Esoteric Charts with Ascendance Variable


There’s apparently much still to be learned about the Esoteric Charts then I expected. There’s a lot of information for these uncharted Esoteric studies. Some of this information very other worldly with concepts of Angels or Divine bodies helping the former selves/lower forms to develop in this reality we call life. I was initially mind blown by the ascension topic, because it was a system in which they incorporated ratios of atoms and molecules. Then they had Triads and monads, the very system that i was using to separate my categories was in fact a triad system.

A whole lot of the neat things to be learned from at I just hope to implement this as critically as i can. There’s also the list/range of heaven and time frames. And the studies that describe the progression in Human spheres/scopes. The Monadic Connection to said particular being.

Aspect of Being Chart:

Aspect of being Chart 2 Esoterics

Esoteric Terminology Chart:

Aspect of being Chart 1 Esoterics

Kabbalistic Cosmology, to Planes and Esoteric Cosmology comparisons:

Kabblistic Cosmology and Esoteric

Heaven Names, Life Spans and Bodily Heights in measures of planes and monadic ratios:10a-Astral,-Mental-&-Causal-Planes

Monadic to Physical Designations in various Studies:


The human body/mind and it’s connection to the Greater Causal Body: