Week 3: The Nature Connection

This is week 3 of my painting spree. The theme is the connection between nature and the great duality of it’s feminine and masculine entities.

  1. Sunset Tree
  2. Flaming Leaves and Roots
  3. Greater Spirits
  4. Duality of Creation
  5. Equinox Seasons by Trees
  6. Animal Totems

The first picture allowed me to play with the moss and bark of the tree. It also allowed me to bring in a mellow sunset.

The second one; I really just enjoyed the whole process of entangling tree roots to it’s flaming leaves. I also added some playful lighting or burning residue.

The spirits just represent the playfulness of life in itself through music and physical manifestations.

This fourth painting portrays the great universal feminine and masculine entities at work spiraling through time.

The Chronological Equinox Trees just represent all of time working together to bring forward the ascended tree.

The Animal Totem painting is a show of nature at it’s finest nurturing the Earth.

Thank you and enjoy.


Men and Their Fiercest Warriors. Paradigm Fantasy


Fiercest human warriors,

(Just a new paradigm inspired).


Human warriors

This paradigm isn’t perfectly aligned and there’s a bit of mish-mashing and of course a broad generalization of a nationality is very politically incorrect but – this is the paradigm that I made inspired by a game called “For Honor” by Ubisoft. I noticed that there’s starting to be a trend where people are using more paradigms in life. This makes me very happy whether subconsciously intended or not.

For generations there have been legends of warrior heroes clad in cloth, leather and metal serving their land with weapons.We had an era of Knights, Vikings, Samurai and Soldiers. We’ve also heard of demi-gods or half breds between angels and men called the Nephilim said to be gifts to man from the gods intermingling.

The Europeans had the Knights Templar. With fierce armored knights branding the sword and shield. Their drink of choice seemed to be hard liquor, I set it up this way because it seemed apparent they were the ones most likely to afford consistent hard liquor Scotch the European pound being so strong even today.

The Norse had their free masons. Their warriors of choice were the vikings. A very primal warrior slow but sturdy. Their drink of choice is beer and mead. 

The Asians had their spiritual Dragon/Lotus secret societies. Their warriors of choice were the Samurai wielding the Spear and Bow. Their drink of choice being Rice Saki.

The Middle east had their Djinn and other spirits. Their warriors of choice are mercenaries and gladiators who wield AK47 and Sabers. Their drink of choice being Arak.

The Americans had their Illuminati. Their warriors of choice being the soldiers of the time frame wielding guns and knives. Their drink of choice being whisky or rum.

The Nephilim had their “Angels”. Their warriors known as destroyers. They wielded Mace/Lance and Shield. They had their own concoctions but lets call it mana as an elixir that repaired/increase their spirits.

Mind you, these secret societies and names might as well be fictional now because they were so secretive and most likely extinct now a days. I just thought it would be fun to play around with this model this morning. Maybe “For Honor” fans will appreciate it if I go into the lore of these old warrior spirits. And as for drinks the categorizing is a little inaccurate in that they probably all just drank water. The paradigm is just a playful prodding and poking to see if it worked out in the end. I’m sure Europeans love their mead as much as their liquor but w/e.