Stardust King


So you want my opinion.

Your soul mirrored image.

Who you are i am not.

I do not stride in your empty glories.

I am my own.

But before i was just like you.

I was suppose to be you.

I made my choice to be someone else.

Anything, to just be normal.

The cost of normality is just as costly.

The price for balance is not your soul.

It cost me my  heart and  desires.

The one thing, I believe all that mattered.

in the trade off I lost my soul-mate.

But did it really happen?

I can only tell that i’ve lost this because my soul bleeds.

It screams yelling i had everything at one time.

That i lost it long ago in a different life.

Before when life was perfect.

When life was paradise and then we fell here.

This was not how i was suppose to end up.

It’s not the place i was suppose to go.

There is a place outside here.

A  place i called home where we once thought,

we should give up our immortality for this one chance.

At life and love and trial and error.

And we’ll return there if we are worthy.

So i sit here with the only word that is key, repent.

I no longer care what they think of me.

There is only one road back to the main stream of life.

And it is through the goodness of heart and cleansing of soul.

I have seen this world

where ultimate desire and ultimate imagination,

rolled together will produce a disgusting  objective.

I have failed there.

What life purpose and life function,

put together will produce a fulfilled life.

I am ready for my mundane adventures of adulthood.

A thing many were denied, why should i give it up?

Life is many things, but objectively to get there and to be done is not one of them.

Savor life. You came for a reason; to learn lessons, to enjoy people and enjoy life.

There is no moral to this story. It’s ambiguous and what you make of it.

This is your personal piece of identity, your dreams fulfilled/unfulfilled.

Your stardust blowing in the wind.

Wishing and dreaming and hoping.

What ever happens here, in the end you’ll have a piece of humanity in you from a place on sol.