kabbalah Teachers.